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XVI.—Directors Op Schools Of Art—Continued.


Name of institution.

Director, etc.

New York—continued. New York City

Art Students' League ot New York (21 5 W. 57th
St., Borough ot Manhattan).

Do 1 Brooklyn Institute ol Arts aud Sciences (174

| Montague St., Borough of Brooklyn).

Do I Columbia University, Faculty of Fine Arts (W.

I 116th St., Borough of Manhattan).
. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science
I and Art (3d Ave. and 8th St., Borough of
I Manhattan).

.1 Ethical Culture School, Art Department (Cen-
tral Park West and «3d St.).
Independent School of Art (1947 Broadway, Bor-
ough of Manhattan).
Mechanics' Institute (20 West 44th St., Borough

of Manhattan).
National Academy of Design (109th St. and Am-
sterdam Ave., Borough of Manhattan).
New York School of Applied Design for Women
(160 Lexington Ave., Borough of Manhattan).
New York School of Fine and Applied Art (2237

Broadway, Borough of Manhattan).
Now York University Summer School, Art and
Manual Training Department (University
Heights, Borough of the Bronx).
Do | FrattInstitute (Ilverson St., near De Kalb Ave.,

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Borough of Brooklyn).
Sculpture Studio (159 E. 48th St.).

Do Society of Beaux-Arts Architects'(16 E. 33d St.,

Borough of Manhattan,.

Do Young Men'sChristian Association, Art Dcpart

I ment (318 W. 57th St..Boroughof Manhattan).

Do Young Women's Christian Association, Art De

I partmenl(7 E. l.">th St., Boroughof Manhattan)

Rochester Mechanics' Institute, Department of Applied

I and Fine Arts (Bevier Memorial Bldg., 55 Ply-
mouth Ave.).

Sarauac Lake Vdirondaek Summer Art School

Southampton, L. I i Southampton Summer School of Art

Syracuse 'SvracuseUniversit v. College of Fine Arts

Troy I Albany School of Fine Arts (14 1st St.)

Woodstock Art Students' League of New York, Summer

School (Winter address, 215 W. 57th St., New



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Charles Yetin, president.

Joseph H. Boston, instructor.

James R. Wheeler, dean.

Charles R. Richards, director.

Irene Weir, director.

Homer Boss, director.

Louis Rouillion, director.

George W. Maynard, director.

Ellen J. Pond, superintendent.

Frank Alvah Parsons, president.

James Parton Haney, director.

Walter Scott Perry, director.

Fred B. Clarke, secretary.
William Emerson,chairman.

Frank Alvah Parsons, in-
| Sophia A. Walker, director.

Frank von der Lancken, su-

J. Liberty Tadd, director.
Marshal T. Fry, instructor.
George A. Parker, dean.
Edith Very, director.
John F. Carlson, instructor.

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Chicago (523 Fine Arts Bldg.).

Chicago (Lincoln Center).


Do ..


Chicago (310-314 Harvester Bldg.). Chicago (110 South

Michigan Ave.). Ch (ago (430 South

Wabash Ave.). Chicago (328 Wabash

Ave.). Chicago (Auditorium




Chicago (2944 Michigan

Ave.). Chicago (2301 Prairie

Ave.). Chicago (330 East 22d


Chicago (42d St. and Grand Blvd.).

Chicago (20 North Ashland Blvd.).

Chicago (712 Fine Arts Bldg.).


Summer school or institution.

Chicago (SSth St. and

Monroe Ave.). Chicago (19 South La

Salle St.). Chicago

Do... De Kalb.

Florida Normal Institute

Southern College

A. and M. College Training School

for Teachers.' Teachers' Summer Training School

University of Georgia

Georgia School of Technology.

Mercer University

The Berry School

Emory College

Albion State Normal School

State Normal School

University of Idaho

State Academy Summer School

Southern Illinois State Normal University.

Eastern" Illinois State Normal School.

Anna Groff-Bryant Institute of Vocal Art.

Applied Arts Summer School (AtKiicson Man tier & Co.).

Armour Iitstituteof Technology

Art Institute

Chicago Normal College

Chicago School of Applied and Normal Art.

Chicago School of Civics and I'hilanlhrophy.

Chicago School of Physii-al Education and Expression.

Columbia School of Music

Director or

r»r or principal in 1913.

W. B. Cate

E. W. McMullen.. Nathan B. Young..

Edward Conradi...

Thos. J. Woofter.... A. B. Morton, M. A.

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G. A. Axline

Clarence L. Clarke...

Philip II. Soulen

Miles F. Reed, M. A .

II. W. Shryock

Livingston C. Lord. Anna Groll-Bryant. Florence IT. Fitch...

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July 15 June 15

July 14 Juno 9 June 17 June 23

II. M. Ravmond

Wn. M. ft. French.

W. B. Owen

Emma M. Church...

Graham Taylor

Cosmopolitan School of Music and Dramatic Art.

Gregg Summer School

Lewis Institute

National Kindergarten College

National Summer School of Music

(Ginn & Co.). New School of Methods in Public

School Music (American Book

Company). Physical Culture Training School...

School of Expression (Boston, Mass.).

Sherwood Mush- School

Mrs. Robert L. Parsons.

Clare Osborne Reed.. Mrs. W. S. Bracken..

John R. Gregg

George N. Carman.. Elizabeth Harrison .

Ada M. Fleming. I W. M. Morton....

University of Chicago, summer quarter.

University High School (University of Chicago).

Y. M. C. A. Summer School (Central department).

Y. M. C. A. Summer School (Division Street department).

Y. M. C. A. Summer School (Hyde Park department).

Northern Illinois State Normal School.

1 Negro school.

L. N. Zarfos

S.S.Curry, Ph. D.,
LL. D.

i/Georgia Kober

\Walter Keller

Harry Pratt Judson .

Franklin W. Johnson.

A. L. Ward

J. D. Ellis

John W. Cook..

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