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THE LION AND THE UNICORN. THE lion and the unicorn were fighting for the

crown, The lion beat the unicorn all round about the town; Some gave them white bread, and some gave them

brown, Some gave them plum cake, and sent them out of




THE lion and the unicorn

Fighting for the crown;
Off came the little dog,

And knocked them both down.

Some got white bread,

And some got brown,
But the lion beat the unicorn

Round about the town.

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OUR wean 's the most wonderfu' wean e'er I saw;
It would tak’ me a long summer day to tell a'
His pranks, frae the morning till night shuts his e'e
When he sleeps like a peerie, 'tween father and me.
For in his quiet turns siccan questions he'll speir :
How the moon can stick up in the sky that's sae

clear ? What gars the wind blaw ? and whar frae comes

the rain ? He's a perfect divert—he's a wonderfu' wean!

Or who was the first bodie's father ? and wha
Made the very first snaw-shower that ever did fa’?
And who made the first bird that sang on a tree?
And the water that sooms a'the ships in the sea ?—
But after I've told him as well as I ken,
Again he begins wi' his who ? and his when ?
And he looks aye sae watchfu' the while I explain-
He's as auld as the hills—he's an auld-farrant wean.

And folk who ha'e skill o' the lumps on the head, Hint there's mair ways than toiling o' winning ane's

bread; How he'll be a rich man, and hae men to work for

him, Wi'a kyte like a baillie's shug shugging before him ; Wi' a face like the moon, sober, sonsy, and douce, And a back, for its breadth, like the side o' a house. 'Tweel I'm unco ta’en up wi't, they mak a' sae

plainHe's just a town's talk-he's a by-ord’nar wean! I ne'er can forget sic a laugh as I gat, To see him put on father's waistcoat and hat : Then the lang-leggit boots gaed sae far ower his


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