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hopeless sorrow than the proud bitterness of disappointment. Her beauty was of that dark cast that Italy often produces. The deep glossy hair, the bright eyes, the warm sunny brown of the complexion, seemed as if they had been bathed from infancy in rays of the summer sun; and even the expression spoke of feelings as ardent as the climate, and passions as scorching as the skies. While as she entered, and her eye fell upon the two young beings of a distant land, that fate seemed to have placed in her power, evidently dear to each other, and now cut off from all the world beside, the light of purer thoughts shone upon her once more, and her face softened into a look of gentleness and pity.-"My brother wishes to speak to you, young gentleman,” said she, addressing Charles, and she did so with an elegance that spoke of better scenes and more polished society. “He bade me tell you, that if you would go down to him, he pledges his honour that you and your

subsided ? No, not in the least; I never loved but her, and you know me too well, to suppose I would quickly change. The variety of scene, the variety of incident through which I have passed since I saw her, have never for a moment banished her from my remembrance, and the only effect produced by the useless effort to forget her, has been to teach me its impossibility. You mention having seen her with lady Jane Evelyn, and say you cannot wonder at my admiration, and think her worthy of me! but, Malden, ami I worthy of her? I believe, in offering her my hand upon so short an acquaintańcé, I presumed too much upon my rank, my fortune, and the deference which it has generally procured me in society. I blinded my eyes, and would not see the indifference with which she regarded me; and yet Jane seems to have been equally deceived, for she very plainly expressed an opinion that Miss Stanhope was not unbiassed in my favour.”

“ Nonsense!"




* Mark it, for it is a tale that winds
Its subtile thread along the history's web
Of many that you love.”.

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The Flight. The staircase, without any landing-place, passage, or preliminary separation of the kind, entered at once into the apartment of the ground floor, coming down, as it were, through the ceiling, at the far side of the room, much upon the plan of the steps that lead from an English coachhouse into the lofts above, generally appropriated to the coachman and his family. Underneath this staircase was a door, which led into a chamber on the other side of the house, and opposite was placed the window which lighted the apartment, and


the door at which Charles had entered the dwelling.

The chief of the robbers was alone.-“ You trust me,” said he, as Charles descended, “and I will shew you that I return it. For your own sake, tell me truly, are you sure that the bills you have given on Bologna will be paid immediately ?” and he regarded the young Englishman with a look that seemed intended to pry into his inmost thoughts.

“ Certainly,” replied Charles calmly; “ without any doubt. May I ask what made you put that question now ?

" The reason I did so," said the robber, “ was, that you gave your promise for so large a sum in so careless a manner, that it excited a suspicion in my mind, that you did it to gain time to escape; should this have proved the case, my companions would soon have forgot all their kindness for you, and would have murdered you the moment they found that the ransom was not paid.”

“ I can

“ I cannot doubt that it will be paid;" answered Mr. Melville, “ for I have credit on the banker there to a much larger amount.”

“At a word,” said the robber, coming close to Charles, and speaking in subdued voice, " they are like tamed wild beasts, a slight thing will exasperate them any delay may prove fatal, and therefore, as a hint,” and he still farther lowered his voice, “ make your escape if you can. I cannot aid you ; but get my sister for your friend; she has a good heart, and would not willingly see blood shed;” and as he said this, he raised his finger, to intimate that he did not wish for a reply, and pointed to the stairs, by which Charles again returned to the room wbere he had left his cousin.

The robber's sister was pouring out a cup of wine for Mary as Charles entered the room. It did not indeed seem the pure Falernian ; but to Mary, who was

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