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1830 TO 1877.



Year. Place of Meeting. 1830 Boston, Mass. 1831 Boston, Mass. 1832 Boston, Mass. 1833 Boston, Mass. 1834 Boston, Mass. 1835 Boston, Mass. 1836 Boston, Mass. 1837 Worcester, Mass. 1838 Lowell, Mass, 1839 Springfield, Mass. 1840 Providence, R. I. 1841 Boston, Mass. 1842 New Bedford, Mass. 1843 Pittsfield, Mass. 1844 Portland, Me. 1845 Hartford, Ct. 1846 Plymouth, Mass. 1847. Concord, N. H. 1848 Bangor, Me. 1849 Montpelier, Vt. 1850 Northampton, Mass. 1851 Keene, N. H. 1852 Troy, N. Y. 1853 New Haven, Ct.

Year. Place of Meeting. 1854 Providence, R. I. 1855 Bath, Me. 1856 Springfield, Mass. 1857 Manchester, N. H. 1858 Norwich, Ct. 1859 New Bedford, Mass. 1860 Boston, Mass. 1861 Brattleboro, Vt. 1862 Hartford, Ct. 1863 Concord, N. H. 1864 Portland, Me. 1865 New Haven, Ct. 1866 Burlington, Vt. 1867 Boston, Mass. 1868 Pittsfield, Mass. 1869 Portsmouth, N. H. 1870 Worcester, Mass. 1871 Fitchburg, Mass. 1872 Lewiston, Me. 1873 Concord, N. H. 1874 North Adams, Mass. 1875 Providence, R. I. 1876 Plymouth, N. H. 1877 Montpelier, Vt.



A Year. Name. 977 Abbott, Alice C., '38 Abbott, George J., °46 Abbott, Gorham D., '31 Abbott, Jacob, °48 Abbott, William, »77 Adams, Abby J., '32 Adams, Charles E., 971 Adams, Charles F., '51 Adams, Daniel, '45 Adams, Frederick A., '67 Adams, George S., '63 Adams, J. S., '44 Adams, John M., '44 Adams, Joseph, 777 Adams, Katie C., "37 Adams, Ripley T., '30 Adams, Solomon, '42 Adams, Solomon, '61 Adams, T. D., '31 Adams, William J., '55 Adams, William T., '31 Adams, Zabdiel B., 977 Adgate, Harriet W., '43 Agnew, John H., '38 Aiken, John, °77 Akerman, Mrs. Rosa, '32 Alcott, A. B., '32 Alcott, William A., '54 Alden, A., '35 Alden, Charles II., 977 Alden, M. Louisa, 975 Alden, Sarah C., 971 Aldrich, Daniel L., 977 Aldrich, E. H., '37 Aldrich, Jonathan, 975 Aldrich, John M., 977 Aldrich, Mary S., 977 Aldrich, L. W., 975 Alexander, Josephine C., 975 Alexander, Martha A., '57 Alexander, S. Judson, 977 Alger, C. J., 971 Allard, John W., 975 Allen, C. B.,

Residence. Worcester, Vt. Washington, D. C. New York City. Boston, Mass. Bangor, Me. Boston, Mass. Chelmsford, Mass. West Dedham, Mass. Keene, N. H. Byfield, Mass. Stafford, Ct. Burlington, Vt. Portland, Me. Portland, Me. Uxbridge, Mass. Boston, Mass. Portland, Me. Boston, Mass. Newton, Mass. New York City. Boston, Mass. Boston, Mass. East Hardwick, Vt. New York City. Lowell, Mass. Lexington, Mass. Germantown, Pa. Boston, Mass. Boston, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. Marshfield, Mass. Providence, R. I. Bernardston, Mass. North Shrewsbury, Vt. Worcester, Mass. Fall River, Mass. Lancaster, N. H. North Shrewsbury, Vt. Hyde Park, Mass. Hyde Park, Mass. Concord, N. H. Burlington, Vt. Framingham, Mass. West Newton, Mass.


Name. 972 Allen, Mrs. C. B., 972 Allen, C. F., '31 Allen, C. H., '75 Allen, D. C., '52 Allen, Edward A. H., '30 Allen, Ethan, '62 Allen, F. A., '37 Allen, George, '36 Allen, George, Jr., '77 Allen, Mrs. Horace, »77 Allen, Ida M., '43 Allen, Ira M., '59 Allen, J. H., '52 Allen, J. W., '63 Allen, James T., '69 Allen, Jerome, '31 Allen, Joseph, '63 Allen, Joseph A., 77 Allen, Louise H., *74 Allen, Martha A., 977 Allen, Mary E., '54 Allen, Nathaniel T., '56 Allen, T. Prentiss, '50 Allen, William, '51 Allen, W. W., 977 Allis, Gertrude M., '73 Allyn, Robert, *77 Alvord, Lutie M., *67 Anderson, John J., '30 Anderson, R., '30 Andrews, Abraham, '30 Andrews, Alonzo, '33 Andrews, Ethan A., *76 Andrews, Robert S., '76 Andrews, Mrs. S. T., '34 Angell, Oliver, '59 Ansorge, Charles, '50 Anthony, Charles H., '52 Anthony, Jesse, 972 Arey, M. F., '38 Armstrong, George W., 975 Armstrong, Lydia C., '54 Arnold, N. J., '51 Aspinwall, N. J., 975 Atherton, George W., *75 Atkinson, N. N., '53 Atkinson, W. P., 977 Atwell, Clara, 977 Atwood, Clara, '47 Atwood, John,

Residence. Newton, Mass. Orono, Me. Walpole, N. H. Concord, N. H. Troy, N. Y. Hanover, N. H. Westchester, Pa. Shrewsbury, Mass. Boston, Mass. Springfield, Mass. Springfield, Mass. New York City. Jamaica Plain, Mass. Hyannis, Mass. West Newton, Mass. Monticello, Ia. Northboro, Mass. Westboro, Mass. North Charlestown, N. H. Attleboro, Mass. Taunton, Mass. West Newton, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Northampton, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. Brookfield, Vt. East Greenwich, R. I. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Boston, Mass. Boston, Mass. New Salem, Mass. Boston, Mass. Bristol, R. I. Gloucester, Mass. Providence, R. I. Dorchester, Mass. Albany, N. Y. Troy, N. Y. Bath, Me. Boston, Mass. Providence, R. I. Providence, R. I. Marlow, N. H. New Brunswick, N. J. Concord, N. H. Brookline, Mass. Barnet, Vt. Barnard, Vt. Concord, N. H.

Year. Name. 977 Atwood, M. Jennie, '53 Austin, Samuel. 970 Averill, Annie W., '59 Averill, J. P., '56 Avery, E. J., 976 Ayles, Elizabeth, '76 Ayles, Sarah C., '75 Ayer, Louise, '63 Ayers, Jeremiah E., '49 Ayers, William 0.,

Residence. Bristol, Ct. Providence, R. I. East Cambridge, Mass. Boston, Mass. Dorchester, Mass. Franklin Falls, N. H. Franklin Falls, N. H. Boston, Mass. Portsmouth, N. H. Boston, Mass.


'44 Bacon, Elbridge, '59 Bacon, Elisha, '77 Bacon, J. Ella, '51 Bacon, Jacob, '32 Badger, B., '77 Badger, Frank, '36 Bailey, Benjamin, '77 Bailey, Carrie M., '30 Bailey, Ebenezer, '75 Bailey, Frances S., '31 Bailey, Joseph, 975 Bailey, Margie A., '34 Bailey, S., '71 Bailey, S. M., '69 Bailey, S. W., 376 Bailey, Thomas T., '65 Baily, Louis, '32 Baker, Abijah R., '30 Baker, Amos, '30 Baker, Amos P., '32 Baker, Edward D., 977 Baker, Maria R., '69 Baker, Samuel, '44 Baker, Thomas, 48 Baker, William S., '58 Balcam, H. A., '67 Balch, Perley, 977 Baldwin, A. T., '67 Baldwin, W. R., '77 Ball, E. S., '49 Ballou, Eli, '75 Bancroft, Susan C., '50 Bancroft, Thomas F., '32 Bangs, Edward D., 977 Banks, B. B., '44 Banks, Elias, 975 Barber, Arabel E.,

Portland, Me.
Barnstable, Mass.
Walpole, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
Charlestown, Mass.
Barnard, Vt.
Boston, Mass.
Chelsea, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
Chelsea, Mass.
Worcester, Mass.
East Abington, Mass.
East Abington, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
New Haven, Ct.
Dorchester, Mass.
Cambridge, Mass.
Medford, Mass.
New Bedford, Mass.
Montpelier, Vt.
Portsmouth, N. H.
Boston, Mass.
North Providence, R. I.
Springfield, Mass.
Lowell, Mass.
Sharon, Vt.
Holyoke, Mass.
Groton, Mass.
Montpelier, Vt.
Providence, R. I.
Lynn, Mass.
Boston, Mass.
Lacolle, P. Q.
Portland, Me.
Woonsocket, R. I.


Names. '38 Barber, Jonathan, *76 Barber, Medora T., 33 Barbour, Isaac R., '67 Barbour, J. N., 977 Barbour, William M., '52 Bardwell, R. D., 976 Barker, Edmund P., '67 Barker, J. E., '31 Barker, J. M., '48 Barker, Thomas C., '50 Barnard, Eliel, '38 Barnard, Henry, *75 Barnes, Mrs. H., 976 Barnes, Mary F., '67 Barnes, Thomas H., 40 Barney, James 0., '32 Barnum, H. L., '54 Barrell, James S. '53 Barrett, Joseph C., '31 Barrett, Samuel, '62 Barrett, Thomas E., '52 Barringer, William N., 971 Barrows, Charles, 977 Barrows, Clara A., '65 Barrows, Frederic F., '34 Barrows, Horace G., '67 Barrows, N., '37 Barry, William, '51 Barstow, E. H., '51 Barstow, Z. S., *76 Bartlett, Annie F., '51 Bartlett, Edwin W., '42 Bartlett, Ellis, '30 Bartlett, Ibrahim, 977 Bartlett, M. W., *76 Bartlett, Mary S., '76 Bartlett, Mercie K., 976 Bartlett, Mira, '44 Bartlett William, Jr., '67 Bartlett, William, '67 Bartley, J. D., °75 Bartley, Mrs. Mary A., 977 Bartley, Susan D., 972 Bartol, C. A., '33 Barton, F. A., '31 Bascom, William, '33 Batchelder, Jacob, '60 Batchelder, John, 976 Bates, E. G., 977 Bates, L. C.,

Residence. Cambridge, Mass. Woonsocket, R. I. Boston, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. New Haven, Ct. Troy, N. Y. Westerly, R. I. Lexington, Mass. Boston, Mass. Bangor, Me. Northampton, Mass. Hartford, Ct. Boston, Mass. Waltham, Mass. Boston, Mass. Seekonk, Mass. Cincinnati, O. New Bedford, Mass. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Boston, Mass. New Haven, Ct. Mechanicsville, N. Y. Springfield, Mass. Bethel, Vt. Hartford, Ct. Boston, Mass. South Berwick, Me. Framingham, Mass. Walpole, N. H. Keene, N. H. Providence, R. I. West Roxbury, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Quincy, Mass. Cedar Rapids, Ia. Haverhill, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Haverhill, Mass. Bangor, Me. Washington, D. C. Newburyport, Mass. Concord, N. H. Derry, N. H. Boston, Mass. Andover, Mass. Boston, Mass. Templeton, Mass. Reading, Mass. West Newton, Mass. Cohasset, Mass.

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