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clear at least, I think, that they can never be diffused to any proper or sufficient extent through the mass of the people, without a free and generous circulation of 60 this book. And all experience, I think, ancient and modern, confirms my sentiment. You remember Athens-she was the eye of Greece-the eye of all the earth —and you remember how she rose, and flourished in arts and arms, and diffused herself abroad, till she be65 came the light and beauty of the world. But now, alas! how changed!-she sits among her fallen columns, and her broken shrines-accusing fate. And why? Her oracle is dumb; but I will answer for her-it is because she had no Bible. True, she was religious enough, and 70 overmuch, in her own way and style. For she had always, you know, a large stock of gods and goddesses, (such as they were) on hand, to suit the taste of every body. And she manufactured them at home, and imported them from abroad. And she commanded her 75 philosophers to extol them, and condemned the books of her atheist scribbler to the flames. And she built temples for them, and raised statues to them, as fine, and fair, and fashionable, as the genius of sculpture could make them. And she had an altar for every one of 80 them that she knew or had ever heard of, or dreamed about; and one more-and it was inscribed " TO THE UNKNOWN GOD." But there it was,-with all her wisdom she knew not God--for she had no Bible, bringing life and immortality to light, to reveal him to her. In 85 vain, therefore, did she guard that statue of Minerva in her temple. She had no Bible to diffuse the knowledge of God, and intelligence and virtue along with it, among her people--she had no Bible--and she fell. And what now, I ask you, is to save our city, our repub90 lic, from the same fate? That Bible which she want

ed; but which, I thank God, we have. Yes, the Bible, the Bible is our true palladium, sent down to us from Heaven, to preserve our freedom; and we will guard it with holy care-for we know that whilst we keep it, our 95 city cannot be taken, our country will be safe. Yes, and I cannot help imagining at this moment, remember

ing whose words I have been extending, with what joy that great and good man, whom we fondly and truly call, The Father of our country, would have hailed 100 the day of this Society. O! if he could have seen its light rising upon our land, with what zeal would he have come forward from the shade of his retirement, to enrol himself among its members and friends. With what patriotic pride, with what Christian ardor, he 105 would have embraced our cause--and, like the good

old prophet in the temple, when he held up the young Desire of Nations in his arms, he would have exclaimed," Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word; for mine eyes have seen thy 110 salvation, which thou hast prepared before the face of all people, a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel!" Alas! he "died without the sight." But, from heaven where he lives, on this auspicious anniversary of our society, with the associ 115 ated spirits of our venerable Boudinot, and Clarkson, he looks down upon our institution with a smile of complacency, because he sees in all our toils new pledges for the peace, and safety, and freedom of his still beloved country. Maxwell.



Isaiah XIII.

The sentence against Babylon, which was revealed to
Isaiah the son of Amots.

2 On the lofty mountain, elevate the banner,
Lift up the voice to them,* wave the hand,
That they may enter into the gates of the tyrants.

3 I have given orders to my consecrated [warriors]

I have ordered my heroes [to execute] my indignation, My proud exulters.

4 [Hark!] The noise of a multitude upon the mountains, like that of a great nation!

The tumult of kingdoms, of assembled nations!
Jehovah God of Hosts mustereth his army for battle.

5 They come from a distant land,

From the end of the heaven.

*The Medes.

Jehovah and the instruments of his indignation,
To lay waste the whole country.

6 Howl ye, for the day of Jehovah is near,
Yea, destruction from the Almighty is coming.
7 Therefore all hands shall hang down,
And every heart of man shall be melted.
8 They shall be in consternation,

Distress and anguish shall lay hold upon them,
As a travailing woman shall they be distressed,
One shall gaze upon another with astonishment,
Their faces shall glow like flames.

9 Behold! The day of Jehovah cometh, Dreadful is his anger and fierce indignation, To make the country a waste,

And to destroy sinners out of it.

10 For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof,

Shall not give their light;

The sun shall be darkened in his march,

And the moon shall withhold her splendour.

11 For I will visit upon the land its evil,

And upon the wicked, their iniquity,

I will make the glorying of the proud to cease,

And the haughtiness of the tyrants will I bring down.

12 I will make a man, more scarce than gold, Yea men, than the gold of Ophir.

13 Moreover I will make the heavens to shake,
And the earth shall totter from its place;
Because of the indignation of Jehovah of hosts,
In the day of his fierce anger.

14 And men shall be like a frighted doe,

And like sheep, which no one collects together.
Each one shall turn to his own people,

And each fly to his own country.

15 Every one who is overtaken shall be thrust through, And all who are collected together shall fall by the sword.

16 Their children shall be dashed in pieces before their


Their houses shall be rifled, and their women ravished. 17 Behold, I will raise up against them the Medes, Who make no account of silver,

And as to gold, they regard it not.

18 Their bows shall strike down the youth,

On the fruit of the womb they will have no compassion,
Their eye will not pity the children.

19 So shall Babylon, the pride of kingdoms,

The boast and glory of the Chaldeans,

Be like Sodom and Gomorrha which God destroyed; 20 It shall never more be inhabited,

Nor shall it be dwelt in, from generation to generation.
There the Arabian shall not pitch his tent,

Nor the shepherds make their flocks to lie down there. 21 But there the wild beasts of the desert shall lie down, And howling monsters shall fill their houses,

There the ostriches shall dwell,

And the satyrs shall revel there.

22 The jackals shall howl in their palaces,

And the dragons in their magnificent pleasure-houses;
For her time is near,

And her days shall not be prolonged.


1 Then will Jehovah have compassion upon Jacob,
And set his love again upon Israel;

And he will transfer them to their own country,
And strangers shall be joined to them,

They shall be connected with the house of Jacob.

2 The nations shall take them and bring them to their


And the house of Israel shall possess them as servants and handmaids,

In the land of Jehovah ;

And their captors shall become captives,

And they shall rule over their oppressors.

3 Then it shall come to pass,

When Jehovah shall give thee rest from thy trouble and thine adversity,

And from the oppressive service which was laid upon thee,

4 Thou shalt utter this song over the king of Babylon, and say;

How has the oppressor come to an end,
The exactor of golden tribute ceased!

5 Jehovah has broken the staff of the wicked, The rod of the tyrants.

6 He smote the people in anger,

With a stroke that was not remitted;
He lorded it over the nations in wrath,
With oppression that never ceased.
7 But now the whole country is quiet,
They break out into singing.

8 The fir trees, also, exult over thee, And the cedars of Lebanon, [saying], "Since thou art laid there,

No feller has come up against us.


9 Hades from beneath is in commotion on account of thee,

To meet thee at thy coming.

Because of thee she rouses up her ghosts,

All the mighty ones of the earth she raises from their thrones,

All the kings of the nations.

10 All of them will accost thee, and say, "Art thou become feeble, as we are? Art thou become like unto us?"

11 Down to Hades goes thy pomp, And the noise of thy harps!

The worm is thy couch under thee,
And the maggot is thy covering.

12 Bright and morning star,

How art thou fallen from heaven!
How art thou prostrate upon the earth,
Who didst crush the nations!

13 But thou didst say in thine heart;

"I will ascend the heavens,

Above the stars of God I will elevate my throne;
I will sit on the mount of solemn assembly,

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