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- jfrfyty Major-General Hutchinson-.—the Fr\neh drives, frdhiWiamdnsch
fa Cairo—From u-hence a Detachment marches against the Turkish Army
■near Rel'eh.—Bnl are repulsed.—Capture of a valuable French Convoy.-^
Capitulation of Cam.—A British Army arri-es in Egypt from India.—

■■ Capitulation of Alexandria.—Evacuation of Egypt by the French and the
English.—The Bey* seized atid sent to Constantinople.—Government by
Bashau-s eflablijhcd in Egypt. . • „ [2,S


tfrart Objeff of Buonaparte in the I Far with England.—The Colonization of

Egypt his favourite Project.—French Menaces of invading England.—

■-■ Sea Coafl of France divided into Six Maritime Prefectures.—b/scHs

produced by Threats of France throughout Great Britain.—Measures taken

Government for the Defence and Security of the British Isles.—General

- Disposition of the British Fleet —Naval Engagements in the Bay of A'ge-

tir'a<.—Daring Attempt frustrated.—But F/Sory finally obtained by a
British Squadron, under Sirjames Saumarez.—Vaiu glorying and frantic
Hopes of the'Ffettch. . • • . [242

C H A P. XV.

Operations of the Frer. h at land, as usual, more success ut//urn those at Sea.
—Combined Attack on Portugal, concerted betxceen France and Spam, m
trhich the Concurrence of Spain is not sincere, but Mended as a Measure far
the Prevention of greater Mischief—Portugal deserted by England—Mu-
tual Declarations of War betxceen Spain and Portugal.—Sham If ar; and
Peace between Portugal and Spain.—The Preliminaries Us that Pacification
refused to be acceded lo by the French Government.—French Army advances
through the Pyranees to the Porlnguese Frontier, and fit s doa-n before Al-
tneidt—The Portuguese Government alarmed, prepare seriously for self,
defence, but unable to raise an e/fecVve Army of sufficient Strength.-The
Portuguese Island of Maderia occupied by (he English.—Pacification Utu-een
France and Portugal. . , - I iS

Invasion of mtdm in jVU-bottomcd Boats.-By u-hom firjl Pfif^-s"
Folia, of Buonaparte in his Menaces of Invasian.-To *h,ch his boasted
Preparations rreninadequate.-Gallant Exploits of British Gun-boats aud
CrVzcrs.-French Ports blcckaded.-And Coasts infixed.-Yet French
Vessels of War steal from one Place to another, alongshore-Ihe,r great
pteofBendLms, Boulogne.-The French and English on the opposile
Sides of the Channel keep each other on the Alert.-The Iy War turned
by the English from offeupve to defensive.- French Freparalum jar Self-
Zlence-The War between France and Britain assumes an A,pert .xtremety
Zeresting.-The opposite Preparations of War seen from the opposite
cZf.-she Harbour-of Boulogne described.-French Encampments and
v"T' O o 2 bonifications.

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C | A P. XVII. Singlar Modify of the French, ajter the Repnile of the second stlack on

Bondone. -- dilindfor -- Condiderulairs inchining the french Gernmeni 10 P: :?,--füs of Trice.- Hiirist continued Preparuidons on knie Siste's ;oor II ar ahir u l Luz71 7.- Vigotiatin for Peac? - Brought Coor ..--Pielivaris o Piace announced in the horiekin Gazelle.-Eu...if ic J y at lies Intro Pulice, bith in Loudon und Puns, and çi! oiler Puri: of Fivice und Dritain.tery diferent Lomotions tvited ba this Er???m the Discuit oj the French Lyli/s.Their Coule de; cried by the lip Pouci in which ihny hud fill hitherto reposed fome Ilopes und Core ficence.--.

Nu Ilocs jorted to by the French: Einigrants. Their Situation defcriberi -Pejlections. - Prace between Fiance and the Olloman Porle-Bleen France and the E643 Palati: e of Butaria.- Between Francz and lindjalt.--- Dslren Great Diitain and Rullia, and acceded to by the other Northern Maritian Poucrs.--Contention belueen Buenaparte and the Pryn fo: the Rc e;'ablishment in France of the Catholic Religiot.Thi Conduct the Criigrant Bithops of France coniraj cd with that of the Compilutional Bizhups.-- drid will that of the English Clergy in the Heign oj llenry III.-Rijeciions.

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,CII A P. XVIII. Alteration of Political Poder betrecen D spotism and Democracy-General Plan

or Principles oi Duomaputi's Gorurument.-Iis privale Conduc? or De portu.ent. -- !Is Ripremation of the State of France', introiving i lummary Vieze in the Stüte of Europe, duwards the Conclufion i 1801. - Ådailinad Remarks out the Sinne di Eirpe. Agitations in Germany, Suitzaalud, and the French IT'evi Incies. ---Variorer eracusited by the Prudjians,- Tottering State of the Turhith Emira.--Insurrections in the raw liepublic of tie Seven Ljies.--General View of tre State of British India.


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London Gazette Extraordinary, April 15, 1801
London Geatte, April 21
London Gazette Exiraordinary, May 3
Landon Guzette, May 9 :
London Gazette Extraordinary, May 15 .
London Gazeta Extraordinary, 7470 5
London Gazette Extraordinary, July 15 .
London Gazette Extracrainary, July 21
London Gazette Extraorulinary, August 23 .
London Gazette Extraordinary, O Ei ober 2 2
London Gazette, November 14 .

. London Gazette, November 17 .


110 London Gazette, May 12 ..

112 Londor Gazette, June 2..

· 123 London Guzette, Angiuft i London Gizette Extrordinary, August 3

126 London Gazette, Auguft 8

129 An Account of all train, &c imported into Great Britain, letween oa 1, ... 1800, and October 1, 1801

. 135 Account of the Amount of Bank of England Notes in Circulation, from 25th of October, 1800

. 141 Account of the Net: Revenue of the Poft Office, from 1760 10 1800 i id. Account of the Total Produce of the Tinx u on Income for the itar er:ding the 5th of April, i891

· 142 Account of the actual estimated Expense of Cilleting the Tax upon Income for the I eors 1799 and 1800 ..

. ibid. Account of the Kett Produce of the permanent l'axe of Great Britain, for 1800 and 801

. 143 Account of Mercys alvanced for Public Services from ele Civil Lift (not being

Part of the orinary Exp n lture of the Civil i vjl) . · 144 Account of the Disribution of a Suing unitat ts 113 et vijfty to enable !im to

fulfil fach Engagements, and to ture jsem se jeni t's us the Exizincy of Affairs may require

.. ' . 145 Account of the leveral Sums of Aloney and carceret kv 17" of Loan or Sudjely

10 different Stairs, from the Commencement of regine Vur 146 Account of a!i fubfting Penj:ons parulle ut ihe Liony or

147 The like of all Penjins charged upon his Niajeily's civil Ejio irjomim for

Scotland General View of the findicial riffairs of Inc:a from the Budget opevied in Mr. Dundas in the House of Geninon., June 12, 18.

. 163 Average Price of II hear in each icar from 1595 10 Loo inclusive 107 Variations in the Prove of the Quartern Luuf wurde3 1801

103 Abstract of the "Populution of Englant and it'ares, taken in 1801 . 109 First Report of the Committee of the House of Commons relative to treafonable Practices in Great Britain and Irelunit .



Second Resort .. . . . . . 175

General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 1800 to December

1801 . . . . . . iti

Average Prices of Corn for the Tear 1801 . . . l%$

List of Ships taken from the Enemy during the War . . ibid.

Prias of Stock for the Tear 1801 . . . it J

Supplies granted by Parliament for the Year 1801 . . 184

Taxes imposed sn the Year 1801 . . \%\ Public Acts passed in the First Session of the First Parliament of the United

Kingdom . . . .196

MeteorologicalTable for l8oi . . . 20$


His Majesty's Speech on opening the Imperial Parliament, Feb. 2, 1801 20T Message to the Commons, Feb. 16 . . . 208

The like. May 14. . . . . 209

The like, June 3 . . . . . ibid.

The like. June 8 ..... ibid.

Communication read in the House of Lords, by the Chancellor, for proregieg

the present Session, July 2 . . . . ibid.

His Majesty s Speech on opening the Second Sejjion of the Imperial Parliamtl,

Oacber 29 . . . . , 210

Convention bet-ween Ruffia and the United Kingdom, June 5 .212

Separate, additional, and declaratory Articles thereto . 2 iS

Aei of Accession thereto by the King of Denmark . . .218

*The, like by the King of 'Sweden .... 220

Convention for the Evacuation of Egypt by the Frttnch Troops under Central

Be!hard . . . . .221

Additional Note thereto . . . . . . 22C

-.Preliminary Articles of Peace between his Britannic Majesty and the French . Rcfuhlic, October I .... 226

Declaration of the King of Denmark, relative to the Maritime Convention ..... . 229

.AUe from Lord Caryfort to the Prussian Minister of State . icid.

Substance of Lord Greni'ilie's Answer to the-Ruffian Minister the SuhjeJ of

Asa/la ..... 233

Order of Council for laying an Embargo on Ruffian, Danish, and Sx-edi/b

Ships . . . . . . ibid.

K,te prestnted by Lord Grenvitle to the Danish and Swedish Ministers on the

aio-ve Order of Council . . . .234

Answer of the Danijh Ambassador . . . 23J

rlnjnver of the Swedish Ambassador . . . 236

Note from Lord Caryssort to the Prussian Minister oj Stats . 237

Answer tf the P ruff: an Mi nisi er . . .239

Note from the Danish to the British Minister . . . 24.2

Anfwir .... . 243

Second Note and Answer . , ... ibid.

Note from the Swedish to the British Minister - . . 244

Second Reply of the Britijh Minister . . .' . 146

Proclamation publijhtd at Riga ". . . 247

Prcclamalicn of the Emperor Alexander on his Acceffion to the Throne of Russia ib. Mustan Imperial Ukaje, relative to the Order of Malta . . 248

Huyian Ukases of the Ernpfor Alexander . . . 248

Proclamation puhlijhed by the Senate of Hamburg, March 29 . 249

Ma/.ifejh of the landgrave of Hcffe . . . ibid.

King of Denmark's Ordinance for laying an Embargo on Englijh Ships .*><> Declaration of the King of PrnJJla to the Electoral College of Hamper ibid. Official Account cf the taking Pcjscffion rf (tamburg by the Danes 252

hotification puhlijhed at the Exchange of Hamburg, April 3 .253

Convention between the King cf Prujjia and the Regency of Hanover 254

letter of the College of Commerce at Copenhagen, to the Danijh Consuls in Scotland ..... 255

Ukases of the Ruffian Emperor Alexander, shortly after his Accession to the Throne . . . . . 256

Ruffian Imperial Declaration to Sir Hyde Parker, Admiral of the Britijh Fleet in the Baltic ..... ibid.

Substance cf the Declaration of the Ruffian Envoy to the Deputies of the ElecJor

of Hanover, April 27, 1801 . . . 257

Decree published by the King ef Sweden, May 20 . . ibid.

Order of Council for re-voking the Embargo upon Ruffian aud Dump Vessels,

June 4 ..... 258

Letter from Sir James Crawford to the Prince of' Hrffe, May 7 . 259

Declaration by tee Prince ofHesse to the Council of Hamburg, May 20 2( a Xcltfrom the Hanoverian Ministry le the Prujjian Counsellor Von Dohm, June 14 . . . ibid.

Correspondence of Mr. King, the American Minister, ivith LrJ Haveke/lury, March and April . . . ... 263

Correspondence betiueen M. Otto and the Transport-Board, rcjpecling the Capture of F'jhtrmi n en the Coast cf France, by the Englijh, Jan. Feb. and March . . . . . . 265

Treaty cf Peace eeichded at Luneville, betiveen the French Repullie and the

Emperor, and the G.rmanic Body, Feb. 9 . . . i;<>

Letter frem his Imperial Majesty to the EleSor\, Princes, and States of tht

Empire, Feb. 21 . . . .274

Ctuclufum of the Gen. ral Diet of the Empire, March 7 ..275

Decree of the In:ptri<*l Committee, March 10 . . 276

Cotuliifum decreed at Ratifhon, May I . . - . ibid.

Decree cf his Imperial Majesty relative to the above Cenclxfum, June 16. 277

,Qpcial .\otejrcm M. Von Doha to the Chapter of the bijbopric of Munfier,

Aug. i5' . . . -279

Dtchuation cf the Prujjian Ambassador, at Vienna, to the Ministers of the

Empire there . . . . . 118

Letter ofM. TalLyraed to Citizen Backer, French Charge d'Ajsaires ai the Diet tf Ratiston, Aug. 24 . . . . 2lS

Protest of the King of Prteffia against the Election of the Archduke Anthony to the Bijhopric of Munfier, Sept. 20 . . .232

Protest delivered in by the Electoral Chapter of Colonc, against tie Declaraeicht *■ ef Prujjia aud France, Sept. 28 . . . . ibid..


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