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(c) Style of printing return addresses. master. Only one of the following may (1) The line with the name of sender be used: and the line with the city, State, and (i) Street address. ZIP code are printed in capital letters. (ii) Post office box number. The local address (street address, post (iii) Rural route number and box office box number, etc.) and any lines number. of postal instruction are printed in capi (iv) Name of building and room numtals and lower-case letters.

ber, including street address. (2) Sample style of printing:

(2) Name of post office. The printed

return address must include the name JOHN DOE,

of the post office or branch post office, 1234 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 00000.

State and ZIP code.

(e) Optional printing—(1) Name. (1) (d) Required printing—(1) Local ad

The name may be that of an individual, dress. The printed address must include

firm, corporation, institution, associathe local address. The adequacy of the

tion, or society. It may include the name address, to insure return of undeliverable and title of an officer of the concern (as mail, will be determined by the post John Doe, Treasurer, Washington Edu

cational Association) and such titles as new address may be made. If addressee M.D., D.D.S., Rev., and LL.D., when they refuses to pay forwarding postage, the are clearly for identification and not for mail will be returned, and both forwardadvertising.

ing and return postage will be collected (ii) Where a name as part of the from the sender. See § 158.2(d) (2) of return address indicates or incidentally this chapter for charges. Sample printdiscloses the nature of a business or voca ing: tion, it may be printed if the name is a

Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed bona fide business name that is used in

(f) Prohibited printing. No matter a corporate charter, copartnership agreement, or other articles of organization, or

may be printed other than that peris the name under which business with

mitted by paragraphs (d) and (e) of this the public is actually transacted.

section. Advertising is prohibited, as are

phone numbers and Esq. Names like (iii) The name of a branch or department of a business may be printed only

druggist, attorney at law and C.P.A., are

not classed as titles but represent busiwhen the other branches or departments

ness or professional names and may not are located at the same post office

be used. address, to insure return of undeliverable

(g) Rejection of envelopes. Specialmail. (2) Postal instructions. Only the

request envelopes may be rejected be

cause of defective manufacture, or mispostal instructions in this section may be

takes in printing, denomination, quality, included as part of the printed return

size, etc. If the mistake was made by the address. The “request to returr" endorsement below shall appear above the name

purchaser, the value of the postage only

will be returned. If the mistake was made and address. All other postal endorse

by the post office or its contractor, the ments shall appear below the line with

entire invoiced value of the envelopes the city, State, and ZIP code. A combina

will be returned. tion of endorsement may be used. (i) Request to return. A request to re

(39 U.S.C. 5106) (33 F.R. 15941, Oct. 30,

1968) turn undelivered mail after a specified number of days (not less than 3 and not 8 141.4 Purchase of postage. more than 30) may be printed. If a re

(a) Acceptable form of payment. turn request is included on envelopes

Foreign or mutilated money is not acfor third-class mail the words "Return

ceptable. When the post office cannot Postage Guaranteed" must also be used.

make change, the exact amount of the Sample printing:

purchase must be paid Postal employAfter 5 days, return to

ees are not required to accept personal

checks. To send money by mail use (ii) Address correction. A request for

money order or certified check. address correction service may be printed

(b) Purchase receipts. If the puron mail of any class. The new address of

chaser wants a receipt for money paid addressee or the reason why the piece is undeliverable will be furnished. See

for postage, prepare the receipt in ad$ 158.2(d) (3) of this chapter for the

vance and the postal employee will sign

or stamp it when paid. charge. Sample printing:

(c) Postage due. Postage due must Address Correction Requested

be paid in cash. Postage-due stamps (iii) Third-class mail. On single piece may not be used for paying postage. rate third-class mail which is sealed (see They may be purchased, for stamp colalso § 134.8 of this chapter), the follow lections only, through the Philatelic ing imprint must appear:

Sales Agency, Post Office Department,

Washington, D.C., 20260. THIRD CLASS

(26 F.R. 11561, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at (iv) Return of undelivered third-class 31 F.R. 15850, Dec. 8, 1966) mail. A request may be made to return

§ 141.5 Exchanges of stamps. undelivered third-class mail. See § 158.2 (d) (1) of this chapter for the charge. (a) Post Office mistakes. Mistakes in Sample printing:

selling damaged or unserviceable stamps

may be corrected by the post office by exReturn Postage Guaranteed

changing stamps at full value. (v) Forwarding third-class mail. A (b) Purchaser's mistakes. Mistakes request to forward third-class mail to a made by purchaser in buying adhesive

stamps of the wrong denomination or stamped envelopes or postal cards of the wrong kind, size, or denomination may be corrected by exchanging stamps at full value.

(c) Unserviceable and spoiled envelopes or cards and unused precanceled stamps. Unserviceable and spoiled stamped envelopes or postal cards, if uncanceled, and unused precanceled stamps and postal cards, may be exchanged for other postage-stamped paper as follows:

(1) Stamped envelopes (mutilated no more than is necessary to remove contents), for postage value plus value of postage added as a result of rate increase or for additional service.

(2) Unmutilated aerogrammes (airletter sheets), for postage value less 1 cent for each aerogramme redeemed.

(3) Unmutilated single and double postal cards, for 85 percent of postage value plus full value of postage added as a result of rate increase or for additional service.

(i) Either half of a double postal card may be redeemed if the double card has been printed and cut for use as single cards.

(ii) Unused double postal cards printed for reply purposes should not be separated; however, if they have been separated in error, and the purchaser presents both halves, the cards may be redeemed.

(iii) Reply halves of double postal cards that have been returned to sender outside of the mails are not redeemable by the original purchaser even though the reply half received no postal service.

(4) Sheet postal cards spoiled in the process of cutting to size, for 85 percent of postage value plus full value of postage added as a result of rate increase or for additional service, if all cut sections are submitted.

(5) Stamps afixed to commercial envelopes and post cards, for 90 percent of postage value. Envelopes and post cards must be in a substantially whole condition and in lots of at least 50 of the same denomination and value.

(6) Unused precanceled stamps in full coils or in full sheets redeemed from precanceled permit holders for 90 percent of postage value. Stamped envelopes or aerogrammes (air-letter sheets) with a printed return address and postal cards with any printed matter of the purchaser, may be exchanged only by the pur

chaser. If there is no purchaser's printing, they may be exchanged by any responsible person. When redemption cannot be made at time of presentation, the postmaster will furnish a receipt on Form 3210 for uncanceled unserviceable or spoiled envelopes or postal cards or for unused precanceled stamps left in his custody.

(d) Nonexchangeable. The following are nonexchangeable:

(1) Adhesive stamps, unless mistakes were made in purchasing or stamps were defective or stamps were affixed to commercial envelopes and post cards.

(2) Stamps cut from postal cards, stamped envelopes, or aerogrammes (air-letter sheets).

(3) Parts and pieces of postal cards.

(4) Postal cards, stamped envelopes and air-letter sheets received for reply purposes.

(5) Mutilated and defaced stamps. [33 F.R. 6933, May 8, 1968] § 141.6 Validity of stamps.

All postage stamps issued by the United States since 1860 are good for postage from any points in the United States or from any other place where the United States domestic mail service operates except from the Panama Canal Zone where special Canal Zone stamps are used. The following are not good for postage:

(a) Mutilated or defaced stamps.

(b) Stamps cut from stamped envelops, letter sheets, aerograms, or postal cards.

(c) Stamps covered or coated in such manner that the canceling or defacing marks cannot be imprinted directly on the stamps.

(d) Nonpostage stamps (migratorybird hunting stamps, U.S. saving and thrift stamps, etc.).

(e) Postage due, special delivery, special handling, and certified mail stamps.

(f) United Nations stamps, except on mail deposited at United Nations, N.Y.

(g) Stamps of other countries. [33 F.R. 6933, May 8, 1968] § 141.7 Unlawful transactions.

(a) Unlawful transactions include use of stamps, by postal employees entrusted with the sale or custody of postage stamps, in payment of debts or purchase of salable articles, and sale of stamps, except for cash or for more or less than face value.

(b) Counterfeit stamps are confiscated and forwarded to the inspector-incharge of the division in which the post office is located. A receipt identifying the stamps will be given to persons from whom counterfeits are confiscated.

(c) Postmasters shall not give opinions to the public concerning the reproduction of foreign or domestic postage stamps. Persons who request information on this matter shall be directed to address their inquiries to the Office of the Director, U.S. Secret Service, Treasury Department, Washington, D.C., 20220. (26 F.R. 11562, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at 31 F.R. 5964, Apr. 19, 1966. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

§ 141.8 Adhesive attachments and

printed markings. (a) Imitations of postage stamps. Matter bearing imitations of postage stamps, in adhesive or printed form, or private seals or stickers which are like a postage stamp in form and design, shall not be accepted for mailing.

(b) Imitations of official markings and designs. Matter bearing decorative markings and designs, in adhesive or printed form, which imitate the markings and designs used to identify official postal services shall not be accepted for mailing. The following illustrations are examples of prohibited imitations:

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(c) Permissible. Seals or stickers stamps may be precanceled only by the that do not imitate postage stamps by post office. having such characteristics as words, (b) Benefits. The use of precanceled numerals, or other markings which in postage reduces the time and costs of dicate a value may be attached to other mail handling. Precanceled mail, sorted than the address side of mail.

and tied in packages by the mailer, re(32 F.R. 2432, Feb. 4, 1967)

quires less processing time in the post

office, and is therefore dispatched more PART 142-PRECANCELED STAMPS


(26 F.R. 11562, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at Sec.

31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) 142.1 Purpose of precanceling. 142.2 Sale and use of precanceled stamps. § 142.2 Sale and use of precanceled 142.3 Mailer's precancel postmark.

stamps. 142.4 Precancel permits. 142.5 Mailings of precanceled mail.

(a) Classes of mail. Precanceled AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 142 stamps may be used to pay postage on: issued under R.S. 161, as amended; 5 U.S.C. (1) Post cards, but on no other first301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 2503, 2507, 2508–2510. class mail, unless specifically authorized $ 142.1 Purpose of precanceling.

by the postmaster on Form 3620, “Appli

cation for Permit to Use Precanceled (a) Definition. Precanceling means Stamps or Government Precanceled the cancellation of postage stamps, Stamp Envelopes”. stamped envelopes, or postal cards in (2) Second-, third-, and fourth-class advance of mailing. Adhesive postage mail.

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(b) Place of mailing. Matter bearing precanceled stamps may be mailed only at the post office which sold the stamps.

(c) Sale limited. Precanceled stamps will be sold only to precancel permitholders except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section.

(d) Prohibited. Precanceled postage stamps may not be used on matter mailed in boxes, cases, bags, or other.containers designed to be reused for mailing purposes.

(e) Over printing. If precanceled postage on a single piece is over 16 cents, the precanceled stamps must be overprinted or handstamped in black ink with the mailer's initials and the numerical abbreviations of the month and year for use; for example, A. B. Co. Precanceled stamps overprinted in this way are acceptable on mail during the month shown, and through the 10th of the following month.

(f) Philatelic sales.-(1) Nonpermit holders. Not more than 10 stamps of each of the precanceled denominations which are available at a post office may be purchased in person or by mail by nonpermit holders for collection purposes. Each mail order must be accompanied with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for use in returning the stamps to the purchaser. Precanceled stamps are available only at post offices which prepare or obtain them for sale to permit holders.

(2) Permit holders. Precancel permit holders may buy the quantity of precanceled stamps for philatelic purposes provided for by subparagraph (1) of this paragraph. Other precanceled stamps may be purchased only for the purpose of paying postage. Unused precanceled stamps may not be sold for philatelic purposes by permit holders.

(g) Precanceling for collectors. Postmasters will not comply with requests for imprints of a precanceling device on postage stamps or blank sheets of paper. (26 F.R. 11562, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at 27 F.R. 4365, May 8, 1962; 32 F.R. 11328, Aug. 4, 1967. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) § 142.3 Mailer's precancel postmark.

Mailers may use a precancel postmark on stamped envelopes mailed at the firstclass rate of postage. The precanceling Imprint must include the name of the post office and State, the permit number preceded by the words “Maller's Postmark," the date of mailing, and sufficient

[26 F.R. 11562, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at 32 F.R. 11328, Aug. 4, 1967] § 142.4 Precancel permits.

(a) Application for permit. Applications for permits to use precanceled stamps, precanceled stamped envelopes, and mailer's precancel postmarks must be filed on Form 3620 at the post office where mailings will be made. Copies of this application form may be obtained from local postmasters. Applications to use the mailer's precancel postmarks must be accompanied with an imprint of the cancellation to be used.

(b) Issuance of permit. The postmaster will approve or disapprove the application. If it is approved, he will issue a “Precancel Permit” on Form 3620 to the applicant. If the permit covers the use of a mailer's precancel postmark, the permit will include a statement to that effect.

(c) Revocation. (1) Permits may be revoked if used in operating any schemes or enterprise of an unlawful character, or for the purpose of purchasing or acquiring stamps for other than mailing purposes, or for any noncompliance with the instructions on the "Permit," Form 3620.

(2) The permit holder will be notified by letter by the postmaster at the post office that issued the permit that it is to be canceled, with the reasons for cancellation. The permit holder will be allowed 10 days within which to file a written statement showing why the permit should not be revoked. When no answer is filed, the postmaster will cancel the permit. If an answer is filed it should be forwarded with a statement of the facts to the Director, Classification and Special Services Division, Bureau of Operations, who will determine whether the

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