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entranhas huma labarede de fogo, nem mais | worn by women made after that fashion, nem menos, que a de fornalha dos engenhos and therefore so called. Others, with more de açuquar, quando mais a cesa & rigurosa: probability, say the word is Arabick.”—P1& da mesma maneira apareciaõ os fogos das nedas' Dictionary. outo, ou doze figuras humanas, posto que de estatura menor, que representavam moços de quinze annos de idade: estes hiam

Bausan or Bausana. como bailando & fazendo festa, a figura maior em circuito.- -Huns diziam que de

“ A FIGURE made like a man and stuffed via de ser certas pessoas, de quem se dizia with straw, used formerly to set on walls que morrera) em mao estado ; outros que

where the garrison was weak, to make it eram avizos de Deos, & outras cousas se

appear stronger; and from these inanimate melhantes. O certo hé que com estas figu- statues applied to signify a fool, or heavy ras costuma o Senhor mostrarnos as penas stupid person, or one that stands gazing at do inferno, pera horror & freio de pecca

any thing as if he were out of his senses." dores, quando as veem, ou em si, ou pin

-Ibid. tadas, quais estas logo andaram em painel pella terra, et foram mandados a Portu

[Choultries.] gal, com espanto de lodos."— Vida do P. Joseph ANCHIETA. Lisboa, 1672.

“ Fortunes are expended in building choultries on the roads for the accommodation of travellers, who there find shelter

from the injuries of the weather. The [Effect of Exorcism.]

Hindoos esteem such actions as very pleas“ Nam sei que tinha com esta praya o ing to the gods. The choultries are of inimigo infernal; parece pretendia com seus Gothic construction, and in the major part rigores fazer difficultozo o caminho da ro. no wood is made use of. They commonly maria da Senhora. Por huma parte della consist of one large apartment, which somecaminhava Joseph outra noite, em compan- | times is divided into two, without either hia de alguns Romeiros, quando a des horas door or window, and entirely open to the The aparece outra vizam tambem espantosa; south, with a vaulted gallery all around, huma figura de hum homem armado em close to the building, which is always near fogos, metido em prisoens de cadeas, & a wood. All choultries have a tank, and a grilhoens de fogo. A vista desta vizam small pagoda dedicated to Pollear, that the horrenda, nam poderam sosterse em pe os traveller may perform his prayers and ablucompanheiros de puro horror, & pegados tions before he pursues his journey. Hosas vestiduras de Joseph, gritavam que lhe pitality extends so far in some of these acudisse; assi o fez o Padre, & dizendo choultries as to regale the traveller with certos exorcismos da santa Igreja, desapa- congee, a liquor made of rice and water." recco a vizam & se meteo no mar.”— Vida -SONNERAT. do ANCHIETA.

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“ Their persons are held so sacred that A Thing in the shape of a funnel, fas- they cannot be punished with death for the tened to the thick end of a lance to defend commission of any crime whatever. If any the man's hand, thought to have been in- bramin has merited death, his eyes are put vented at Arundel in Sussex, and thence out, but he is permitted to live. To kill to have its name. It is also a sort of band a bramin is one of the five great and almost

P. 29.

irremissible sins; and the Vedams ordain ders' bodies transparent, so penetrating was that whoever is guilty of such a murder its splendour.”—SEGREDOS da Natureza. must perform a pilgrimage of twelve years, One of those rascally quack books made asking alms, and carrying the skull of the up by modern ignorance from old impudeceased, out of which he is obliged to eat dence. and drink all that is given him. This time expired, he is to bestow large alms, and

[Siberian Earth.] build a temple to the god of the murdered bramin's sect."-Ibid.

“ Some of the Siberian tribes, when they travel, carry a small bag of their native earth, the taste of which, they suppose, will

preserve them from all the evils of a foreign [Martin Heemskerke's Marriage Apportion- sky.”—GMELIN.

ment] " MARTIN HEEMSKERKE, ainsi nommé à cause d'un village de Holande d'où il étoit,

[White Boys.] mourut à Haerlem 1574 âgé de soixante- “ Busby used to call his favourite schoseize ans. Ayant beaucoup travaillé pen- lars his white boys."— Note to Ford, vol. 1, dant qu'il vivoit, il mourut assez riche; et pour laisser quelque memoire de lui, il legua par son testament de quoi marier tous les ans une fille du village d'où il étoit.

[Miracle of Francisco de Paula.] Mais ce fut à condition que le jour des “ A MIRACLE is told by Vieyra, of Saint nôces le marié et la mariée evec tous les Francisco de Paula, that when King Ferconviez, iroient danser sur sa fosse. Ce dinand of Naples laid on an oppressive tax, qui se pratiquoit si religieusement, à ce he broke a piece of the money so collected, qu'on m'assûra, qu' encore que le change- before him, and blood came out of it."ment de religion arrivé en ces pais-là, eût Corres. Braz. t. 16, p. 106. fait demolir et abbatre toutes les croix des cimetieres, les habitans neanmoins de Heemskerke n'ont jamais voulu permettre

Ideas, &c. qu'on ôtât celle qui est sur la fosse de ce Peintre, laquelle est de cuivre, et leur sert A USEFUL chapter might be written upon comme d'un titre pour jouir de la dot et de historical errors, or rather falsehoods. la donation faite à leurs filles." - Entretiens

The pillars, which Procopius mentions, sur les Vies, &c. des Peintres, par FELI

of the Canaanites, fall under this head.

They may be classed with the written coIn some incubus tale the circumstance lumns of Shem and Jubal. confessed by witches (if decency be possible) may have a striking effect.

“ Dolo

There might be a new Pilgrim's Prorifico sensu insignis frigiditatis."

gress written, allegorizing the journey of life. Knight-errantry would not be an unfit basis,-as thus the first stages might

be passed as a child under protection of the [Marvellous Carbuncle.]

Sage Phusis, who brings him safely by the

perilous passes where Small-Pox, Measles, Luiz BARTHOLOMEU says, that he &c. are the custom, each of course allegoa carbuncle of the king of Pegu so bright rized. The ceremony of knighting might that in a dark place it made all the bystan- | mark manhood. Then would be the fields



ich is of manhood, and the love with the English captain, -- and thus

Warriage would be joining the inquisitor might be made to assist in 5* neft ix the journey.

her escape by preparing ladders, &c. She

may be Duarte's sister las gesternors always popular, because ! when the splo have hope in them as they have idd physicians.

Traditions. November 10, 1804.

Fountain in Epirus. I have this evening proposed to Longman to edite the works of Sir Philip Sidney, “ In Epire is a fountain, intensely cold. proposing to write a Life,' an Essay on the Dip into it a torch and it will kindle it. Put Arcadia, and another on his metres. in a kindled torch, and—wonderful-it will

The first Essay should be upon what may quench it.” be called the middle period of Romance.

“ About two leagues from Koom we saw Biondi in Italy. Gombauld in France.

a round hill to the left, called in Turkish Why these things succeeded to pure chiv: Gedeen-gedmaze, which signifies that whoalry. The literary character of Elizabeth's

ever goes up never returns, which the Perreign.

sians say was the fate of a page sent up by In the second, a history of English metre.

Schaah Abbas with a lighted torch in his Specimens of hexameters in French, Spa

hand. However this be, it is certainly no nish, and Italian, and corresponding speci

easy matter to ascend this place, because mens of my own to every practical metre

the whole hill consists of sand, which is which Sir Philip has used.

shifted from place to place by the wind, and must soon tire whoever attempts to

climb it."-BELL. What can be made of Judaism in Portugal ?

Gabriel has brought up his son Henrique in the religion of his forefathers, but not his

Traditions in Bretagne. daughter Violante. The Confessor there- “Jon Gaut y Tan (John and his Fire) fore, who is a good man, has no suspicion. is a kind of dæmon, who in the night car

D. Duarte, son of an inquisitor, is in love ries five lighted candles on his five fingers, with Violante. The father is an avaricious and whirls them about with great rapidity. hard hearted man, and has set his eye upon The repeated cry of the cuckoo indicates Gabriel's possessions, knowing him to be a the year of marriage. They dip the shirts New Christian. He is also superstitious. of children into certain wells ; if the shirt Bring in the belief in the books which dis- sinks to the bottom, the child infallibly cover hidden treasures, and make him post- dies before the expiration of a year: if it pone the seizure of Gabriel, while Gabriel swims, it is a sign that the child will live a by his knowledge goes at midnight to secure | long time, and the wet shirt is put on the one.

poor creature to preserve it from every kind This scene,

laid in a nunnery garden, of evil. In one place a number of stories might connect another plot of some nun in are told about a small black staff, which is

changed into a black dog, an eagle, or a lion. " This Life, nearly, if not quite, complete, is In another, they believe that eagles, by the in the hands of the Rev. C. C. Southey. His

command of a genius, carry men up into father put it into my hands many years ago, knowing my love for Sir P. Sidney's character the air. A sudden noise, three times reand works.-J. W. W.

peated, foretells an impending misfortune.

p. 129.

66 that

The nocturnal howling of a dog is a cer- petanis propè Margalizam in Carpetania, in tain foretoken of death. In the roaring of templo S. Quiteriæ, et etiam alibi."— Notes, the distant main by night, and in the whistling of the wind, they hear the voice of drowned persons demanding a grave. Subterraneous treasures are guarded by giants,

[The bursting of the Harp Strings.] ghosts, and fairies. Some of these hob- An Irish Priest at Lisbon said, goblins are called Teuss :' the Teuss Ar- when his father died the strings of his harp pouliet appears in the shape of a dog, a cow, all burst at once with a noise like thunder." or some other domestic animal, and performs all menial services. The blood freezes at hearing the dreadful tales about the Car

Sword of Attila. of Death, Cariquel Ancou, which is covered

“ GLADIO utebatur Attila, ut ipse putawith a winding sheet, and drawn by skele- bat, divinitus ei misso : namque dum quâtons. The rumbling of its wheels is heard dam nocte perquietem vidisset se à Marte when a person is on the point of dying. armari, postero die quidam ex gregariis miliUnder the castle of Morlaix there are a tibus detulit ad eum ensem in campo panumber of little manikins, not above a foot tenti, dum vestigium cujusdam vitulæ sauhigh, who from time to time dry a large ciatæ insequeretur, forte fortunâ repertum. quantity of gold in the sun. Whoever mo

Quæ res fidem præcedentis sui somnii, non destly approaches them receives as much

modicè confirmavit."Olah. in Attil. as he can hold in one hand: but he who comes with a sack to fill it with gold, is ill treated and sent away empty handed.”—

[Shades of Battle.] CAMBRAY's Voyage dans le Finisterre. M. Mag. March, 1801.

AFTER the great defeat of Attila, “triduò armorum fragorem üsdem vestigiis auditum pugnantium clamorem, umbris perti

naci contentione post mortem in pugnâ [Moorish Lust.]

perstantibus."—Roper TOLET. A. D. 744. “ In Carpetaniæ finibus, multæ Virgines moniales Benedictinæ, ne violarentur à Mauris, à Deo consecutæ sunt ut

[Sailor's Ghost-Cry.] à terrâ absorberentur; quædamque campa

MANOEL DE SOUSA E SEPULVEDA and his nula statutis diei horis, quâ vocante venie

companions. Ab infortunio dum se miseri bant ad preces, auditur.”—LUITPRAND, P. ad viam parant, silentio noctis nautica er56.

rantium ibidem animarum exaudita celeus

mata."-MAFFEUS. ANOTHER writer, Julianus in Adversariis, multiplies the wonder. “Frequentes in quibusdam Hispaniæ locis audiuntur subtus terram sonitus campanarum, ubi creduntur

[Fiell of Stones.] fuisse monasteria sacrarum Virginum, quæ

THERE is said to be a field in Shropshire ne venirent in salacium Maurorum manus,

covered with stones, which, though often petierunt à terrâ sorberi, ut in jugis Car

cleared away, are always reproduced.

See PELLOUTIER, Dictionnaire de la Langue Bretonne, in v. " Teüs.” ? Cf. Ibid. in vv. Carrighell, &c. Ancou.

J, W. W.

[Omen of the Coronation Stone.] “ The famous coronation stone was said to make a strange noise when any of the

true line of Milesians were crowned, but | l'Apparition des Esprits.”—GAFFAREL, Unotherwise it was silent."-O'HALLORAN. heard of Curiosities.

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[Stone with Smell of a Corpse.]

Locrine. In Crediton church is one stone remark- “ CRAFTI mon for sothe he wes; able, because it has the smell of a corpse. He wrohte her, withoute les.

Tuo merveilles grete y wys,

Wrokynghole that on clepud ys [The Virtue of Wickliffe's Dust.]

Sikerlich withoute gyle,

Biside Glastingbury a myle. “ I have heard,” says FULLER, " that the

A chapele that other ys brook near Lutterworth in Leicestershire,

That over the erthe hongeth thus, into which the ashes of the burnt bones of

From the erthe tuenti fet, Wickliffe were cast, never since doth drowne

The leynthe for sothe last yet, the meadow about it. Papists expound this

Of seint Susanne, wythoute les to be because God was well pleased with

The chapele ycleped wes." the sacrifice of the ashes of such an heretick.

Chronicle of England, v. 125. Protestants ascribe it rather to proceed from the virtue of the dust of such a reverend martyr."Good Thoughts in Bad Times.

[Deadly Venom of the Salamander.]

“ Venenum Salamandri tam grave, ut si [Battle Stone-field.]

arborem tetigit, poma omnia veneno teter.

rimo inficit; et qui ex eis edant subito AKIn to this is a Spanish story. A great emoriantur." - Plix. 1. 29, c. 4.' battle was fought between the Castros and the Laras. The field of battle was smooth and free from stones, but from that hour stones appeared ; and it is now so rocky

[Mysterious Name of Rome.] that no horseman can pass safely, nor man

“ Rome had an elder and mysterious on foot without care and fear: there where name, which it was death to pronounce."the deaths were most numerous, the rocks F. DE OCAMPO, 1. 20. 12. On what classical are thickest.—Coronica del R. D. Alonso, authority ?

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p. 341.

[Cader Idris.] [Self-removal of the Executioner's Falchion.] “ On the very summit of Cader Idris " What shall we say to this prodigious

there is an excavation in the solid rock, rething, which the executioners of justice sembling a couch; and it is said that whoupon malefactors, whom we cannot name

ever should rest a night in that seat, will without horror, find to be true too often ;

be found in the morning either dead, raving namely, that when any such malefactor is to mad, or endued with supernatural genius.”

-Davies. Celtic Researches. be delivered into their hands, the sword or faulchion, that they are wont to use in this business, removes itself, no man coming so

1 These are not Pliny's exact words, but, I much as near it : as it is at large discoursed suspect, a note made up from them. The re

ference is correct. It is well known in India of by Lavaterus in his book de Spectris, that the Musk Rat will infect a whole bin of and Natalis Taillepied, in his treatise de I Madeira.–J. W.W.

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