Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service


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Página 63 - No appropriations shall be made for purchase contract projects which have not been approved by resolutions adopted by the Committees on Public Works of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, within three years after the date of enactment of this Act.
Página 44 - I want to thank you, Mr. Chairman, and the members of the subcommittee for this opportunity to express my views on the very serious problem of crime in the schools.
Página 2 - A REPRESENTATIVE IN THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES FROM THE STATE OF ARIZONA Mr. UDALL. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I do not have a prepared oration with me this morning.
Página 39 - I may interrupt, and I am sure I speak for all the members of the committee — we will sadly miss you.
Página 359 - It is the general policy of the administration that the Federal Government will not start or carry on any commercial activity to provide a service or product for its own use if such product or service can be procured from private enterprise through ordinary business channels.
Página 3 - ... at 4 per centum per annum to December 31, 1947, and 3 per centum per annum thereafter, compounded on December 31 of each year, to the date of his relinquishment of office, shall be returned to him.
Página 7 - Such regulations may provide for the exclusion of employees on the basis of the nature and type of their employment or conditions pertaining thereto, such as, but not limited to, short-term appointments, seasonal or intermittent employment, and employment of like nature...
Página 309 - In a foreign country or countries during at least 510 full days in such period, amounts received from sources without the United States (except amounts paid by the United States or an agency thereof) If such amounts constitute earned Income (as defined In subsection (b) ) attributable to such period...
Página 1 - Scammon, is here to explain fully the purpose and need for this bill, and I am sure he will be glad to answer any questions which members of the subcommittee will wish to raise.
Página 7 - The Secretary shall take, compile, and publish censuses of manufactures, of mineral industries, and of other businesses, including the distributive trades, service establishments, and transportation (exclusive of means of transportation for which statistics are required by law to be filed with, and are compiled and published by, a designated regulatory body ) , in the year 1954 and every fifth year thereafter, and each such census shall relate to the year immediately preceding the taking thereof...

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