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... The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small
Capitals or Italics : as different Correspondents have often adopted the same signature,
some ambiguity in the references will unavoidably arise ; but this is an inconvenience
necessarily attached to anonymous cominunications,

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Alcoran, God, from the,


Aldred, Rev. Ebenezer, obituary of, 769
A.'s hymn to the Deity,

372 Alexander on an intermediate state,
Aar, lines on the fall of tbe,

364 172. On the indefinite period of
A. B.'s recommendation of an En. the day of judgment,

glish translation of Griesbach's Alfred, eulogium on,

Prolegomena and Notes, 541. His Allen, Mrs. Hannah, obituary of, 511
remarks on register of births at Ambrose, Isaac, account of,

Dr. Williams's Library,

728 America, public affairs, &c., of, 64,
Abernethy's Inquiry into the Proba-

128. Principal religious sects in,
bility and Rationality of Mr. Hun-

300. Progress of Unitarianism in,
ter's Theory of Life, &c.; his Phy-

301, 455, 457. Mr. Wright's pro-
siological Lectures, &c., reviewed, 170 posed mission to, 302. Rebuke of
Acton, Mr., on the remission of sins, 666 intolerance in, 400. Opening of
Acts i. 26, criticism on, 290; iii. 16, the first Unitarian Church, at Wash-
291; ix, 14-21, 107, 292,

ington, in,

Adam, Mr., his conversion to Unita American Congress, Unitarian chap-
tarianism, 584, 682,

755 lajn to,
Adams, Mrs., letter from, on the Ame American law against impugning the
rican War, 1777,

670 doctrine of the Trinity, 224, 585, 690
Addison's, Mr., belief in a future Amicus's remarks on a letter on the

276 Unitarian edition of Pean's Sandy
Address to Protestant Dissenters, com- .. Foundation Shaken,

mending the Practice of Sitting Amphleti, Mr., his letter to Rev. R.
while Singing the Praises of God


in Public Worship, reviewed, 113 Angel, on the term,

Admission of Catholic Peers to the Anthony, Saiut, festival in honour of,

House of Lords, motion on the, 320 A pocryphal books of the Old Testa-
Adrian, the Emperor, bis letter on ment, on the

the Christians of Alexandria, 604 Apology for outrage npon Dissenters, 743
ADVOCATE FOR Tautu, An, on a let Aristotle's Hymn to Virtue, literal
ter on the Unitarian edition of translation of

Penn's Sandy Foundation Shaken, 271 Armagb, obituary of the Archbishop
Africa, account of the petrified city



481 Asiatic descriptions of Spring, 552
Aikin, Dr. John, obituary of, 771 Aspland, Mr., letter from Mr. Am.

5 G

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phlett to, 299. His correspou Bennett, Miss Mary, obituary of, 707
dence with Mr. Ivimey, relative to Benson's Chronology of our Saviour's
“ Unitarianisin in India,” 682. Life, remarks on,

His desence of Rammohun Roy, 684 Bentham's, Jeremy, definition of fe.
Astbury, Mr., his statement of a dis-


graceful transaction at Kingsley, Benyon, S. Y., Esq., obituary of, 377

124 BERBUS' on the sectarian spirit and
Athawes, Samuel, Esq., obituary of, 375 langnage in Bible-Society Meel-
Atonement, Swedenborgian doctrine ings, 30. On the state of religious
606 inquiry amongst Quakers,

AWBRBY, Mr., on the Annual Meet. Bew, Mr., bis jetter to air. Wake.
ing of the South Wales Unitarian field,


445 Bible, brief notes on ibe, 329, 425,

522,745. On variations in the dif

ferent editions of the English, E92

Bible Society Meetings, on the secta-
B.'s review of Wordsworth's Eccle-

rian spirit and language in, 30.
siastical Sketches, and Memorials Objections to, 222. Remarks on,
of a Tour on the Continent, 360. 292,
His Hints to Unitarians, 612. On Bigot, description of a,
a testimony of respect to Mr. Tho Bigotry in a public company,
mas Ryland,

711 Bigotry in the Society of Antiquaries,
Bakewel, Mr., on some religious case of,

manæuvres at Kingsley, Cheshire, 124 Birmingham Sunday-evening Lecture,
Bally, remarks on the island of, 100 sketch of the origin of the,
BARBAULD, Mrs., on her “ Thought Birth-day eve, sonnet on a,

on Denth," 679. Eulogium on, 746 Blasphemy-law in United States of
Barca and Zaara, deserts of, 480 America, 224, 585,
Barclay's, Dr., Inquiry into the Opi- B. M. on the Annnal Association
nions, Ancient and Modern, con-

of the Kentish Unitarian Baptist
cerning Life and Organization, re Churches, 445. On the Scoitish

170 Unitarian Association Anniversary, 517
· Barkley, John, Trial of, for Sedition, BOARDMAN, Mr., on a protest against

631 the marriage service,
BARRISTER, A, on chapel trust deeds, 672 Bolton, opening of the Unitarian
Barton, Mr. John, obituary of,

Meeting House at,
Bath and Wells,'obituary of the Bi. BOOK-WORM, 200, 411, 479,
shop of,

377 Borneo, cursory remarks on the
Bayley's, Mr. Justice, doctrine of the Island, made during a residence of
Trinity, on,

nearly three years thereon, 13, 98
B. D. on a conversation between the Borough, opening of Unitarian place
Rev. Mr. M- and Pagey, an In-

of worship in the,


544 Boston, North America, laxness of
Beaufoy's, Mr., speech for the repeal morals at,

of the Test and Corporation Acts, Bowen, Miss Caroline, obituary of, 187

in 1787, extract from, (note,) 131 Bowring, Mr., arrest of, 656.' Libe-
Beauvoir, Louis Henri Scipio de Gri

ration of,
moard de, obituary of,

706 Bransby, Mr., conclusion of his dis
Bell, Mr. Henry Nugent, obituary of, 640 course on the death of Mr. Lindsey
Bell, Mr. Robert Newcome, obituary


577 B. R. D.'s obituary of Mr. Joseph
Belsham, Mr., remarks on his Sermon Withington, 306. of Mr. Juba
on the Mosaic History of the Crea-

tion, 24, 95, 230, 278. His Ser Brekell, Rev. John, some account of, 23
mon, reviewed, 111. His list of Breltell's Country Minister, a Poem,
students educated at the Academy

at Daventry under the patronage of BrettelL, Mr., on the review of The
Mr. Coward's Irustees, 163, 193, Country Minister, 159. His obli.

gations to the York College, 160
Bengal Hurkara, letter to the Editor Brevis's brief notes on the Bible,
of the,

398 329, 425, 522,
Bennet, Mr. Benjamin, interesting Brighton Chapel, on a misrepresenta-
narrative by, (note,)

225 lion with regard to,
Bennet, Hon. A1. G., his observations British Catholic Board, resolutions of

on the influence of the crown by
means of the church,

453 Brookes, Mr. Samuel, obituary of, 640

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Brougham, Mr., his eloquent defence Catholic Peers' Bill, result of the, 389, 451
of J. A. Williams,

696 Cawood, Mr., on "Mr. Owen's esta-
Browne, Mr. Henry, obituary of, 374 blishment,
Browne, Rev. S, W., extract from his Chapel trust deeds, on the importance

Sermon on the Death of the Mar. of examining into, 410, 527, 671,
qais of Londonderry,

541 672,
Browne, Rev. Theophilus, his bio Charles II., coronation of, at Scone,

graphical tributes to Mrs. Wansey in Scotland,
and Mrs, Swanwick,

726 Charlesworth, Rev.J., supplementary
Bruja-Mubuna, obituary of,

436 obituary of,
Bryant, W. C., his Thanatopsis, 509 Chenevière, Mons. J. J., his letter to
Buckland, Professor, epitaph on 119 the Editor of the Christian Ob-
Burnet's Pastoral Care, extract from, 71 server, 31. Notice of his French
BUTCHER, Mr., his brief thoughts on translation of Marsh's Michaelis, 319

the author of the Book of Job, - 10 Christ Crucified : an Essay, in Three
Butcher, Mr., obituary of, 247. Ad. Paris, by R. Wright, reviewed, 503

ditions and corrections, 309. Ex. Christ. See Jesus Christ.
tracts from Mr. Kell's' Sermon on Christian Disciple, a thought on death,
the Death of, 332. Liues by, 471. from the,

His Prayers for the Use of Families Christian doctrine, Dr. John Jones's
and Iudividuals, reviewed, 505 general historic view of,

Butler's, Charles, Esq., Additions to Christianity, on the disposition of Ne-

the Historical Memoirs respecting groes to embrace, 217, 297, 492, 677
the English, Irish, and Scottish Christian LIBERAL, A, on the moral
Catholics, critical notice of, 114 duties of jurymen,

Butler, Mr. William, death of, 511. Christian mourner's prospect of death,
Memoir of,


Byfield, Richard, account of,

Christian Observer, letter from Mons.
Byron's, Lord, letter to Mr. Murray, J. J. Chevevière to the Editor of
on bis “ Cain,"

the, 31. Letters in the, on Quakers
and Unitarians, 147. Letter from
the, on the spread of Unitarianism
in America,

Christian Remembrancer, the, on the

Unitarian Marriage Bill,
Co's obituary of the Rev. Edmund Christian Tract Society Anniversary, 189

247 CHRISTIANUS on the spirit becoming
Calais, affairs of honour decided on Unitarians,

the fatal sands of, 201. Descrip CHRONOS on the spuriousness of the
tion of,

201 introdnctory chapters to Luke's
Calamy's' “ Account," extracts from,

225-227 Churchi establishments, on,

Calcutta "Journal, the, letters to the Church of England, on some of the

Editor of, 393, 396. Poetry from, existing disabilities and inconveni-

432. Death of 'Bruja-Moluna from, 436 ences which attach to dissent from
Calcutta, obituary of the Bishop of, 772 the,

Calvinisin, Mr. Daniel Harwood's re Church of Scotland, General Assem-
covery from,
327 bly of the,

Canady, Protestant Church in,

Church Property and Church Reform,
Canova, Antonio, obituary of,

review of, 622,
CANTABRIGIENsis, his inquiry respect. Clarke, William, sentence on, for pub.

ing the first assertor of liberty of lishing an Atheistical liber,
conscience, 334. On Lindsay's CLARKE, Mr., on the Methodist-Uni.
New Testainent, 530. On the Pe larian Association Anniversary in
terborough Questions,
604 Lancashire,

CantabrigiENSIS (II.), his questions Clarke, Professor, obiluary of, 248
on the Divine character,

Clayton's, Rev. w., Proceedings
Caraccioli, Galeazzo, Marquis of Vico, against Mr. Player, reviewed, 504
select memoir of,

Clennell, Mr. John, obituary of, 771
Carpenter, Dr., on the introductory CLBRICUs on tbe meaning of koguos

chapters to Luke's Gospel, 345 in Christ's discourses,
Cashel, obituary of the Archbishop Close of the Year 1822, remarks on


Catbolic miracles in Germany, 400 COADJUTOR's suggestions for the uni.
Catholic Miscellany, extracts from the, on of London Presbyterian congre-



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Code Napoleon, candid remark upon Belsham's Sermon on the Mosaic

114 History of the Creation, 24, 95.
COGAN, Mr., his examination of Mr. His illustrations of the Book of Job,

Hume's objection to the argument 325. On Eichhorn's account of
for the being of God, 65. On cause Genesis,

and effect, 209. His observations David's belief in a fnture state, 275
on John xxi. 15, 210, 334. On Davies, Miss Mary, obituary of, 640
Scriptures relating to the death of D. B. P. on the Southern Unitarian

288 Fund Society Anniversary, 252. On
Colton's, Rev. C, C., “ Lacon,” stric. the re-opening of the Unitarian
tures on,

608 Chapel at Portsmouth,
Commemoration of the first Settle. Dealtry's Vindication of the Bible So-
ment of New England,

340 ciety, extract from,
Conant, Sir Nathaniel, obituary of, 306 Death, Eaton's Essay on, reviewed,
Congregational Schools, observations 368. The Christian Mourner's

on the degree of instruction which prospect of, 570. A thought on,
girls receive in,

273 636,
Connexion of corn-bill with the Deaths ABROAD, 377, 434–436,

253 513, 577, 640, 707,
Coombe, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 576 De Poe, request of communications
Cooper, Mr., on the disposition of for a proposed Life of,

Negroes to embrace Christianity, Deputies of the Three Denominations,
217, 297, 492. On the difficulty list of the coinmittee of,

of giving Christian instruction to Desnouettes, General Le Febre, obi-
slaves in the West Indies,

751 tuary of,
Cooper, Mrs. Anne, obituary of, 248 DiscIPULUS on female writers on prac.
1 Cor. i. 2, on, 107, 292, 403; xv. tical divinity, 503,

24, criticism on,

201 Diss, opening of the new Unitarian
Cornish, Mr., letters between, and Chapel at,

Mr. T. Williams, 586. His obitu Dissenters, inquiry respecting Lord
ary of Mrs. Ann Slade,

637 Wharton's legacy to,
Corporation and Test Acts, Lords' Dissent, suggestion of a new work
protest against the, (noté, 131. on,

History of the, 132. On the, 158 Dissolution of the monasteries, sonnet
CORRESPONDENCE, 456, 520, on the,
484, 656,

Distress in Ireland, 382,

Country Minister, The, a Poem, re Divine character, questions on the, 425

viewed, 47. Observations on 159 Don Carlos, by Lord John Russell,
Coutts, Thomas, Esq., obituary of, 122 reviewed,
Coventry, re-opening of the Great Dudley Double Lecture Anniversary, 445
Mecting-House" at

711 Dunsford, Mr. George, obituary of, 245
C.R.'s obituary of Mrs. Pilkington, 770
Creation of man, remarks on the, 112
Creation, remarks on Mr. Belsham's

Sermon on the Mosaic History of

the, 24, 95, 230,
Criminal code, motion on the, 390 E.'s note to the memoir of Rev, Caleb
CRITICAL Notices of New Books, Evans, 55. His obituary of Miss
114 Henrietta Sadler,

Crito on the testimony of a Catholic Eastern Unitarian Society, its anni-
priest to Unitarianism,

26 versary, 314, 446. Address of the,
C-s's review of the recent Contro. to the Bishop of Norwich,

versy on Materialism,

170 Eaton's Essay on Death, reviewed, 368
Curtis, Mrs. Eleonora, obituary of, 575 E. C.'s obituary of Mr. Joseph Spur-
Cuvier, M., his oration at the grave

of Abbé Haïy,


389, 449,
Ecclesiastical state of France in the

seventeenth century,

Eckersley, Mr., on the religious
Dalton, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 309 meetings at Manchester, 94. His
Daventry, list of students educated at protest against the marriage ser-
the Academy at, under the patro.


nage of Mr. Coward's trustees, 163, Eclectic Review on Dr. S. Smith's
195, 284,

332 « Illustrations,"
Davin, Ben, his remarks on Mr. Eddowes, Mr., bis letter lo the Com-

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