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Acre, wonders of an, 22.
Agricultural education, growth, 20–21.
Agricultural products, leading, 45–53.
Agricultural society, first American, 20.
Agricultural Wheel, organization, 22.
Agriculture, application of science, 15-24; effect of invention, 17-18; improve-

ment, 25–38.
Animal breeding, scientific, 35.
Animals, domestic, discussion, 39–49.
* Appleseed John,” stories of, 57–58.
Atwater, W. 0., and nutrition of plants, 35–36. -
Babcock, S. M., tests for butter fat in milk, 36.
Bacon, Francis, on the planting of gardens, 13.
Bacteria, plant, investigation, 32.
Bailey, L. H., and the science of farming, 35.
Bakers, rise of, 11.
Lanham, I. W., The little brown seed in the furrow, 23.
Bibliography, 70–73.
Bread making, history, 9-10, 12.
Brooks, Eugene C., History of cotton, 51–52; History of maize, 4849; Man and

nature, 7; The mysteries of mother earth, 15.
Browning, Robert, quotation from Pippa Passes, 68.
Bryant, W. C., quotation from, 69.
Burbank, Luther, and development of plants, 30-31; on children, 32.
Burroughs, John, quotation from, 69.
Canning clubs, work, 27.
Carlyle, Thomas, The sower's song, 13.
Carthage, wars with Rome, 8.
Cawein, Madison, Nature's song, 62.
Chorley, H, F., The oak, 62.
Columbia College, early provisions for agricultural education, 20.
Connecticut, early provision for agricultural education, 20.
Cooking, ancient knowledge, 9.
* Corn," definition of term, 45.
Corn clubs, work, 27.
Corn-planter, invention, 19.
Cotton, history, 51-53; gin, invention, 18–19.
Country boy's creed, 6.
Cow, value of, 41-42.
Craik, D. M., Green things growing, 23.
Cultivator, two-horse, use of, 19.
Deere, John, invention of steel plow, 19.
Department of Agriculture, foundation, 33.
Dickson, David, inventor of “ Dickson sweep," etc., 36.

Domestic animals, discussion, 39-44.
Emerson, R. W., We thank Thee, 66.
Farm labor, and machinery, 18.
Farmers, and preventive medical treatment of plants, 16–17; cooperation among,

Farmers' Alliance, organization, 21-22.
Farmers' Alliance and Cooperative Union of America, organization, 22.
Farmers' Union, organization, 22.
Field, Eugene, The bill of fare, 51.
Food, man's struggle for, 7-14.
Food plants, development, 16.
Food, struggle for, 8-9..
Forest fires, estimated loss by, 54.
Forests, study, 54-62.
Foss, S. W., The house by the wayside, 37.
Franklin, Benjamin, and study of the soil, 20.
General Education Board and improvements in agriculture, 27.
Grady, H. W., on cotton, 53.
Grangers, The, organization, 21.
Greece, skill of bakers, 11.
Greeks, colonization, 8.
Greeley, Horace, and agricultural education, 34.
Grover, E. O., The country boy's creed, 6.
Harvester, work of, 18.
Hayne, P. H., In the wheat field, 47.
Holmes, 0. W., The plowman, 12.
Hunting, G, F., Help one another.
Hussey, Obed, invention of reaper, 19.
Indian corn. See Maize.
Indians, wars with, 8.
Insect pests, ravages, 16–17.
Inventors, American, work for the farmer, 18-19.
Jackson, H. H., When all wild things lie down to sleep, 61-62.
Jefferson, Thomas, and study of the soil, 20; improvements in plow, 19.
Jeffries, Richard, quotation from, 69.
Jews, captivity in Egypt, 8; early knowledge of brend making, 11.
Joseph, interpretation of Pharaoh's dream, 11.
Kelley, 0. H., and National Grange, 21, 34.
Knapp, S. A., and improvements in agriculture, 26–29.
Krout, M, H., Little brown hands, 38.
Land-grant act (Morrill), 21, 32.
Landscape gardening, 56-57.
McCormick, Cyrus, invention of reaper, 19.
Maine, establishment of first practical school of agriculture, 20.
Maize, history, 48-49.
Man and nature, result of working in harmony, 7.
Mann, F. I., The farmer's creed, 66.
Manning, William, invention of mowing machine, 19.
Maryland, agricultural education, 20.
Mendel, Gregor, and the science of eugenics, 35.
Michigan, and agricultural education, 20.
Morrill, J. S., and the land-grant act, 32.
Morrill land-grant act, 21.

Morris, G. P., Woodman, spare that tree, 59-60.
Motherwell, William, verse on nature, 14.
Mowing machine, invention, 19.
National Grange, work, 34.
Newton, Isaac, and Agricultural Department, 33.
Pasteur, Louis, and plant bacteria, 32.
Payne, J. H., Home, sweet home, 64.
Patrons of Husbandry, organization, 34.
Peace, footpath, 6.
Pennsylvania, agricultural education, 20.
Plants, food, development, 16.
Plow, “ Dickson sweep,” 36; improvements made by Thomas Jefferson, 19; in-

vention of steel, 19; origin and evolution, 17–18.
Poems in praise of animals, 42-43.
Poems of nature, 12-14, 23–24, 36-38, 42-43, 47, 50–51, 58-69.
Pope, Alexander, Happy the man, 36-37.
Proctor, E, D., Republic's emblem, 50.
Rands, W. B., The wonderful world, 65.
Reaper, invention, 19.
Riley, J. W., A masque of the seasons, 66-67.
Romans, wars with Carthagenians, 8.
Rome, association of bakers, 11.
Rural public schools, agricultural education, 21.
Seeds, mystery of growth, 15.
Sheaf-binder, invention, 19.
Sicily, grain fields, 8.
Smith, S. F., My country, 'tis of thee, 63.
Stevenson, R. L., quotation from, 69.
Swift, Dean, quotation from, 68.
Tennyson, Alfred, verse on planting, 13.
Thackeray, W. M., quotation from, 69.
Thanksgiving, hymn, 50.
Trees, suggestions for planting, 57.
Van Dyke, Henry, The footpath to peace, 6.
Vegetables, ancient use, 10.
Venable, W. H., Forest song, 58–59.
Washington, George, and improvements in agriculture, 25-26; and study of the

soil, 20.
Whitney, Eli, invention of cotton gin, 18.
Wilson, James, Significant things every schoolboy should know, 33–34.
Wilson, James, work for agriculture, 33.
Walker, A. L., Work, for the night is coming, 64.
War, and economic pressure, 7-8.
Wheat, origin and distribution, 45-46; value, 47.
Woodworth, Samuel, The old oaken bucket, 63-64.
Wordsworth, William, After the rain, 14.

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