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on the reduction of, after a | Bacon, LORD, remarks of, 637. | BEACCHAWF, RICHARD, Eero
war, 666.

BADDELEY, the comedian, be- Warwick, 270.
ARNOLD OF BRESCIA, account I quest of, 398.

of, 28, 141.

Bag-pipes,graziers' cattle feed. marks on, 306, &c. Errat
Arrows, 62. Of disease, 431. ing to the sound of, 393.

457,9; 635, &c. 646, .
Art, Benefit of, at Vicenza, ana. Bahar Danush, extracts from, 657, ac.

logous to our old B.'netit of - consider.d by Suthey to Bearers, formerls in Wales
Clergy, 399.

be a remarkable work, 213. 140 Account of ode, te
Arundel Marbles, how abused, | BALDER, The Grave vf, 27. Bedminster, subject fur un to

BALGLY, burnt bis sermuns, logue, 193.
Arundela, what, and whence de. why? 709.

Bee, why a fool, 198.
riverl, 238.

Ballais, subjects for, 95. Beech and Beeck-nest. 194
A sinitus hominum, Casaubon's Bulm, great use of in Egypt, Richness of the beech-
remırk on, 6+4.

in the Forest of Dean, l.
Asker, An, i.e. a beggar, 364. BALY or Bely, account of in Bedare and dare,the same wurd
Aspalur See Schol. in Ly. Hindoo Mythology, 251. 323.

cophr. v. 121, and Etymol. Bumborogh, story about, 367. Bee hires, carried to the Mours
Mag. in v. Aristotle writes Bumpton, Oxon, custom of the why, 709,
'Aopalat. Cf. Hist. Animal. vicars of, 395.

Beer, bottled, origin of, 390.
lib. i. 1, 9. viii, 28, 433. Banks, temples used as, 685. Bees, seem formerly to bave
Aspen-poplar, Tafod y Virchens, Buntams, the Javanese, nearly | been destroyed by water, 16

or, Woman's Tongue, 172. as large as a bustard, 367. The breed of, discourageis
88x, singular taste of one for BAPTISTA PORTA, observation wine countries, why? 101
tobacco, 593. A student of of, 476.

Beggar of Moorfield, story
philosophy, 368.

Baptists, why they seceded 396.
dstraa, remarks on, 279.

from the Evangelical Maga Beings, Scale of, 576.
Astronomy, Turkish, 156. Hin zine, 410.

doo prolixity, 435.

BARBER,THE, his consequence, BELLAY, Epitaph br, sad
Atone, meaning of, 288.


Translation of by R. S. 13.
ATTILA, the sword of, 241. Burdsay, island of, 140.

Bell-ringing, its music-" the
AUGUSTINE, saying of, 630. Burons, palace pomp of, 151. poetry of steeples" - Suo

Anecdote of, unde? 436. Opi. BARROW, extracts from, 626, they's love for, 7. Actuunes
nion of the human soul, 479. 679.

of, 389, 400, 417, 418, 47. '
Aurora Borealis, Captain T. BARRUEL, ABBE, extracts Bells, extracts relative to, 425,
Southey's account of, 6, 162 from, 381-383.

477, 582.
North and South Indian's Burtholomew-tide Sports, 118. | Benrrolence, Practical, curious
name for, Ed.thin, 168. Burton in the Beans, 341.

letter, 623,
AUSONIUS, beautiful epigram Bashfulness —"rosy modesty," | Benin, notions in the kingduo
of, 456.

of, 246.
Avale, i. e. to descend, 89. Bat, short and quick cry of, | BENEZET, ANTONY, saying of.
Arurice ever finds in itself mat 201. Dips the breast like 637.
ter of ambition, 637. Its own the swallow, 202. Proverb | BENSERADE, 641.
ue, 718.

that the serpent eats one ere ! Berkeley, old woman of, 124.
Awkwardness at Court, 44. he comes to be a dragon, 710. BERNAL Diaz, saying of, 633.
AYSCOUGH, Sir Izaac Newton's Bath and Bristol, frightened BERNARDS', Isle of Man, ki
uncle, his absence of mind, by a prophet, 385.

tracts from, 320.
Baitle, shades of, 241.

Azincour, Song on the Battle of, Buusan, or Stuffed Sentinel, death of, 109.


Berwick, omitted in the first
Bayes, repaitrede, phrase of, 71. | Income Tax Bill, story of,

Bean-belly, Leicestershire, 341.

Bear, the Dancing, hints for | Betele, vermilion dye of, for
BABER EMPEROR, saying of, Poemling on, 198. Sucking lips, 257.

when speaking of an infa his paws, 199. Story of one | BETTINELLI P. SAVERIO, son.
mous deed, 684.

who could play the piano, net by, 49, Translation of,
Babel, derivation of ! 582.


BACHAUMONT, Mem. Sec. ex. | Beards, extracts relative to, Bhurlpore, an officer's observa-
tracts, 573, 617, 621.
500, 598.

tion on the carnage at, 702.
Bachelors' Buttons, 244. Beasts, examples to men, 592. Bible, English sailors' love for,
Bachelor, i. e. Bas Chevalier, BEATtie, extracts from, and 483.

remarks on, 334.


Birds, extracts relative to, 168. | Brazil, thick heads in, 171. | Burgomaster, strange mode of

Of the Bermudas that bur. | Breath, II, strange cure for, choosing, 454.
row,592. Education of sing. 429.

ing birds, 510.

Brick, custom of building with, envoyées de, par le Roy d'An-
Bishop, SAMUEL, Poetical when introduced, 400.

gleterre au, 21. Charles the
Works, 309. Shews in his Brescia, Arnald of, 141.

Warlike, Duke of, 104, 109,
domestic poems a very ami. | Bretagne, Traditions in, 240. 115, 164.
able and happy feeling of du. | BREUSE, The Lady, 174.

Burial, Royal and Noble Modes
ties and enjoyments,&c. ib.
Brianstone, Great Sergeanty

of, 133.
Bisk, i. e. to ink so as to be il.

Tenure of, 175.

Buried Money, story of, 426.
legible, 399.
Bride Ale, 361.

Burke the miscreant, affrighted
Blackbird and Woodlark, notice
Britain, the thirteen rarities of,

in his sleep, 708.
of, 152.


| BURKE, his admiration of Spen.
Blame my Nose! softened im.
Bristol, H, Walpole not favour.

ser, 312. Complimented by
precation, 477.
ably impressed with, 392.

Lord G. Gordon, 689. His

Goodness of the water of,

saying on Pitt's Economical
Blank Verse, Irregular, re-


Bill, 689. On the Growth
marks on, i.
| Broad-cloth, deterioration of by

of Atheism, 700.
Blind, funds for, at Christ's

Devil's dust in Latimer's

Hospital, 387.
time, 610.

Bishop, saying of, 350.
Blood, Circulation of ? allusion
Broads, meaning of the term,

Burnet's T'heuria Sacra, ad.
to, in Eccles. xii. 546.

mired by

Southey and
Boar, a Norfolk one, ridden
BROOKE, LORD, his Poems, re.

Wordsworth, 184.
four and a quarter miles by

marks on, 315. Extracts,

Burning, better than Inter.
his master, 415.
647-649, 691.

ment, 195.
Boar's head, 174.
Brougham Castle, fineruin, 532,

Burrough, or Burgh, Hutchin.
Boat like an Eagle, 67.

537. LORD, 666, 688.

son's remark on name, 618.
BODMER'S Noachid, a bad
Brough Bells, story of, and Bal.

BURTON, Anat. of Mel. ex-
Poem, 2.
lad, 422.

tracts, 467-8, 473-4.
BOLINGBROKE, remark on
BROUGHTON's Dict. of all Re.

BUSHELL'S Wells, account of
Calvin's Institutes, reported
ligions, extracts from, 121, 2.

at Enstone, 405.
through Madan, 410.

Sir Tuomas, tradition about,

Butterfly, pretty lines of Hall
Bombasi, Spanish, 259.

Hartston's, 661.
Bona parte and Dr. Solomon, 1

BROWN, John, remarks on his
confusion of, 365.

Estimate, &c. 342.
Bone Manure, 388.
BROWNE, SíR T. favourite wri. |

Cader Idris, 242.
Bonfires, Festival, 116.

ter of Southey's, 334.

CÆCILIA, St., 67; sermons
Book, occupations necessary

BRUCE. The Heart of 172. Ex.l preached on her day as late
to produce one, 450. When

as 1713, 703.
tracts from “The," 217.
new, 692. A friend, 725.
Bons Esprits, and beaux esprits,

CAFFARELLI, the singer, his
Bruciad, not a good Poem,633.
Brute Creation, Apology for,

wealth, 433.

CALDERON, extracts, 468, 471,
Book-keeper, correct and in.

Sermon by James Granger, 501, 640. 658.

correct, P. Tompkin's, death

of, 390.
BRUYERE LA, extracts from,

MORE, works of, 348.
BOSWELL hada faculty for man.

645, 669.

Calvinistic Teachers, 716.
ners, said Adam Smith, 617.
Buck, St. Paul's, 120, 414.

Calvin's Institutes, Boling.
Botany, Medical, extracts, 573.
Clubs of Bold Bucks,&c. 377.

broke's remarks on, 410.
Bouchet, Serées, 704.

BUCKHURST, LORD, advice in CAMDEN, Gough's, quotations
Bourg de Bar, le Capitaine, 170. Ferrex and Porrex, to settle from, 57, 61, 62.
Bovius, Thomas, an Empiric,

the succession, 323.

Camel, called the Ship of the
his Hercules and Aurum Po. Bull-Baiting, Dr. Parr fond of, Land, 176; conveyors of
tabile, 436.

souls, Ib. ; taught to dance,
BowdwoIN, JAMES, astrono. BUNYAN,JOHN, of his Pilgrim's
mical opinions of, 431.

Progress, 221. Remark of, | Camillus LEONARDUS, Mirror
Bowles CAROLINE, i. e. Mrs. on lies and slanders, 691.

of Stones, 46.
Southey, remark of, 621. Burbolts, kind of fish, Gadus CAMOENS, 627.
Bracha, Galliu Braccata, &c.40. Lote, of Linnæus, 607. Canary Fanciers, pattern bird
Brama, how he first made man, Burgess, curious custom of ta- | of, 433.

king up the freedom of one Canova's genius first manifest
Bramins, 238.
at Alnwick, 419.

ed in modelling butter, 510.



Captuin, sea, gallant exclama | Chuma Gigas, great shell, 7. | Church of England, has re
tion of, 270.

CHAMBERLAYNE, author of the nounced hidden things of
Carbuncle, of the, 37; surpris. Angliæ Notitia, vanity of, | darkness, 677.
ing custom of the Charake 430.

Church-Reformers, Sir G.Meek-
Prophets', 228; marvellous CHANCELLOR, LORD, is his of. I enzie's remark upon, 584.
one, 239.

fice compatible with Speaker Churches, want of in large
Cardinals, Fleckno's remark of the House of Lords ? 395. towns, 419.
upon, 637.

Charitable men, St. Chrysos. CHURCHILL, extracts from and
Card-Player, inveterate, 453. tom's character of, 626.

remarks on, 335.
Cards, new game, 517.

CHARLEMAGNE and his Mis. Churchyards, Welsh, account of
Care, young faces traced by, tress, tale of, 71.

from Booker's Malvern, 104;

CHARLES I., omens of his fate, a lesson to be learnt from,
Caribs, their contempt of ar. 159; A Marvel's lines on 290; desecration of Wor
mour, 632.
death of, 635.

wich one by some drunken
Carlisle, account of in 1805, CHARLES II., best likeness of, sailors, 386.

according to H. Walpole,620. Ciborium, meaning of, 283.
Carnifex, an officer of great Charleton, Leicestershire, 392, Cider, an African liquor ? 709.
dignity under our Danish 415.

Circassian Gentleman, 237.
Kings, 400,

CHAUCER, extracts relative to, Circelliones, or, wandering
CARRARA UBERTINO, his Co 322, 634.

monks, 675.
lumbus, extracts from, 631,2. Charms from Ceylon, 609. Cistern, Silver, at Belvoir Cas-
CARTE'S ORMOND, remarks Cheve, cherir, 91.

tle, 373.
from, 690.

Child-Murder, Indian woman's Clara, the Beata of Madrid,
Cartwright, Major, the defence of, 276.

sportsman, anecdotes of, Chili, Indians of, 114.

CLARENDON, LORD, honest ad.
his Book &c., 515.

Chinese taste, increase of, 339. vice of, 687; his saying re-
Carwichet, what, 509, 705. Chinon, situation of, Rabelais lative to the want of Bishops
CASTILLEJO, to the Author of born there, 57.

in Reformed Churches, 687.
a bad Poem, 634.

Chelmsford, antiquity of the CLARKE, ADAM, extracts from,
Castor Church, Lincolnshire, Black Bóy of, 392.

505, 707, &c.
irreverent custom at, 414. CHENY, Bp. his advice how to CLARKE ROBERT, his Chris.
Cataract, dislodged by a fall read the Scriptures, 639. tiad, 537.
from a horse, 589.

Chestnut trees at Tortworth, | CLAUDIAN, extracts from, 221.

Clergy, a beggarly, says Ful.
get, Essay on Human Life, Chester, burial place of Henry, ler, the forerunner of a bank-

a Roman Emperor, Harold | rupt religion, 696.
Cat and Dog, instance of their said to have retired there Clothes, in Edw. III.'s time,-

travelling together, &c., 400. after the battle of Hastings, a project to show men's
Cats, Madame de Custine's 406.

birth, &c. 712.
praise of, 490.

CHEVERNY,CHANCELLOR, pret. Clover, American, 537.
Cathedra Stercoris, what? 401. ty story of, 543.

Clovis, christening of, 71,
Caro's Letters, extracts from, CHIABERRA, extracts, 497. Coals, some particulars about

Chimney-sweepers, women em. | shipping of, 393.
Cattle, some account of, and of ployed as, 391.

Course expressions, instead of
grazier's terms, 401, 488. | CHESTERFIELD's Letters, 716. strong ones, 717.
Cave, King Arthur's, 160. Chivalry, storiesconnected with Coat, rapidity with which one
Curern, strange, 76; wind. the manners of, 11; educa. was made from wool of the
guarded, 138.

tion of, 151; L'Amour de same day's shearing,395,482.
CEIREOC, battle of, 108,

Dieu et des Dames, 152; Cod-fish, prolific milt of, 435.
Celebes, poisonous tree of, 243. chivalrous speech, 172. Cock, crowing of, the notice of
Cemeteries at Hamburg, with. Choultries, account of, 238, 247. ghosts to quit, 80.
out the city, 579.

Christiad, the, poem by Robert Cockatoo, unruly one, 389.
Chafing, cured by the slime of Clarke, 537.

Cock-crower, the king's, office
the slug, 555.

Christian principles, duty of of? 375,
Chaises private, made war upon | acting up to, 695.

Cockmate and Copesmate,query,
in 1733 by stages and hack. CHRISTINA, QUEEN, 158; the same, 299, 300,
ney coaches, 377; curious Queen of Corinth intended Cock-roaches, exorcised, 109,
account of a chaise driver's for, 713.

last bequest, 418.

Christmas Tale, ideas for, 275. Coffin-rings, use of, 445.
CHALKHILL, John, his Theal. CHRISTOPHER, St., Buffalmac Coffins, cast iron ones, 386;

ma and Clearchus, 630. I co's painting of, 433. 1 Story of, 402, 403.

Colombiade La, extracts from, 1 CRANMER, ABP., said by Ful. |

ler to have had an amiable
Colours, the love language of, eye, 647.

Craw-fish, discharges its own Dagenham Breach, irruption of
Cole's dog, Prov. 428, 676. stomach, curious fact in Na in 1707, 401.
Coltic Timber, what ? 434. tural History, 434.

DAGOBERT, his soul fought for,
Columbia, i, e. Dr. Doveland, Credulity, effects of, 164 ; in 170.
584, 596.

stances of English, 359. Daltini, or, Irish horsemen, 15.
Comedy, writers of, 261. Cricket, merry as, Prov., 486. Damned, the Sabbath of, 85.
Comets, 396.

Cricket-match between married DANBY, WILLIAM, extracts,
Con, the son of the Sun, 155. women and maidens, 416; 502.
CONDER Josian, stories by, between Greenwich pension Dance, St. Magnus's, 138.

ers with one arm and one Dancing, extracts relative to,
Connoisseur, extracts from 338. leg, 418.

388, 415, 434, 566, 604.

Crimes, duty of exposing, 51. Dandies, Cambridge ones, 403.
Conqueror, duty of, 114. CRISPIN, ST., his day much Dandro, and dandrif, meaning
Contradiction, spirit of, 645. kept at Keswick, 531.

of the word, 171.
Consumption, certain messenger Criticism, which corrupts DANIEL, extracts relative to,
of death, 353.
writer and readers, 673.

Cookery, old Scotch, 29. Crocodiles, the king of, 176; DANVERS, C. Southey's early
Cookoo, the, “ever telling of superstition relative to the friend, 45.
one tale," 288.

Indian, 237.

Dareira, or, gnat of the Nile,
Cooling Card, meaning of, 459. CROMWELL, the Devil shall food for the bats, 228.
Copenhagen, anecdote at the have it sooner than, 426. Darkness, province of, 90.
siege of, 389.

Cross by the wayside, a memen Darwin's Phytologia, ex-
Copper, quantity of used in pin to! 357; some of the Fa. tracts, 493.
making, 467.

thers saw it in every thing, DAVENANT, SIR WILLIAM, re.
Coracles, account of, 123.


marks on, 292; extracts from,
Corelli, his enthusiastic ap. | Crows, dutiful children, 109; 293, 692,

pearance when playing the curious account of a tame DAVID, St. 54.
violin, 571.

one, 411; caught in Italy Davies, Howel, Whitefield's
Cormorant, description of, 44. with bird-limed hoods, 418. Welsh coadjutor, story of,
Corps' Candles, 160.
Crowthers, i, e. black pigs, ori-

Corwen, town of. 57.

gin of the name, 498. Davy, SIR HUMPHREY, reply
Corns, sprouts of rheumatism, Croylund, first ring of bells at, of to Faraday, 608.
555 ; Ali Bey known by, in England, 425.

Dead, spirits of, 229; dead,
Crune, or Croon, to bellow like the, extracts relative to, 579,
Cornagium,- cornage tenure, a disquiet ox, 422.

206, 456, 510.

Cuckoo, stuttering one ? 535. Dead Letter Office, story from,
Cortez, censuring of, 260. Cucupha, quilted cap with ce 356.

phalic powder in, 436. Death, the bitterness of, 85;
COURTOYS GYRON LE, extracts CUENCA LA BEATA DE, account but a point which divides
and remarks on, 280.
of, 384.

Adam from his remotest de.
COVERLEY, SIR ROGER DE, re- Culm, small coal not exceeding scendants, 626; striking ac.
marks of, 690, 707.

two inches in diameter, 393. count of a sailor's death at
Cowardice, what? 29.
Cumbrian Customs, 531.

sea, 627; extracts, 542, 544.
Cow-dung, water of, a purge, CUMMING, G. R., quare, as to Dee River and Ceiriol, account

the veracity of his adven of from churchyard, 122.
Cowley, extracts, 627.

tures, 256.

Deer, wounded, lie on the
Cowper, his taste-melancho | Customs, good old, the cause of “Asphodelus Lancastriæ Ve-
| ly, đc. 322.
religion and order, 195.

rus" for cure, see note, 547.
Cows, ladies drawn by, 108; Cutts, Lord John, why called De FoE, remarks of, 688.
in the Alps, proud of their a salamander by Marlboro',

Delta Scenery, 180.
bells, 371; list of names of 349.

Demigod's death, effects of,
from a Shropshire Dairy, CYNETHA, 107.


Cypresses, duration of, 74. Demoniacal possession, 693.
Cowslip water, good for the CYVEILIOC, OWEN, 107; ex. | Demons, dislike music, 569.
memory, 503.

communicated, 140.

Añuos Oveipwv, 243.
Crabs, shower of at Reigate in

1829, 469.

lecanisidium, &c. 305.
Cramp-rings, blessing of, 511.

Dens inusitate belluæ, 37.



DERMODY, Thomas, account Newfoundland dog's puppy | the Romans, 434 ; fad da
of, 516.

inherited its mother's tricks, German princess, 460; FT
DERRICK, Johnson's saying of, 593; church-going, 356; of dwarfing men, 507; Wega-

gone to heaven, story of, ed against Sir William Joors,
Desert, produce of, 224.

363 ; hunt of wild one, 369; 510.
DESPARD, COLONEL, 194. famished, 370; instinct, 371;
Despotism, Eastern, instance over-tempted, 372; speaking
of, 498.

one, 378; the pride of old
AEUTEO 7 otuot, who, 431.

Cole's, proverb, 428; sacri. Eagles, scared by lightning, 5;
Deril, hath not always had his ficed to the' by the carving of, 38; made young,

due, 195; visit to St. An Romans, 443, 478, 482 ; af 142.
thony, 196; original of the fected by music, 573. Earthquakes at Tongatabe
Devil's walk, 199; gran Fi. Dollars, Spanish, wide spread 244; curious phenomena
losofo, 443; ugliness of, 463; of, 389.

at, 714.
Scotch dislike to mentioning, Dolwyddelan Castle, 39. Easter - dues, painful story

Dom DANAEL, the destruction about, 359.
Deril's Dust, what? 610.

of, 181.

Easter-tree, 116; water-tilts,
Deu-water of Ferrea, 225; of Doncaster, collections about, 119; ebb and flow felt by
St. John's night, has the vir. 452-3.

the sick, 290.
tue to stop the plague, 274. Dondego, what? 706.

Eaters, great ones, 558.
Der, the larva of a beetle, which Donne's Letters, extracts from, Eating, comfort of, according

corroded thewood the Greeks 612, 620-1; poems, 647-8. to Bernal Diaz, 633.
used for seals, 431.
Doome's-day, Lord Sterlinge's,

Elb Tide, more rapid than the
Dhahi, statues in, 96.


flood, 197.
Diabolorum Regnum, applied to Doring or during, meaning of, Ebony, Pausanias's account of.
England, 353,

Diana's Chamber, near St. Dotterel catching, proverb, 454. Echo, remarks on, 508.
Paul's-her temple supposed Double stars, 434.

Edhowain, court or palace of,
to have been on the present Dragon, standard of, 132.

site, 414. Jewel's Works, DRAKE, SIR FRANCIS, tradi. EDWARD THE CONFESSOR, why
vii. 292. ed. Jelf.

tion of in Somersetshire, 424. he took off a tax, 195.
Diet, 599.

Dramatist's English, extracts EDWARDS, THOMAS, author of
Dilapidations, friends of Bp. from, passim.

Canons of Criticism, 351.
Kidder strangely sued for, DRAYTON, remarks on, 291. I Edwin PRINCE, exposure of,

Dreams, extracts relative to, 112.
Dirt, latent in frost, like vices 565; recurrence of, 566,601. EDWY, 181.

and ill qualities in society, Drowned persons, Finlanders Eel, skinning of, barbarous

said to recover after two or story of, 356; how one carne
Disangelicals, a name for three days! 553.

in at a bedroom window, 371;
whom ? 603.

Druids, United Lodges of, ce. story of the man with eels
Diseuses, Languis held all to remonies at, 402.

in his inside, 402; mere so
be animalcular, 436; Dr. Drum, miraculous ones, 7; of full of small eels as to supply
Hahnemann's notion of cho. captives' skins, 158.

eel-cakes, 409.
leraic miasma, 439; effect of Drunkenness, Johnson's re- | Eggs, hatched by a man, queer
the Fall, 690.
mark on, 624.

story, 416.
Disports, master of merry, 115. Druses, opinion of relative to Egregori of the Book of Enoch,
Dissenting Churches, remark transmigration, 586.

who ? 122.
on, 693.

Dryden, remarks on, and ex. Egypt, night in, 223; their
Divinution by Torrent, or, Tag tracts relative to, 328 ; medicine wholly upon astro-
hairn, 39.

Charles, his eldest son, usher logical or magical grounds,
Divine Right, remark on, 665. of the palace to Clement XI. 547 ; leprosy and elephan-
Dock, floating one of iron, ac. drowned in Thames, 351. tiasis peculiar to, 551.
count of, 386.

Ducking-stool, a legal punish. Elden Hole, 243.
Doctor, Tue, &c. Collections ment, 401.

Election trick, 392,
for, 427, &c.

Duelling, effectual sermon Electricity, cure for agues, 436.
Dog-ribbed Indian Woman, ac-

against, 492,

Elephants, majestic bearing of,
count of, 166.
Dulness, Triumph of, a poem,

Dogs, know the dog-killer, ac. origin of, 714.

ELIDORE, descent of, 139.
cording to Lord Bacon, 108; DUNCOMBE, WILLIAM, notice ELIZABETH, sick exile cured
Mrs. Wilson's story of, 1941 | of, 35).

for joy at her succession-
extracts relative to, 584; | Dwarfs, boys bred up for by! Fullerknew his father“right

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