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Cóxclujum of the Diet of Retifion, 011.3 .

256 Declaration of the princijal Imperial Commiffury, to the Ambassadors, San

of the Holy Roman Empire, Nov. 19 Letter frun Coint, Cobenza', to Count stadion, the Imperial Minister at Berlin, 0.7. 14 .

. Nate of Court Hougaritz to Count Stadion, 027. 26

. 200 Treaty of Peace between the French Republic and the Emperor of all : Rusias, Oct. 8

291 Preliminary Articles of Peace between the Frencb Republic and ibe Ottoman Porie, Ült.g .

, 292 Treaty of Peace between the French Republic and the Kingdom of Portugal, Sept. 29 .

.. 24 Treaty of Peace betzucen the French Republic and the King of the two Sicilies, March 28

295 Treaty of Peace leta.etn the Freuch Republic and the Elfior Palaiini

Battia, s.rg. 24 . Triaty leuruenike i rashkil lic und Spain, Marck 21 . 299 Freaty bei vrea tht trerick Pepekat Regency of. Aigiers; Dec. 17 300 Conuntien buiten ilu Frech Günt rrent and the Pure Pius VII. and in Requeriens of itc Gaill an Church, Sat. 10

• 302 Circular 1ste, caineledte 111. Edirn, to the French Bishop's reiding it

Essland, S.34.16 . . . . . . 307 The Poit's briifi bug. 15

. 308 31. Erskine's second Littür to the French Br":985 refirting in England, Sept. 221 .


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Letter by the thirteen i'cach Pipojis, resident in Londca, to ibe Pepe, ries of the Republic, srojenia in the Legislative Bodiy as pers,

... 313


Ticv. 23 . Consitution of the Batavien People Broclamativt of the Executive Direciory of the Batavian Republic, Sept. 14 :

. . 324 Proclumotion of the nizu Baiavian Continentiert, ly the Batavian Dircecry,

087. 16 . . Memorial, trarruimtedly the Stetholder, to Lord Hawkfury, previous to the

Depuiriure oj bis Serem +1 13011 inimin Couri, Oct. 13 330 Letter from the Startorcker to ai 10bers of the former Government, . Dec. 25

· · Articles of the noze Holzsti: commotion Puc. 23


ibid.' Decree of the Ancient Lesbiene is 01.25 better written by the Deparies of onde fall Co.7:10us to the Firft Comments Nov. I . .

. . . 333 Proces verbal of the tokivi er of te Sovereignty of Tusiany, maid ra the Name of bis Mirifiile din of Etranzia, cing: 4

..334 Proclamation publik, is at I'lurence procivers to the Coronation of the king of Eiri, 7 /y 26 .

336 I etter from the King of Etruria to the King of Pruja, Ang. 27 ibé. Aniwer of the king of Purulia .

• 337

... pic. 29



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Vreaty bttivccnRujia and Snxeden, /Ipril I I

Note presented by Lou>it Kalitibest, at i'aiis, to M. Talleyrand

Second Note, May 1 ...

^injkuer by the Firjf Consul

Circular Letter sent by t ;e Ruffian Government to all its diploma:ic

rcj]e;ii'ig the FrtucbRipub.i:, June 19 The listrejpe3ing the Batavian R.-puilic Declaration es the Emperor of Rujjia relative to Britijb Property 1

qiu/'tration, June 5
Ruffian Ukase for the Union of Georgia iuith Russia, Feb. 7
Edict os the King osNaples, Feb. iS

Proclamation of the King of Spain against Portugal, Feb. 27
Proclamation by the Portuguese Government, April 26
Irca'.'i bet-ween Spain ami. Portugal, Aug. 3 .

Proclamation issued at I.sbon, July to

Address to the American Congres, by the President, March 9
M..ssjgefrom the President to both Houses of Congress, December 8 35+

Letter from Toussaint Lou-vert ure to the first Consul, February 12 360

The like, July 16 . . ... 361

Proclamation by Toussaint Louverture, July 8 . . .362

Manifesto os tee Magistrates nominated by the First Consul to constitute the Government of Gaudaloupe, December 3 . . . 363

Proclam. tion at St. Domingo, by Tcujjuint Lowverture, November 25 365 Proclamation cs the First Consul to the Inhabitants of St. Domingo, November 8 - ... 371 Later from the First Consul to Torssaint Lowverture, Novembers 372' Public Edict addressed by the Hoppo, or Receiver General es the Customs at' Canton, for the Information cs the Mercbunts appointed to trade tvitb Foreign Nations . . . . -374


A Tribute to the Memory of Gilbert Waiefield, by Dr. Aiiia . 377

Anecdotes of Mr. Robert Bage, by Mr, Lat ton . . jtfj

Character of J. Caspar Lavaur, byProsessor Mciners . . 38S

Memoirs of Mrs. Chapcne, by Mrs. Barbauld . . 390

Of the Public Accommodations at St. Peterjbwrg . . 391

Anecdotes of Frederick Hrilliam, King of Prustia, by M. Segur . 394.

Character of Charlemagne \ from Ranzcns history of France . 39^

Character of the Female Inhabitants of Mauritius ; from Viscount de Vaux's List cry of that Island . . . -397

Interesting Anecdote of M. Greville de Forval, and a Princess of Madagascar ; jnm the same . . . 398 Sierco of tb. Jjfe of Bryan Edward.*, Esq. M. P. by himself. 400 A-count of Mr. Lou;ten's Manufactory at Soho, near birir.ixgham; Jrem Slaw's History of Stajfordjkiie . . 402


'ChareSer of the Irijb; fromCooper's- Letters on that- Mrtjc*'-? ... •. >40fv
Antidote! of the Emperor Paid of Russia; from the Secret Memoirs of that
Court . .... .416

ParaM befwttn Paul and his Father; from tht fame , ■ . 429

Portraits of the Grand Dukes Alexander and Constantino ; from tbofamt 432

- Al


Account as the Discovery of Silver, in Herland Copper Mint, by the Rev.

Malacbi Hitcbins ; from the Philosophical Transactions .. . 43$'

General Remarks on the Eruption of a Volcano ;from the French of Ordinaire'*

history of Volcanoes . •■. ..- >i 437

Account of the Submarivt Volcanoes of Santorin and the Azores; fr»m the

fame .. , . . . .437

Account of. the remarkable Instincl of a Bird, called th; Nisoe Killer, by Mr.

John Hickeiualder ; from the American Philosophical Transactions 441

Account of the Bat of the Mauritius; from the Vifcotmt dt Vault's Account

cf that lstand . . . ^ . 443

Account of the principal Rivers of Devon/hire ; from Striae's Account of the

Rivers of Great Britain . . . ib.

Excursions to the Summit of the Sqgar Loaf and Skyrrid j front Mr. Coxc*!

History of Manmeutbjbirt . . . 446


list of Patents for nrw Inventions, granted during the Tear I So I 451

Account of Experiments in cultivating Rice, by the Right Honourable Sir
Joseph Banks : from the Communications to the Board of Agriculture 45^

Account of a neiv Eudiometer, by Mr. Davy ; from the Journals of the Ro) al
Institution cf Great Britain . . . 461

Account of a Method 0/ generating feast, J>y the Rev. William Mason;
from the Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manu-
factures, and Commerce . . . 46 J

Observations on the Means of increasing the Quantities cf Heat obtained in
the Combustion of Fuel, by Count Rumford; from the Journals cf the Royal
Institution of Great Britain . . . • 467

Experiments upon Magnetism, by the Rev. James Maddifon ;front tht Traits^
ed ions of tht American Philosophical Society . .■ 47*> ^

Experiment in making Hay, by Mr. Arthur foung } front tht Annals of Agri-
culture . . . . v 475a-



Description of Richborougb-Casile; from Pennant's Journey to the 1st* tf
Wight . . . . . . '474


Account os an Entertainmtnt given by the Society rf Jjncoln's Inn U C hartsf II. eued bit Court; from inland's Historical Account cf the him of Court and Chancery . . . 475

General Observation on tbc Per/epoJita.: Characters, nt.itb a Defripticu Of

Jome Brickt lately font to Europe from the Scite- f undent Bmyt.n; by J.

Hager . . -477

Account of an ancient Monument at Vienne • . 4S0

Reajcni ivhy tte County of Hurry Jbouldmt li chargei vcilh any great Nnuier of Horses. Extranet, from a Volume of01 igiial Letters andState Pc/Jere •written in the Reign oj Eliza/eth .... 4.86

AW' of Pictures taken by Lard Orford at H'oburn Abbey; mt inserted in bis (Perks. ibid.

Acceunt of Dearths and Famine. From a scarce and curioni Pamphlee, entitled, "Artachth.s; er, Anew Booke deciding tbc A'jsft cr thei^btof Bread by Troy aud A verdupois Weight, ana cc tattling aii/ert Qr<>c<1 and Articles made and set forth by the Lords and others cf bts Majesties oust benbli Prime Council!. ±to Primed by R. tiijbof aud E avara Grijpiu, eiitd are to be fold at tbt Stationer* Shops,or at the Chamber ot Job* Jieaketbam, the Composer, in Siinmcns Inn, in Chancerie Lane." . 4^$


On the indelible CbaraScr of the Priesthood. From CampbelPs Le.lttres en Ecclesiastical History. . . . .502

Letter of the late Dr. Goldsmith, <when about Ticenty-fve Tears eld, to m young Gentleman wh<m he had for a Jhort Time mjlrncied in different Btanthe 1 of Learning. . '. . . . 503

Original Litter Dr. Samuel Johnson. Not published in his Workt, or *mny Life of bins. . . • . 5c6

Letter /root a Repentant Highwayman to a Lady whom he bad robbed. 508

Female Har.dicraftswsmcn. . . . , 5ca


Ode for the New Tear; by H. J. Pxc Ejq. Poet Laureat. . 513

Ode for his Majesty's Birthday, 180 J. By the fame. . . $14

Epitaph on Mr '/. A. Hamilton, in the Chunh-jard cf Newport Pognci.

By the late William Cowper, Esq. . . . 516

Prologue. By a Gentlemen of Leicester. On opening the Theatre, as Sydney,

Botany Bay, to be Jpcken by the celebrated Mr. Barrington. . ibid

Lines written upon feting the unclaimid C.rpfe cf a Suicide exposed on the Bank

of a River. By Tlioinus Campbell, Esq. Autvor cf " The Pleasures of

Hope." . . . . -517

Sonnet, by R. B. Sheridan . . . , . 518

The Sorrows of Switzerland. From Jacobinism, a Poem . ibid.


Account of Books for 1801.

Ægyptiaca: or, Observations on certain Antiquities of Egypt. In Two tarts.

Part I. The Hijhry of Parity's Pillar elucidated. Part II At/clla-

tij's Account of'the Antiquities of Egypt, •■written in A ethic, A. D. 1203.

Translated into English, ar..; illtiftratel with hete>. Bis While, D D.

Protejcr cs Arabic in the University osOx,'ord. Part. I Oxford,! JiOl. 5:7

The Poetical Works of John Milton. By the Rev. Hemy J ;hn TcJd, M. A. 534

An Auount cf Travels into the Inter: or of Southern Africa, in the Tear 17 97

and 1798 .' including misery Observations on the Geology and Geography of

t/be southern Part of that Continent •; the natural history of such O jcai as

occurred in the animal, vegetable, and mineral Kingdoms; andSketches of

the physic and moral Characters of the -various Tribes cf Inhabitants sur-

rounding the Settlement of the Cape ofQood Hope. To 'which is annexed m

Description of the present Stale, Population,, and Product os that extensive

Colony: ivilh a Map constructed entirely-from aclual Observations made in

the Course of the 7ravels. By John Barro-iv, late Secretary to the Earl

of Macartney, and Auditor-General of the public Accounts at the Cape of

Good Hope. . "... 537

Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, through the Continent tf

North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in the Years 1789 and

1793; ti-ith a Preliminary Account of the Rife, Progress, and Present

State of the Fur-Trade of that Country. Illustrated with Maps. By

Alexander Mackenzie, Esj. ^.to. 1801. . . . 545

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