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count. Describe the certificates in sec either specifically or by court decision tion A and enter an explanation in the for the payment of a larger amount space provided for depositor's signature. without administration, the next of kin, Enter the amount of the entire out undertaker, person who paid the funeral standing balance in the account in the expenses, or other preferred creditor space to the right of the words "Section may apply for payment. B" (on both original and duplicate). (b) Accounts that require administraAttach the notice of levy to the original tion. When the amount on deposit is Form PS 607 and send them and the such that more than $500 will be availForm PS 600 to the postal data center. able for distribution to heirs after alRetain the duplicate Form PS 607 as a lowing for payment of preferred claims, record of the amount to be shown in the amount due a deceased depositor in your postal savings records and Form the final settlement of his account will 704 or 714 as transferred to postal data be payable only to the legal representacenter. Include the amount with the tive appointed under the laws of the total of all Forms PS 607 sent to the State in which the money is deposited, postal data center for payment of missing unless administration is not required by certificates during the reporting period the State laws. Proper authority of the under item 38. (See § 173.7(b).)

legal representative must be presented (2) The postal data center will draw to the postmaster where the account is a check in favor of the Internal Revenue held. Service for the amount due it and a (ii) Authority for payment. Certain check in favor of the depositor for any large offices have been given specific aubalance in the account due him. The thority by letter to pay accounts applied checks will be mailed direct to the In for by locally appointed administrators ternal Revenue Service and to the de or executors. In all other cases at these positor. The postal data center will offices and at all other offices, postannotate Form PS 607 and Form PS 600 masters must report a depositor's death to fully explain the action taken and will to the postal data center, using Form enter on each the payee, number, date, 1809, “Report of the Death or Incomand amount of each check drawn. The petence of a Depositor”, and await Form PS 600 will be placed in the postal instructions before paying. All applicadata center's file of paid accounts. The tions or legal papers that will be of asnotice of levy will be firmly attached to sistance in settling the claim must be Form PS 607 and both will be retained attached to the Form 1809. The followby postal data center as permanent ing papers are necessary: records.

(a) When administration is required. (h) Deceased depositors—(1) AC (1) A legal representative must subcounts of $20 or less. A postmaster may, mit a court order certifying his appointwithout specific authority, pay an ac ment within the past year. count of $20 or less to the following (2) A person designated by the court upon presentation of proper evidence to receive the account must submit Form and written request by the applicant. 1680, “Application for Payment of the (i) Administrator or executor.

Postal Savings Deposits Standing to the (ii) An entitled distributee or legatee Credit of a Deceased Depositor”, with on behalf of other distributees or lega proper court order. tees under a decree of distribution.

(6) When administration is

not (iii) Surviving spouse, child, or par required. ent, in the order named, or in the ab (1) Claim by a beneficiary under a sence of any one of these, a brother or will must (if the distributable balance sister, if no administration on the de is less than $500 and the State does not positor's estate has been asked for or require the will to be probated) be subgranted.

mitted on Form 1680 with receipts men(iv) The undertaker or other pre tioned in Form 1680, a certified copy of ferred creditor in the absence of ad the will, and a Form 134, “Release”, by ministration or next of kin.

each of the beneficiaries and/or en(2) Accounts over $20-(i) To whom titled next of kin. payable-(a) Accounts that do not re (2) Claim by one of the next of kin quire administration. If a depositor dies entitled by law to share in the estate, intestate and the amount on deposit is or by the person who paid the funeral $500 or less, or if the laws of the State expenses, must be submitted on Form in which the money is deposited provide 1680 if depositor dies without a will and

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not more than $500 will be available for distribution after allowing for payment of preferred claims. (Some States permit payment of a larger amount without administration.)

(3) Claim by undertaker or other preferred creditor must be submitted on Form 1672, “Application of Undertaker for Payment of Funeral Expenses From Funds to the Credit of a Deceased Depositor”, with itemized statement of services rendered and a certification of claim by a responsible heir on Form PS 115-A, "Certification of Bill from Undertaker". The undertaker's receipted bill must be submitted if claimant is other than undertaker.

(4) Claim by foreign consular oficer must be submitted on Form PS 112, “Application of Consular Oficer for Payment of the Balance Remaining to the Credit of a Deceased Depositor”, if the depositor is a United States resident, dies without a will, and is survived by alien heirs residing in a foreign country who are entitled to all or part of the amount of deposit.

(3) Payment. The signature of the payee(s) must be obtained on each certificate and on a receipt for interest due, in the following form: “John Doe by Richard Roe" (executor, widower, guardian, or other proper title). The account must be paid in full. The office copy of Form 1809 must be completed to show the date of payment, and must be placed with the paid certificate. (Clips or staples must not be used.) The amount of payment for accounts of $20 or less shall be endorsed on the written request of the applicant, and the request shall be placed with the paid certificate. (Clips or staples must not be used.) The postal data center shall be advised if payment cannot be made.

(i) Legally incompetent depositors. (1) The amount on deposit for mentally disabled or other legally incompetent depositors, other than minors, will be payable to the guardian, committee, conservator, or other legally appointed representative on presentation of proper evidence of appointment. A court order directing guardian to collect account of a minor is required before payment may be made to the guardian. When the depositor has been judicially declared incompetent and no guardian or other legal representative has been appointed and the gross value of the incompetent's estate is sufficiently small, application for withdrawal may be made by a State

official or a member of the family if permissible under the laws of the State where the account is held.

(2) Postmasters at all ofices shall handle claims for payment of accounts of legally incompetent depositors as provided in paragraph (h) (2) (ii) and (h) (3) of this section. (26 F.R. 11604, Dec. 6, 1961, as amended at 32 F.R. 3295, Feb. 25, 1967. Redesignated at 31 F.R. 15350, Dec. 8, 1966) $ 173.6 Inactive accounts.

When a depositor whose inactive account has been transferred to the postal data center as "unclaimed” requests payment, the postmaster will furnish him a Form 315 and instruct him to complete and send it, with the endorsed certificates, to the postal data center where the account is held. Payment will be made by the postal data center direct to the depositor. Partial payment of unclaimed accounts will not be made; they must be paid in full. (32 F.R. 3295, Feb. 25, 1967) § 173.7 Depositor's lost, stolen, or de

stroyed certificates. (a) Report to postmaster. A depositor should advice the postmaster at the office where his account is held when any of his certificates are lost, stolen, destroyed, or improperly withheld. The postmaster will furnish the depositor with Form PS 607, “Depositor's Application for New Postal Savings Certificates," in duplicate. Replacement certificates will not be issued, but Form PS 607 will serve as the depositor's application for payment of missing certificates. Payment will not be made by postmasters, but by postal data centers. (See paragraph (b) of this section.) If a certificate is found after application for payment on Form PS 607 has been made, it must be given to the depository postmaster.

(b) Application for payment. (1) If a depositor has certificates for only a part of the balance in his account, the postmaster shall pay them in the regular manner and record the payment on the record of the account, Form PS 600. The postmaster will not pay any amount claimed for which the depositor does not have certificates. He shall follow instructions in subparagraphs (2) and (3) of this paragraph.

(2) Form PS 607 shall be prepared for missing certificates if depositor knows they cannot be recovered. If depositor

is uncertain as to what happened to his amount of principal in “Transaction certificates, he should be asked to search Amount" column, and the balance in again and return in 10 days to fill out “New Balance” column, followed by the Form PS 607. (Exception may be made initials of the paying clerk in the "By" if delay will cause the depositor hard column, all on the same line. The ship.) Form PS 607 must be prepared transaction must be dated opposite origin duplicate. The serial numbers of the inal issue of certificate in “Date Paid" missing certificates should be verified column. Certificates must be stamped against those on Form PS 600. The ap paid with special paid date stamp and plication must not be certified in the initialed. A report shall be made on postmaster's name until the identifica Form 713 or Form 708 and the paid certion data in section E, paragraph 4, has tificates shall be sent to postmaster daily. been verified with that on the Form PS The postmaster must send the paid cer600 to identify the applicant as the true tificates with Form 704 or Form 714 to depositor. Any difference between item

the postal data center each accounting 39 of the postal savings records and the

period. total of Form PS 600 should be shown on Form PS 607. The amount of the

(b) Verifying records of accounts. outstanding balance shown on Form PS

The postmaster shall verify records of 600 should be written in the space to the

accounts as follows: right of the words “Section B” (on both

(1) Daily verification. Do not file original and duplicate).

Forms PS 600 which have been with(3) Postmasters will forward the drawn in the day's business until the original Form PS 607 and the Form PS payments and extensions have been ver600 to the postal data center for veri ified by adding separately the payments fication and payment of missing certifi recorded for the day and the balance cates direct to depositor. Postmasters to the credit of depositors before and afwill retain the duplicate of Form PS 607

ter entry of the day's business. Check as a record of the amount transferred

the total of payments against the payto the postal data center. The total of

ments as recorded in Form 708 or Form all Forms PS 607 sent to the postal data

713. center during the reporting period should be entered under item 39 on Form 704

(2) Six months' verification. Verify or 714 with an explanation. Postmasters

the balance in item 39 of Form 704 or 714 shall file duplicates of Form PS 607 with

with the total of the balances on the the account records of paid postal sav

depositors' Forms PS 600 every 6 months. ings accounts and retain them for 6 If the totals do not agree, check addition years.

or subtraction on depositor's cards. If (4) Postal data centers will send a no error is found, check the entries on the check for the total of the missing cer cards with the records of certificates tificates and interest due direct to the de

paid. Place a dummy account card, positor. They will retain the Form PS

Form PS 600, in the front of the file, on 600 and original Form PS 607 and will

which enter the amount of the difference file the Form PS 607 in their permanent

(circling the amount if the total of the files so that if the certificates are pre

balances of the Forms PS 600 is in excess sented for payment at any future date

of the amount in item 39 of the Form there will be evidence that the amount

704 or 714). Report to the postal data they represent was paid.

center for additional instructions only (c) Disposition of recovered certifi

when an unusual situation arises. cates. The postmaster shall mark re

(c) Filing and closing accounts. The covered certificates “Canceled,” enter

postmaster shall file and close accounts the date, and send them to the postal

as follows: data center with an explanation.

(1) Filing. File the Forms PS 600 (32 F.R. 3296, Feb. 25, 1967)

numerically by account numbers. Main§ 173.8 Office records and records of tain an alphabetical cross-index card depositors' accounts.

file (if many accounts) showing the de(a) Recording withdrawals. With positor's name and account number. drawals shall be posted on Form PS 600, (2) Closing. Mark the depositor's showing date of transaction, paid in Form PS 600 “Account Closed" when all “Certificate Numbers” column, total certificates issued to a depositor have

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§ 211.1 Universal Postal Union.

The exchange of all mail except parcel post between the United States (see Part 112 of this chapter) and other countries is governed by the provisions of the Convention of the Universal Postal Union, of which the United States is a member.


INTERNATIONAL MAIL Sec. 212.1 Postal union mail. 212.2 Parcel post.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 212 issued under 5 U.S.C. 301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 505.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 212 appear at 32 F.R. 12252, Aug. 24, 1967, unless otherwise noted.

$ 211.2 Postal Union of the Americas

and Spain. The United States and the following countries are also members of the Postal Union of the Americas and Spain (PUAS): Argentina.

Haiti. Bolivia.

Honduras Republic. Brazil,

Mexico. Canada.

Nicaragua. Chile.

Panama. Colombia.

Paraguay. Costa Rica.

Peru. Cuba.

Spain and 1 Dominican Republic. Possessions. Ecuador.

Uruguay. El Salvador.

Venezuela. Guatemala.

§ 212.1 Postal union mail.

Postal union mail, both surface and air, is exchanged under provisions of the Universal Postal Convention or the Convention of the Postal Union of the Americas and Spain. The weight and size limits and other general provisions (but not postage rates) for the various classifications of mail exchanged under those conventions are the same from and to the United States. Postal Union mail is divided into two categories, known as “LC mail” and “AO mail," as follows:

(a) The term "LC mail” refers to letters, letter packages, post cards, and aerogrammes. See 88 222.1, 222.2, and 241.5 of this chapter.

(b) The term "AO mail” refers to postal union mail other than letter mail, post cards, and aerogrammes. It includes printed matter of all kinds, matter for the blind, samples of merchandise, and small packets. See $ $ 222.3 through 222.9 of this chapter.

1 Spanish possessions include Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, and the Spanish Offices in Northern Africa; also Fernando Po, Rio Muni, and Spanish West Africa.

8 212.2 Parcel post.

Parcel post is a separate and distinct category from postal union mail. The exchange of parcel post with other countries is governed by the provisions of individual bilateral agreements with various countries and the Parcel Post Agreement of the Postal Union of the Americas and Spain. Unless otherwise noted under the country items in the Directory of International Mail, the weight and size limits and other general parcel post provisions (but not postage rates) apply also from those countries to the United States.


CORRESPONDENCE Sec. 213.1 With the Department. 213.2 With foreign postal authorities. 213.3 With individuals in other countries.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 213 issued under 5 U.S.C. 301, 39 U.S.C. 501, 505.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 213 appear at 32 F.R. 12252, Aug. 24, 1967, unless otherwise noted. § 213.1

With the department. Correspondence relating to international postal service subjects should be addressed as follows:


Address to Negotiation of postal agreements, U.S.A. representa- Special Assistant to the Postmaster

tation at international postal meetings, and high General for International Affairs; level policy matters relative to postal relations Post Office Department, Washingwith other countries.

ton, D.C. 20260. Operational matters, including classification, ad Classification and Special Services

missibility, addressing, preparation, and packag Division, Bureau of Operations, ing, size and weight, postage rates and fees, forms Post Office Department, Washingused, customs, forwarding, return, recall, unde ton, D.C. 20260. liverable matter, special services, claims for indemnity, refunds of postage, and international

reply coupons. All matters concerning transportation of international International Service Division, Bu

civil and military mail by surface or air, including reau of Transportation, Post Office mode of transport, routing, containerization, con Department, Washington, D.C. veyance rates, documentation, internal, terminal 20260. and transit charges, designation of U.S. exchange offices and related forms and reports. Also, matters relating to schedules and performance of U.S. and

foreign flag carriers. Investigations of losses, depredations, and security of Mail Loss and Depredations Division, international mail.

Bureau of Chief Postal Inspector,
Post Office Department, Washing-

ton, D.C. 20260. International money order system, including opera- Money Order Division, Bureau of tional procedures, accounting, cashing and issuing. Finance and Administration, Post

Office Department, 1823 General
Accounting Office Building, Wash-

ington, D.C. 20260. [33 F.R. 12907, Sept. 12, 1968] § 213.2 With foreign postal authorities. may reply direct to inquiries and engage

Postmasters, regional offices, and other in other necessary correspondence with field units of the Postal Establishment

individuals and firms in other countries. (except exchange offices, postal inspec

The addresses of patrons may be furtors in charge, and postmasters acting

nished to inquirers, provided the patrons under instructions in Part 271 of this

have given their consent. This correchapter) shall not correspond directly

spondence is mailable without postage with postal officials in other countries

stamps under $ 221.2(d) (5) of this but shall refer inquiries from these offi

chapter. cials to the Department for attention.

PART 221-CONDITIONS APPLICABLE § 213.3 With individuals in other countries.


Sec. Postmasters, regional offices, and other 211.1 Preparing and addressing. field units of the Postal Establishment 221.2 Postage.

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