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> Thirty-seven States have State boards of education, as here indicated; the others have none. III.— Officers Op State Boards Op Education—Continued.

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Thomas M. Owen, director

James L. Olllls, State librarian

C. R. Dudley , president

Miss Carrie M. Cushing. transfer clerk.

Mrs. Belle H. Johnson, library visitor.

11. Uidgcly llarrington, secretary..

Mrs. Percival Sneed, organizer

Miss Margaret S. Roberts, secretary ■

Miss Eugenia AUin. organiier

Carl H. Milam, secretary

Miss Alice S. Tyler, secretary

Mrs. Adrian Greene, secretary

Miss Fannie C. Rawson, secretary.. Harry C. I'rinee, secretary

Bernard C. Steiner. secretary

Miss Zaldee M. Brown, agent

Mrs. Mary C. Spencer, secretary

Miss Clara F. Baldwin, secretary...

Miss Eliiobeth B. Wales, secretary.

Miss Charlotte Templeton, secretary

Arthur H. Chase, secretary

Henry C. Buchanan, secretary

William R. Watson, chief of division.

Miss Minnie W. Leatherman, secretary.

Mrs. Minnie C. Budlong, secretary

and director. J. II. Newman, secretary

Miss Cornelia Marvin, librarian

T. L. Montgomery, secretary

Walter F.. Ranger, secretary

Lilly E. Borresen. secretary

Mrs. Pearl W. Kelley, secretary

Emest W. Winkler, secretary

Howard R. Driggs, secretary

Miss Rebecca W. Wright, secretary.

H. R. Mcilwaine, librarian

J. M. Ilitt, secretary

Matthew 8. Dudgeon, secretary

State Capitol, Montgomery, Ala.

Sacramento, Cal

Public Library, Denver, Colo.

The Capitol, Denver. Colo.

State Capitol, Hartford, Conn.

State Library, Dover, Del.

Carnegie Library, Atlanta, Ga.

State House, Boise, Idaho.

Decatur. Ill

Slate House, Indianapolis, Ind.

Slate Historical Building, Dps Moines, Iowa.

State Library, Topeka, Kans.

Capitol. Frankfort, Ky. State Library, Augusta, Me.

Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Md. State Library, Boston,

State Library, Lansing, Mich.

The Capitol, St. Paul, Minn.

Capitol Annex, Jefferson City, Mo.

The Capitol, Lincoln, Nebr.

State Library, Concord, N. H.

State Librarv, Trenton, N. J.

Albany, N. Y

Raleigh, N. C

The Capitol. Bismarck, N. Dak.

Slate Library, Columbus, Ohio."

State House, Salem, Oreg.

State Library, Harrisburg, Pa.

State House, Providence. R. I.

Stale House, Pierre, 8. Dak.

Nashville. Term.

State Library, Austin, Tex.

University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Utah.

Slate House. Montpelier, Vt.

State Library, Richmond, Va.

Slate Librarv, Olvmpia. Wash.

The Capitol, Madison, Wis.

Stale department of archives and history,

division of library extension. California State library. Slate board of library commissioners.

State traveling library commission.

State public library committee.

State library commission.



Illinois library extension commission.
State public library commission.

State library commission.

Kansas traveling libraries commission.

Stale library commission.


Massachuset ts free public library commission.

Slate board of library' commissioners.
State public library commission.
State library' commission.
State public library commission.



Division of educational extension. New

York State education department. State library commission.

Stale public library' commission.

State board of library commissioners.

Stale library.

Pennsylvania free library commission.

State committee on libraries, Rhode Island State education department. State free library commission.

Tennessee free library commission. State library and historical commission.

Library gymnasium of State board of education.

State board of library commissioners.
Virginia State library.
Stale library commission.
Wisconsin free library commission.

i Thirty-seven Slates have library commissions, as here indicated.

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