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Great Britain. London-A. Hoffnung, Charge d'Affaires ; S. B. Francis Hoffnung,

Secretary of Legation. Manley Hopkins,Consul. Liverpool-Harold Janion, Consul. Bristol-Mark Whitwell, Consul. Hull-W. Moran, Consul. Newcastle on Tyne-E. Biesterfield, Consul. Falmouth-W. S. Broad, Consul. Dover (and the Cinque Ports)-Francis William Prescot, Consul. Cardiff and Swansea-H. Goldberg, Consul. Edinburgh and Leith-E. G. Buchanan, Consul. Glasgow-James Dunn, Consul. Dundee-J. G. Zoller, Consul. Dublin-R. Jas. Murphy, Vice Consul. Queenstown-George B. Dawson, Consul. Belfast-W. A. Ross, Consul.

British Colonies. Toronto, Ontario–J. Enoch Thompson, Consul General; Col. Geo.

A. Shaw, Vice Consul.
St. John, N. B.-Allan 0. Cruikshank, Consul.
Yarmouth, N. S.-Ed. F. Clements, Vice Consul.
Victoria, B. C.-R. P. Richet, Vice Consul.
Vancouver, B. C.-G. A. Fraser, Consul.
Sydney, N. S. W.-Ernest 0. Smith, Consul General.
Melbourne, Victoria-G. N. Oakley, Consul.
Brisbane, Queensland-Alex. B. Webster, Consul.
Hobart, Tasmania-Capt. Hon. Audley Coote, Consul.
Launceston, Tasmania-George Collins, Vice Consul.
Newcastle, N. S. W.-W. H. Moulton, Vice Consul.
Auckland, N. Z.-D. B. Cruikshank, Consul.
Dunedin, N. Z.-Henry Driver, Consul.
Hongkong, China-Hon. J. Johnstone Keswick, Acting Consul

Shanghai, China-Hon. J. Johnstone Keswick, Consul.

France and Colonies.
Paris--Alfred Houle, Charge d'Affaires and Consul General.
Marseilles-G. du Cayla, Consul.
Bordeaux-Ernest de Boissac, Consul.
Dijon-H. F. J. Vieilhomme, Consul.
Papeete, Tahiti-A, F. Bonet, Consul.

Barcelona-Enrique Minguez, Consul General.
Cadiz-J. Shaw, Consul.

Portugal and Colonies.
Lisbon-A. Fereira de Serpa, Consul General.
Oporto-Narcizo T. M. Ferro, Consul.
Madeira-J. Rodriguez, Consul.
St. Michaels–A. de S. Moreira, Consul.
Cape Vincent, Cape de Verde Islands-Clarimundo Martins, Vice

Rome-James Clinton Hooker, Consul General.

Amsterdam-D. H. Schmull, Consul General.
Dordrecht-P. J. Bouwman, Consul.

Japan. Tokio–R. W. Irwin, Minister Resident. Hiogo and Osaka-S. Endicott.

FOREIGN OFFICE NOTICE. “Her Majesty's Government having accepted the invitation of the United States of America to participate in the World's Columbian Exposition to be held in Chicago, in 1893, I have, by and with the consent of the Cabinet in council, appointed the gentlemen hereinafter named to act as Honorary Commissioners, to organize, and arrange for, an exhibit on behalf of Hawaii; they to act as such Commissioners until the Legislature of the Kingdom shall pass the necessary laws to provide for the representation of the Kingdom at such Exposition:

“His Excellency Hon. Samuel Parker, President, “Hon. John Adams Cummins, Vice-President.

“Hon. E. C. Macfarlane, Secretary.
“John A. Hassinger, Esq., Treasurer.

“For OAHU-Hon. John A. Cummins, Hon. Joseph B. Atherton and Hon. C. P. Iaukea.“

“FOR KAUAI-Hon. W. H. Rice, Hon. Paul P. Kanoa and Francis Gay.

“FOR MAUI-Hon. Henry P. Baldwin, Hon. William H. Cornwell and John Richardson.

“For HAWAII-Hon. F. S. Lyman, E. G. Hitchcock, Esq., and Hon. D. H. Nahinu.

“COMMISSIONERS AT LARGE-Hon. Sandford B. Dole, Hon. W. D. Alexander, Lorrin A. Thurston, Esq., Hon. Edward C. Macfarlane, John A. Hassinger, Esq., Albert Jaeger, Esq., B. F. Dillingham, Esq., W. 0. Smith, Esq., T. G. Thrum, Esq., C. Hedeman, Esq., W. G. Irwin, F. P. Hastings, John H. Paty, A. J. Cartwright, J. F. Hack feld, E. G. Hitchcock, A. Herbert, G. W. Smith, E. H. Bailey, S. M. Damon, C. A. Brown, H. F. Wichman, W. B. Oleson, M. M. Scott, W. T. Brigham, J. S. Emerson, R. Lishman, A. B. Lyons, C. J. Lyons, Walter Hill, G. Bertram, G. C. Beckley, John Ena, Thomas Flynn Walker, W. M. Giffard.


Minister of Foreign Affairs. "Foreign Office, Honolulu, November 14th.”

A PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT. “We, citizens and residents of the Hawaiian Islands, organized and acting for the public safety and the common good, hereby proclaim as follows:

“1. The Hawaiian Monarchical system of Government is hereby abrogated.

“2. A Provisional Government for the control and management of public affairs and the protection of the public peace is hereby established, to exist until

terms of union with the United States of America have been negotiated and agreed upon.

“3. Such Provisional Government shall consist of an Executive Council of four Members, who are hereby declared to be S. B. Dole, J. A. King, P. C. Jones, W. 0. Smith, who shall administer the Executive Departments of the Government, the first-named acting as President and Chairman of such Council and administering the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the others severally administering the Departments of Interior, Finance, and Attorney General, respectively, in the order in which they are above enumerated, according to existing Hawaiian laws as far as may be consistent with this proclamation; and also of an Advisory Council, which shall consist of fourteen members, who are hereby declared to be S. M. Damon, A. Brown, L. A. Thurston, J. F. Morgan, J. Emmeluth, H. Waterhouse, J. A. McCandless, E. D. Tenney, F. W. McChesney, F. Wilhelm, W. R. Castle, W. G. Ashley, W. C. Wilder, C. Bolte. Such Advisory Council shall have general legislative authority. Such Executive and Advisory Councils shall, acting jointly, have power to remove any member of either Council, and to fill such, or any other vacancy.

“4. All officers under the existing Government are hereby requested to continue to exercise their functions and perform the duties of their respective offices, with the exception of the following named persons: Queen Liliuokalani, Charles B. Wilson, Marshal; Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs; W. H.


Cornwell, Minister of Finance; John F. Colburn, Minister of the Interior; Arthur P. Peterson, Attorney General—who are hereby removed from office.

“5. All Hawaiian laws and Constitutional principles not inconsistent herewith shall continue in force until further order of the Executive and Advisory Councils. “ [Signed] HENRY E. COOPER, Chairman.

“C. BOLTE, .
“ Wm. O. SMITH,

Committee of Safety. “Honolulu, H. I., January 17, 1893."

The following orders were issued :


“[Order No. 1.] “ All persons favorable to the Provisional Govern

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