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CAFFRARIA, as exhibited in many of our old maps, constitutes one of the largest divisions of the vast continent of Africa, being bounded on the north by Negroe-land and Abyssinia; on the west, by part of Guinea and Congo; on the eastern side, by the Indian Ocean; and southward, by the Cape of Good Hope. But the part now occupied by the numerous nations generally designated Kaffer is much more limited, and lies altogether on the southern side of the equator; while far more limited still is that portion of it which our most extended explorations at present embrace, forming a comparatively small tract indeed. Those of its tribes with which we have become somewhat acquainted, and to whom the following series of observations more immediately refer, lie along the eastern coast from our colonial boundary in 33 degrees south lat. northwards.

Happening one day accidentally to enter into conversation with a certain gentleman on various subjects connected with the interior of this country, he put into my hand a pamphlet, written by Captain B. Stout more than thirty years ago, and re-published in London about the year 1820. The author appears to have been a naval officer and an American; on the title-page of his work he is announced as the "late Commander of the American East India


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