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XVIII.—directors Ok Museums—Continued.




Do. Do. DO: Do.




Do.... Potts ville. Reading... Scran ton..


South Bethlehem.

State College



Valley Forge

Washington.. Do

West Chester..






Barrington.. Pawtucket.. Providence..

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Do.. Do.



Rapid City

Name of museum or of institution controlling it.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Pennsylvania Museum (Memorial Hall

mount Park). The Philadelphia Commercial Museum (34th

and Spruce Sts.). Presbyterian Historical Society, Museum and

Gallery (Witherspoon BuUding).

V. S. Mint

University of Pennsylvania. The University


University of Pennsylvania, Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Bioiogv.

W. P. Wilstach Collection (Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park).

Wagner Free Institute of Science (17th St. and Montgomery Ave).

Zoological Society of Philadelphia (Fairmount Park).

Carnegie Institute, Department of Fine Arts

Carnegie Museum, Department of Carnegie Institute.

University of Pittsburgh

Zoological Park

Schuylkill County Historical Society

Historical Society of Berks County

Evcrhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art.

Zoological Park

Lehigh University

Pennsvlvania State College

Swarthmore College

Fayette County Historical Society

Valley Forge Museum of American History

Washington and Jefferson College

Washington County Historical Society

Chester County Historical Society

West Chester State Normal School

Wyoming Historical and Geological Society.

The lames V. Brown Library

York County Historical Society

Barrington Historic-Antiquarian Society.

Zoological Park

Annmary Brown Memorial

Brown University

Moses Brown School

Park Museum (Roger Williams Park).

Providence Atherueum

Rhode Island Historical Society

Rhode Island School of Design

Zoological Tark

Carolina Art Association

Charleston Museum

Daughters of the Confederacy, Charleston Chapter.

Clemson College, Natural History Museum

Thornwell Museum

University of South Carolina

Furman University

Newberry College/Siflcy Museum

Wofford College

Slate Historical Society, South Dakota State Museum.

South Dakota School of Mines

University of South Dakota..


John F. Lewis, president.
Edwin Atlee Barber, di-
W. P. Wilson, director.

Alfred Percival Smith, curator.

T. L. Comnaretle, curator.
G. II. Gordon, director.

Milton J. Grecnman, director.

E. A. Shunk, custodian.

John G. Rothcrmcl, supcrin. tendent.

Robert D. Carson, superintendent.

John W. Beatty, director.

W. J. Holland, director.

II. J. Herbein, curator. Andrew Shaaber, librarian. R.N. Davis, curator.

lienj. I.. Miller.

Spencer Trotter, director. James Hannen, custodian. Rev. W. Herbert Burk, director.

Mrs. HelcneC. Beatty, librarian.

Justin E. Harlan, curator.

Horace Edwin Hayden, librarian.

O R. Howard Thomson, librarian.

George It. Prowell, curator.

EmmaS. Bradford,librarian.

Frank M. Cushman, custodian.

J. F. Collins, curator.

Harold L. Madison, curator.

Howard M. Chapin, librarian L. Earic Rowc, director.

James Simons, president.
Paul M. Rca, director.
Miss Martha B. Washington,

F. H. H. Calhoun, curator.
Rev. Wm. P. Jacobs, curator.
A. C. Moore, acting president.

G. A. Buist, curator.

D. A. Du Pre, director.

Doane Robinson, director.

Cleophas C. O'Harra, director.

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XX. Chubch Educational Boards And Societies—Continued.

Name of board.



Evangelical Lutheran Church, Board of Education.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Board of Education.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Board

of Education. National Baptist Convention, Educational


Northern Baptist Convention, Board of

Education. Presbyterian Church in the t". S. A., Board

of Education. Presbyterian Church in the I". S. A., College


Presbyterian Church in the U. 8. A., University Work.

Presbyterian Church in the U. S. (Southern), Board of K ducat ion.

ProtestantEpiscopal Church, General Board of Religious Education.

Reformed Church in America, Board of Education.

Reformed Episcopal Church, Committee on Education and I'ublication.

Society of Friends, 5 years' meeting, Board of Education.

Society of Friends, G eneral Conference, Committee on Education.

I'nited Presbyterian Chtirch, Board of Education.

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XXI.—Superintendents Op Catholic Parochial Schools.
[Archdioceses are indicated by an asterisk *.]

Diocese or archdiocese.

Albany, N. Y

Baker City, Oreg..

•Baltimore, Md

•Boston, Mass

Brooklyn, N. Y...

Buffalo, N. Y

Columbus, Ohio... Crookston, Minn..

Dallas, Tex. Erie, Pa....

Fargo, N. Dak

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Hartford, Conn...

Little Rock, Ark. ♦New Orleans, La.

♦New York, N. Y.

Newark, N. J

•Orecon City, Oreg..

Name and title of supervising officer.

Rev. William R. Charles, inspector of schools...

Rev. Hugh J. Marshall, diocesan inspector of schools.

Rev. Lawrence Brown, superintendent (Baltimore city).

Rev. George A. Lyons, supervisor of schools

Rev. Joseph D. McKcnna, inspector of schools...

Rev. Edmund F. Gibbons, superintendent of parochial schools.

Rev. 0. A. Maxwell, l'h. D., D. D., assistant superintendent.

Rev. John J. Murphy,superintendent ofschools.

Rev. Gerald Spielmann. O. S. B., diocesan superintendent of schools.

Rev. L. J. Harrington, school examiner

Rev. John M. Gannon, D. D., D. C. L., superintendent ofschools.

Very Rev. J. Baker, V. G., inspector of schools .

Rev. A. E.Lafontame, superintendent of schools.

Rev. W. J. Fitzgerald, S. T. L., diocesan supervisor ofschools.

Rev. Thomas V. Tobin, superintendent

Rev. L. J. Kavanagh, superintendent

Rev. Joseph F. Smith, superintendent

Rev. Michael J. Larkin, superintendent..

Rev. John A. Dillon, superintendent ofschools.

Rev. Edwin V. O'Hara, diocesan superintendent oS schools.


12 Madison Place, Albany,


Cathedral, Baker City, Oreg.

31 North Fulton Ave., Baltimore, Md.

33 Brookside Ave., Boston, Mass.

583 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, Attica, N. Y. Do.

1450 Hawthorne St., Columbus, Ohio. Moorhead, Minn.

137 Marsalis St., Dallas, Tex. Cambridge Springs, Pa.

Oakes, N. Dak. 1140 Clinton St., Fort Wavne, Ind.

340Collins St.,Hartford,Conn.

Cathedral, Little Rock, Ark.

2400 Napoleon St., New Orleans, La.

32S West Fourteenth St., New York, N.Y.

308 East Thirty-seventh St., New York, N. Y.

91 Washington St., Newark, N. J.

02 North Sixteenth St., Portland, Oreg.

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