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§ 165.3 Forms.

(a) Who prepares. (1) Certificates of mailing are prepared by the mailer, except mailers on rural routes or at nonpersonnel rural stations and branches. Individual and firm mailing book certificates must show the name and address of both the sender and the addressee, and may show the amount of postage paid. Identifying invoice or order numbers also may be placed on the certificate.

(2) Patrons of rural routes and nonpersonnel rural stations and branches may deliver mail to the rural carrier with the fee for the certificate. The carrier will obtain the certificate at the post office, attach the stamps, cancel them by postmark, and deliver the certificate to the sender on his next trip.

(b) Individual certificates. Form 3817, Certificates of mailing, is used for an individual certificate for ordinary mail of any class. Forms specially printed at the mailer's expense may be used also.

(c) Firm mailing books. Firm mailing books, Forms 3877, “Firm Mailing Book for Registered, Registered COD, and Certified Mail,” or 3877-A “Firm Mailing Book for Insured, COD, and Certified Mail,” or forms printed at the mailer's expense may be used for certificates for three or more pieces of mail of any class presented at one time.

(d) Bulk mailings. Form 3606, Sender's Statement and Certificates of Bulk Mailing, is used to issue certificates that a specified number of pieces have been mailed. These certificates are furnished only for mailings of identical pieces of first and third class matter paid with ordinary stamps, precanceled stamps, or meter stamps. A certificate will not be issued for bulk mailings paid with permit imprints. See § 144.5(e) of this chapter.

(e) Quantity mailings. When the number of articles ordinarily presented justifies such action, mailers will be required to comply with the following:

(1) When individual certificates on Form 3817 are desired, the forms must either be fixed by the stub to the articles or the forms must be consecutively numbered and fastened together. If the certificates are numbered, the articles also should be lightly numbered at a uniform place to permit relating the parcels and certificates.

(2) When the articles are descriptively listed on firm mailing sheets or on special

approved forms, they should, if practicable, be presented in the order in which they are entered on the sheets; otherwise, each entry must be consecutively numbered by the mailer, and the articles must be lightly numbered to show the sheet and line number on which they are described. [28 F.R. 11593, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at 27 F.R. 4836, May 28, 1962; 31 FR. 8236, June 11, 1966. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) $ 165.4 Additional certificates after

mailing. To obtain an additional certificate after mailing the sender must present the original certificate and an additional certificate endorsed “duplicate" or "copy" showing the original dates of mailing. The additional certificate will be postmarked to show the current date. (26 F.R. 11594, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) $ 165.5 Payment and certification.

Mailers must fix uncanceled stamps or meter stamps to cover the fee for certificates of mailing. The stamps will be canceled by the postmark of the mailing office. Signatures or initials of accepting employees are not required on Form 3817. The postmark shows the genuineness of the certificate. The employees who check the mailings and postmark the stamps will initial the certificates issued on firm mailing bills or on special approved forms. If requested to do so by the sender, they will show on the certificates in ink the time the articles were mailed. Form 3606 for bulk mailings will be certified by the postmaster. (29 F.R. 2757, Feb. 27, 1964. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

PART 166_SPECIAL DELIVERY Sec. 166.1 Description of special delivery. 166.2 Payment for special delivery. 166.3 Hours of delivery. 166.4 Delivery procedures. 166.5 Undelivered mail. 166.6 Acceptance by letter carriers and mes

sengers. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 166 issued under R.S. 161, as amended; 5 U.S.C. 301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 507, 707, 6006, 6007. $ 166.1 Description of special delivery,

(a) Points of delivery. Special delivery mail is given immediate delivery at


the office of address during prescribed franked envelopes is not entitled to free hours to:

special delivery, except urgent official (1) Points within a radius of 1 mile communications of the Postal Service. of any post office, station, or branch (ex (c) Marking. You should mark promIcept contract and rural stations and inently the words “Special Delivery" branches).

preferably below the postage and above (2) Points within the delivery limits the name of the addressee as follows: of any post office having city delivery service.

Frank 3. White

2416 Front Street (3) Points within one-half mile of a

St. Louis, Mo. 63125 rural route by rural carrier on his regular trip, if there is a passable road lead

SPECIAL DELIVERY ing to the addressee's dwelling or place of business.

(4) To patrons of nonpersonnel rural stations and branches, if their residence

Mr. Yenry Brown is within one-half mile of the unit and if

24789 Alaska Avenue there is a passable road leading to it.

Dlinois 60652 Otherw leave mail in patron's box at the unit.

[26 F.R. 11594, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at (5) Points within one-half mile of a

F.R. 8622, July 8, 1965. Redesignated at 31 star route by the star route carrier who

F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) may make such delivery on his regular trip if the deviation from his regular § 166.3

Hours of delivery. route will not delay him in meeting schedule requirements.

(a) Weekdays. Normally, special de

livery is made at city delivery offices (b) Transporting and delivering.

from 7 a.m., to 11 p.m., and at all other Special-delivery mail is handled and

post offices from 7 a.m., until the closing transported in the same manner and

hour but not later than 9 p.m. Later with the same expedition as first-class

hours for delivery may be fixed in parmail. Payment of a special-delivery fee

ticular cases. does not insure safety of delivery or

(b) Sundays and holidays—(1) Sunprovide for the payment of indemnity. Money or other valuables sent special

days. Special delivery service schedules

at first and second class offices on Sundelivery should also be registered. Insured, certified, and COD mail may be

days are arranged to coincide with mail sent special delivery.

receipts but are not earlier or later than

the schedule observed on normal week[26 F.R. 11594, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at

days. At other offices, special delivery 31 F.R. 8236, June 11, 1966; 33 F.R. 18157, Dec. 6, 1968. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350,

service is given if mail arrives between Dec. 8, 1966)

closing hour on Saturday and 6 p.m. on

Sunday. $ 166.2 Payment for special delivery. (2) Holidays. Special delivery service

is scheduled to coincide with mail re(a) Special delivery fees.

ceipts but not earlier or later than norWeight

mal weekdays.

[26 F.R. 11594, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at More

31 F.R. 11103, Aug. 20, 1966. Redesignated Class of mail

Not than 2 More
more lbs. but than 10

at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966]
than 2 not more lbs.
lbs. than 10

§ 166.4 Delivery procedures.

(a) To whom delivery may be made, Cents Cents Cents First class and airmail (in

Ordinary special-delivery mail is decluding air parcel post)... 30


60 livered to the addressee or to anyone auAll other classes.



thorized to receive his mail. At letter

carrier offices, special-delivery mail, (b) Prepayment of fee. Prepay the

other than registered and insured, adspecial-delivery fee by special-delivery

dressed to a post office box, or to the stamps, ordinary postage stamps, or

general delivery, is delivered to the box meter stamps. The special-delivery fee or held for delivery through the genmust be prepaid in addition to regular eral delivery window, unless the adpostage. Official matter in penalty or dressee has given written notice that


such mail be delivered to his residence deposited in his box and a notice of nonor place of business. When special delivery on Form 3955 is left at his residelivery mail is received at a letter dence or place of business. carrier ofice addressed to a street ad (f) Military posts and camps. No dress and the addressee usually re special-delivery service is provided by ceives his mail through a post office box military personnel at military posts and or through the general-delivery window, camps. Special delivery by messenger the mail is delivered as addressed, unless is made only to addresses such as officer's the addressee files a written notice di homes, headquarters, hospitals, and recting delivery to his box or through the other places where it is definitely known general-delivery window. At offices not that delivery can be made. having letter-carrier service, all special (g) Forwarded special-delivery mail. delivery mail is delivered to the residence Special-delivery mail that is forwarded or place of business of the addressee, un is not entitled to special delivery at the less the addressee files a written request second office, unless a forwarding order that such mail be deposited in his post had been given by the addressee at the office box or held for delivery through office of original address in advance of the general-delivery window.

the arrival of the mail. Registered mail (b) Delivery in mail receptacles. will not be forwarded without authority When no one is at the address to receive as explained in Part 157 of this chapter. mail, the messenger, if he can determine (26 F.R. 11594, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at that the occupants are absent for not 30 F.R. 8622, July 8, 1965; 31 F.R. 8236, June more than 1 day, will leave the mail and 11, 1966. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, a notice on Form 3955 “Special Delivery

Dec. 8, 1966) Notice.”

§ 166.5 Undelivered mail. (c) Notice of attempted delivery. When mail cannot be delivered as de. Special-delivery mail is not delivered scribed in paragraph (b) of this section, in receptacles, left under the door, or dethe notice Form 3955, left on the door livered a second time if the mail bears knob or handle, under the door or in the a specific request that it be returned receptacle, will state where the special to the sender if prompt delivery candelivery mail is being held, the name of not be made. Special-delivery mail that the addressee, the messenger's number,

cannot be delivered is treated the same the date, and whether it is registered, as other undeliverable matter. insured, COD, certified, or marked or 126 F.R. 11595, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated known to be perishable.

at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) (d) Delivery to rural boxes. Special

§ 166.6 Acceptance by letter carriers and delivery mail for an addressee who lives

messengers. more than one-half mile from the rural route is delivered to his box. If he lives Letter carriers, whether assigned to within one-half mile of the route and delivery or collection duty, and specialdelivery cannot be made to his residence delivery messengers, will accept prepaid or place of business, it is deposited in his matter bearing a special-delivery stamp box, and a notice of nondelivery on Form handed to them on their trips, and de3955 is left at his residence or place of liver it to the proper clerk immediately business. The same service will be ac upon their arrival at the post office. corded patrons of personnel and nonper Letter carriers will not turn over local sonnel rural stations and branches. (See matter for special delivery directly to § 156.3(c) of this chapter for parcels that messengers. are too large for the box.)

126 F.R. 11595, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at (e) By star route carriers. Star route 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) carriers may make delivery of special delivery matter to a patron's residence or PART 167_SPECIAL HANDLING place of business if it is located within

Sec. one-half mile of the route, the road is

167.1 Description of special handling. passable, and this deviation from the

167.2 Special-handling fees. regular route will not delay the carrier 167.3 Marking of parcels. in meeting schedule requirements. If 167.4 Forwarding. delivery is attempted and cannot be

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part made to a patron's residence or place of 167 issued under R.S. 161, as amended; 5 business, the special delivery matter is U.S.C. 301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 507, 6008.

$ 167.1 Description of special handling. other baby poultry, package bees carried

outside mail bags, baby alligators, etc. Special-handling service is available

[33 F.R. 12288, Aug. 31, 1968] for third- and fourth-class mail only, including that which is insured or sent § 167.2 Special-handling fees. COD. It provides the most expeditious

Fee handling, dispatch, and transportation Weight

(cents) available, but does not provide special

Not more than 2 pounds--

25 delivery. Special-handling parcels are More than 2 pounds but not more than delivered as parcel post and is ordinarily 10 pounds--

35 delivered on regular scheduled trips. The

More than 10 pounds---

50 special-handling fee (or special-delivery

The special-handling fee is in addition fee) must be paid on all parcels that to regular fourth-class postage and may must be given special attention in hand be prepaid by ordinary postage stamps or ling, transportation, and delivery, such by meter stamps. as parcels containing baby chicks or [33 F.R. 12288, Aug. 31, 1968] $ 167.3 Marking of parcels.

You should mark the words “Special Handling" preferably above the name of the addressee and below the stamps as illustrated:

[blocks in formation]

[26 F.R. 11595, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) § 167.4 Forwarding.


168.3 Fees. Parcels undeliverable as originally ad

168.4 Mailing. dressed and forwarded to the addressee

168.5 Delivery. at a new address are given special handling without requiring an additional

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part

168 issued under R.S. 161, as amended; 5 special-handling fee. Additional post

U.S.C. 301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 507, 4052, 5010. age at the regular fourth-class rate is collected on delivery.

$ 168.1 Description. [32 F.R. 11595, Dec. 6, 1961. Redesignated at

Certified mail service provides for a re31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

ceipt to the sender and a record of dePART 168-CERTIFIED MAIL livery at the office of address. No record

is kept at the office at which mailed. It Sec. 168.1 Description.

is handled in the ordinary mails and no 168.2 Class of mail to which applicable. insurance coverage is provided. The

[ocr errors]

mail will be endorsed in the following (4) Through the United Nations, manner:

N.Y. post office.

(c) Where to mail. Patrons may mall CERTIFIED certified mail at the post office, branch,

or station or give it to a rural carrier. It

may also be deposited in mail drops in NO 17095

post offices, street letterboxes, nonpersonnel rural stations and branches or any

other receptacles for first-class mail, proMAIL

vided the specific directions in paragraph

(d) of this section are followed. [26 F.R. 11595, Dec. 1961. Redesignated (d) How to mail. Obtain blank cerat 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

tified mail coupons (no charge) at the 8 168.2 Class of mail to which applica

post office or from rural mail carriers. ble.

Also obtain blank return receipt forms

if needed. Following is the procedure: Any mailable matter of no intrinsic

(1) Enter on the receipt portion of value on which postage at the first class

the certified mail coupon the name and rate has been paid will be accepted as

complete address of the person or firm certified mail. This does not exclude ar

to whom the mail is addressed. ticles of a nonnegotiable character and

(2) If return receipt is wanted check other matter which would involve a cost

block on the mailing receipt to show the of duplication if lost or destroyed. The

fee and endorse the article on the admail may be sent by air on payment

dress side near the certified mail enof the required postage. Special delivery

dorsement "Return Receipt Requested" services are available on payment of the

or “Return Receipt Requested Showing prescribed fees. Penalty and franked

Address Where Delivered.” See $ 58.3. mail may be accepted as certified mail if

The mailer must enter the certified mail the fee is prepaid. Official matter of the

number on the return receipt card, adPostal Service may be sent as certified

dress it to himself, and attach it to the mail without payment of the fees. Busi

back of small envelopes and on front of ness reply mail must be fully prepaid

packages and large envelopes if it will with postage and fees.

not cover the address. If the mailer de(27 F.R. 6980, July 24, 1962. Redesignated at sires that the return receipt show the 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

address where the article was delivered, 8 168.3 Fees.

there is a block at the top of the form

Fee in addition to postage--

which must be checked by him.

30 Restricted delivery---

50 (3) Attach to the envelope sufficient Return receipts:

postage stamps to pay for the certified Requested at time of mailing:

mail fee, first-class postage, return reShowing to whom and when de

ceipt fee, or special delivery fee. livered


(4) If a postmarked sender's receipt Showing to whom, when, and ad

is desired, the sender must attach the dress where delivered...


certified mail sticker to the address side Requested after mailing: Showing to whom and when de

of the article and present the article and livered---

25 the completed coupon to the postal em[31 F.R. 3120, Feb. 25, 1966. Redesignated

ployee. If requested to do so, the postal at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966)

employee will show on the receipt the

time the article was accepted for mailing. $168.4 Mailing.

If given to a rural carrier, he will return (a) Payment of fees and postage. the postmarked receipt to the patron. The fee and postage may be paid by (5) If a postmarked receipt is not deordinary postage stamps, metered sired, the sender must attach the “Certistamps, or by permit imprints.

fied Mail” sticker to the address side of (b) Points to which mailable. Cer the article, detach his receipt, and mail tified mail may be addressed for deliv the article. He must mark his receipt ery only:

to show the date. (1) In the United States, its Terri (6) If the sender desires to restrict detories and Possessions.

livery of certified mail to the addressee (2) In the Canal Zone.

or someone named by him in writing, he (3) Through Army-Air Force (APO) must endorse the mail “Deliver to and Navy (FPO) post offices.

Addressee Only or Deliver to Addressee

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