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Página 149 - Majoliche istoriate,' and he certainly had a talent for the arrangement of his works in composition, nearly all his subjects being ' pasticci ' ; the various figures or groups introduced being the invention of other artists copied with adroit variations over and over again, and made to do duty in the most widely different characters. As an original artist, if indeed he can be so considered, he may be classed with the more mannered of the scholars of Raffaelle. His designs are generally from classical...
Página 140 - The Fontana were undoubtedly manufacturers as well as artists, ie, they were the proprietors of ' vaserie.' Of the first Nicola, as we have only a brief incidental notice, nothing positive can be affirmed : but with respect to his son Guido, we have the testimony both of works still extant, and of contemporary documents.
Página 2 - This invention apparently remained for many centuries a secret among the Eastern nations only, enamelled terra-cotta and glass forming articles of commercial export from Egypt and Phoenicia to every part of the Mediterranean. Among the Egyptians and Assyrians enamelling was used more frequently than glazing, and their works are consequently a kind of fayence consisting of a loose frit or body, to which an enamel adheres after only a slight fusion. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the art of enamelling...

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