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Can the evils of established systems be on the palace. Drought. Morthdh and Kil well allegorized ? Can Thamama see them sent to Mecca. Return of Kil with the in the realms where the Magicians govern ? | cloud. War may be a huge gladiatorian sport or 2. The Dom Daniel. The magicians sacrifice. How can the mental murder of watching ten lights, kindled for the family half mankind be presented ? Can the ex- of Hodeirah : eight are extinguished, and tremes of wealth and want be shown equally while they watch, another goes out. They fatal to virtue and happiness -of course make a Teraphim to enquire whether the equally necessary to the powers of the Dõm- dangerous one is destroyed. They make danyel? I do not think this can be done poison from a red headed Christian, and send in a manner fit for poetry.

one of their emissaries to destroy Thalaba The Dõmdanyel. Should it be a nest of with it. caverns—a labyrinth of apartments—where The light in the Dom Daniel comes from the old Magicians unite the cruelties of in- a great serpent's eyes. They nurse earthquisitors, or Mexican priests, with the vices quakes, and feed volcanoes there. of Tiberius ? If I could make Opinion, a The Teraphim cannot see into the gargiant, its dreadful guard. All this, the main den of Irem. end of the poem, will be the most difficult The Upas thus. One of the Dom-Daniel to execute, and I fear the least interesting pupils reigns in Java. A complete system when executed. When Thamama first ap- of slavery and beastly luxuries. Thalaba pears, they attempt to buy his friendship. lands there. They are at war, and to make Let him be led to a harem, but pass rapidly an effectual weapon-poison, kill the redover the temptations, which he scorns. Let headed Christian, that a poison tree may the means used to terrify him be undefined. spring up, as from Cerberus. It is this

Omne ignotum pro magnifico.' All may be Sultan who sends for Oneiza; and to him demolished by his bare appearance in the Thalaba is led a prisoner. The incidents adytum.

follow thus therefore, Hârut and MârutI should think the Upas might be intro- Simorg-Aloadin-his retirement-Java. duced.

The Simoom must save Thalaba, when, Cadman's ship may do excellently thus. as he is praying, a murderer comes to kill Those who have perished in attempting the him. adventure of the Doam-danyel, fell by their Of the souls of the wicked there


be own fault; yet, for that the attempt was this plan. They endure no punishment till good, their punishment is temporary: they the day of judgment, but assist the evil are to carry future adventurers, and be re- | principle, that by winning if possible the leased whenever one succeeds.

universe, they may, by possessing themThe Turk's receipt for making poison selves of power, escape punishment! This from a red haired Christian lad may be tried system may be explained to Thalaba by the here.

spirit of Nimrod on the site of Babel. Water in the pelican's nest.

Adam is shown to Thalaba and his garOracle from a dead head.

ment of glory. Perhaps Alis Jefr we Jame may be con- 3. Thalaba's life and love. His summons. sulted. Were I a Mohammedan I should Burying Abdaldar. Thalaba observes his certainly adopt the Persian heresy. ring and its characters. He wears it, though

1. Idols of Ad. Pride of Shedad the cautioned against it as dangerous. In the king. Houd's denunciations. Houd sees morning they find the body of the magician Aswad release the camel. The garden dug up, and the ensuing night Thalaba is made, and palace supplied with water by awakened by a Genius, who attempts to rob the Enudros stone. The wise man's remarks him of the ring. Then follows the pastoral

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part of the poem,-its relief. A locust is away, and says he needs no protector but dropt by the bird close to Thalaba and God. Oneiza. He looks at the hieroglyphics on 5. Bagdat. Babylon. Nimrod. Mohareb its forehead, and reads, “When the sun shall

comes up, and it appears that he also seeks be darkened at noon, journey to the east." the angels. Discovering Thalaba's mission, A total eclipse soon takes place.

he attacks him, and his horse carries him A succession of extraordinary appear- away. ances before Thalaba enters the garden of 2. A few connecting lines to open with. Aloadin. The meteorous appearance--the More preparation for the catastrophe. enchanted fountains—and the way through 4. Desert sufferings. Water appearance. the mountain pass.

Solomon. Light worse than heat. Sinking under severe cold on Caucasus, 5. Pelican's nest. Babylon as it was. Thalaba is stimulated by seeing a cedar The spirits of those who have failed reerect itself against the pressure of the snow. late each to Thalaba how he perished.

A wedding procession passes him after Hints in the Arabian account of the Pyrahe has lost Oneiza.

mids. With Adam are the Prophets and Mar- After the Simorg,-in the frozen bay, the tyrs. They are nourished by odours. Trees Northern lights. of gold and silver.

Mohareb and Thalaba contend by the Oriental despotism and devastation in bitumen springs. Into these Thalaba flings Java. Hidden corn pits.

his ring, and afterwards strikes Mohareb. “ Arbor triste de dia"- emblem of virtue Talisman in the garden of Aloadin. in adversity.

Qy. Would it be disgusting to destroy Thalaba makes the spirit bring him the Oneiza by a vampire, and haunt Thalaba bow and the quiver of Hodeirah. This with her vampire corpse ? Something like makes Moath and Oneiza believe him. the apparition in Donica might release him.

He goes on a dromedary to Kaf. Mor- The appearance of Nimrod must be transgan's Algiers. 102.

planted. It comes too near the argumentaOne of the magicians offers himself as a tive dialogue with Lobaba. guide to Babylon. In the desert they see Zohak defends the cavern of the angels. the sand columns. The magician tempts 6. Thalaba finds a horse caparisoned, who Thalaba to use his ring and summon demons comes to him. Meteor. Springs. to his aid-he himself is overwhelmed. 4. The shell incident must be altered. I 4. Thalaba proceeds till he comes to the wished to make it of the same class of mi

He takes up a shell, and the charac- racles, of natural agents supernaturally actters thereon tell him, to seek Hârut and ing, as the locust. But it is flat and very Mârut at Babylon, and learn from them the bad. Either a voice from the darkness, or talisman requisite for his success. He meets the appearance of his father's spirit. a man who offers himself as a guide - it is Returning from the chase home, Thalaba Lobaba. He leads him into the desert, and sees some one going from his house, and it tempts him to demand aid of the genii by is the Angel of Death. his ring. A moving column overwhelms Moath must reappear. him. Ruins of Babylon. Spirit of Nimrod. Zohak is said to have built Babylon. Hârut and Mârut.

7. Survey of the garden, with a view to As he is about to pull off his ring, that escape. Mountains. Burnet.' River Fall. Lobaba may read it, a fly stings his finger, and it instantly swells.

This implies a reference to Burnet's The.

oria Sacra Tel When the magician tells Thalaba that

,- not for its philosophy, but

for its beauty, a great favourite with Southey only his ring protects him, he throws it and Wordsworth.-J. W. W.


Thalaba then goes to destroy Aloadin. The from the bridal chamber ? it is Azrael, the supernatural light. A voice stating that Angel of Death. Aloadin must be involved in the general Eighth to begin, ‘Now go not to the tombs, destruction of the sorcerers. The wind old man—there is a maniac there.' Vampire. whirls up Thalaba and Oneiza, as in an Departure again upon the mission. Seizure ethereal car, and places them beyond the of Thalaba. Java. Mohareb. mountains.

Khawla ought to be brought forward in 1. The destruction of the Adites must be these middle books. May she not deliver on the day fixed for taking possession of the up Thalaba to the emissaries of Mohareb ? palace and garden. Thus the whole mul- How to convey Thalaba to Java ? Should titude are assembled.

he be seized by slave merchants. If it were Houd also must call on Aswad when he not an island, he should be pressed as a leaves the garden.

soldier. But if it could be effected by the In the Dom Daniel the image of Eblis is agency of Khawla, that were best. Thus made of flesh and blood, like life, a giant then.-At night a light in a house, Khawla form, bearing up with one hand the arch of spinning threads fine as the silkworms, and the ocean, whose waves roll above the only singing unknown words. She tells Thalaba roof. Into this image Thalaba thrusts the to twist it round his hands, and it binds sword—the waters burst in—but an egg of him in unbreakable fetters. Then she drags air surrounds him, and buoys him to the him to Java, for as only his own act could surface of the sea.

fetter him, so also can his own act effect One book should contain a view of futu- his ruin, and the attempt is by fear to prority. Davy suggested a paradise wholly duce apostacy. immaterial—trees of light growing in a soil Khawla alone survives the appearance of ether—palaces of water refracting all rich of the Upas, but her power ceases over colours. The Mohammedan Paradise might Thalaba. Then the journey to Kaf. be briefly run over by the Simorgh, as what The Paradise Book. First the MohamThalaba expected, but which was only medan hell and heaven, and all their preadapted to the gross conceptions of man- liminaries —" types, shadows, unrealities." kind. The wicked should lie in sight of Then a gradation of heavens, and the ascent Paradise, with no torture, save the tædium of mind from earth to the management of of a joyless existence, and envy.

the elements, and the power of creation. Aloadin demands of the assembled youths 9. Dungeon sufferings in view of the in his garden, Who will do a deed of danger execution place. ‘Arbor triste da dia.' The to enjoy Paradise eternally as his reward. stars consulted, and the result, that MohaI! exclaims Thalaba — and dashes out his reb's death must precede Thalaba's, prebrains with a club. Then a darkness falls serves him. Terror and repentance of upon the garden, involving those who seek Maimuna. to destroy him. He only, with Oneiza, sees 7. Were it better to make a shining plate in the cloud, and escapes.

on the forehead of Aloadin the talisman ? Houd was treated with cruelty. “ Illi and the bird, the evil spirit hovering over vero nihil dicta ejus attendentes, verbera- him to convey him at last body and soul bant eum ita, ut aliquando reliquerunt eum

to hell ? penè mortuum." Ismael Ebn-Aly. Maracci. A boy seized at the moment of birth by Book 7 to conclude with “ who comes Khawla. His veins exhausted and filled

with the blood of Thalaba. On him they · That is Sir H. Davy; He says in the pre: try the means of death, and all in vain. face, “I was then also in babits of most frequent Then Khawla consults the Demons, and and intimate intercourse with Davy,” &c. p. ix,

J. W. W. Maimuna the stars. The one is terrified


and made penitent, the other is told—and he has foreseen her death. She practises with the agony of constraint-the poison magic innocently, knowing no ill--forming from the Christian,

figures of snow, that can exist each but for The plan of the ninth must be new mo- a day. She loves Thalaba—but when she delled. Will this be better-for Mohareb names her father, he knows the name, and to discover that his death must precede is commanded to kill her, to root up the Thalaba's, and therefore to preserve his ? race. This he refuses to do, and his disoand lest the sisters should destroy him, he bedience is not accounted as sinful. But restores Abdaldar's ring.

she is transformed into one of the green The conversion of Maimuna happens on birds of paradise, and hovers over him on that mysterious night when all things wor- his way. Her voice becomes soothing and ship God.

affectionate ; like the note of the dove, it is In the last book, when Thalaba has left the tone of happiness, of tenderness, not of the choice of his reward to heaven, the spi- gaiety. rits of both his parents appear, and he knows The Simorgh preserves somewhat of his that his death-hour is arrived.

oracular character by rejoicing in the ap5. Mohareb may endeavour to convert proaching downfall of sorcery, and predictThalaba. Tale of Zohak in a few lines. ing the future destruction of other evils as 6. Zohak affected by the ring on Thala

Then he informs Thalaba, ba's return.

darkly, of his way, and warns him. Dogs 6. The Paradise of Aloadin should mock are to draw him over the frozen plains and Mohammed's as much as possible.

glaciers — each with a mark on the foreA son of Okba to be-slain by Thalaba. head—these are they who have failed. 'Open One bred up to sorcery. Thalaba hesitates not thine eyes at the outery thou wilt hear.' with pity. He sees his name written on the The Domdanielites follow and lash the dogs Table of Destiny-the Destroyer : and the to madden them and drive them down the young victim pleads that his father ruined precipice. The bandage is torn violently him; and Thalaba knows the name of Ho- from his eyes; he is allowed to look, if he deirah's murderer.

can be firm. Hodeirah's spirit defends him, Mohareb in the Domdaniel flies from and drives



aggressors. When at Thalaba and clings around the knees of the the bay, the dogs, bloody and foaming, ask giant idol for protection. Thalaba strikes their reward. He gives them the bidden the image.

answer, • God reward ye!' and they die, The moment Maimuna looses the chain and are removed to Paradise. of Thalaba her repentance is accepted. The prison walls of Thalaba thrown down They find themselves in her cavern, and all by the Termites. the appearances of old age fall upon the Maimuna goes for the human wax. It pardoned sorceress. Her death follows. is the mysterious night. The Gouls are

Cold. Tom's' shower of fiery snow in the lying powerless by the grave, and she sees sunshine.

within the spirit of the dead, and the hunThalaba finds a young woman, a damsel, dred-headed worm that never dies, and that in an ice palace. It is the daughter of only on this night ceases to torment the Okba, hidden there by her father, where wicked. none but one with the soul-purchased ring The crime of allowing oppression must can enter, because from any other visitor strongly be stated to justify the Upas. Thus

the red headed Christian may have been ! This alludes to his brother, the late Cap: espoused to a damsel whom Mohareb has tain Thomas Southey, R. N. As before observed, he was in the habit of noting remark

taken for his seraglio, and she may escape able appearances and images.-J. W.w. and cry out to the people.

The wand of Maimuna breaks in the dun- | through the ceremony of interment, and geon. It must be introduced as her spindle. transplant that idea from St. Patrick's pur

In the garden of Okba's daughter, a foun- gatory. tain of fire supplies the want of the sun's The sunbeams should clothe him-and warmth, and rolls its rivulet.

thus his garment of glory gives him light After Maimuna enters the dungeon, the through the way of darkness. This will be scene through the remainder of the book fine at sunrise, and after his prayer. must continue there. No threat, no voice, Khawla attacks him by the fire, to preno token, only the threatening of silence vent his getting the sword. He hurls her and the loss of power. From the prison into it. Okba. Mohareb. At the moment bars they see the red-haired Christian led when Mohareb, subdued, clings to the knees to execution, and Maimuna's fear explains of the great idol, Hodeirah and Zeinab apwhat they are going to make of him, and to pear. do with her.

Before he mounts the sledge, the dogs 10. The prison walls thrown down by the must implore him, if he can fear, to return Termites. The wind incloses them as in a in time for his sake and for theirs, and they car, and they alight in the ice-cave. Death must weep with fear. of Maimuna. Laila.

10. The prophecy will be better from 4. The ring disables Zohak as well as the Azrael, that Laila or Thalaba must die. charm of Mohareb.

The cavern, like S. Catherine's. The Okba comes.

When Thalaba refuses to frozen bay. Northern lights. kill Laila, he triumphs, and thinks Thalaba It must not be told who the green bird is, has forfeited all claim to God's protection, till she speaks herself. and attempts to kill. Laila runs to stop Thalaba must have his bow, it must therethe blow, and receives it, and thus the pro- | fore be mentioned, book 8, be found again phecy is accomplished, and Thalaba the in Maimuna's cave, and supply the place of occasion of her death.

the club, book 10. 11. Green Bird. Simorg. Journey. Voy- 11. Entrance. Speech of Laila. Prayer age.

of Thalaba. The sun beams. Dark way. At the entrance of the Domdaniel, Laila Glow-worm beast. Helmet. Dropping leaves him, and then speaks and requests Pass. The great serpent. Then the fire one return for her affection : it is, that he and the sword, and the death of Khawla, will pray to God to pardon ber father. His and the battle with Mohareb. Okba. sword must not strike Okba, and thus bis Thalaba throws his ring into the sea-as character will rise as he subdues the feeling faith is the talisman. of revenge.

There must be a great descent. Two The boatmen warn him each of the dan- Dive's hold a chain over it: they are comger by which he perished.

pelled to let down Thalaba, blaspheming. 11. Demons ready to down-thrust the 12. I must light a torch miraculously to tottering avalanch. Others below that like guide him through the dark way—it is more angels spread a cloud to receive him, and fit for painting than the sunbeams. call on Thalaba to leap and save himself. The alarm must be given, and the whole On these Oneiza darts with Sulfagar,—the army of magicians assembled. two-pointed sword of Ali snatched from the The sword in the fire lies on the white armoury of heaven.

ashes of Ilodeirah. The balance in which the Japanese pil- The fire shall clothe Thalaba and progrims are suspended, should precede the tect him. sledge journey. A permitted trial. It The Simorg tells Thalaba that the taliswould have a good effect to make him go man is in the heart of the Great Image.

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