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ceptaculo freti, crebrâ vicinos irruptione la- | from whence he went to France, where he cesserant. Excedentes enim insulâ, conti- studied under the celebrated Peter Abelard. nentem extructo ponte petere consueverant.Upon his return to Italy, he put on the haQuem portæ munitionis annexum ita quo- bit of a monk, and began to preach several dam funiculorum regimine moderari sole- new and uncommon doctrines, particularly bant, ut quasi volubili aliquo cardine cir- that the pope and all the rest of the clergy cumvectus, modo trans flumen iter sterneret, ought not to enjoy any temporal estate. He modo occulto restium ductu supernè retrac- maintained in his sermons, that those eccletus januæ deserviret. Fuere autem juvenes siastics who had any estates of their own, or hi acres animis, robusti juventâ, præstabiles held any lands, were entirely cut off from habitu corporis, gigantæis clari triumphis, the least hopes of salvation; that the clergy trophæis gentium celebres, spoliis locupletes, ought to subsist upon the alms and volunquorundam vero ex ipsis nomina (nam cæ- tary contributions of Christians; and that tera vetustas abstulit) subnotavi. Gerbion, all other revenues belonged to princes and Gunbiørn, Armbiørn, Stenbiørn, Esbiorn, states, in order to be disposed of amongst Thorbiorn et Biørn. Hic equum habuisse the laity as they thought proper. He maintraditur præstantem corpore, præpetem ve

tained also several heresies with regard to locitate, adeo, ut cæteris amnem trajicere baptism and the Lord's supper. Otto Frinequeuntibus, hic solus obstrepentem inde- singensis and St. Bernard have drawn his chafessus vorticem superaret. Cujus aquæ lap- racter in very strong colours. The former sus tam in cito ac præcipiti volumine defer- tells us that he had wit, address and elotur, ut animalia nandi vigore defecta ple- quence; but that his eloquence consisted rumque pessundare soleat. Ex summis enim rather of a torrent of words, than in solid and montium cacuminibus manans, dum per cli- just sentiments. The same author observes vorum prærupta saxis exceptus eliditur, in that he was extremely fond of peculiar and profunda vallium multiplicato aquarum stre- new opinions; that he assumed a religious pitu cadit: verum continuo saxorum obsta- habit on purpose to impose upon mankind culo repercussus, celeritatem impetus eâdem more effectually, and under pretence of piety; semper æquabilitate conservat. Itaque to- and, as the Gospel expresses it, in sheep's ta alvei tractu, undis uniformiter turbida- cloathing carried the disposition of a wolf, dis,' spumeus ubique candor exuberat. At tearing every one as he pleased with the ubi scopulorum angustiis evolutus laxius utmost fury, without the least regard to stagnanda effunditur, ex objectâ rupe insu- any person, and having a particular enmity lam fingit. Præruptum hinc inde jugum against the clergy, bishops, and monks. eminet variis arborum generibus frequens, “Would to God (says St. Bernard) that his quarum objectus amnem eminus pervideri doctrine was as holy as his life is strict ! non sinat.”

would you know what sort of man this is ? These Norwegian brothers were killed by Arnold of Brescia is a man that neither eats the Dane Fridlevus, except Biprn.-Saxo nor drinks ; who, like the devil, is hungry Grammaticus, l. 6.

and thirsty after the blood of souls: who goes to and fro upon the earth, and is always

doing among strangers what he cannot do Arnold of Brescia.

amongst his own countrymen ; who ranges Arnold of Brescia, a famous heretic of like a roaring lion, always seeking whom he the twelfth century, born at Brescia in Italy, may devour; an enemy to the cross of Christ;

an author of discords and inventor of schisms, ' It is so in the original to which I have re.

a disturber of the public peace: he is a man serred, p. 97, ut supra. Perhaps it should be turbidatis, which is used by Martianus Capella, whose conversation has nothing but sweetelsewhere followed by Saxo.-J. W.W. ness, and his doctrine nothing but poison in it; a man who has the head of a dove, and their sight."- Mem. of Peter Henry Bruce, the tail of a scorpion.” He engaged a great by himself. number of persons in his party, who were distinguished by his name, and proved very formidable to the popes. His doctrines ren

Old Scotch Cookery. dered him so obnoxious, that he was con- “Nor yet had they (the Scots) any pans demned in the year 1139, in a council of or cauldrons to dress their meat in, for what near a thousand prelates held in the church beasts they found (as they always did good of St. John Lateran at Rome, under Pope store in those northern parts), they would Innocent II. Upon this, he left Italy and seeth them in their own skins, stretched out retired to Switzerland. After the death of bellying on stakes, in the manner of caulthat Pope he returned to Italy, and went to drons: and having thus sod their meat, they Rome, where he raised a sedition against would take out a little plate of metal, which Pope Eugenius III., and afterwards against they used to truss somewhere in or under Hadrian IV., who laid the people of Rome their saddles, and laying it on the fire, take under an interdict, till they had banished forth some oatmeal (which they carried in Arnold and his followers. This had its de- little bags behind them for that purpose), sired effect. The Romans seized upon the and having kneaded and tempered it with houses which the Arnoldists had fortified, water, spread that thereon ; this being thus and obliged them to retire to Otricoli in Tus- baked, they used for bread, to comfort and cany, where they were received with the ut- strengthen their stomachs a little when they most affection by the people, who considered eat flesh." - Joshua Barnes, Hist. of EdArnold as a prophet. However, he was ward III. seized some time after by Cardinal Gerard, and notwithstanding the efforts of the Viscounts of Campania, who had rescued him,

Images for Poetry. he was carried to Rome, and condemned by

A crow flew over my head in the sunPeter, the prefect of that city, to be hanged, shine, and I caught the gleam of his wings. and was accordingly executed in the year

Brown ivy leaf, with the light veins dis1155. Thirty of his followers went from

tinctly seen. France to England about the year 1160, in

Leaves of the bramble still green, Jan. 25. order to propagate their doctrines there, but they were immediately seized and destroyed. the steep bank of a hill where a stream arose.

The adder’s-tongue grew luxuriantly on From the Biographical Dictionary.— The Its leaves hung down to the water. This marginal references are Du Pin, tom. 9,. plant loves shade. Does it love watery si105. Otto Frisingensis de Reb. gest. .

tuations ? What is its botanic name?' its lib. 2, cap. 20. Ingenious thoughts of the

medical properties ? fathers, collected by Bouhours in French,

The withered leaves are still on the oaks, p. 195, English translation (this must be a

Feb. 3rd. curious work). Maimbourg, Hist. de la décadence de l'Emp. après Charlemagne, 1. 4, their leaves much earlier than other trees,

The currant and gooseberry trees put out p. 418.-Owain Gwynez, died 1169.

April 11th.

The buds of the poplar assume a bright

rich yellow hue in the sun, April 22nd. They Cowardice.

! Ophioglossum. See Johnson's Gerarde's “ A SOLDIER without courage is like a dead

Herbal, p. 404: The adder's (or, as it should corpse ; sorrow hangs on the countenances

be called, the hart’s) tongue fern, is quite a dif. of its late best friends till it is buried out of ferent plant.-J. W. w.

are brown-bright, and close to the fibres When a palm branch grows old, it shrinks green, when closely inspected.

and becomes crooked and yellow, not ill reVery green appearance of the poplar when presenting the appearance of the new moon. the evening sun shines upon it, and a black | Thus the Koran: “And for the moon have cloud hangs behind.

we appointed certain mansions, until she Therain drops shining as the willow waves. change and return to be like the old branch

The distant hills form a line of darker blue of a palm tree." Ch. y. s. 36. against the clear sky, May 25th, on the road The boundary of air inclosing Othatha in from London to Southampton.

Irem, strong as the wall built by Dhu'lkarThe trunk of the fir tree coloured more nein. Sale, 246. D'Herbelot, Art. Jagiouge; than any other by a rust-coloured kind of or Hanyson, 184; Purchas.


The quick stream, after passing under the bridge, forms numberless little whirlpools in

Club of Haldanus. consequence of being broken by the arches.

SYVALDUS quidam claro admodum loco I always observe fish stemming the cur- natus, apud Sueonum concionem Frothonis rent near a bridge.

ac conjugis ejus exitio flebiliter memorato, The shadow made by the insects that sport tantum Haldani odium penè omnibus geneon the water has a light edge round it. ravit, ut plurimorum suffragiis novarum re

rum licentiam assequeretur. Nec solo vo

cum favore contentus, adeo plebis animum Similies.

ambitionis artibus occupavit, ut omnium The notes of the harp die away like the fere manus ad regium insigne capiti suo immoanings of the distant wind.

primendum adduceret. Hic septem filios The song of birds to the trees alive with

habebat tanto veneficiorum usu callentes, music in Flath-innis.

ut sæpe subitis furoris viribus instincti soPerfumes to the Alhambra apartment.

lerent ore torvùm infremere, scuta morsibus A torrent to that which burst from the attrectare, torridas fauce prunas absumere,

extructa quævis incendia penetrare; nec grave of Balder.

Gloominess caused by a torrent to the posset conceptus dementiæ motus alio reTaghairm.

medii genere quam aut vinculorum injuriis, A sword to that of Fez. II.; or that stolen

aut cædis humanæ piaculo temperari. Tanfrom Amadis by the injurious damsel, or

tam illis rabiem sive sævitia ingenii, sive Balisarda.

furiarum ferocitas inspirabat. Quibus audiArmour, to that of Hector won by Man

tis Haldanus, ut erat circa piraticam occudricardo.

patus, expedire militibus dixit, ut qui in Perpetual clouds of Peru, to those that

exteros hactenus desævierint, nunc civium hover on the hills of Flath-innis, each involv- visceribus ferrum adigant, ereptiq; regni ing the source of a stream.

injuriam propulsent, qui dilatandi curam A horse to the white horse of Swantowith. genere consueverunt. Quo imminente SyLocal beauty, to the isle where Arthur

valdus missis ad eum legatis jubet, si famam lives; or where Enoch, Elijah, and St. John, factis æquaret, et tantus re esset quantus await the coming of Christ; or the fountain opinione censeretur, se suamq; sobolem where Brammon met Sanatree.

pugnâ solus excipiat, privatoq; periculo pubDreariness,—to the place where Sepul

licum redimat. Eo deinde respondente, leveda and Leonor perished.

gitimæ dimicationis formam duorum nume

rum excedere non debere; nil mirandum, " See Scott's Note on the Lady of the Lake, inquit Syvaldus, hominem cælibem proleq; Canto IV. Appendix, note 1.-J. W.W. vacuum oblatos detrectare congressus, cui inops caloris natura deforme corporis ani- cus, ita ipsum cognoscendorum mirabilium, mique frigus incusserit. Nec liberos ab eo quæcunque vel experimento deprehensa, diversos existere, quem suæ generationis vel rumore vulgata fuerant, præcordialis auctorem habuerint, quod ab ipso commune stimulabat aviditas. Cumq; esset externa nascendi principium traxerint. Ita se ac atq; inusitata visendi cupidus, experiendam filios unius hominis loco censendos esse, præ cæteris duxit Geruthi cujusdam sedium quibus veluti unum corpus a naturâ tribu- acceptam a Thylensibus famam. Increditum videatur. Cujus convicii rubore per- bilia enim ab eis super opum inibi congesmotus Haldanus, provocationi parere cæpit, tarum magnitudine jactabantur, sed iter tam contumeliosum cælibatûs exprobratio- omni refertum periculo ac penè mortalibus nem egregiis virtutis operibus pensaturus. invium ferebatur. Ambitorem' namque terCumque per opacam forte nemoris indagi- rarum oceanum navigandum, solem postponem graderetur, hærentem obiter quercum nendum ac sidera, sub Chao peregrinandum, humo radicitus eruit, solisq; spoliatam ramis ac demum in loca lucis expertia, jugibusq; in solidam clavæ speciem transformavit. tenebris obnoxia transeundum, expertorum Que gestamine fretus, tali carmen brevitate assertione constabat. Sed in juvenili anicompegit:

mo circumstantis periculi metum non tam

prædæ quam gloriæ cupido calcabat, mulEn rude quod gerimus obnixo vertice pon

tum sibi claritatis accessurum sperante, si dus,

rem admodum intentatam auderet. TreVulnera verticibus exitiumq; feret.

centis idem cum Rege votum nuncupantiSed neque frondosi gestamen roboris ullum

bus, auctorem famæ Thorkillum itineris Omine Gøtenses horridiore premet.

ducem assumi placuit, utpote locorum gnaArdua comminuet nodosi robora colli,

rum, peritumq; adeundæ regionis ejus. Is Et cava sylvestri tempora mole teret.

officio non recusato, adversum inusitatam Clava quidem sævum patriæ domitura furo

navigandi maris sævitiam firmiore strucrem,

turæ genere, nodisq; crebrioribus, ac conNulla magis Suetis exitialis erit. Ossa domans, lacerosq; virûm libranda per solidari; eademq; magnis repleri commea

sertioribus clavis præparanda jubet navigia artus

tibus, ac bovinis superne tergoribus claudi, Impia prærupto stipite terga premet;

quæ intrinseca navium spatia ab incursenCognatos pressura lares, fusura cruorem

tium undarum aspergine tuerentur. Inde Civis, et in patriam perniciosa lues.

tribus duntaxat liburnis navigatio tenditur, His dictis Syvaldum cum septem filiis at- unaquâque centenos capiente delectos. tentatum acerrimas eorum vires eximiâ cla

At ubi in Halogiam ventum, secundis væ mole frustratus, exitio tradidit.-Saxo flatibus destituti, variâ pelagi jactatione, G. lib. 7.

dubiis navigationis casibus agebantur. Tandem per summam alimentorum inopiam

etiam pane defecti, exiguæ pultis usu traxVoyage of Thorkill.

ere famem. Interjectis diebus eminus perHuic (Snioni) succedit Biørn; itemq; strepentem procellæ fragorem, perinde ac post ipsum Haraldus rerum assequitur sum- scopulos inundantis exaudiunt. Igitur inmam. Cujus filio Gormoni inter priscos tellectâ telluris viciniâ, agilitatis eximiæ Danorum duces non infimæ laudis locum juvenis, speculandæ rei gratia cacumen mali rerum strenuè gestarum titulus tribuit. Hic conscendere jussus, prærupti sitûs insulam enim novum audaciæ genus complexus, hæreditarium fortitudinis spiritum scrutandæ

| After quoting Dionysius Afer, STEPH. STE

PHANIUS adds, “Hinc etiam Oceanus Eddicè di. rerum naturæ vestigiis quam armis exco- citur Annulus, vel Zona regionum et insularum.” lere maluit: utq; alios Regum ardor belli- Not, in loc. p. 183.-J. W. W.

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in conspectu esse denunciat.

Læti omnes

viderit. Crepusculo appetente, inusitatæ regionem, quæ ab eo significabatur, avidis magnitudinis vir nominatim salutatis nauinsequuntur luminibus, attentè promissi lit- ticis intervenit. Stupentibus cunctis, Thortoris præsidium exspectantes. Cujus tan- killus adventum ejus alacriter excipiendum dem aditum nacti, in editiorem soli partem, admonuit, Guthmundum hunc esse docens per obstantes clivos, prælatis callibus eni- Geruthi fratrem, cunctorum illic applicantuntur. Tunc Thorkillus ex armentis, quæ tium piissimum inter pericula protectorem. in maritimis frequentia discurrebant, supra Percontantiq; quid ita cæteri silentium coquod semel leniendæ fami sufficeret, negat lerent, refert rudes admodum linguæ ejus esse tollendum: futurum enim, si secus ignoti pudere sermonis. Tum Guthmundus agerent, ut a diis loci præsidibus discedendi hospitio invitatos curriculis excipit. Propotentiâ privarentur. At nautæ magis pro- cedentibus amnis aureo ponte permeabilis rogandæ satietatis, quam servandi imperii cernitur. Cujus transeundi cupidos a procupidiores, incitamento gulæ salutis consi-posito revocavit, docens eo alveo humana lium subjecerunt, exhausta navium gremia à monstrosis rerum secrevisse naturam, nec cæsorum gregum corporibus onerantes. Qui mortalibus ultra fas esse vestigiis. Subinde ideo captu perfaciles extitere, quod ad in- ad ipsa ductoris penetralia pervenitur. Illic usitatos virorum aspectus firmato pavore Thorkillus seductis sociis hortari cæpit, ut mirabundi convenerant. Nocte insequenti inter tentamentorum genera, quæ varius obmonstra littori involantia, ac toto concre- tulisset eventus, industrios viros agerent, pantia nemore, conclusas obsedere puppes. atq; a peregrinis sibi dapibus temperantes, Quorum unum cæteris grandius, ingenti propriis corpora sustentanda curarent, disfuste armatum, profundum passibus eme- cretasq; ab indigenis sedes peterent, eorum tiebatur. Idem proprius admotum vocife- neminem discubitu contingendo. Fore enim rari cæpit, non ante enavigaturos, quam illius escæ participibus inter horridos monfusi gregis injuriam expiando, viris pro na- strorum greges, amissâ cunctorum memoriâ, vium numero traditis, divini pecoris damna sordidâ semper communione degendum. Nec pensassent. Cujus minis obsecutus Thor- minus ministris eorum ac poculis abstinenkillus, ut universorum incolumitatem pau- dum edocuit. Duodecim filii Guthmundi corum discrimine tueretur, tres sorte deno- egregiâ indole. Totidemq; filiæ præclui? tatos exhibuit.

formâ circumsteterant mensas. Qui cum Quo facto, optato vento excepti in ul- Regem a suis duntaxat illata delibare conteriorem Biarmiam navigant. Regio est spiceret, beneficii repulsam objiciens, injuperpetui frigoris capax, præaltisque offusa riosam hospiti querebatur. Nec Thorkillo nivibus, ne vim quidem fervoris persentiscat competens facti excusatio defuit. Quippe æstivi, inviorum abundans nemorum, fru- insolito cibo utentes plerumq; graviter afgum haud ferax, inusitatisq; alibi bestiis fici solere commemorat, regemq; non tam frequens. Crebri in ea fluvii ob insitas alieni obsequii ingratum, quam propriæ sosalveis cautes stridulo spumantiq; volumine pitatis studiosum, consueto more corpus perferuntur. Illic Thorkillus subductis na- curantem domesticis cænam obsoniis invibus tendi in littore jubet; eo loci perven- struxisse. Igitur haudquaquam contemptui tum astruens, unde brevis ad Geruthum imputari debere, quod fugiendæ pestis salutransitus foret. Prohibuit etiam ullum cum tari gereretur affectu. Videns antem Guthsupervenientibus miscere sermonem, affir- mundus apparatus sui fraudem hospitum mans monstra nullo magis nocendi vim, frugalitate delusam, cum abstinentiam hequam advenarum verbis parum comiter edi- betare non posset, pudicitiam labefactare tis sumere. Ideoq; socios silentio tutibres esistere, se vero solum tuto profari posse, is quoted by Stephanus Stephanius for the word.

| MARTIANUS CAPELLA, lib. i. de Nupt. Phil. qui prius gentis ejus mores habitumque per- Cf. Not. p. 184, ut suprá. –J. W. W.

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