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SEPTEMBER 20 AND 26, 1989

SUMMARY OF SUBJECT MATTER The hearings will provide testimony from the Department of Transportation, the disability community, public transit authorities, and the intercity bus industry on the transportation provisions within the proposed Americans with disabilities Act (H.R. 2273 and s. 933) which would ensure accessibility for the disabled to public and private transportation services.

(1) Existing Laws and Regulations

Current DOT regulations (primarily interpretations of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Section 317 of the Surface Transportation Act of 1982) require that transit systems provide the disabled with access to their systems. Transit systems can currently provide access through the use of lift-equipped buses along a fixed-route, paratransit services (generally, small vans which provide door-to-door service), or a combination of the two. Minimum service criteria are included in the regulations.

Prior to a recent Third circuit Appeals Court decision, the DOT regulations provided that a transit system which expended 3% of its average annual operating budget on serving the disabled would be considered in compliance with the regulations, regardless of the level of service which it actually provided. The Appeals Court held that there was no basis in current law for an exemption from minimum service criteria simply because a system meets an arbitrary 3% "cost-cap" standard.

(2) H.R. 2273 and S. 933

H.R. 2273, which now has 219 cosponsors, was referred to the House Committees on the Judiciary; Education and Labor; Energy and Commerce; as well as Public Works and Transportation. Hearings have been held in the House; but, so far, no committee has reported the bill.

The companion bill, S. 933, was referred exclusively to the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, which reported the bill unanimously on August 2, 1989. Prior to reporting the bill, the Committee, in consultation with the White House and representatives of the disability community, approved amendments to the bill which made it acceptable to the White House. At that time, President Bush endorsed the legislation and said that he was "committed to producing a bill which can be signed this year."


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On Septaber 7, 1989, the Senate passed s. 933, as amended, by the overwhelming margin of 76 to 8 (see attachment, Senate Rollcali Vote No. 173 Leg.).

The following lists the highlights of the original legislation, as well as the amended, Senate-passed version:

Public Transportation provided by Public Entities H.R. 2273

S.933, as passed by Senate Prohibits discrimination against Essentially the sane. the disabled in the provision of services by state and local government entities.

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Public and Private Transportation Provided by Private Entities Requires purchase or lease of

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carry 16 or more passengers in including over-the road

private transportation, or any coaches.

size vehicle (except auto-
mobiles) in public transpor-
tation; except for vehicles whic!
are operated as part of a demand
responsive system which provides
when viewed in its entirety, an
equivalent level of service to
the disabled as it provides
to the general public.

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Bulletin & Advertiser written by Hugh

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