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Respecting Commercial Intercourse with In- / proceed to prefer charges against said parties for surrectionary States, April 29, 1865. their alleged offences, and bring them to trial beEXECUTIVE CHAMBER,

fore said military commission; that said trial or WASHINGTON, April 29, 1865.

trials be conducted by the said Judge Advocate Being desirous to relieve all loyal citizens and General, and as recorder thereof, in person, sided vell-disposed persons, residing in insurrectionary by such assistant and special judge advocates states, from unnecessary commercial restrictions, as he may designate ; and that said trials be ind to encourage them to return to peaceful pur-ends of justice : the said commission to sit with

conducted with all diligence consistent with the luits, It is hereby ordered :

I. That all restrictions upon internal, domes out regard to hours. ic, and coastwise commercial intercourse be dis 2d. That Brevet Major General Hartranft be continued in such parts of the States of Tennes- assigned to duty as special provost marshal ee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, general, for the purpose of said trial, and atdeorgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and so


upon said commission, and the execunuch of Louisiana as lies east of the Mississipfi tion of its mandates. 'iver, as shall be embraced within the lines of 3d. That the said commission establish such lational military occupation, excepting only such order or rules of proceedings as may avoid unrestrictions as are imposed by acts of Congress necessary delay, and conduce to the ends of pubind regulations in pursuance thereof, prescribed lic justice. by the Secretary of the Treasury, and approved

ANDREW Johnson. by the President; and excepting also fro:n the sffect of this order the following articles contraband of war, to wit: arms, ammunition, all artiiles from which ammunition is manufactured,

EXECUTIVE MANSION, July 5, 1865. gray uniforms and cloth, locomotives, cars, rail The foregoing sentences in the cases of David toad iron, and machinery for operating railroads, E. Herold, G. A. Atzerodt, Lewis Payne, Michael telegraph wires, insulators, and instruments for O’Laughlin, Edward Spangler, Samuel Arnold, operating telegraphic lines.

Mary E. Surratt and Samuel A. Mudd, are hereII. All existing military and naval orders in by approved, and it is ordered that the sentences any manner restricting internal, domestic, and of said David E. Herold, G. A. Atzerodt, Lewis xoastwise commercial intercourse and trade with Payne, Mary E. Surratt and Samuel A. Mudd, or in the localities above named be, and the same be carried into execution by the proper military are hereby revoked; and that no military or authority, under the direction of the Secretary of daval officer, in any manner, interrupt or inter- War, on the 7th day of July, 1865, between the fere with the same, or with any boats or other hours of 10 o'clock, a. m., and 2 o'clock, p. m., of vessels engaged therein, under proper authority, that day. It is further ordered, that the pris: pursuant to the regulations of the Secretary of oners, Samuel Arnold, Samuel A. Mudd, Edward the Treasury.

Spangler, and Michael O'Laughlin be confined at ANDREW JOHNSON. hard labor in the Penitentiary at Albany, New

York, during the period designated in their resExecutive Order for the Trial of the Alleged pective sentences. Assassins of President Lincoln, May 1, 1865.

ANDREW JOHNSON, President, EXECUTIVE CHAMBER, [By an order dated July 15, the place of conWASHINGTON City, May 1, 1865. finement, as to the four last mentioned, was Whereas, the Attorney General of the United changed to the “military prison at Dry TortaStates hath given his opinion:

That the persons implicated in the murder of gas, Florida.”] the late President, Abraham Lincoln, and the attempted assassination of the Honorable Wil- For the Arrest of Jefferson Davis, Clement C. liam H. Seward, Secretary of State, and in an

Clay, and others, May 2, 1865. alleged conspiracy to assassinate other officers of Whereas it appears from evidence in the Buthe Federal Government at Washington city, reau of Military Justice that the atrocious mury and their aiders and abettors, are subject to the der of the late President, Abraham Lincoln, and jurisdiction of, and lawfully triable before, a mili- the attempted assassination of the Honorable tary commission :

William H. Seward, Secretary of State, were inIt is Ordered : 1st, That the Assistant Adju. cited, concerted, and procured by and between tant General detail pine competent military ofi- Jefferson Davis, late of Richmond, Virginia, and cers to serve as a commission for the trial of said Jacob Thompson, Clement C. Clay, Beverly parties, and that the Judge Advocate General | Tucker, George N. Saunders, William C. Cleary,

and other rebels and traitors against the Gov- city of Richmond, and his confederates, or unde ernment of the United States, harbored in John Letcher or William Smith and their cos Canada:

federates, or under any pretended political, milil Now, therefore, to the end that justice may tary, or civil commission or authority issued by be done, I, Andrew Johnson, President of the them, or either of them, since the 17th day United States, do offer and promise for the arrest April, 1861, shall be deemed and taken as of said persons, or either of them, within the rebellion against the United States, and shall be limits of the United States, so that they can be dealt with accordingly. brought to trial, the following rewards:

Second. That the Secretary of State proceed One hundred thousand dollars for the arrest to put in force all laws of the United States, the of Jefferson Davis.

administration whereof belongs to the Depar Twenty-five thousand dollars for the arrest of ment of State, applicable to the geographica Clement C. Clay.*

limits aforesaid. Twenty-five thousand dollars for the arrest of Third. That the Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Thompson, late of Mississippi.

proceed, without delay, to nominate for appoint Twenty-five thousand dollars for the arrest of ment, assessors of taxes and collectors of custom George N. Sanders.

and internal revenue, and such other officers of thu Twenty-five thousand dollars for the arrest of Treasury Department as are authorized by law Beverly Tucker.

and shall put into execution the revenue laws of Ten thousand dollars for the arrest of William the United States within the geographical limits C. Cleary, late clerk of Clement C. Clay. aforesaid. In making appointments, the prefe

The Provost Marshal General of the United erence shall be given to qualified loyal persons States is directed to cause a description of said residing within the districts where their respec. persons, with notice of the above rewards, to be tive duties are to be performed. But if suitable published.

persons shall not be found residents of the dist In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my tricts, then persons residing in other States or hand and caused the seal of the United States to districts shall be appointed. be affixed.

Fourth. That the Postmaster General shall Done at the city of Washington this second proceed to establish post offices and post routes,

day of May, in the year of our Lord one and put into execution the postal laws of the

thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, United States within the said States, giving to (L. .] and of the Independence of the United loyal residents the preference of appointment States of America the eighty-ninth. but if suitable persons are not found, then to apANDREW JOHNSON.

point agents, &c., from other States. By the President:

Fifth. That the district judge of said district W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of State. proceed to hold courts within said State, in

accordance with the provisions of the acts of Executive Order to Re-establish the Authority Congress. The Attorney General will instruct of the United States, and Execute the Laws the proper officers to libel and bring to judgment within the Geographical Limits known as the confiscation, and sale, property subject to confis. State of Virginia.

cation, and enforce the administration of justice EXECUTIVE CHAMBER, within said State, in all matters civil and criminal

WASHINGTON CITY, May 9, 1865. within the cognizance and jurisdiction of the ORDERED—First. That all acts and proceed- Federal courts. ings of the political, military, and civil organiza Sixth. That the Secretary of War assign such tions which have been in a state of insurrection assistant provost marshal general, and such and rebellion, within the State of Virginia, provost marshals in each district of said State against the authority, and laws of the United as he may deem necessary. States, and of which Jefferson Davis, Jolin Seventh. The Secretary of the Navy will take Letcher, and William Smith were late the respec- possession of all public property, belonging to tive chiefs, are declared null and void. “All the Navy Department within said geographical persons who shall exercise, claim, pretend, or at- limits, and put in operation all acts of Congress tempt to exercise any political, military, or civil, in relation to naval affairs having application power, authority, jurisdiction, or right, by, to the said State. through, or under Jefferson Davis, late of the

Eighth. The Secretary of the Interior will * Mr. CLAY was released under this order:

also put in force the laws relating to the DepartWAR DEPARTMENT, ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE,

ment of the Interior.
WASHINGTON, April 17, 1866. Ninth. That to carry into effect the

guarantee Maj. Gen. N. A. MILES, Commanding, &c., Fortress Monroe, of the Federal Constitution of a republican form

Virginia: Ordered, That Clement C. Clay, Jr., is hereby released of State government, and afford the advantage from confinemeut, and permitted to return to and remain and security of domestic laws, as well as to comin the State of Alabama, and to visit such other places in plete the re-establishment of the authority of the the United States as his personal business may render abso: laws of the United States, and the full and comlutely necessary, upon the following conditions, viz: that be takes the oath of allegiance to the United States, and plete restoration of peace within the limits aforegives his parole of honor to conduct himself as a loyal citi- said, Francis H. Pierpoint, Governor of the State zen of the same, and to report himself in person at any time of Virginia, will be aided by the Federal Govern, pared against him by the United States.

ment, so far as may be necessary, in the lawful Please report receipt and execution of this order.

measures which he may take for the extension By order of the President of the United States :


and administration of the State Government Assistant Adjutant General. throughout the geographical limits of said State.


In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my | events and circumstances have since occurred (BEAL.]

hand and caused the seal of the United which, in my judgment, render it expedient to States to be affixed.

remove that restriction, except as to the ports of

ANDREW JOHNSON. Galveston, La Salle, Brazos de Santiago (Point By the President:

Isabel,) and Brownsville, in the State of Texas : W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of State. Now, therefore, be it known that I, Andrew

Johnson, President of the United States, do hereEquality of Rights with all Maritime Nations, by declare that the ports aforesaid, not excepted May 10, 1865.

as above, shall be open to foreign commerce Whereas the President of the United States, frorn and after the first day of July, next; that by his proclamation of the nineteenth day of commercial intercourse with the said ports may, April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty; from that time, be carried on, subject to the laws one, did declare certain States therein mentioned of the United States, and in pursuance of such in insurrection against the Governinent of the regulations as may be prescribed by the SecreUnited States;

tary of the Treasury. If, however, any vessel And whereas armed resistance to the authority from a foreign port shall enter any of the beforeof this Government in the said insurrectionary named excepted ports in the State of Texas, she States may be regarded as virtually at an end, will continue to be held liable to the penalties and the persons by whom that resistance, as well prescribed by the act of Congress approved on as the operations of insurgent cruisers, were di- the thirteenth day of July, eighteen hundred rected, are fugitives or captives ;

and sixty-one, and the persons on board of her And whereas it is understood that some of to such penalties as may be incurred, pursuant those cruisers are still infesting the high seas, to the laws of war, for trading, or attempting to and others are preparing to capture, burn, and trade, with an enemy: destroy vessels of the United States :

And I, Andrew Johnson, President of the Now, therefore, be it known, that I, Andrew United States, do hereby declare and make known Johnson, President of the United States, hereby that the United States of America do, henceforth, enjoin all naval, military, and civil officers of disallow to all persons trading, or attempting to the United States, diligently to endeavor, by all trade, in any ports of the United States in violawful means, to arrest the said cruisers, and to lation of the laws thereof, all pretence of belbring them into a port of the United States, in ligerent rights and privileges, and I give notice order that they inay be prevented from com- that, from the date of this proclamation, all mitting further depredations on commerce, and such offenders will be held and dealt with as that the persons on board of them may no pirates. longer enjoy impunity for their crimes.

It is also ordered that all restrictions upon And I further proclaim and declare, that if, trade heretofore imposed in the territory of the after a reasonable time shall have elapsed for United States east of the Mississippi river, save this proclamation to become known in the ports those relating to contraband of war, to the of nations claiming to have been neutrals, the reservation of the rights of the United States to said insurgent cruisers and the persons on board property purchased in the territory of an enemy, of them shall continue to receive hospitality in and to the twenty-five per cent. upon purchases the said ports, this Government will deem itself of cotton, are removed. All provisions of the justified in refusing hospitality to the public internal revenue law will be carried into effect vessels of such nations in ports of the United under the proper officers. States, and in adopting such other measures as In witness whereof I have hereunto set my may be deemed advisable towards vindicating hand and caused the seal of the United States to the national sovereignty.

be affixed. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my

Done at the city of Washington, this twentyhand and caused the seal of the United States to

second day of May, in the year of our be affixed.

Lord one thousand eight hundred and Done at the city of Washington, this tenth day (SEAL.] sixty-five, and of the Independence of of May, in the year of our Lord one

the United States of America the eighty

ninth. thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, (L. S.] and of the independence of the United

ANDREW JOHNSON. States of America the eighty-ninth. By the President:

ANDREW JOHNSON. W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of State. By the President: W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of Staté.

Of Amnesty, May 29, 1865.

WHEREAŞ the President of the United States, Commercial Intercourse and the Blockade, May on the 8th day of December, A. D. eighteen 22, 1865.

hundred and sixty-three, and on the 26th day Whereas, by the proclamation of the President of March, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixtyof the eleventh day of April last, certain ports four, did, with the object to suppress the existof the United States therein specified, which had ing rebellion, to induce all persons to return to previously been subject to blockade, were, for their loyalty, and to restore the authority of the objects of public safety, declared, in conformity United States, issue proclamations offering am. with previous special legislation of Congress, to nesty and pardon to certain persons who had be closed against foreign commerce during the directly, or by implication, participated in the national will, to be thereafter expressed and said rebeļlion; and whereas many persons who made known by the President; and whereas had so engaged in said rebellion, have, since the

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Szth. That the Secretary of the Navy take otherwise for the benefit of refugees or freedmed possession of all · ublic property belonging to or aceruing from abandoned lands or property the Nary Department, within said geographical set apart for their use, and will transfer to the limits, and put in operation all acts of Congress all otñcial records connected with the adminis in relation io naval affairs having application to tration of affairs which pertain to said Bureau the said State.

ANDREW JOHNSON. Serenth. That the Secretary of the Interior By order of the Secretary of War: put in force the laws relating to the Interior E. D. TOWNSEND, Asst Ads' General. Department, applicable to the geographical limits aforesaid.

CIRCULAR No. 15. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my

WAR DEPARTMENT, hand and caused the great seal of the United

BUREAU REFUGEES, FREEDMEN, States to be afixed.

AND ABANDONED LANDS, Done at the city of Washington, this twenty

WASHINGTON, D. C., September 12, 1865. ninth day of May, in the year of our

I. Circular No. 13, of July 28, 1865, from this (L. s.]

Lord one thousand eight hundred and bureau, and all portions of circulars from this sixty-fire, and of the Independence of the bureau conflicting with the provisions of this United States the eighty-ninth.

circular, are hereby rescinded. ANDREW Joensor.

II. This bureau has charge of such “tracts of By the President:

land within the insurrectionary States as shall WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State. have been abandoned, or to which the United 1865, June 13—4 like proclamation was issued States shall have acquired title by confiscation

appointing WILLIAM L. SHARKEY, Pro- or sale, or otherwise," and no such lands now in

visional Governor of Mississippi. its possession shall be surrendered to any claim1865, June 17—JAMES Johnson appointed Pro- ant except as hereinafter provided. visional Governor of Georgia.

III. Abandoned lands are defined in section 1865, June 17-ANDREW J. HAMILTON appointed 2 of the act of Congress approved July 2, 1864, Provisional Governor of Texas.

as lands, “the lawful owner whereof shall be 1865, June 21-LEWIS E. Parsons appointed voluntarily absent therefrom, and engaged either

Provisional Governor of Alabama. in arms or otherwise in aiding or encouraging 1865, June 30—BENJAMIN F. PERRY appointed the rebellion.”

Provisional Governor of Souih Caro IV. Land will not be regarded as confiscated lina

antil it has been condemned and sold by decrea 1865, July 13—WILLIAN MARVIN appointed of the United States court for the district in Provisional Governor of Florida. which the property may be found, and the title

thereto thus vested in the United States. Orders Respecting Freedmen.

V. Upon its appearing satisfactorily to any EXECUTIVE MANSION, assistant commissioner that any property under WASHINGTON, D. C., June 2, 1865. his control is not abandoned as above defined, Whereas, By an act of Congress, approved and that the United States has acquired no title March 3, 1865, there was established in the War to it by confiscation, sale or otherwise, he will Department a Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, formally surrender it to the authorized claimant and Abandoned Lands, and to which, in accord or claimants, promptly reporting his action to ance with the said act of Congress, is committed the Commissioner. the supervision and management of all aban VI. Assistantcommissioners will prepare accudoned lands, and the control of all subjects relat- rate descriptions of all confiscated and abandoned ing to refugees and freedmen from rebel States, lands under their control, keeping a record thereor from any district of country within the terri- of themselves, and forwarding monthly to the tory embraced in the operations of the army, Commissioner copies of these descriptions in the under such rules and regulations as may be pre- manner prescribed in circular No. 10, of July scribed by the head of the bureau, and approved 11, 1865, from this bureau. by the President; and whereas, it appears that They will set apart so much of said lands as is the management of abandoned lands, and sub- necessary for the immediate use of loyal refujects relating to refugees and freedmen, as afore- gees and freedmen, being careful to select for this said, have been, and still are, by orders based purpose those lands which most clearly fall on military exigencies, or legislation based on under the control of this bureau, which selection previous statutes, partly in the hands of military must be submitted to the Commissioner for his officers disconnected with said bureau, and part- approval. ly in charge of officers of the Treasury Depart The specific division of lands so set apart into ment; it is therefore Ordered, That all oficers lots, and the rental or sale thereof, according to of the Treasury Department, all military officers section 4 of the law establishing the bureau, will and others in the service of the United States, be completed as soon as practicable, and reported turn over to the authorized officers of said bu- to the Commissioner. reau all abandoned lands and property contem VII. Abandoned lands held by this bureat plated in said act of Congress, approved March may be restored to owners pardoned by the Presthird, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, estab- ident, by the assistant commissioners, to whom lishing the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and applications for such restoration should be for; Abandoned Lands, that may now be under or warded, so far as practicable, through the

super within their control. They will also turn over intendents of the districts in which the lands are to such officers all funds collected by tax or situated.


Each application must be accompanied by- | domestic, and commercial intercourse, with cer1st. Evidence of special pardon by the Presi- tain exceptions therein specified and set forth, int, or a copy of the oath of amnesty pre were removed " in such parts of the States of ribed in the Presilent's proclamation of Alay Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South 1, 1865, when the applicant is not included in Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, y of the classes therein excepted from the and so much of Louisiana as lies east of the nefits of said oath.

Mississippi river, as shall be embraced within 2d. Proof of title.

the lines of national military occupation; * *" Officers of the bureau through whom the ap And whereas by my proclamation of the ication passes will indorse thereon such facts twenty-second of May, one thousand eight may assist the assistant commissioner in his hundred and sixty-five, for reasons therein given, xcision, stating especially the use made by the it was declared that certain ports of the United vreau of the land.

States which had been previously closed against VIII. No land under cultivation by loyal foreign commerce, should, with certain specified fugees or freedmen will be restored under this exceptions be reopened to such commerce, on rcular, until the crops now growing shall be and after the first day of July next, subject to cured for the benefit of the cultivators, unless the laws of the United States, and in pursuance all and just compensation be made for their of such regulations as might be prescribed by ibor and its products, and for their expendi- the Secretary of the Treasury; 0. O. IIOWARD,

And whereas I am satisfactorily informed, Major General, Commissioner. that dangerous combinations against the laws of Approved: ANDREW Johnson, the United States no longer exist within the President of the United States. State of Tennessee; that the insurrection here

tofore existing within said State has been supfor the Return to Persons Pardoned, of their pressed; that within the boundaries thereof the Property.

authority of the United States is undisputed; EXECUTIVE OFrice, August 16, 1865.

and that such officers of the United States as Respectfully returned to the Commissioner have been duly commissioned are in the undisf Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, &c. The records turbed exercise of their official functions: if this office show that B. B. Leake was spe Now, therefore, be it known that I, Andrew ially pardoned by the President on the 27th Johnson, President of the United States, do iltimo, and was thereby restored to all his rights hereby declare that all restrictions upon in. of property, except as to slaves. Notwithstand- ternal, domestic, and coastwise intercourse and ng this, it is understood that the possession of trade, and upon the removal of products of his property is withheld from him. I have, States heretofore declared in insurrection, reherefore, to direct that General Fisk, assistant serving and excepting only those relating to commissioner at Nashville, Tennessee, be in contraband of war, as hereinafter recited, and itructed by the Chief Commissioner of Bureau also those whiclı relate to the reservation of the of Freedmen, &c., to relinquish possession of the rights of the United States to property purchased property of Mr. Leake, held by him as assistant in the territory of an enemy, heretofore imcommissioner, &c., and that the same be imme- posed in the territory of the United States east diately restored to the said Leake. The same of the Mississippi river, are annulled, and I do action will be had in all similar cases. *

hereby direct that they be forth with removed ; ANDREW JOHNSON,

and that on and after the first day of July next President United States. all restriction upon foreign commerce with said To 0. 0. HOWARD,

ports, with the exception and reservation aforeMaj. General, Com'r Freedmen's Affairs. said, be likewise removed; and that the com

merce of such States shall be conducted under Respecting Commercial Intercourso, and the the supervision of the regularly appointed

Suppression of the Rebellion in tho State of officers of the customs provided by law; and Tennessee, June 13, 1865.

such officers of the customs shall receive any Whereas by iny proclamation of the twenty- captured and abandoned property that may bo ninth of April, one thousand eight hundred turned over to them, under the law, by the and sixty-five, all restrictions upon internal, military or naval forces of the United States,

and dispose of such property as shall be directed * Extract from letter of General IIoward, April 23, 1866, by the Secretary of the Treasury. in reply to resolution of the llouse of Representatives of March 5, 1866:

The following articles contraband of war are * In complying with these definite instructions, the bu- excepted from the effect of this proclamation : reau has been compelled to pirt with tho greater portion of arms, ammunition, all articles from which the property onco under its control. Except in the very ammunition is made, and gray uniforms and act of July 17, 1862, ani in that portion of South Carolina cloth. and Georgia embraced in the provisions of Goneral Sherman's Field Order No. 15, its tenure of property has been tvo the insurrection, so far as it relates to, and

And I hereby also proclaim and declare that lacertain to justi.y allotments to freudien.

Acres. within the State of Tennessee, and the inhabiProperty seized under act of July, 1862, and re

tants of the said State of Tennessee as re-organstored by this bureau...

15,452 ized and constituted under their recently adopted Abandoned property allotted to freedmon and restored by this bure:111.

14,652 constitution and re organization, and accepted Abandoned property not allotted to freedmen re

by them, is suppressed, and therefore, also, that stored by this bureau..


all the disabilities and disqualifications attach430,104" ing to said State and the inhabitants thereof


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