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som, but produce no fruit. And European cilia's day as late as 1713, and I know not man does not thrive better. He is out of how much later. his place upon the globe.

WICKEDNESS working the designs of Pro" Sows in the Isle of France frequently vidence.-Bishop REYNOLDS, vol. 5, p. 116. produce monsters." -Ibid. p 153.

“ ARISTOTLE (Polit. 7, § 8) reckoneth Dogs never go mad there.— Ibid. p. 154. divine worship as a principal thing, without

which a city or civil polity cannot be.”“ SCARCELY had the terrace at Windsor Ibid. p. 333. been opened ten minutes, before some parties cut their initials in the stone work sur

What preaching should be.—Ibid. p. 397. rounding it. A strong feeling of indignation was expressed at this abuse of the

In feudal times opposition, or rather reliberty of walking there, by many respect-sistance to the government, arose from perable persons.”Times, August 9, 1830. sonal feelings : it was to some favourite or “ Some Bibles sent by the Bible Society

some invidious family, not to public mea

sures. The people took part only upon for Nova Scotia were taken by an Ame

feudal principles of obedience to their imrican privateer in 1813, carried into Port

mediate lords. land and sold. The Massachusetts' Bible Society resolved to replace them by send

Then came the age of religious commoing from its own funds the sum. But the

tion, in which the citizen and the peasant people of Boston raised a subscription, and took as deep an interest as the peer. sent the full amount, £155."History of the Bible Society, vol. 2, p. 486.

Botany Bay, 1786.—The marines were

to take out twelve women to a company of “ WHEN the Committee of the Bible So

forty men. ciety was formed, the Wesleyan Methodists refused to nominate two from their body, for the American loyalists at first; but

Mr. Matre proposed a settlement there assigning as a reason, that they considered themselves represented by the bishops."

afterwards recommended it for convicts; Ibid. vol. 1, p. 81.

and he thought women in sufficient number

might be “ obtained in a friendly manner Truths of Religion, p. 102.—"In all pri- from New Zealand." He speculated also mitive tongues, vowels of small consequence,

upon settlers from Java and Japan. and therefore not marked.” See the passage.

THERE is scripture for the opinion that So idle is it to reason in such matters upon

the will will be accepted for the deed. what must naturally be. One nation stretches,

“ The Lord,” says SOLOMON, “ said unto attenuates, and liquifies its words : another David my father, Whereas it was in thine compresses and hardens and stiffens them. heart to build an house unto my name,

thou didst well that it was in thine heart." CO-OPERATIVE system that on which go

-1 Kings viii. 18. vernments would be founded, were it not for the depravity of human nature. This

DEPRECIATION in consequence of an inis Mr. Douglas's position in his Truths of flux of wealth.-Silver “was nothing acReligion, p. 157, which see.

counted of in the days of Solomon :—the

king made silver to be in Jerusalem as Sermons used to be preached on S. Cæ- stones, and cedars made he to be as the ! it break the first discharge, the workman is Cosmos Indicopleustes writes to prove at the loss of it; if the second, the merchant that the world is an universal plain, of the and the workman jointly ; if the third, the form of a parallelogram, shut in by walls, merchant.-Ibid. vol. 3, p. 185.

Ibid. p.

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sycamore trees that are in the vale for dikes, so that no one can go in or out onabundance.”—Ibid. x. 21-27.

perceived ?" “ Foot passengers in every city of Eu- A PASSAGE in BEAUMONT and FLETCHEB rope, except London, were exposed to acci- vol. 8, p. 192 (Woman's Prize), which looks dents from being mixed with horses and as if there was a notion concerning women carriages, as well as from the insolence and like that concerning sylphs, upon which tbe brutality of their riders and drivers, for tale of Undine is founded. Yet there canwant of a footpath. In Paris, a great many

not have been; the meaning must be accipeople are annually killed and maimed for dental, I think want of one." —Burney, Musical Tour in

“ A CONJURER's the devil's master, and comGermany, vol. 2, p. 197. There is a foot pavement in Pompeii ; | Whereas a witch is but the devil's prentice,

mands him. and on each side the Via Appia and other

And obeys him." ancient roads in Italy.”—Ibid.

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, Fai 36.-A STRANGE story of a native

Maid of the Inn, p. 360. of Poole, driving a nail into a horse's head,

“Les Européens seuls sont capables d'apand curing it by a chemical liquid of his

prendre aux Indiens leur propre histoire, et own preparing

de voir dans leurs traditions, dans leurs Sone excellent remarks upon those poets

monumens des idées et des faits qui ne

sauraient être découverts et compris par les whose verses are made up from memory,

Indiens aux-mêmes."Doctrine of S. Simon, and whose memory sticks in the letter, without having a glimpse of the spirit. p. 118, N. Sir EGERTON BRYDGES' Recollections of St. AUGUSTINE derives servus from serTravel, vol. 1, p. 240.

vare.-Ibid. p. 240. AGRICULTURists prone to religion, as sol- The following is said to be the state of diers to impiety.—Max. Tyrius, Dissert. church preferment in this country : 14, p. 172. A valuable passage.

Livings in the gift of

The nobility and gentry. 5033 Tue Hindoos at their marriage invoke The church ...

3769 the manes of their ancestors to be present.


1014 -MORGAN's Doct. of Mar. vol. 1, p. 97.

The universities

814 Public bodies

197 1791. The Royal Academy of Sciences

The inhabitants ..

64 at Gottingen, in 1791, proposed these questions :

One, in the Serées of BOUCHET, (vol. 2, “ What is the reason that ornaments of p. 361) asks,“ qui est celuy de nostre public buildings, bridges, railings, monu

temps, qui ne naisse moindre que ses pere ments, mile stones, trees, and banks of walks,

et mere?” Perhaps the wars of that age &c. are defaced, out of mere malice (mis

had, as in Buonaparte's, left only the immachief) more in Germany, or in many parts ture and the old to propagate; and in the of it at least, than in Italy or other coun

same way affected female constitutions, as tries ? and how may this apparently national

the revolution is known to have done. See viciousness be most securely and speedily the account of Strasburg. eradicated?

“ What is the least expensive mode of in- During the civil wars in France, people closing towns that have neither walls nor retired into the lazar houses for safety, feign

ing to be lepers, and exposing themselves a conceited and barbarous attempt, Gifford to leprosy.

calls it, to rectify the writing of the EngSee this very curious passage in the Se- | lish language, which seems to have fallen rées of Bouchet, tom 3, p. 245-6.

into the hands of the late James Elphin

stone.- Ibid. vol. 6, N. p. 127. THERE used to be a very considerable demand for Irish editions, from America.- “As just a carrier as my friend Tom Long Irish Debates, vol. 16, p. 73.


Ibid. Tale of a Tub, p. 201. Tue roots of the couch grass (triticum his honesty.

He was of that age then, and noted for repens) in Flanders, and in the south of Italy, are collected, washed, and sold in bun

“ The whirligig, the whibble, the carwidgen. dles for horses.—Quayle's Survey of Jersey,

Hey day, what names are these? Guernsey, &c. p. 255.

New names of late." WHOEVER would understand what reli

MIDDLETON, Mayor of Queenborough, ance may be placed upon the Unitarian wri

Old Plays, vol, 11, p. 167. ters on the score of integrity, should con

VINDICATION of Alva's cruelty. sult Archbishop Magee's notes upon their improved version of the New Testament.

Adventures of Five Hours, Old They are to be found in the third volume

Plays, vol. 12, p. 41. of his most valuable discourse on the Atone

The most curious stage direction I have ment.

seen is in Apius and Virginia. “ Here let See also in the same volume, N. p. 810, the him make as he went out, and let conscifraudulent manner in which they have used

ence and justice come out of him; and let the names of Dr. Watts and Mrs. Trimmer. conscience hold in his hand a lamp burning,

Hobbes recommends the Whole Duty of and let justice have a sword, and hold it Man, as (except a few passages that he mis

before Apius's breast.”—Ibid. p. 356. liked) very well worth reading; and as con

French Memoirs. taining the then system of church morals. -BEHEMOTH.

Tom. 28.-Vincent Carloix, Mem. du

Vieillevilli. It has been said that “ bugs were first Tom. 165.—Defence of spies, as men of brought into the country after the fire of principle. London, in the fir timber imported for the Tom. 331.—Bull dogs, and bull baiting rebuilding of the city." Gifford says, “ un- introduced from England into France. fortunately for them, however, they were the greatest sufferers by the fire, having been

Tom. 32.-Mem. de Tarannes. A Frenchdenizened in vast numbers long before that man proposes to surprise Malta, as a sure calamitous event took place."—B. J. vol. 6, step to Sicily, and to the conquest of Italy. p. 50, in a note upon

Ibid. tom. 30, p. 197. By the usage of “Run away like cimici,

war, the cannoneers had a right to all “ les Into the crannies of a rotten bedstead."

cloches d'une ville qu'ils ont battue, en quelThis seems to be an Italian word.

que sorte qu'elle se sont rendue, ou par force

ou composition.”—Vincent Carloix. Duels.-B. JONSON, vol. 6, p. 69.

In R. Greene's Looking Glass for LonGill, the master of St. Paul's school, don and England, Jonah is cast out of the circiter A. D. 1600, published Logonomie, Whale's belly upon the stage.

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WALLFUS, p. 106. Paulus Manutius Al- ! “ Out of brave horsemanship arise the dus, lib. 1, ep. 4, describes his way of borrow- first sparks of growing resolution, that raise ing from ancient authors, which is precisely the mind to noble action.”—Ibid. p. 183. the same

as Ebenezer Elliot's. Wallius himself (p. 150) recommends it.

* The smallness of a kitchen, without ques.

tion, Parnaso Ital. Modern. vol. 13, Parini, Makes many noblemen in France and Spain p. 125-7. What men of rank learnt from Build the rest of the house the bigger.“ Voltaire, and what they did not learn.

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 33, Devil's Law Cex.

MR. Devay of Boston tells me, that mad- Figs were called fig dates; unless, which ness is more common in America than in is less likely, dates were so called. — Ibid. England; and that the most frequent cause

vol. 2, p. 83. is political excitement, the boundless ambition, and continual ferment of democracy. “ The midwife straight howls out there was

He says also, that a small collection of no hope good books is more generally to be found of the infant's life: swaddles it in a flayed in an American house, than in an English lamb skin, one.- July, 1833.

As a bird hatch'd too early."

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 98. UNCALCULATED and, quasi, uncalculable dangers, or consequences

“ This three months did we never house " It lately happened that an iron bridge our beads fell in very curious circumstances, by the But in yon great star chamber." marching of a body of soldiers over it. Now,

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 152. the bridge was calculated to sustain a greater This, which is no uncommon allusion at weight than this body of men; and had they that time, is contrary to a general principle walked tumultuously over it, it would have in poetry, of a sublime character. withstood the pressure: but the soldiers marching to time, accumulated a motion,

“ Though we dine to day aided by the elasticity of the material, which As Dutchmen feed their soldiers, we will sup broke it down.”—Bell's Bridgwater Trea- Bravely, like Roman leaguerers.” tise, p. 234.

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 224.

“ Nous entrâmes dans un petit batteau “ A SPANIARD is a Camocho, a Salimanrond qui avoit à chacun de ses flancs une co; nay, which is worse, a Dondego; and roue attachée dont les aîles servoient de what is a Dondego ? rames, une manivelle double les faisoit tour- Clown. A Dondego is a kind of Spanish ner à la fois.”—LAMEKIS, vol. 1, p. 93. stock-fish, or poor John.

Brett. No, a Dondego is a desperate Vi. Question do Amor. At a tournay, prizes liago, a very Castilian ; God bless us.". both for knights and ladies who shall appear Ibid. vol. 2, p. 298. Sir T. Wyatt. in the most gallant attire.-H. 2, I. 5.

Cold harbour, Ibid. vol. 3, p. 90. It was “ I do not like that he names me so often, called the devil's sanctuary. Hence, no Especially on his death-bed : 'tis a sign

doubt, the song. I shall not live long."

WEBSTER, vol. 1, p. 134. At the sale of ordnance in England, if

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and surrounded by the ocean, which is again

enclosed by another land, wherein the terGENERATION of the winds as marked in restrial paradise is situated.-Ibid. vol. 2, the compass; a good satire on allegorical p. 310. mythology.-Ibid. vol. 3, p. 346.

“ The master in the fable did not well to FULLER, Church History, p. 146. Touch

beat his maid for serving him with thin ing for the king's evil. He believed it, and milk, when it was his own cow that gave it.” relates a cure by Queen Elizabeth on a Pa

-SANDERSON's Preface. pist, which converted him. St. AMBROSE's, perhaps, the first hymn sels give the loudest sound, and shallow

“ Who knoweth not that as empty' vesbook ever published.-CLARKE, Ecc. Lit., vol. 1, p. 465.

brooks run with a fiercer current, and make

a greater noise than deeper rivers do, so By St. Basil's canons, the same penance they that are the least able to judge are ever of ten years is appointed for him who opens

the most forward to pass sentence, and when a tomb, as for involuntary homicide.—Ibid. they so do, the most rigid and peremptory

therein."-Ibid. to his Fourteen Sermons. p.


vol. 1,

Curious, considering “ that Anarch old” of Milton, that "Avapxos should have been one of the names given by the early Christians to the Almighty.—Ibid. vol. 1, p. 112.

“ Says the master of a booth at a fair to the fellow who managed affairs behind the curtain,Why don't you snow there ?' • Sir,' says the fellow aloud to him, “all the white paper's gone.' 'Why, then, you blockhead,' cries the master, ' snow in some brown paper.'' — T. Brown's Dialogues,

The word Trinity, Tpias, first used at Antioch, and first found in Theophilus, A.D. 181.-Ibid. vol. 1, p. 113.

p. 294.

In Gregorius Nyssensis, is a full account of the necessity of hands to a rational being. « il n'y a qu'au Tribunal de Dieu, que le

It is a just remark of CHARLEVOIX, that -Ibid. vol. I,


témoignage de la Conscience rassure par

faitement."—N. France, tom. 1, p. 92. Augustine says that infants dying un. baptized, depart into a slight damnation, in damnatione mitissimâ."— Ibid. vol. 2, p.

Our old lawyers were fond of rhymes,

as witness John Doe and Richard Roe. So 34.

when two representative places are spoken Accidental discovery of fire by Adam 1 of, the one is Dale and the other Sale; a and Eve throwing a stone at a serpent,

is to be whipped at Dale and passed

to Sale.-Statutes, tom. 3, p. 331. which struck a spark from a flinty rock, into the crevice of which the serpent escaped, and that spark kindling the dry vegetation

We may not readily forget the words of the

Quaker in the Spectator, “ Thy drum is a type around. This is related by Victor of Mar

of thee; it soundeth because it is empty. Verily seilles in his poetical commentary on Gene- it is not froni thy fulness, but thy emptiness that sis.-Ibid. vol. 2, p. 216.

thou hast spoken this day.” No.132.–J.W.W'.


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