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Do Yale University, Steinert Collection

New London New London Historical Society

Norwich Norwich Free Academy, Slater Memorial Mu


Storrs Connecticut Agricultural College

Waterbury Mattatuck Historical Society (119 W. Main St.).

A. L. Kroeber, curator.
Dr. Anthony Cichi, director.

Junius Henderson, curator.
Edward R. Warren, director
T. R. Henahen, director.
J. D. Figgins, director.
G. L. Cannon, curator.

G. L. Cannon, curator.
Mrs. Martha Shute, director

Jerome C. Smiley, curator.
Isaac A. Abbot, custodian.

W. L. Burnet, curator.

H. B. Patton, director.
L. A. Adams, director.

Frederick W. Carpenter, director.

Frank Butler Gay, director. Mrs. Emily N. Vanderpool, curator.

A. R. Crittenden, curator. William North Rice.director. Anna G. Rockwell, librarian.

Frederick Bostwick, curator. James W. Tourney, director.

A. E. Verrfll, curator.

George H. Laniettel, asst. curator.

Helen Marshall, curator.
G. H. Lamson, jr., curator.

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University of Idaho, Dept.

of Geology and

Illinois Wesleyan University, Powell Museum.

McLean County Historical Society

Blackburn College, Taylor Museum

Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Academy of Sciences (Lincoln Park)...

Do . I Chicago Historical Society (Dearborn Ave. and

Ontario St.).

Do I Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy,

Social Museum (35 Dearborn St.).
Do 'Field Museum of Natural History

Do University of Chicago, Educational Museum

Do University of Chicago, Haskell Oriental Museum.

Do University of Chicago, Walker Museum

Do Zoological Park

Decatur James Milliken University, Biological Museum..






Lake Forest..

Rock island.

Elgin Scientific Society

Evanston Historical Society

Northwestern University-Garret! Biblical Insti-
tute, Bennett Museum of Christian Archae-

Northwestern University College of Liberal Arts.

Swedish Historical Society of America

Knox College, Hurd Museum

Joliet Township High School

Lake Forest College

Northweslem College

Zoological Park

Augustana College

Illinois State Historical Library and Society

State Museum of Natural History

Whiteside County Historical Society

University of Illinois

Linda Palmer-Jones, secretary.

Maj. F. F. Russell, curator. Prof. Henry Hyvernat, director.

Frederick B. McGuire, direc-

Francis A. Tondorf, curator.
F. F. Russell, director.
R. E. Schuh, director.
Arthur Jeffrey Parsons,chief.
William H. Holmes, curator.

Charles D. Walcott, secretary.
Frank Baker, superintend-

John F. Baereckc, director.
Dowltt Nebb, president.

H. H. Stone, curalor.
William Harden, custodian.

William T. Brigham, director.

Charles A. Stewart, director.

Milo Custer, custodian.

Wm. M. R. French, director.

Frauk C. Baker, curator in charge.

Miss Caroline M. Mcllvaine, librarian.

Ruth G. Nichols, librarian and curator.

Frederick J. V. Skiff, direc-

I. B. Mevers, curator.
James Henry Breasted, di-

T. C. Chamlwrlin, director.

Thomas W. Galloway, curator.,

J. Seymour Currey, president. Alfred Emerson, acting director.

Dr. U. S. Giant, curalor.
H. V. Neal, curator.

L. M. Umbach, curator.
J. A. Udden, curator.

A. R. Crook, curator.
W. W. Davis, secretary.
Frank Smith, curator.

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XVIII. Iiirkctoks Of Muskums—Continued.

i or of institii! ion controlling it.

Kennel>ec Historical Society

Ilowlom College

William Fork Library

Good Will Home Association

Art Museum of Kates College

Bridglon Academy

University of Maine. Museum of Natural History.

Orrs Island Library

Hamlin Memorial Hall

Poland Spring Art Gallery

Mb me II Ls-torical Society

Portland Society of Art. L. D. M. Sweat Memorial An Museum.'

Portland Society of Natural History

Zoological Park

York Institute

Colby College

Maryland Geological Survey

Goueher College

Johns Hopkins University. Museum of Oriental and Classical Archaeology.

Mary land Academy o' Sciences

Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts.

Peabody Institute

Walters Gallery

Zoological Park

Harford Countv H istorical Society

Rock Hill College

Amherst College

Massachusetts Agricultural College

Abbot Academy

John-I'.sl her Art Gallery

Phillips Academy

Beverly H istorical Society

Boston Society of Natural History

Bostonian Society COM State House)

Childrens Museum

Harvard Medical School, Warren Anatomical Museum.

Massachusetts Historical Society

Museum of Fine Arts

Old South Association (The Old South Meeting House).

Harvard University

Harvard University. Botanical Garden

Harvard University. Botanical Section of the University Museum.

Harvard University. Collection of Classical Antiquities.

Harvard University. Department of Architecture

Harvard University, Geological Section of the

University Museum.

Harvard University, Germanic Musettm ,

Harvard University, Grey Herbarium ,

narvard University, Harvard Semitic Museum. Harvard University. Mineralogical Sect ion of the

University Museum. Harvard Uiiiversity. Museum of Comparative


Harvard University.Nelson Robinson, jr., HMl Harvard University. I'enbodv Museum of

American Archaeology and hthnology.

Harvard University, Social Museum

Harvard University. William Hayes Fogg Art


Unitod States Navy Yard

Clinton Historical Society

Public Library

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