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“ What's to say ? [A Newfoundland Dog.]

A very little little let us do, PHILIP THICKNESSE had a Newfoundland And all is done." dog, who had been taught a great many

Henry the Fifth, act iv. sc. ii. tricks on board a man-of-war ; and a puppy of hers, he says, “ inherited many of them “ Porisso, senhor, callo, porque temo untaught.”—Ibid. vol. 48, p. 177.

De não chegar ao porto desejado

Por mais que alargue a vella, e aperte o [Cornish Game Cock.] The Cornish hatch the eggs of the game

Diogo BERNARDES, O. Lyma, p. 139. cock breed under a magpie, because"

PETRARCH (vol. 1, p. 291, Son. 175,) dates magety pie is a desperate bird.”—Polwhele. Vocabulary.

the birth of his love,
“ Mille trecento ventisette appunto

Su l'ora prima, il di sesto d'Aprile,

Nel laberinto intrai ; nè veggio ond' esca." [Animals not morally responsible.] BERGMANN's Researches allow to animals “Now masters all, here now I shall the powers of thinking, remembering, com- End there as I began."—SIR T. MORE. paring and judging; but their actions not being directed to moral ends, he thinks that REARTRAIT of the author, for a Finis consequently they are not accountable and piece. proper subjects for reward or punishment in another world. Ibid. vol. 74, p. 495. HERRICK, vol. 1, p. 116, penultimate ch.

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of a pazboi sui. Oar informant tas ! Craniso, vol 2. p. 110. LLOYD. J. within there in days seen By Lasticate Hawkins Brown. Charles Lamb. a large quit of piztail with as much god

T. the water poet. ac ar.y Jack tar in bis majesty's service Couper, Ep. to Ball. Greathead's .. When he had fizisbed the tritacon, a pinch p. 143.- Correspondence, vol. 1, p. 215-6. of strong raque was adesini-terei. shit 265-6. Bly sound with at the least dessur, and curiing up his olfactory organ, delivered one Is a classification of trades (Times, 14:h of those charming slos 50 peculiar to his April 1835), tobacco and snuff are placed specie. Billy is chiefly employed in car. among trades of food, because though they rying milk from his master's farm to Bolo cannot

, in the ordinary sense of the teru. won, and if Mr. Walton has any other bu- be considered as food, they bear some resiness to transact in the town, he can leave semblance to it, though a distant one: for Billy with security at the door of any cus- tobacco is food to the taste, and snuff food tomes, whence he will not budge an inch to the sense of smelling." until he hears his master's voice. Billy is invariably accompanied on his journies to RALEIGH's last“ unfortunate attempt Bolton by a small cur dog, which is so at- upon S. Thomé and Guiana, which was his tached to him that in the absence of Mr. own ruin and his son's death, yielded only Walton, he takes his station close to Billy, stinking tobacco, a commodity that could and will not suffer any stranger to come not be conveyed away, because of the bulk; near him.

and his voyage proved much less than

smoke." - Mossos, p. 242. William Ellis, once a farmer at Little Gaddesden, who in A.D. 1760, published The Norwegians call snuff, "næse-meel." Every Farmer his own Farrier, says, upon - POSTOPPIDAN. his own experience, that “ balf an ounce of tobacco at a time, given among a horse's Virginia, Brazil, and Varinas tobacco, corn, and continued for a week, will pre-differ in flavour; each having its raciness, vent worms, cure greasy heels, and create a its smaak, what the French call le goût de fine coat.”—Monthly Review, vol. 22, p. 156. terreau.—Dr. DorGLASS, Monthly Reties,

vol. 13, p. 273. Paioe speaks of “ Portugueze” snuff.

RALEIGH's colony in Norambegu. A.D. 1641. A Mission to the“Kionontateh- " Though the situation, the climate, and ronou, ou Nation de Petun.”Rel.N.France, the natural soil, and the proof of the commotom. 5, p. 131.

dities the country yielded was able to give

encouragement for the prosecution of it, yet “A las aguas singulares de Sevilla deben for want of means and willing minds, which los Españoles la bondad de sus tabacos, los is the bane of all undertakings, it failed, and mas estimados del mundo.”—MASDEU, vol. produced nothing but tobacco, which has

brought a greater mischief to this kingdom The note says, “ La experiencia confirmó than the profit would have countervailed, la bondad dicha de estas aguas, habiendo though it had proved successful.”—Morson, procurado en vano os Ingleses imitar el ta- p. 405. baco Español, valiendose de artifices, que sobornados sacaron de la misma fabrica de Guiana. "There have been many colonies Sevilla."

settled by one nation in that spacious country; yet I could never hear of any commo

1, p. 14.

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dities that arose by it, or not so much in the middle of Queen Elizabeth's reign till value as two miles of ground in England within almost every one's memory, (1785), would afford : and yet I must rightly say our ancestors spent no inconsiderable part of that evil tobacco, this plantation sends of their vacant hours, residing more at home the best, if the strength of tobacco be so than we do. If modern houses have not a accounted."-Ibid.

room of this sort, they have one unknown

to the ancients, which is a powdering-room “ If the charge bestowed upon planta- for the hair.” — Monthly Review, vol. 73, tions were valued with the gain reaped from p. 22. them, it were not worth a purse to put it in; and for ours in England, it would be Sir J. Hill against snuff.-Monthly Reconsumed in smoke. For one staple com- view, vol. 25, p. 127. modity which it sends out is stinking, barbarous tobacco; for from the barbarous ROWLAND WHITE to Sir Robert Sydney. savages it is derived : a brave original for “ I was desired by Mr. Roger Manners, that civil men to learn from and imitate!

you will send him by a letter (from Flush“ The French herein far exceed us; for ing), a ball of tobacco-high Trinidado : by their industry and laborious endeavours, you can send him nothing that will more they have attained to a rich and profitable increase his love towards you."— Sydney traffic of costly furs, which makes our shame Pupers, vol. 2, p. 208. the greater, when we consider how easily they have effected it, and how profitably “Capt. Wm. MYDDLETON, the first who they persevered, whilst we are sucking of smoked tobacco in London. He was brosmoke, that brings with it many inconve- ther of Sir Thomas, who purchased Chirk niences, as time has made too plain.”—Ibid. Castle; and of Sir Hugh, who brought the

New River to London, then called Myddel

ton's Water; another of his numerous oroHis scheme for a tobacco trade.-Ibid. thers wrote a treatise on Welsh prosody."

-YORKE's Royal Tribes, p. 107.


p. 414.

P. 446.


A POOR German tutor. In a mock de

Tobacco pipes.—Monthly Review, vol. 69, scription of one, it is said, “ N.B. Bremen


tobacco goes down with him.” — Monthly
Review, vol. 17, p. 109.

Love and smoking farours.-HIPPISLEY'S

Orinoco, p. 341.
A FRIEND from Edinburgh sends Shen-
stone, A.D. 1761, as a small stimulus to their
friendship, a little provision of the best

Preston Pans snuff, both toasted and un- The translator of M. Brouzet's Essay
toasted, in four bottles ; with one bottle of on the Medicinal Education of Children, says
Highland Snishon, and four bottles Bonnels. that “the tender brain of Newton or Alex-
Please to let me know which sort is most ander, altered in their infancy by a small
agreeable, that I may send you a fresh sup-compression, or slight commotion, might
ply in due time.”—Hull's Select Letters, have rendered the first stupid, and the other
vol. 1, p. 313.

a wise king!"—which the Monthly Reviewer

(vol. 12, p. 376), seems to approve. “ SCARCELY any old house without a small apartment called the Smoking-Room. 6. There is reason," says Evelyn, (Misc. In these, says Sir John Cullum, froin about p. 328), “ that we who are composed of the elements should participate of their quali- Semiramis), bore a dove in their bandes, ties; for, as the humours have their source “ Heralds may here take notice of the age 1 from the elements, so have our passions from tiquity of their art; and for their gresia the humours; and the soul which is united credit blazon abroad this precious piece of to this body of ours, cannot but be affected ancientry; for before the time of Semiramis with its inclinations."

we hear no news of coats or crest."-Joas GREGOIRE, p. 236.

“ DEBOHRA prophetissa, quia ab asse DoHeaven.

men habet, vocatur apis fæminei serus." The elder Venn, (p. 15), speaks of the -Avoda Sara, p. 324. vast assembly of perfect spirits, who are swallowed up in love and adoration of God, and are perfectly one with cach other.

Fashion. Dante. Purgatorio, xxviii. vol. 4, p. 181. In Barbadoes, such was the influence of

Two streams from Paradise, Lethe and fashion, or custom, that Dr. Hillary (1759) Eunoe ; the one to wash away the remem- says, “ he had seen many men loaded, and brance of sin, the other to renew that of almost half melting, under a thick rich coat our good deeds.

and waistcoat, daubed and loaded with gold,

on a hot day, scarce able to bear them."Ibid. Paradiso, xviii. v. 29, vol. 5, p. 116. Monthly Review, vol. 21, p. 370. Paradise is called « • L'albero che vive de la cima,'

“A wooden pillow, about the width of a

hoop, and of a semicircular form, to admit perchè viene arrivato dall' essere sovrano ch'è Dio: al contrario degli altri alberi, che inches high, with a broad, flat base. They

the head, sustained by a column of four to six traggono il sugo vitale, e il nutrimento dalla

are almost exactly similar to those often radice."

found in the ancient tombs of the Egyptians, and, notwithstanding their apparent discom

fort, are now very generally used in every The Name.

part of Upper Nubia. The ladies of Shendy BRANTOME, vol. 10, p. 48, speaks of a Cap-value them highly, because, being so nartain Sainte Colombe,“ vaillant et brave sol

row, they do not disarrange their hair, a sedadin, et déterminé s'il en fut oncques." rious consideration, if it be true, as I am He was

de cette maison valeureuse de informed, that the coiffure of the Shendyan S. Colombe en Bearn, mais non légitime."

beauties requires nine hours' work to be At Rochelle he was wounded three times, quite comme il faut,— beautifully plaited, and was no sooner recovered from the bushy at each side, projecting behind, and wound than he received another; twice in flat above the forehead.”—Hoskins, p. 124. Normandy—"de-sorte que nous l'appellions et son corps, une garenne d'harquebusades." “To promote the growth of the nails bere He was killed at St. Lo.

(as a decided indication of high rank), they

are held over small fires of cedar-wood.”— CORNELIUS à LAPIDE, and many others, Ibid. p. 125. following the interpretation of St. Jerome, (who, at the 13th chap. of Isaiah says, that WHISTLER to Shenstone. 1762. God calleth Nebuchadnezzar columbam), say “I have struck a bold stroke since I have that the Assyrians (in honour no doubt of been in town; I mean a laced coat; for

really waistcoats cost as much, and are no mark of distinction after all."—HULL's Select Letters, vol. 2, p. 33.

cette mode, ou pourra s'y conformer impunément et sans scandale.” — Mem. Secrets, vol. 17, p. 226.


LAMBSKIN breeches.-Ibid. p. 98.

“ A.D. 1775. PARIS. Tell Mrs. Damer

that the fashion now is to erect the toupée Roger WILLIAMS, (Life, p. 264), says, into a high detached tuft of hair, like a “ I have long had scruples of selling the cockatoo's crest, and this toupée they call natives aught but what may bring, or la physionomie, I don't guess why."-H. tend to, civilization. I, therefore, neither WALPOLE, vol. 4, p. 32. brought, nor shall sell them, loose coats nor breeches."

Doctors of Physic and Privy Council.

lors, in Elizabeth and James's time, wore A. D. 1767.

A DISSERTATION upon nightcaps wrought with gold silk ; the PuHead-Dress; together with a Brief Vindi

ritan Divines, of black satin, tipt with cation of High-Coloured Hair, and of those white.-MALCOLM's Granger, p. 139. Ladies on whom it grows: the whole submitted to the Connoisseurs in Taste, whether

The first Fashionable Magazine comancient or modern. By an English Peri

menced May 1768, and, as might be guesswig-Maker."

ed, it was a French production; its title,

Courier à la Mode, ou Journal du Goût." Cozens, in 1778, published the “Principles

“ C'est un nouvel ouvrage périodique, fort a Metaphysico - Physiognomico - Pictorial intéressant pour Paris, et pour les Provinces,

qui contient le détail de toutes les nouWork." Each head in the engravings had

veautés de mode. C'est, si l'on veut, une an antique head-dress.

“ We sincerely

espèce de Supplément aux Mémoires de wish, for the honour of the sex, that our

l'Académie des Belles Lettres, qui consacre countrywomen would study them, and re

à la postérité le tableau mourant de nos move the present enormous encumbrances from their heads, to make way for a dress caprices, de nos fantaisies et du costume

national.”—BACHAUMONT, Mem. Sec. vol. 4, which in more elegant times adorned the heads of the Grecian ladies.”—Monthly Review, vol. 58, p. 444.

" Who would have thought that our

side-curls and frizzled toupée had such anA.D. 1781. “Les dernières robes en vogue tiquity, but along with that such barbarsont les Levites, imitées sur ces robes majestueuses des enfans de la tribu consacrée isın, as to be the fashion of the Germans

ere they left their native woods. Tacitus à la garde de l'arche, et au service du temple de Jerusalem. Ces Levites se modifient horns and rings.

mentions their twisting their locks into déjà de cent manières. Madame la Vicomtess de Jaucour ayant imaginé des Levites à “ Cærula quis stupuit Germani lumina,

flavam queue de singe, a paru, il y a quelque tems, au Luxembourg avec cette queue, très lon

Cæsariem madido torquentem cornua gue, très tortillée, et si bizarre que tout le

cirro ?"-JUVENAL, Sat. xiii. v. 164. monde se mit à la suivre; ce qui obligea les

PINKERTON, Lett. of Lit. p. 61. Suisses de Monsieur de venir prier cette Dame de sortir pour éviter un trop grand The Merovingian kings used to powder tumulte. Il faut espérer que, pour l’hon- their heads and beards with gold dust.-neur de l'inventrice le public étant fait à l Ibid. p.


p. 80.

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