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“Most Rev. Archbishop Riordan was the celebrant; very Rev. Father Prendergast assistant priest, Rev. Father York deacon of the mass, Rev. Father Doran sub-deacon of the mass, Rev. Fathers. P. Gray and Patrick Scanlan deacons of honor, Rev. Fathers Montgomery, Kirby and Imoda masters of ceremonies, Rev. Father Crowley chaplain to Bishop Scanlan, Rev. William Dye chaplain to Bishop Mora, Rev. Fathers Valentine and Renaudier attendants on the new Bishop.

“Censer-bearer, Francis Leonard; boat-bearer, Council J. Goodell; acolytes, Richard A. Donne, William A. Hughes, Aloysius Mallon and John Kelly; bookbearers, Robert G. Drady and Cornelius E. Kennedy; candle-bearer, John H. Wilson; apron-bearer, Edward M. Deasy; crosier-bearer, James J. O'Dea ; miter-bearer, Charles V. A. Drady; cross-bearers, James J. King, Daniel A. Ryan and Aloysius Dunnigan; leaders, Stanislaus E. Ranken and Thomas M. Deasy.

“The sermon was preached by Rev. Father Sasia, of the Society of Jesus. He took for his text: 'Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God; but how shall they hear unless they have a preacher, and how shall he preach unless he be sent?'

“He drew a beautiful comparison between civil and religious society. God was the author of both. But in civil society he leaves men to choose their form of government, but in religious society he chooses his own way.

“The sermon was a learned disquisition on the establishment of the divine institution of the Church, the central thought being that a man to preach the word of God must be sent by God to so preach it.

“The consecration ceremony was most solemn and impressive. Archbishop Riordan took his seat on a gold stool which had been placed on a small platform in front of the altar.

“The distinguished prelate read the office of consecration, the priests forming themselves into a picturesque group around the celebrant and Bishop-elect.

“During the reading of the office the Bishop-elect prostrated himself out at full length on the carpet, face down, until the Archbishop told him to rise and approach the altar.

“ He was then annointed and made his profession of faith.

“Before the conclusion of the mass the new Bishop bestowed his blessing upon the worshipers.

“The music, under the direction of the organist, Professor Eisner, was in keeping with the solemnity and grandeur of the occasion, and was finely rendered by the well-trained choir.

“It began with the Hawaiian national hymn, organ and solo. The 'Kyrie,' Mozart's Twelfth, followed. After the consecration of the Bishop the 'Gloria' and balance of Mozart's Twelfth were sung. The offertory was Diabelli's 'Gaudeamus, in which Miss Clara McGowan and S. J. Sandy sustained the leading parts.

The grand ' Et Incarnatus Est' was sung by Charles Gottung, tenor.

The sopranos and altos were:: Clara McGowan, Minnie Byrne, Jennie Hally, Mary Higgins, Mary McGowan, Matilda Pauba, Agnes McNamara, Ida Hayes, Nellie Kenney, Josephine Short, Julia Sullivan, Sophie Trade, Mary Short, M. Mohun and M. Stevens.

“Tenors and basses: Charles Gottung, James Lane, H. B. Sullivan, S. J. Sandy, J. Cathcart, William O'Brien, Felix Schoenstein, and S. Schroeder.

“The ceremony commenced at 10:30 o'clock, and did not conclude till nearly 2 o'clock.

“ The new Bishop, who has been a missionary in the Hawaiian Islands for twenty-five years, will bear the title of Bishop of Panopolis in partibus. He is the fourth Bishop who has been appointed to the episcopate of these islands, his immediate predecessor being Bishop Hermann, who died last February.

"He will return to Honlulu on Wednesday morning by the steamer Australia, accompanied by Father Valentine, who came with him to witness the consecration ceremonies.”—S. F. Call, Sept. 26, 1892.


“Who knows not that Truth is strong, next to the Almighty ?"

-John Milton.

TVJITH strongest, brightest sunshine come

W deepest shadows ever! Are there no shadows seen or known in your much-loved Hawaii?

"Is it all rainbow, rich skies of fairest white and truest blue? Is naught engendered there but kindest brotherly love, the help of true, unselfish friendship, unwearied and untiring Christian charity-in the Church, in affairs of State, in home and social life? Is all as fair within as nature is without ?

and grasping, wherein it would wrong and wound, yea, ruin his neighbor's work or home, or fame or fortune? Is there, I ask you, no deception, hypocrisy, unfairness, entire and wholesale lack of truth, to be known in this little kingdom by the sea.' Are there no masks worn, no hearts broken? Is shame, wickedness, crime a form never seen in home, nor shop, nor street ?"

What would you have me to say, my friend inquisitive, more than I have already written?

When a guest comes to see us, if we are well-to-do we lead them from the very door—we go to the carriage to greet and welcome to our home the friends we love. We take them through the vestibule and hall, however grand and splendid these may be, into the drawingroom, the dainty reception-room! We hasten to swing wide the doors of library, conservatory and ante-rooms for their more perfect freedom and enjoyment-we invite them soon to the heart of our home, our familytable—we offer to them our favorite and well-tried dishes; and we, virtually, insist that they shall, for the time of their stay, make our home their home, to all intents and purposes.

We strive to keep far out of sight-out of their minds at least the daily ordering of our house. We determine that they shall ride and drive, eat and drink, sleep and rest, and enjoy each day better than its fellow that preceded it!

mental cares and anxieties, even if we own such ; but, will gladly suggest a help or remedy for what they may choose to confide to us!

You say: “You know that there is a skeleton in every family! It is full-grown, perfect, white, shining, smooth and brittle, like to pipe-clay, somewhat!—kept locked up, always, in a closet of its own!” Mystery upon mystery!

Then I have never had the key handed me, or seen the door open; and I have often, in visiting, been up to the observatory or look-out!

To be frank, my questioner, as you describe the

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