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Hand and machine labor. 1898. 426 p. (Commissioner of labor. 13th annual

report) Cloth, 35 cts.

Report compares the operations necessary in producing an article by the old-fashioned hand process and by the most modern machine methods, showing the time consumed and labor cost,

for each operation under the two systems. Good for detailed advanced work. Hirst, F. W., and Paish, George. Credit of nations. Trade balance of the United

States. 1910. 213 p. table. (61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 579) 30 cts.

Among other things, Mr. Hirst traces the growth of public debts in England, France, Germany, United States, and the Confederate states of America, local as well as national debts being considered. Mr. Paish explains the various factors entering into the trade balance of countries, such as investments of capital and interest payments, freight charges, tourist expenses, and remittances to friends, etc.

Non-technically written. Holmes, George K. Systems of marketing farm products and demand for such

products at trade centers. 1913. 389 p. (Agriculture dept. Report 98) 25 cts.

For detailed advance work only. Industrial commission. Final report. 1902. 1,259 p. illus. 8°. Cloth, $1.

Discusses agriculture, mining, transportation, manufactures, trade and commerce, industrial combinations, labor, immigration, taxation, irrigation, etc.

While much of the matter is now out of date, this report still constitutes a valuable reference book for advanced work. It was originally drawn up to provide Congress with a basis for

legislation. Industrial education. 1910. 822 p. (Commissioner of labor. 25th annual report)

55 cts. Cloth, 70 cts.

Describes and gives the history of each type of industrial school; then covers the ground for each

individual institution. Information for immigrants concerning the United States, its opportunities, govern

ment and institutions; prepared by National society of sons of American Revo

lution. 1908. 7 p. 12o. (Labor dept. Immigration bureau) 5 cts. Information respecting United States bonds, paper currency, coin production of

precious metals, etc. July 1, 1912. 1913. 104 p. (Treasury dept. Circular 52) 10 cts.

Contains history of United States bonds since 1865; account of the sinking fund; history of coins and currency; account of national bank currency; statistics of coinage and production of the precious metals; government receipts and disbursements; imports and exports of the United States; recent acts of Congress touching currency and the national banks, etc. Very valuable in

advanced work for reference use. International commerce.

The daily consular and trade reports contain a running account of America's fight for world markets. All daily numbers for 3 months, with title page and index, bound in buckram, $1.50. Reports of special agents, covering some one particular industry or industrial development, here or abroad, sell at varying prices. Both publications are issued by the Foreign and domestic commerce bureau. While written primarily for the benefit of the business man, they also contain

much material of value to teachers of commercial geography. Labor department. Immigration bureau. Bulletin. Per issue, 5 cts.

Immigration bulletin, issued monthly, gives full statistics as to immigrant aliens admitted and emigrant aliens departed, according to race, occupation, country, etc., number debarred and for

what cause, and other pertinent information. Manson, J. O. Fiscal systems of England, France, Germany, and United States.

1910. 86 p. (61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 403) 15 cts.

A report upon the manner of receiving, handling, and disbursing public moneys in the several countries, based upon persoral investigations in Europe by Mr. Manson. Attention is given to the assistance rendered by banks in fiscal operations of the various countries.

A very good understandable exposition.

The monetary systems of the world. 1913. 51 p. (Treasury dept. Document 2675)

5 cts.

Valuable for reference in advanced work. Monthly summary of commerce and finance.

This publication, issued by the Statistics bureau, Commerce department, gives statistics concerning foreign commerce of United States, classifying imports and exports by articles, trade of United States with noncontiguous territory, and internal commerce, classified by sections. Sub

scription per year: Domestic, $2.50; foreign, $3.70. Single numbers vary in price. National conservation commission. Report with accompanying papers. 1909.

3 vols. illus. (60th Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 676) Paper, the set, $1.95.

Goes into conservation from every standpoint, telling what we have, what we use and waste, where we stand, and what we need to do. Takes up forests, lands, mineral resources, and life.

Special articles by experts, Government and others, include: Crop yield per acre; The origin of cultivated plants; Waste of structural material from fire and other causes; Estimates of future population in the United States); Transportation by water; Distribution of rainfall, etc.

The papers are authoritative, illuminating, and for the most part well written. They contain teaching material also for geography, history, civics, and agriculture.

The whole work is so planned that “Vol. 1 covers the subjects water resources, forests, lands, mineral resources, and proceedings of Joint conservation commission; vol. 2 includes water resources and forest conservation; vol. 3 includes conservation of agricultural and mineral resources

and public lands, and report on national vitality, its wastes and conservation.” Naturalization of aliens in United States, how to become citizens, what is required,

rights and duties; prepared by National society of sons of American Revolution.

1909. 8 p. 12° (Labor dept. Immigration bureau) 5 cts. Postal savings-banks. Notes on postal savings-bank systems of leading countries.

1910. 128 p. 6 tables. · (61st Cong., 3d sess. Senate doc. 658) 25 cts.

In the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, and Egypt an account of the history and organization of the system has been given which has furnished the material for a comprehensive chart, enabling one readily to compare the most important features in the postal savings-bank systems of these countries. Withdrawal of funds from the postal savings banks, statistics showing growth of the banks, cost of administration and reports from consuls on the nature and operations of the banks, are some of the other topics

discussed. Regulation and restriction of output [in United States and Great Britain] 1904. 932

p. illus. (58th Cong., 2d sess. House doc. no. 734. Vol. 106; serial no. 4732) Sheep, $1.25.

In his letter of transmittal Labor commissioner Wright says: “The question of the regulation and restriction of output, both by employers and by employees, has been the subject of much discussion, but I know of no official report dealing with the subject. In addition to the question of restriction, the information obtained and embodied herein throws much light of a new and important character upon the relations of employers and employees."

For detailed advance work only. Report on condition of woman and child wage earners in United States. Vols. 1 to

17, 19. 1910–1912. (61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. no. 645)

Vol. 1. Cotton textile industry. 1044 p. 75c; buckram, $1.
Vol. 2. Men's ready-made clothing. 878 p. 65c; buckram, 80c.
Vol. 3. Glass industry. 970 p. 75c; buckram, 85c.
Vol. 4. Silk industry. 592 p. 45c; buckram, 60c.
Vol. 5. Wage-earning women in stores and factories. 384 p. 30c; buckram, 450.
Vol. 6. Beginnings of child-labor legislation in certain states; comparative study. 225 p. 200.
Vol. 7. Conditions under which children leave school to go to work. 309 p. 25c; buckram, 40c.
Vol. 8. Juvenile delinquency and its relation to employment. 177 p. 15c; buckram, 25c.
Vol. 9. History of women in industry in United States. 277 p. 25c; buckram, 35c.
Vol. 10. History of women in trade unions. 236 p. 20c; buckram, 35c.
Vol. 11. Employment of women in metal trades. 107 p. 10c; buckram, 25c.
Vol. 12, Employment of women in laundries. 121 p. 15c; buckram, 25c.
Vol. 13. Infant mortality and its relation to employment of mothers. 174 p. 15c.
Vol. 14, Causes of death among woman and child cotton-mill operatives. 430 p. 35c.
Vol. 15. Relation between occupation and criminality of women. 119 p. 10c; buckram, 20c,
Vol. 16. Family budgets of typical cotton-mill workers. 255 p., illus. 20c; buckram, 35C.
Vol. 17. Hookworm disease among cotton-miil operatives. 45 p. 5c; buckram, 20c.
Vol. 19. Labor laws and factory conditions. 1125 p. 80c.

Reports from American consular officers in German Empire and certain other foreign

countries in regard to cooperation and cost of living. 1912. 112 p. (62d Cong., 2d sess. House doc. no. 833) 10 cts.

Includes also reports from Ecuador, Canada, Algeria, Bermuda, China, Maltese Islands, France, Azores, and Norway. Tells how cooperation lowers the living cost. Useful for teaching material;

hardly for class work. Reports on labor organizations, labor disputes, and arbitration, and on railway labor.

1901. cxxxvii, 1172 p. map, 3 tables. (Industrial commission. Report. vol. 17) Cloth, $1.

CONTENTS.-Summary and general discussion.-National labor organizations in United States.Collective bargaining, conciliation, and arbitration.-Laws and court decisions as to labor combinations.-Statistics of strikes and lockouts in United States and foreign countries.-Railway labor in United States.

Somewhat antedated, but contains much fundamental matter. Although compiled as a guide

for Congressional legislation, it has much value from the purely economic and sociological side. Retail prices 1890 to October, 1912–1913. 151 p. (Labor dept. Labor statistics

bureau. Retail prices and cost of living series, no. 4) 10 cts.

Largely an interpreted statistical study. For advanced detail work. Statistical abstract of the United States. (Commerce dept. Foreign and domestic

commerce bureau. Annual) 50 cts.

This annual publication brings together, in exhaustive but condensed form, statistics of area, natural resources, and population; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; manufacturing and mining industries and patents; occupations, labor, and wages; internal communications and transportation; foreign and domestic commerce, with commercial failures; prices; consumption estimates; money, banking and insurance; wealth and public finance; statistical record of the progress of the United States; and statistics of the principal countries of the world. An invaluable work of

reference. Statistical record of progress of United States 1800 to 1906, and commercial and finan

cial statistics of foreign countries, 1905, 1906. p. 650–705. (In Foreign and

domestic commerce bureau. Statistical abstract of United States) 5 cts. Statistics of unemployment and the work of employment offices. 1913. 147 p.

(Labor dept. Labor statistics bureau. Miscellaneous series no. 1) 10 cts. Strikes and lockouts. 1907. 979 p. (Commissioner of labor. 21st annual report)

Valuable for detailed advance work. Clark, Frank (of Fla.) Speech on street car extension bill, in House, Feb. 22, 1908.

In Congressional record, 42: 6285-6292, May 11, 1908 9 cts.

This speech, nominally in relation to street-car extension in Washington is really a full discussion, from the southern point of view, of the relations of white and black people in this country. Appended is a reprint of a speech by John S. Beard of Pensacola, arguing that the 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution of the United States were not constitutionally proposed

or constitutionally adopted, and that consequently the negro has no legal status as a citizen. Trade guilds of Europe (with appendix containing Trade guilds of China; Trade usages

in India; Technical schools in Europe; Rules and regulations of 10 trade unions in Scotland] 1885. 332 p. (State dept. Miscellaneous consular reports) 20

cts. Wages and prices abroad. Reports from consular officers of United States at Ham

burg, Germany; Manchester, England; Glasgow, Scotland; and Warsaw, Rus-
sia; and giving present retail and wholesale prices of certain commodities and
prices obtaining in 1900, together with salaries paid various classes of govern-
ment employees. Ordered printed 1910. 33 p. (61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate
doc. 477, pt. 2) Paper, 5 cts.
- Reports from consular officers of United States at Paris and Havre, France;
St. Petersburg, Odessa, and Moscow, Russia; Mexico, Guadalajara, Veracruz,
and Mazatlan, Mexico; Bradford, Manchester, and London, England; Dublin,
Ireland; Yokohama, Japan; and giving present retail and wholesale prices of
certain commodities and prices obtaining in 1900, together with salaries paid
various classes of government employees. Ordered printed 1910. 86 p. (61st
Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 477 [pt. 3]) Paper, 10 cts.

Wages and prices abroad. Reports from consular officers of United States at Edin

burgh, Scotland; Bordeaux and Lyons, France; Munich and Frankfort-on-theMain, Germany; Budapest, Austria; and Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic; giving present retail and wholesale prices of certain commodities. Ordered printed 1910. 22 p. (61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 477 (pt. 4]) Paper,

5 cts. Wilson, H. M., and Cochrane, J. L. The fire tax and waste of structural materials

in the United States. 1910. 30 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 418) 5 cts.

Investigation shows per capita fire loss in the United States to be eight times that in Europe;

how to reduce it. Workmen's insurance and benefit funds in the United States. 1909. 810 p. (Com

missioner of labor. 23d annual report)


PHYSICAL AND POLITICAL. Alaska. General information regarding the territory of Alaska. 1912. 24 p. (In

terior dept. Office of the secretary) Allen, W.N. A course in meteorology and physical geography. 1911. 35 p. (Agri

culture dept. Weather bureau. Bulletin 89) 20 cts.

A teacher's syllabus of twenty lessons. Baker, Marcus. A geographic dictionary of Alaska. 2d ed. 1906. 690 p. (Inte

rior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 299) 50 cts.

Shows in one alphabetical list all Alaskan place names, obsolete as well as current; their origin,

history, modes of spelling, application, and meaning. Bliss, George S. Forecasting the weather. 1913. 34 p. (Agriculture dept.

Weather bureau. Bulletin 42) 5 cts.

Fifteen articles telling the work of the Weather bureau and explaining the fundamental laws

of meteorology in a very simple elementary way. Clarke, F. W. The data of geochemistry. 2d ed. 1911. 732 p. (Interior dept.

Geological survey. Bulletin 491) 60 сts.

The 80 chemical elements and their functions in earth, air, and water, as the materials in which

they form part undergo geological changes. For advanced work only. Classification of clouds. 1905. 21.8 x 20.2 in. (Agriculture dept. Weather bureau)

25 cts.

Colored illustrations of all types of cloud formations, with names. Correct orthography of geographic names; revised to January, 1911. 168 p. (Gov

ernment printing office. Report, 1910, pt. 3) 15 cts., buckram, 35 cts. Diller, J. S. Geological history of Crater lake. 1912. 31 p. illus. (Interior dept.)

10 cts.

A popular account illustrated with some 20 half-tones and half a dozen maps and diagrams. Dutton, Clarence E. Tertiary history of the Grand Cañon district. 1882. 264 p.

illus. 4o. (Interior dept. Geological survey) Cloth, $2. With atlas of 24 sheets, folio, $10.

A well-written account of the Colorado cañon as it now is. The descriptive passages are occasionally fine, and the pictures, some of which are colored, are easily the best of this district ever

issued. Elrod, Morton J. Some lakes of Glacier national park. 1912. 29 p. illus. map.

(Interior dept.) 10 cte. Folkmar, Daniel. Dictionary of races or peoples. 1911. 150 p. maps. (Immi

gration commission. Report. vol. 5. 61st Cong., 3d sess. Senate doc. 662) Buckram, 30 cts.

Gannett, Henry. Areas of the United States, the states and the territories. 1906.

9 p. map. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 302) 10 cts.

The most authoritative work on the subject ever issued. - A dictionary of altitudes in the United States. 4th ed. 1906. 1072 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 274) 60 сts. A valuable reference work.

Dictionary of geographic positions in the United States. 1895. 183 p. illus. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 123) 60 сts. • The latitude and longitude of between 9,000 and 10,000 places are given; a valuable source-book. - A gazetteer of Colorado. 1906. 185 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 291) 15 cts.

Also an introduction which takes up the state's topography, climate, history, agriculture, manufactures, mining and transportation.

Gazetteer of Cuba. 1902. 95 p. maps. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 192) 30 cts.

In addition to the gazetteer with its valuable introduction, there are also a series of maps showing density of population, sex distribution, proportion and distribution of colored, foreign born and illiterates; land planted to sugar, tobacco, etc.

A gazetteer of Delaware. 1904. 15 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey.
Bulletin 230) 5 cts.
A brief introduction; discusses the commercial geography.

A gazetteer of Indian territory. 1905. 70 p. (Interior dept. Geological
survey. Bulletin 248) 5 cts.
Also a brief introduction.

Gazetteer of Kansas. 1898. 246 p. illus. maps. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 154) 20 cts.

Historical maps showing changes in area and density of population at 10-year intervals. An excellent brief general historical, economic and geographic account of the state, in addition to the gazetteer proper.

A gazetteer of Maryland. 1904. 84 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 231) 5 cts.

Also a brief introduction.

Gazetteer of Porto Rico. 1901. 51 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey.
Bulletin 183) 10 cts.
Also a brief account suitable for work in commercial geography.

A gazetteer of Texas. 2d ed. 1904. 177 p. maps. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 224) 25 cts.

Introduction discusses the state's area; topography and drainage; climate; forests; exploration and settlement; population; industries; railroads, etc. Many good maps.

Gazetteer of Utah. 1900. 43 p. folio. map. (Interior dept. Geological
survey. Bulletin 166) 15 cts.
Also a brief general description of the state, its population and activities.

A gazetteer of Virginia. 1904. 159 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey.
Bulletin 232) 10 cts.
Also a brief introduction.

A gazetteer of West Virginia. 1904. 164 p. (Interior dept. Geological survey. Bulletin 233) 10 cts.

Also a brief introduction. Garriott, E. B. Notes on frost. Revised, 1911. 32 p. (Agriculture dept. Farm

ers' bulletin 104) 5 cts.

How frost is formed; seasons of frost; protection from frost; general observations. Suitable for high schools.

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