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A Codex Criticus of the Hebrew Bible, Spain. By Edward Blaquiere, Esq. Bro. å Digest of all the various Readings col- Map. 188. lected by Kennicott and De Rossi ; being The Narrative of a Journey, underan Attempt to form a Standard Text for taken in the Years 1819, 1820 and 1821, the Old Testament. By George Hamilton, through France, Italy, Savoy, SwitzerM. A., Rector of Killermogh. 78. land, parts of Germany bordering on the

Euripidis quæ supersunt omnia, Gr. Rhine, Holland and the Netherlands ; et Lat. cum Schol, Gr. et Notis, vv. comprising Incidents that occurred to the DD, Barnesii, Beckii, Blomfieldii, Author, who has long suffered under a Brunckii, Burgesii, Burneii, Elmsleii, total Deprivation of Sight; with various Hermanni, Hoepfneri, Jacobsii, Maltbyi, points of luformation collected on his Marklandi, Matihiæi, Monkii, Musgravii, Tour. By James Holman, R. N. and Porsoni, Seldleri, Valcknaerii, Wake- K. W. 8vo. 138. fieldii, &c. Indicibusque locupletessimis. A View of the Present State of the £10. 103. Large Paper, £18. 188. Scilly Islands, exhibiting their vast Im

The Works of Johu Moore, M. D.: portance to the British Empire, the Im. with Memoii's of his Life and Writings. provements of which they are susceptible, By John Anderson, M. D. 7 Vols. 8vo. &c. &c. By George Woodley, Missionary Portrait. £3. 138. 6d.

from the Society for Promoting Christian A Comparatire Estimate of the Mine. Knowledge. A Chart. 128. ral and Mosaical Geologies. By Gran- The present State of Chili, from the ville Penn, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

Report laid before Congress : by Judge An Appeal to the British Public, in Bland. 38. 6d. the Cause of the Persecuted Greeks, and Chronological Notes of Scottish Affairs, an earnest Recommendation that an in- from 1660 till 1701 ; being chiefly taken inediate Subscription be opened for their from the Diary of Lord Fountainhall. Support. By Robert Chatfield, LL.D., 4to. 11. 16s. Vicar of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. ls. Two Years' Residence in the Settle

Address to the People of England, in ment of the English Prairie in the Illinois the of the Greeks, occasioned by Country, United States. By John Woods. the late inhuman Massacres in the Island 8vo. Map. 108. 6d. of Scio, &c. By the Rev. T. S. Hughes. Europe and America in 1821 ; with an 28.

Examination of the Plan laid before the Correspondence between the Rev. Ro- Spanish Cortes for the Recognition of bert Hall, his Friends, and the Writer of South American Independence. Transthe Review which appeared in the Chris- lated from the French of the Abbé de tian Guardian for January, 1822, of Mr. Pradt. By J. D. Williams. 2 Vols. Sro. Hall's Apology for the Freedom of the 188. Press, &c. 18, 6d,

Journal of a Residence in the Burmhan An Address to the Inhabitants of Eu. Empire, and more particularly at the rope, on the Iniquity of the Slave Trade. . Court of Amarapoorah. By Capt. Hiram Svo, 2d.

Cox, of the Hon. East India Company's The Electors' Remembravcer : or, Bengal Native Infantry. 8vo. Coloured Guide to the Votes of cach Member of Plates. 168. the House of Commons for the Third A Geographical, Historical and TopoSession of the Present Parliament. No. graphical Description of Van Diemen's 11. (To be continued at the Close of Land; with importait Hints to Emievery succeeding Session.) 8vo.

grants, and Directions how to apply for Miscellaneons Questions; principally Grants of Land, &c. By G. W. Evans, relating to English History and Biography. Surveyor-General of the Colony. 78. 6d. By the late William Butler. 48. Also, A Chart of the Island, 58.; Colour

Geographical Exercises in the New ed, 78. 6d.; in a Case, 10s.
Testament. By the same Author. 58. 6d. The Imperial School Atlas ; containing

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Thuanus, Distinct Maps of the Empires, &c. of the with Copious Notes to the Dedication of World, with the Boundaries of Europe, his “ History of France." By J. H. as lately settled. By James Millar, M.D., Walker, 12mo. Portrait. 45.

Editor of the Encyclopædia Edineusis.
An Historical Review of the Spanish Medium 4to. 258. Coloured and Half-
Revolution, including some Account of Bound.
Religion, Manners and Literature in D' Auville's Gcography of the Greeks

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and Romans, in the Time of Alexander inquired into, as to its Authenticity and and Augustus. Trauslated from the Usefulness in setting at rest certain perFreuch, by the Editor of the Military plexing Disputes. 28. sewed. Chronicle. With Twelve Maps, full At- The Duty of Christian Pastors to suplas size, Coloured, 51. Half-bound. port themselves, in Answer to the Rev.

A Celestial Atlas, comprising a Syste- J. Bennett's Sermon. ls. 6d. matic Display of the Heaveus, in a Series Select Passages from the Bible, arof Thirty Maps, illustrated by Scientific ranged under Distinct Heads, for the Use Descriptions, and accompanied by Cata. of Schools and Families. By Alexander logues of Stars, &c. By Alexander Ja- Adam, Teacher, Edinburgh. "12mo. 45. mieson, A, M. Royal 4to. 11. 58. Half. 6d. bound. bound. ll. lls. 6d. Coloured.

The Child's Atlas, consisting of Maps of Roche Blanche ; or, the Hunters of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, the Pyrenees, a Romance. By Miss Anna the Four Quarters of the World and the Maria Porter, Author of " The Village British Islands : neatly Engraved, by W. of Mariendorpt," &c. 3 Vols. 12mo. R. Gardner, 98. Maps Coloured, and a 11. 48.

Book of Definitions, 128. The Three Perils of Man ; or War, Au Epitome of Roman Antiquities; Women and Witchcraft: a Border Roc or, an Account of the Civil Government,

By James Hogs, Author of Judicial Proceedings, Religion, Games, “ Winter Evening Tales," &c. 3 Vols, &c. &c., of the Romans. By C. Irving, 12mo. 16, 4s.

LL.D. F.S. A. 12mo. 58. bound. The Grave of the Last Saxon; or, the Chandler's Psalms and Hymns; being Legend of the Curfew; a Poem. By the a Set of Tunes for the Use of Churches, Rev. W. L. Bowles. 8vo. 6s.

Chapels or Private Families. 6s. Chinzica, a Poem, in Ten Cantos, Observations on the Metrical Version founded on that part of the History of of the Psalms by Sternhold and Hopkins : the Pisan Republic, in which is said to with a View to illustrate the Authority have originated the celebrated Triennial of this Collection : with Notices of other Festival called the Battle of the Bridge. English Metrical Versions of the Psalms. By Henry Stobert. 8vo. 12s.

By H. J. Todd, M. A. F. $. A., Chap. Takings : : or, the Life of a Collegian. lain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 8vo. Illustrated by Twenty-six Etchings from 48. Designs. By R. Dagley, Royal 8vo. 218. An Essay on some General Principles

The Commercial Tourist; or, Gentle. of Political Economy; on Taxes upon man Traveller. A Satirical Poem, in Raw Produce; and ou Cominutation of Four Cantos, with Coloured Engravings Tithes. By Edward Rogers, Esq., Felby Cruikshank. 8vo. 9s.

low of Gouville and Caius College, Cam. Historical and Critical Remarks upon þridge. 8vo. 28. the Modern Hexametrists, and upon Mr. Cursory Suggestions on Naval Sub. Southey's Vision of Judgneut." By S. jects, with the Outline of a Plan for Tillbrook, B. D., Fellow of Peterhouse. raising Seamen for his Majesty's Fleets, 8vo. 48.

in a Future War, by Ballot. 8vo. 38. Aristarchus, or the Principles of Com. An Abridgment of Blackstone's Composition, with Rules for attaining Purity mentaries on the Laws of England, in a and Elegance of Expression. By Philip Series of Letters from a Father to his Withers. 8vo. 108. 6d.

Daughter. By a Barrister at Law. 12mo. Observations on Vocal Music ; and 55. Rules for the Accent and Emphasis of The Doctrine and Practice of the EcPoetry. By W. Kitchener, M. D. 12mo. clesiastical Courts in Doctors' Commons,

on various Points relative to the Subject A Vindication of “ The End of Reli. of Marriage and Divorce. By Thomas gious Controversy,” from the Exceptions Poynter, Proctor in Doctors' Commons, made by the Bishop of $t. David's and 8vo. 78. the Rev. Richard Grier, A. M. By the The Speech of Michael Nolan, Esq., Rev. J. M., D.D. F. S. A. 8vo. 88. in the House of Commons, July 10, 1822,

The Athanasian Creed Vindicated, with on his Bill for Amending the Poor Laws. a Prefatory Letter to the Archdeacon of The Cottager's Companion; or, a ComCleveland, and an Appendix on Arch- plete System of Cottage Horticulture ; bishop Tillotson's presumed “ Wish that intended to Instruct the Industrious Poor we were well rid of it." By James Rich- of Great Britain in the Art of Cottage ardson, M. A., of Queen's College, Ox- Gardening. By Wm. Salisbury, Author ford, one of the Vicars Choral of York of the Botanist's Companion, Hints to Minster, &c. 38. 6d.

the Proprietors of Orchards, &c. 12mo. The Book of Enoch (translated from Second Edition. ls. 6d. the Ethiopic Canon by Dr. Laurence) Letter from the Right Hon. Denis

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Browne to the Marquis Wellesley, on the Two, on the Sin, Danger and Remedy Present State of Ireland. 18. 60. of Duelling, with Copious Notes. By

A Letter to John Soane, Esq., on the Peter Chalmers, A. M., one of the Minis: Subject of the New Churches. By an ters of Dunfermline. Architect. 2s.

Single. The Protestant Church alone Faithful The Connexion between the Unitarian in Reading the Word of God; proved in Doctrine, and Faith in the Parental a Contrast with that of Rome. By the Government of God. A Sermon preached Hon. and Rev. E. I. Turner, A.M., (for- before the Friends and Supporters of the merly a Nobleman,) Member of St. Mary Unitarian Fund, at Parliament.Court Hall, Oxford, late Curate of Hampstead, Chapel, London, May 29, 1822. By John Middlesex, &c. &c. 28.

Morell, LL.D. 12mo. 1s. A Speech delivered by the Rev. Dr. The Religious Comforts and Principles Chalmers, on the 24th of May, 1822, of a Way-faring Unitarian : a Sermon, before the General Assembly of the delivered at Diss, June 27, 1822, before Church of Scotland, explanatory of the the Eastern Unitarian Society for proMeasures which have been successfully moting Religious Knowledge, and the pursued in St. John's Parish, Glasgow, Practice of Virtue, by the Distribution of for the extinction of its Compulsory Pau- Books. By John Fullagar, Minister of perism. 8vo. 28.

the Unitarian Chapel, Chichester. 12mo. Dr. Chalmers' Christian and Civic Eco. 18. nomy of Large Towns, No. XII. On Preached at the Anniversary of the Pauperism. 8vo. 1s.

British and Foreign School Society. By Works of the Rev. John Gamhold: William Cairns, M. A, Professor of Lowith an Introductory Essay, by Thomas gic and Belles Lettres of Belfast. ls. Erskine, Esq., Advocate, Author of Re. Preached before the Prayer Book and marks on the Internal Evidence for the Homily Society, May 1, 1822. By the Truth of Revealed Religion. 48. Rev. E. Burn, M. A., Minister of St.

The Influence of Protestant Missionary Mary's, Birmingham. To which is subEstablishments : with Map, exhibiting joined, the Society's Tenth Annual Rethe Progress of Christianity. By Thomas port. 28. 6d. Myers, A. M., of the Royal Military Aca- A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese demy, Woolwich. 38.

of Winchester, at the Primary Visitation, A Treatise on the Love of God, consi- June aud July, 822. By George Tomdered as the Perfection of Christian Mo. line, D.D. F. R. S., Lord Bishop, &c, rals. By the Rev. James Joyce, A, M., 4to. 2s.6d. Curate of Hitcham, Bucks, 8vo. 78. 6d. Dangers of the Church : preached at

The Gypsies, or a Narrative of several the Primary Visitation of the Bishop of Communications with that people, with Winchester, June 12, 1822, at KingstonThoughts on the Duty of attempting their upon-Thames. By Joseph Allen, M. A., Conversion. By a Clergyman. 18. Prebendary of Westminster and Vicar of

The Spiritual Guardian for Youth. By Battersea. 4to. ls. 6d. A. Fletcher, Minister of the Scots' Church, The Apostolic Labour of a Church of Moorgate. 58.

England Association : preached in the A Chart of the Rise and Progress of Abbey Church, Bath, April 25, 1822, be. Christianity, exhibiting at One View, the fore the Bath District Society for proNumber of Christians, viz. Greeks, Ro- moting Christian Knowledge. By C. M. man Catholics and Protestants, &c. &c. Mount, A. M., one of the Ministers of 28. 6d. On Canvas, 48. Canvas and Christ Church, Bath. ls. 6d. Rollers, 58. 6d.

Preached before the Society for ProSermons.

pagation of the Gospel, at St. Mary-le. Discourses on various Subjects ; and Bow, Feb. 15, 1822. By the Bishop of Charges delivered to the Clergy of the Llandaff, with Report of Society, &c. 48. Archdeaconry of Winchester. To which Conduct to he pursued by the Clergy, are added, several never before publish- with respect to the Evils of Blasphemy ed; with Advice to an Unmarried Lady. and Enthusiasm, preached in the Abbey By Thomas Balguy, D.D., Archdeacon Church of St. Alban's, July 9, 1822, at and Prebendary of Winchester. Edited the Visitation of the Bishop of London. by James Drake, M. A., Chancellor of By D. W. Garrow, D. D., Rector of East St. Asaph, &c. 2 Vols. 8vo. 128. Barnet,

By Jonathan Walton, B. D., Trinity Farewell Discourse to the CongregaCollege, Rector of Birdbrook.' 2 Vols. tion and Parish of St. John's, Glasgow. 8vo. 11. 18.

By the Rev. Edward Irving, some time Explanatory and Practical, on the Epis- Assistant to the Rev. Dr. Chalmers, now tle of Jude. By W. Muir, D.D., Minis- Minister of the Caledonian Chapel, Lonter of St. George's, Glasgow. 8vo. 98. 6d. don. 8vo. Is. 6d.

The Divine Prescience considered in

On Behalf of the Irish. Counexion with Moral Agency: delivered Preached at Grosvenor Chapel, Hanoat Soho Chapel, May 19, 1822. By Evan ver Square, July 7. By G. A. E. Marsh, Herbert 18. 6d.

A. M. ls. Preached on Occasion of the Death of To a Country Congregation, at Highthe late Rev. J. Hawksley, and compris- clere, Hants. By Alexander Dallas, Caing an Account of his last Illness. By rate. 18. 6d. Joseph Gilbert. 8ro. ls.

In the Parish Church of East Horseley, Addressed to the Members of Three Surrey, June 30. By J. Warneford, M.A, Benefit Clubs, assembled at the Chapel Vicar of Llanellen. 18. 6d. of Ease in Billericay, Whit-Monday, May At St. Margaret's Chapel, Bath, May 27, 1822. By John Thomas, A. M., Vi- 19. By C. A. Moysey, D.D., Archdea. car of Great Burstead, Essex, and Chap- con of Bath. 18. 6d. lain to His Royal Highness the Duke of In the Parish Church of NormantonSussex. ls.

upon-Soar, Notts, June 16. By 'Thomas Farewell : preached in the Parish Stevenson, M. A. ls. Church of St. Mary, Islington, June 20, At the Village Church, in St. Stephen's 1822, on resigning the Lectureship. By Parish, Herts. By Thomas Clarke, A. B. George Gaskin, D. D. Prebendary of Ely. Curate. ls. 18, 6d.

In the Parish Churches of Great NorThe Responsibility of the Christian tou and Whistlebury, Northampton, July Priesthood; preached at the Archdeacon's 14. By the Curate. ls. Visitation, at Thirsk, July 3, 1822. By Iu St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, George Pellew, A. M., Vicar of Sutton July 7. By R. Lampen, M. A., Lecturer. Gattie's, Yorkshire. 18.




Nor in the embrace of ocean shall exist
Thy image. Earth that nourish'd thee,

shall claim (From Poems by William Cullen Bryant. (See Specimens of the American Thy growth, to be resolvd to earth

again ; Poets,” 12mo. pp. 215—218.)

And, lost each human trace, surrend'ring

up To him who in the love of Nature holds Thine individual being, shalt thou go Communion with her visible forms, she To mix for ever with the elements, speaks

To be a brother to th' insensible rock, A various language ; for his gayer hours And to the sluggish clod, which the rude She has a voice of gladness, and a smile

swain And eloquence of beauty, and she glides Turns with his share, and treads upon. Into his darker musings, with a mild

The oak And gentle sympathy, that steals away Shall send his roots abroad, and pierce Their sharpness, ere he is aware.-When thy nould. thoughts

Yet not to thy eternal resting-place Of the last bitter hour come like a blight Shalt thou retire alone-nor could'st Over thy spirit, and sad images

thou wish Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall, Couch more magnificent : Thou shalt lie And breathless darkness, and the narrow down house,

With patriarchs of the infant worldMake thee to shudder, and grow sick at with kings, heart;

The powerful of the earth the wise, the Go forth under the open sky, and list

good, To Nature's teachings, while from all Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, around

All iu one mighty sepulchre. The hills Earth and her waters, and the depths of Rock-ribb'd and ancient as the sun,- the air,—

vales Comes a still voice-"Yet a few days, and Stretching in pensive quietness between thee

The venerable woods-rivers that move The all-beholding sun shall see no more In majesty, and the complaining brooks In all his course ; nor yet in the cold That make the meadows green-and, ground,

poured round all, Where thy pale form was laid, with many Old Ocean's grey and melancholy waste, tears,

Are but the solemn decorations all

who goes

Of the great tomb of man. The golden His favourite phantom; yet all these suo,

shall leave The planets, all the infinite host of Their mirth and their employments, and heaven,

shall come Are shining on the sad abodes of death, And make their bed with thee; as the Through the still lapse of ages. All that, long train tread

Of ages glide away, the sons of men, The globe, are but a handful to the The youth in life's green spring, and he

tribes That slumber in its bosom.-- Take the In the full strength of years, matron, and wings

maid, of morning, and the Barcan desert The bow'd with age, the infavt iu the pierce,

smiles Or lose thyself in the continuous woods And beauty of its innoceut age cut off,Where rolls the Oregan, and hears no Shall one by one be gathered to thy side, sound

By those, who in their turp shall follow Şave his own dashings-yet, the dead are them, there,

So live, that when thy summons comes And millions in those solitudes, since to join first

The innumerable caravan, that moves The flight of years began, have laid them To the pale realms of shade, where each down

shall take In their last sleep-the dead reigu there His chamber in the silent halls of death, alone,

Thou go not, like the quarry slare at So shalt thou rest—and what if thou night, shalt fall

Scourged to his dungeon ; but, sustain'd Unnotic'd by the living and no friend

and sooth'd Take note of thy departure! All that By an unfaltering trust, approach thy breathe

grave, Will share thy destiny: the gay will Like one who wraps the drapery of his laugh

couch When thou art gone, the solemn brood About him, and lies down to pleasant of care

dreams." Plod on, and each one as before will



1822, June 20, at Wells, the Rev. shire, in the year 1740. He was eduThomas ABRAHAM SALMON, B.D., Pre- cated for the ministry at the Presbyterian bendary of Wells, and Rector of Rodney Academy in Carmarthen, under the tuiStoke, Somerset, (to which he was pre- tion of the Rev. Mr. Thomas and the sented in 1794, by the Bishop of Bath Rev. Dr. Jenkins. Having completed his and Wells,) and chaplain to Earl Cowper. academical course, he went over to HolHe was of Wadham College, Oxford, land, and accepted an invitation from an M.A. 1792; B.D. 1800. He published English church at Amsterdam, as a sup“Hebraicæ Grammatices ; or, a Hebrew ply for half a year. Ou his return to Grammar with Vowel Points,” 8vo. England, he settled as pastor to a con1796;

“ Vitarum . Plutarchi Epitome," gregation at Chelwood, near Bristol, Svo., 1797 ; and “Extracts from Mr. where he was ordained, and exercised Card's Will, relative to his Charity at his ministry for fifteen years. In the Chedder."

year 1775, he married Miss Beverstone, the only child of a wealthy and most re

spectable citizen of Bristol ; a highly re– 21, at his house in Swansea, the spected and most amiable woman, who Rev. William Howell, who during died in 1803, and left him two sons and twenty-eight years was pastor of the three daughters. In the year 1786, Mr. Presbyterian congregation in that town. Howell accepted the appointment of theMr. Howell was the son of the Rev. Wm. ological tutor and superintendent of the Howell, many years master of a large Presbyterian Academy, removed from and highly respectable school, and minis- Carmarthen to Swansea, and at the same ter of the Old Meeting, at Birminghain. time uudertook the pastoral charge of He was born at Wincauton in Somerset- the congregation in this town. The for

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