Description of the spar cave, lately discovered in the isle of Skye. To which is subjoined, The mermaid, a poem

T. Bryce, 1811 - 88 páginas

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Página 87 - Retain'd its vivid crimson hue, And each despairing accent fled, To find his gentle love so true. When seven long lonely months were gone, The Mermaid to his cavern came, No more misshapen from the zone, But like a maid of mortal frame. " O give to me that ruby ring, That on thy finger glances gay, And thou shalt hear the mermaid sing The song, thou lovest, of Colonsay.
Página 82 - tis the song of Colonsay." Like one that from a fearful dream Awakes, the morning light to view, And joys to see the purple beam, Yet fears to find the vision true, He heard that strain, so wildly sweet, Which bade his torpid languor fly ; He feared some spell had bound his feet, And hardly dared his limbs to try.
Página 85 - Though all the splendour of the sea Around thy faultless beauty shine, That heart, that riots wild and free, Can hold no sympathy with mine. These sparkling eyes, so wild and gay, They swim not in the light of love: The beauteous Maid of Colonsay, Her eyes are milder than the dove! Even now, within the lonely isle, Her eyes are dim with tears for me; And canst thou think that siren smile Can lure my soul to dwell with thee?
Página 84 - Then shall the summer sun, from far, Pour through the wave a softer ray ; While diamonds, in a bower of spar, At eve shall shed a brighter day. Nor stormy wind, nor wintry gale, That o'er the angry ocean sweep, Shall e'er our coral groves assail, Calm in the bosom of the deep. Through the green meads beneath the sea, Enamoured, we shall fondly stray — Then, gentle warrior, dwell with me, And leave the maid of Colonsay...
Página 77 - Crinan's shore, From Morven's wars the seamen brave Their gallant chieftain homeward bore. In youth's gay bloom, the brave Macphail Still blamed the lingering bark's delay ; For her he chid the flagging sail, The lovely maid of Colonsay.
Página 82 - This yellow sand, this sparry cave, Shall bend thy soul to beauty's sway ; Canst thou the maiden of the wave Compare to her of Colonsay ?' Roused by that voice of silver sound, From the paved floor he lightly sprung, And glancing wild his eyes around Where the fair nymph her tresses wrung, No form he saw of mortal mould ; It shone like ocean's snowy foam ; Her ringlets waved in living gold, Her mirror crystal, pearl her comb.
Página 84 - Though bright thy locks of glistering gold, Fair maiden of the foamy main ! Thy life-blood is the water cold, While mine beats high in every vein. " If I, beneath thy sparry cave, Should in thy snowy arms recline, Inconstant as the restless wave, My heart would grow as cold as thine.
Página 1 - Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air. Some village Hampden that with dauntless breast The little tyrant of his fields withstood, Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest, Some Cromwell guiltless of his country's blood. Th...
Página 86 - The shell-form'd lyres of ocean ring : And when the moon went down the sky, Still rose, in dreams, his native plain, And oft...
Página 77 - ON Jura's heath how sweetly swell The murmurs of the mountain bee, How softly mourns the writhed shell Of Jura's shore, its parent sea ! But softer, floating o'er the deep, The mermaid's sweet sea-soothing lay, That charmed the dancing waves to sleep, Before the bark of Colonsay.

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