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Children's Books-Continued. Half-Crown Library. 160 pp., extra fcap. 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth

gilt, with Illustrations and Ornamental Chapter Heads. Labour Stands on Stories of the olden | Love and Life in Nor

Golden Feet. A Holi- Time. Selected and ar- way. By BJORNSTJERNE day Story, for Sensible Ap- ranged by M. JONES, Au- BJORNSEN. Translated from prentices, Journeymen, and thor of “The Story of Cap- the Norwegian by the Hon. Masters. Translated from tain Cook," &c.

AUGUSTA BETHELL and A. the German of HEINRICH One Trip More, and other PLESNER. ZSCHOKKE, by Dr. JOHN Stories. By the Author of Truly Noble: A Story. By YEATS. “Mary Powell.”

Madar D CHATELAIN. The Fishing Girl. By Autobiographies of a The Microscope, and

BJORNSTJERNE BJORNSEN. Lump of Coal, Source of the WonTranslated from the Nor- Grain of Salt, &c.' By ders it Reveals. With wegian by F. RICHARDSON ANNIE CAREY.

With up

Illustrations, and A. PLESNER. The Children's Library. A Series of Volumes specially prepared for

Children. Beautifully Illustrated, and handsomely bound in cloth gilt, 224 pp., super-royal 16mo, uniform in size and price. The Children's Sun- Peggy, and other On a Coral Reef : A Sea

day Album. By the Tales'; including The Story for Boys. By ARTHUR Author of "A

Trap to Catch HISTORY OF A THREEPENNY Locker. Cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. a Sunbeam."

Bir and THE STORY OF A Drawing-Room Plays. wards of 100 Engravings. SOVEREIGN. By the Author

Gilt edges, 3s. 6d. A Companion Volume to of “Misunderstood.” 35.6d. Orocker the Clown: A “The Children's Album,” | Cloudland and Sha- Tale for Boys. By B. by UNCLE JOHN. Cloth dowland; or, Rambles

CLARKE, 35. 6d. gilt, 3s. 6d.

into Fairy Land with Uncle Playing Trades. By The Story of Robin White Cloud.

HERACLITUS GREY, AuHood. Illustrated with The Queen of the Tour.

thor of “King Gab," &c. Eight Plates printed in Co- nament, and Butter

With Sixteen Coloured lours. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

fly Ball at Maperley Plates from Designs by J. The True Robinson Hall. By the Author of

BARFOOT. Crusoes. A Series of

“Mince-Pie Island.” 3s. 6d. Stirring Adventures. Edited Lily and Nannie at Will Adams : The Ad

School : by Chas. RUSSELL Cloth

A Story for

ventures of the First Eng

lishman in Japan.
gilt, 3s. 6d.
By the Author of

By “The Little Warringtons.”

William Dalton. 35. 6d. Off to Sea. By W. H. G.

Working Women of KINGSTON. With Eight King

Gab's Ştory Bas;

this Century. : The Coloured Plates by KRON

and the Wondrous Tales it Lesson of their Lives. By Cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

contained. HERACLI- CLARA LUCAS BALFOUR. Old Burchell's Pocket:

With Eight

436 pp. 35. 6d.
A Book for the Young Folks. Plates by WALTER CRANE. Hours of Sunshine: A

Series of Poems for ChilThe Children's Album. The Magic of Kind. dren. By MATTHIAS BARR, Containing Coloured Fron

ness ; or, The Wondrous Author of “Little Willie," tispiece and nearly 200 En- Story of the Good Huan. &c. With Sixteen Coloured gravings, with Short Stories By the BROTHERS MAY

Plates from Designs by by UNCLE John. With seve- HEW. With Eight Plates

OSCAR PLETSCH. 35. 6d. ral Pieces of Music. Twenty- by WALTER CRANE. Cloth Famous Regiments of ninth Thousand. 35. 6d. gilt, 3s. 6d.

the British Army. By Mince-Pie Island : A The Angel of the Ice- WILLIAM H. DAVENPORT Christmas Story for Young berg. And other Stories. ADAMS. 320 pp. Four IlReaders. By R. ST. JOHN By JOHN TODD, D.D.(New lustrations and Coloured CORBET. 35. 6d. Edition.) 35. 6d.

Frontispiece. 35. 6d.

35. 6d.

35. 6d.

35. 6d.


35. 6d.




38. 6d.

Children's Books-Continued. The Children's Library (continuea). ONE SYLLABLE SERIES. | Esop's Fables, in Words Picture Teaching for

of One Syllable. With Eight Young and old : A Uniform with the Children's Illustrations printed in Co- Series of Object Lessons Library.

lours by KRONHEIM. 35. 6d. Progressively Arranged, so Sandford and Merton,

The Swiss Family Ro- as to teach the meaning of in Words of One Syllable. binson, in Words of One

every term employed. With With Eight Illustrations Syllable.' By the Author of

more than 200 Illustrations. printed in Colours by KRON

The Boy's First Reader." Cloth, 3s. 6d.

HEIM. 35. od.

Eight Coloured

tions from Designs by GRI- Picture Natural HisReynard the Fox; the

SET, CRANE, &c. 38. 6d. tory: A Series of Plates Rare Romance of, and Evenings at Home, in

numbering upwards of 600, the Shifts of his Son Rey- Words of One Syllable. By

in which the Animal, Vege nardine, In Words of One

the Author of "The Chil- table, and Mineral King. Syllable. By SAMUEL PHILdren's Album.” Eight Co

doms are classified in FamiLIPS DAY. With Eight loured Illustrations from

lies. With Descriptive Coloured Illustrations by the Designs of DoWNARD,

Letterpress. Edited by the
KRONXEIM, from Designs
BAYES, &c. 35. 6d.

Rev. C. BOUTELL, M.A. by ERNEST GRISET. 35. 6d.

Cloth, 3s. 6d. The Pilgrim's Pro- PICTURE TEACHING The Happy Nursery. gress. Written in Words

SERIES. of One Syllable by S. PHIL


Containing Designs for
DAY. With Eight Scraps of Knowledge.
Coloured Illustrations by

Toys, New Games, &c.
Profusely Illustrated. Cloth, Cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.
KRONHEIM. 35. 6d.
Five Shilling Books.

Little Songs for Me to The Story of Don son. New Edition, comSing. Now Edition. Il- Quixote. By CLARA MA


Cloth plain, 55. ; lustrated by J. E. MILLAIS, TEAUX. Re-narrated in a full gilt, 6s. 6d. R.A.; with Music composed familiar manner, especially Home Chat with our expressly for the Work by adapted for Younger Read- Young Folks.

By HENRY LESLIE. Dedicated ers, and Illustrated with nu- CLARA MATÉAUX, Author to Her Royal Highness the merous Engravings. Fcap. of “The Story of Don PRINCESS OF Wales, by 4to.

Quixote.' With 200 IllusSpecial Permission. Robinson Crusoe, Life trations. A Voyage to the South and Adventures of. Old Friends and New Pole. A New Story. By New Edition. Cloth plain, Faces. Demy 4to, TwentyW. H. G. KINGSTON. Pro- 55. ; full gilt, 6s. 6d.

four Coloured Plates by fusely Illustrated.

Swiss Family Robin- KRONHEIM. 58. Six Shilling Books.

Esther West. By Isa CRAIG-Knox. | Peoples of the World. By BESSIE

With Twenty-four full-page Illustrations. 6s. PARKES-BELLOC. With about Fifty EnTheStoryof Captain Cook. ByM.JONES. gravings. Cloth gilt, 6s.

With about Fifty Engravings. Cloth gilt, 6s. Seven-and-Sixpenny Books,

Bright Thoughts for the Little Favourite Poems by Gifted Bards.

Ones. Twenty-seven Original Drawings Illustrated. Cloth gilt, 75. 6d.
by PROCTER. With Prose and Verse by Beauties of Poetry and Goms of

GRANDMAMMA. Cloth gilt, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.
The Ohild's Garland of Little

Art. With Thirty-two Illustrations. Cloth

gilt, 7s. 6d. Poems: Rhymes for Little People. With exquisite Illustrative Borders by Giaco-Jewels Gathered from Painter and Cloth gilt, 100 pp., fcap. 4to, 7s.6d.

Poet. Cloth gilt, gilt edges, 75. 6d.





Dictionaries. Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. With 600 Illustrations. One or Two

Volumes, 21s. ; bound in morocco, 40s. Biographical Dictionary, Cassell's. 1,160 pp., imperial 8vo. Illus.

trated with Portraits. Cloth, 21s.; half-morocco or calf, 35s. Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable; giving the Derivation,

Source, or Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words that have a

Tale to Tell. By the Rev. Dr. BREWER. Demy Svo, 1,000 pp., cloth, Cassell's Webster's Etymological Dictionary. 35. 6d. Dictionary of the English Language, A. 16th Edition. 35. 6d. French and English Dictionary. Crown 8vo, 956 pp., cloth,

IOS. 6d.

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German - English and English - German Pronouncing Dic.

tionary. Crown 8vo, cloth, 864 pp., 3s. 6d. Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. By J. R. BEARD,

D.D., and C. BEARD, B.A. Cloth, 914 PP., 35. 6d. Illustrated National Dictionary, The, on the basis of Webster. With

250 Engravings. Crown 16mo, Is. Dictionary of Derivations, The. By Professor SULLIVAN, LL.D.

IIth Edition.


Educational tworks. Algebra, Elements of. Paper covers, Is. ; cloth, is. 6d. Anatomical Atlas, The. Designed and Printed in Colours from Nature.

Royal folio, with Index, ios. 6d. Arithmetio.

Hudson's Arithmetic for School and Arithmetic for the Young. Cloth, is.

College Use. With a copious Collection Elementary Arithmetio. Simple of Exercises and Key. Is. 6d.

Rules. 4d. Key to Ditto, 3d. Wallace's Arithmetic. Cloth, Elementary Aritbmetio. Compound

Rules. 6d. Key to Ditto, 3d. Book-keeping, by Single and Double Entry. Is. Ruled Account Books to

Ditto, extra, Is. 6d. each Set.
Book-keeping for the Million. By THEODORE JONES. Cloth, 35.
Book-keeping for Schools. The English System. By THEODORE

JONES. 25.; cloth, 35.
Book-keeping for Schools, The Key to. 25. ; cloth, 3s.
Books for Jones's System, Ruled Sets of. 28.

IS. 6d.


educational Works—Continued. Brewer's Series of First Books. Price 6d. each. Reading and Spelling.


Bible History.
Common Things.

Facts and Discoveries. History of England.

French History.

Grecian History: Geography.


The History of Rome. Brewer's, The Young Tutor. First Series. Being the First Six Books

in this Šeries, bound in One Volume. Cloth, 3s. 6d. Brewer's, The Young Tutor. Second Series. Being the latter Six

Books in this Series, bound in One Volume. Cloth, 3s. 6d. Brewer's Guide to Every-day Knowledge. 284 pp., 2s. 6d. Cassell's Technical Manuals, for Joiners, Carpenters, Engineers,

Machinists, Millwrights, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Stonemasons, Tin-plate
Workers, Plumbers, and Artisans generally.
Linear Drawing. By Drawing for Machin-| Drawing for Carpen,
ELLIS A. DAVIDSON. With ists. By Ellis A. DaviD- ters and Joiners. By
150 Illustrations. 128 pp., SON. With over 200 Illus- ELLIS A. DAVIDSON. With
extra fcap. 8vo, cloth limp, trations


253 Illustrations and Drama Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 4s. 6d. ing Copics. 104 pp., extra Building Construction, Object Drawing. With fcap. 8vo, cloth, 35. 6d. the Elements of, and Archi- numerous Illustrations. Practical Perspective, tectural Drawing. By ELLIS Cloth.

By Ellis A. DAVIDSON. A. DAVIDSON. With 130 Systematic Drawing With 36 double-page Illus. Illustrations. Extra fcap. and Shading. By Chas. trations. go pp., cloth, 35. 8vo, 128 pp., cloth limp, Ryan, Head Master, Leam- Orthographic and (so.

ington School of Art. With metrical Projection. Linear Drawing and numerous Illustrations and By the same Author. With Projection. The Two Drawing Copies. 120 pp.,

40 whole-page Diagrams, Volumes in One. Cloth, extra fcap. 8vo, cloth limp, 128 pp., extra fcap. 8vo, lettered, 3s. 6d.

cloth limp, 25. Cassell's Elementary Atlas. 16 Coloured Maps. Fcap. 4to, 6d. Cassell's Preparatory Atlas. 16 Coloured Maps. Crown 4to, 6d. Cassell's First School Atlas. Coloured Maps. Crown 4to, is. Cassell's Handy Atlas. 24 Coloured Maps, and Index. Crown 8vo,

cloth, 2s. 6d. Cassell's Beginner's Atlas. 24 Coloured Maps, and Index. Crown 4to,

cloth, 2s. 6d. Cassell's Introductory Atlas. 18 Coloured Maps, and Index. Cloth,




35. 6d.

Cassell's Select Atlas. 23 Coloured Maps, and Index. Imperial 8vo,

cloth, 5s. Cassell's Comprehensive Atlas. 42 Coloured Maps, and Index. ios. 6do Chemistry. Specially adapted for the use of Self-Students. Cloth, 18. Chemistry, Elementary. By the Rev. H. MARTYN Hart. 290 pp.'

crown 8vo, cloth, 35. 6d.


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Educational walorks-Continued. Copy-Books for Schools, Cassell's. With Set Copies on every page.

Price ad. each. 1. Initiatory Exercises.

6. Text and Round.

11. Introduction to Ladies' 2 Letters and Combinations. 7. Round Hand.

Hand. 8. Round and Small Hands. 3. Short Words.

9. Small Hand.

12. Ladies' Hand. 4. Capitals.

10. Text, Round, and Small 13. Commercial Sentences. 5. Text Hand.


14. Figures.
* These Books are now very largely used in Schools, and have been described

as the cheapest and best ever published. Drawing Copies, Cassell's Sixpenny. Series A.. Floral and Vegetable Series D. Figure Drawing. Twelve

Forms. Twelve Parts, 6d. each.
Twelve Packets on Cardboard, is. each.

Parts, 6d. each. Twelve Packets On Series B. Model Drawing. Twelve

Cardboard, is, each.
Parts, 6d. each. Twelve Packets on Series E. Animal Drawing. Twelve

Cardboard, 1s. cach.
Series C. Landscape Drawing.

Parts, 6d. cach. Twelve Packets on
Twelve Parts, 6d. each. Twelve Packets Cardboard, is, each.

on Cardboard, is, each. The Drawing Copies, in 6d. Parts and is. Packets on Cardboard, may be had in separate Parts

or Packets; and each Series can be had complete in One Volume, cloth, price 7s. 6d. Drawing Copies.

Gregory's First Grade four Examples, on Card, Gregory's Outlines

Self-teaching Free- price is per Packet. En. from Flowers. Twelve hand Outline Draw- larged for blackboard, 2s. 6d. large Cards, in Packet, ing Examples.

per Packet. CHARLES GREGORY, Wol. Gregory's Outlines Gregory's Easy Drawverhampton (Master of the from Models used in mg Examples. Willenhall Literary Institu. Schools, on Twelve Cards, Twenty-four Cards in tion, &c.) In Two Packets, is.; and enlarged for black- Packet, is.; enlarged for each containing Twenty- board, 2s.

black-board, 28. 6d. Drawing-Copy Books, Cassell's Penny. The First Grade Series

comprises1. Right Line Forms.

4. Ornamental Forms. 2. Curved Line Forms.

5. Floral Forms, Fruit, &c. 3. Right Line and Curved Line 6. Groups of Objects.

Forms in Perspective. Each Penny Number consists of a Book of 14 Pages Fcap. quarto, half of the page being

occupied by the Drawing Copy, and the other half left blank, for the use of the Pupil to


IS 6d.

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draw upon.


English Grammar. By Professor SULLIVAN, LL.D. 85th Edition. Is. Etymology, a Manual of. By Professor SULLIVAN, LL.D. 3rd

Edition. iod. English Spelling and Reading Book. With upwards of 160 Illus

trations. Cloth, is. Euclid, Cassell's. Edited by Professor WALLACE, A.M., of the Glasgow

University. Is. ; cloth, is. 6d. Key to Ditto, 4d. French, Cassell's Lessons in. By Professor FASQUELLE. New Edition,

Revised and Improved by Professor DE LOLME.. Parts I. and II. in paper, each 25.; cloth, each 2s. 6d. Complete in One Volume, cloth, 4s. 6d.


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