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society, always helping in the most gracious manner to dispense the bountiful hospitality of her parents. She was a constant worshiper at St. Andrew's Cathedral, and was ever ready to assist in any good work. The deepest sympathy of the Church will go out to the bereaved family for the loss of so aimable and accomplished a member.- Anglican Church Chronicle.

“I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, From henceforth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord: even so, saith the Spirit; for they rest from their labors.(The Revelation of St. John the Divine.)


This School is under the personal supervision of the Bishop.

The positions which many of the old boys now occupy testify to the soundness of the training which this school has been giving for nearly eighteen years.

The School is healthily situated in the Nuuanu Valley, a mile from the city, and has over two acres of playground.

All that can conduce to the health of growing boys and keep them in vigor of mind and body is carefully attended to.

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. . Select Primary School ...


Careful instruction and training in deportment. Refers to many wellknown residents of Honolulu who have had children in the School.

Family Boarding School....., ..... for Hawaiian Girls,


Conducted by Rev. S. H. Davis and Mrs. Davis.

A large and well-ventilated dormitory has been added to this School and we are now prepared to receive applications for admission of at least twelve more girls as boarders.

The climate of Kona is well known to be the best in the Islands for affec. tions of the lungs. Mrs. Davis, who is an experienced nurse, would give especial care to children having a tendency to these complaints.

The grounds about the School are large and well kept, giving facilities for healthful recreation.

The School provides a pleasant home, in which girls receive a sound English education, with thorough training in household duties—careful attention being paid to their health and formation of character.

Terms-Board and tuition: $100 per annum; washing (unless otherwise provided for), $25; music, $20;-all quarterly in advance. Children under ten years of age are admitted at $50 per annum, as they are entitled to a grant from the Board of Education. - Applications to be made to Rev. S. H. Davis, Christ Church Parsonage, Kealakekua, South Kona, Hawaii.

Contributions of ...

• Used Hawaiian Stamps .


Endowment of Christ Church, South Kona, Hawaii.

NOTE.-Stamps tied up in parcels (not sealed) will come through the post for one cent per ounce. Please send the stamps with portions of the envelopes attached, as in attempting to remove them they are often torn and useless; and when cutting them out do not remove the perforations. Parcels of stamps are acknowledged by postal.card.

S. H. DAVIS, Kealakekua, South Kona, Hawaii.

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