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XIV.—Superintendents Of Schools Fob The Deak.


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Talladega, Ala


Tucson, Ariz

Little Rock, Ark


Berkelev, Cal

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Hartford. Conn

Mystic, Conn

Washington, D.C



St. Augustine, Fla


Cave Spring, Ga


Gooding, Idaho

Jacksonville, 111

Indianapolis, bid

Council Bluffs, Iowa...

Olathe, Kans

Danville, Ky


Baton Rouge, La

Portland, lie

Frederick, Md

Overlea. Md

Beverlv, Mass

Northampton, Mass

Randolph, Mass

Flint, Mich

Faribault, Minn

Jackson, Miss


Fulton, Mo


Boulder, Mont

Omaha, Nebr

Trenton, N. J

Santa Fe, N. Mex

Albany, N. Y

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Alabama School for the Deaf

Alabama School for the Deaf (negro)

University of Arizona, Department for the Deaf.

Arkansaw Deaf-Mute Institute

Arkansas Deaf-Mute Institute (negro)

California Institution for the Deaf and the Blind.

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind

American School, at Hartford, tor the Deaf

Mystic Oral School for the Deaf

Columbia Institution for the Deaf

Gallaudet College for the Deaf1

Kendall School for the Deaf1

Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (negro).

Georgia School for the Deaf

Georgia School for the Deaf (negro)

Idaho State School for the Deaf and the Blind...

Illinois School for the Deaf

Indiana State School for the Deaf

Iowa School for the Deaf

Kansas School for the Deaf

Kentucky School for the Deaf

Kentucky School for the Deaf (negro)

Louisiana State School for the Deaf

Maine School for the Deaf

Man land School for the Deaf and Dumb

Maryland School for the Colored Blind and Deaf. New England Industrial School for Deaf Mute;.

Clarke School for the Deaf1

Boston School for the Deaf

Michigan School for the Deaf

Minnesota School for the Deaf

Institution for the Deaf and Dumb

Institution for the Deaf and Dumb (negro)

Missouri School for the Deaf

Missouri School for the Deaf (negro)

Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind

Nebraska School for the Deaf

New Jersey School for the Deaf

New Mexico Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb

Albany Home School for the Oral Instruction of the Deaf.

Le Couteulx St. Mary's Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.'

Northern New York Institution for Deaf Mutes.

Association for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.'

New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb.

Western New York Institution for Deaf Mutes..

Central New York Institution for Deaf Mules...

St. Joseph's Institute for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.2

North Carolina School for the Deaf and Dumb..

State School for the Blind and the Deaf (negro)..

North Dakota School for the Deaf

Ohio State School for the Deaf

Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Institute for Deaf. Blind, and Orphans (negro)...

Oregon School for Deaf Mutes

Home for tho Training in Speech of Deaf Children Before They Are of School Age.

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

De Paul Institute for Deaf Mutes1

Pennsylvania Oral School for the Deaf

Western Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of tho Deaf and Dumb.

Rhode Island Institute for the Deaf

South Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and the Blind.

South Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and the Blind (negro).

South Dakota School for the Deaf

Tennessee I leaf and Dumb School

Tennessee Deaf and Dumb School (negro)


J. H. Johnson, LL. D.

Henry C. White.
Isaac B. Gardner.

L. E. Milligan.
W. K. Areo.

Frank It. Wheeler, M. A.
Mrs. C. M. n.McGuigan.
Percival Hall, M. A.



A. H. Walker.

Weslev O. Connor.

W. E. Taylor, M. A.
Charles P. tlillett.
Rk-hard O. Johnson.
Henry W. Rothert.
C. E. White. M. A.
Augustus Rogers.

W. S. Holmes.
Eliralwth B. Taylor.
T. C. Forrester.
John F. Bledsoe.
Louise Upham.
Caroline A. Yale, L. If. D.
Michael J. Splaine.
Luther L. Wright.
James N. Tate. >-L. D.
J. R. Dobyns, LL. D.

J. Stuart Morrison.

n. J. Monzemcr, M. A.
Frank W. Booth.
John P. Walker.
W. O. Connor, Jr., M. A.
Mary McGuire.

Sister Mary Anne Burke.

Edward C. Rider.
Harris Taylor.

Enoch Henry Currier.

7.. F. Westervclt, LL. D.
E. A. Graver, M. A.
Hose A. Fagan.

K. McKay Goodwin.
John V.. Rav. M. A.
J. W. lllatlner. M. A.
J. W. Jones. M. A.
Frank Read, jr.
S. Douglas Russell.
E. S. Tillinghast.
Mary S. Garrett.

A. L. E. Crouter.

Sister Mary Cecilia.

Kate n. Fish.

Wm. N. But t, Ph. D.

Edwin 0. Hurd. M. A. N. F. Walker, LL. D.


Howard W. Simpson.
Thomas L. Moses.

1 Department of Columbia Institution for the Deaf.

'School is under private management, but receives State pupils.


XIV.—Superintendents Op Schools For The Deaf—Continued. 1.—STATE SCHOOLS—Continued.

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XV.—Superintendents Of Schools For The Feeble-minded. 1. -STATE SCHOOLS.


Eldridge, Cal. Ridge, Colo...

Lakeville, Conn..

Lincoln, 111

Fort Wayne, lnd. Glenwood, Iowa.. Winfleld, Kans.... Frankfort, Ky

West Pownal, Me.. Owings Mills, Md..

Waverley, Mass

Wrentham, Mass...

Lapeer, Mich

Faribault, Minn....

Marshall, Mo.

Boulder, Mont

Beatrice, Nebr

Laconia, N. H

Skillman, N. J

Name of institution.

Sonoma State Homo

State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives.

Connecticut School for Imbeciles 1

Lincoln Slate School and Colony

Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Youth

Iowa Institution for Feeble-Minded Children

State Home for Feeble-Minded

Kentucky Institution for Feeble-Minded Children.

Maine School for Feeble-Minded

Maryland Training School for Feeble-Minded

Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded

Wrentham State School

Michigan Home for Feeble-Minded and Epileptic

Minnesota School for Feeble-Minded and Colony for Epileptics.

Missouri Colony for Feeble-Minded and Epileptics.

Montana Training School for Backward Children. Nebraska Institution for Feeble-Minded Youth.. New Hamp-hire School for Feeble-Minded Children.

New Jersey State Village for Epileptics

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i Under private managment, but receives Stai« pupils.

XV.—Superintendents Of Schools For The Feeble-minded—Continued.

1—STATE SCHOOLS—Continued.

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Godfrey, III

Red Oak, Iowa.

Farmdale, Ky... Baltimore, Md

Amherst, Mass

Barre, Mass

East Orleans, Mass

Detroit, Mich.

Kalamazoo (Comstock

P. O.), Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich.

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Newburgh, N. Y

Saratoga Springs, N. Y..

Lansdowne, Pa

Philadelphia (4813 Warrington Ave.), Pa. Sharon Hill, Pa

Murfreeslwro, Tenn

Austin, Tex

Falls Church, Vs

Jefferson, Wis

lake Geneva, Wis. Watertown, Wis...

. "Beverly Farm" Home and School for Nervous I and Backward Children. . Powell School for Backward and Nervous Children.

.1 The Stewart Home and School

"Gelston Heights" Private School for FeebleMinded.

The Terrace Home School for Backward and

Nervous Children. "Elm Hill" Private Home and School for

Feeble-Minded. Ivy Lodge School for Backward and Delicate Girls.

Reed School for Nervous and Backward Children St. Anthony's School for Feeble-Minded and Backward Children. . Wilbur Home and School for the FeebleMinded.

.1 The Baker School

Emmans Asylum for Epileptics and FeebleMinded.

Miss Compton's School for Children of Retarded Mentality.

"The Larches" Educational Sanitarium for Mental Defectives.

Bancroft Training School

Seguin Physiological School for Children of Arrested Mental Development and Backward Children.

The Sycamore Farm Home School

Miss Oopeland's School /or Mentallv Defective

The Brookwood School for Nervous and Back-
ward Children.
The Biddle School for Nervous and Backward

Miss McGrew's School for Boys of Defective

Bristol-Nelson Physiological School for SubNormal Children.

Texas School for Defectives

Virginia Home and Training School for FeebleMinded and Epileptics.

The St. Colette, Institute

"Oak Leigh" Educational Sanitarium

Lutheran Home for Fceble-Minded

Wm. H. C. Smith, M. D.

Vclura E. Powell, M. D.

John P. Stewart, M. D.
Samuel J. Fort, M. D.

Mrs. Ellen C. Dresser.
Mrs. Frank A. Reed.

Mrs. S. P. Wilbur.

Laura B. Baker.

Rev. J. W. Frankenfeld.

Fanny A. Compton.

Mrs. Elise Gordon.

E. A. Farringlon, M. D.
Mrs. Elsie M. Seguin.

Susan E. Copeland.

Rachel W. Brewster.

Grace Biddle de Quelin.

Anna L. McGrew.

Cora Bristol-Nelson.

T. O.Maxwell, M. D.
Mattie Gundry.

Sisters of St. Francis AsslsL
Mary E. Pogue, M. D.
Louis Pingel.

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XVI.—Directors Of Schools Op Art. . (List furnished by the American Federation of Arts.)


Name of institution.

Director, otc.




Los Angeles


San Francisco


Santa Barbara







New Haven

















Iowa City


New Orleans



Boothbay Harbor







California School of Arts and Crafts (2119 Allston Way).

University of California, Department or Architecture.

Los Angeles School of Art and Design (6th and

Alvarado Sts.). University of South California, College of Fine

Arts (201 S. Ave. 66). California School of Design (affiliated with the

University of California). San Francisco Architectural Club (126 Post St.). State Norma! School of Manual Arts and Home


Fine Arts Academy of Denver (31 East 18th Ave.).

Students'School of Art (1311 Pearl St.)

Flaggy Night School of Drawing for Men (39 Pearl

Old Lyme Art Class

Yale School of the Fine Arts, Yale University

Norwich Free Academy

Arts and Crafts School (1711-1713 New York Ave.) Corcoran School of Art (17th St. and New York Ave.).

Art Institute of Chicago (Lake Front, opposite Adams St.).

Chicago Academy of Fine Arts (81 E. Madison St.).

School of Applied and Normal Art (310 Han-ester Building, 312 Michigan Ave.).

University of Chicago, School of Education, Department of Aesthetic and Industrial Education (Corner Kitnbark and 59th Sts.).

James Milliken University, School of Fine and Applied Arts.

Illinois Woman's College, Art School

Bradley Polytechnic Institute, School of Arts and Sciences.

University of Illinois, School of Architecture

Art School of the John TIcrron Art Institute (Pennsylvania and 16th Sts.).

College of Fine Arts, Department of (iraphic and Plastic Arts, State University of Iowa.

II. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, School of Art.

Tulane University, College of Technology

Commonwealth Art Colony, Summer School (32SummerSt.; Providence K. I.,lnwintcr).

Monhegan Summer School of Metal Work (University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., in winter).

The School of Fine Arts, L. D. Sweat Memorial (corner Spring and High Sts.).

Charcoal Club, Art School (N. E. Corner Howard

and Franklin Sts.). Maryland Institute, Schools of Art and Design

(Mt. Royal Ave. and Lanvalo St.). Pond Applied Art Studios (928 N. Charles St.)..

Frederick H. Meyer, director.

John Galen Howard,director.

L. E. Garden Macleod, direc tor.

William L. Judson, director.

Robert H. Fletcher, director.

Tobias Bearwold, director.
Ednah A. Rich, president.

Abigail Holman, director.
Henry Read, director.

Charles Noel Flagg, director.

Alon Bement, instructor.
W. S. Kendall, director.
Mrs. Guy Warner Eastman,

Eva R. Schroeder, director.
E. C. Messer, principal.

William M. R. French, di-
re ;tor.
Carl N. Werntz, director.
Emma M. Church, director

Walter Sargent, professor in charge.

Wm. M. Hekking, director.

Nellie A. Knopf, director. Theodore C. Burgess, director.

Fredrick M. Munn, director.

Harold H.Brown, director.

Charles Atherton Cumming, director.

Ellsworth Woodward, director.

C. N. Curtis, director, dept. of architecture.

Asa G. Randall, director.

William II. Vanuim, instructor.

Alfred H. SchroQ", director.

S. Edwin Whitemau, director.

Charles Yardley Turner, director. Thco. H. Pond, director.

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• Do









New Bedford

Province town

Vinyard Haven



Ami Arbor






St. Paul




Kansas City

St. Louis















American Institute of Normal Methods (Huntington Ave. and Gainsl>orough St.).

Eric PapeSchoolof Art (Massachusetts Ave. and Boylston St.).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture.

Massachusetts Normal Art School (corner Exeter and Newbury Sts.).

School of Fine Arts. Crafts, and Decorative Design (102 Fenway St.).

School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Huntington Ave.).

Harvard University, Department of Architecture (Robinson nail).

Harvard University, Department of Landscape Architecture.

Harvard University, Division of Fine Arts

Harvard University, Summer School of Fine Arts.

Bransto k Summer School of Art

State Norma] School

Swain Free School of Design

Cape Cod Summer School of Art

Martha's Vineyard Summer School of Art

School of the Worcester Art Museum (24 Highland St.).

University of Michigan, Department of Archt tectum.

Detroit School of Design (456 Jefferson Ave.)

Kalamazoo School of Art (Academy Building).

Handicraft Guild School of Design, Handicraft and Normal Art (89 S. Tenth St).

Minneapolis School of Art (Public Library Building)

St. Paul Institute of Art (The Auditorium, Fourth St.).

Bellliavcn Collegiate and Industrial Institute

Fine Arts Institute (Y. W. C. A. Building, 1020 McdeeSt.).

Washington University, St. Louis School of Fine Arts (Skinkcr Road and Lindell Boulevard).

University of Nebraska, School of Fine Arts

Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences (Weston Building, 9S7 Elm St.).

Fawcett Drawing School (S3 Academy St.)

Newark Technical School (3<>7 High St.)

School of Industrial Arts (West State and Willow SU.).

Albany School of Fine Arts (32 S. Swan St.)

New York State College of Clay Working and Ceramics.

Art School of the Albright Art Gallory (1110 Elmwood Ave.).

Chautauqua School of Arts and Crafts

Cornell University, College of Architecture.

Eric Pape, director.

Francis W. Chandler, director.

James Frederick nopkins, principal.

C. Howard Walker, principal.

Alice F. Brooks, manager.

H. Langford Warren, chairman.

James Slurgis Pray, chairman.

George nenry Chase, chairman.

Arthur Pope, director.

Theodore M. Dillawav, director.

n. A. Neyland, director. Charles AV. Hawthorne, director.

Arthur It. Freedlander, instructor, n. Stuart Michie, principal.

Prof. Emil Lorch, director.

George Theodore Hamilton,

director. Walter Collins, director.

Mary C. Scovel, principal.

Robert Koehler, director.

Lee Woodward Zeigler, director.

Miss L. E. Luitwielder, director art department.

Edmund H. Wuerpel, director.

Paul H. Crummann, director.

Jennie Younp, director art department.

Cephas I. Shirley, director. Charles A. Colton, director. Frank Forrest Frederick, director.

Edith Very, director.
Charles F. Bums, director.

Arietta Lolhrop, superintendent.

Henry Turner Bailey, director.

Clarence A. Martin, director.

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