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1. How many lambs are at the left in the picture ? 2. How many trees are in a row in the picture? 3. How many trees are standing alone ? 4. How many trees are six trees and one tree? 5. How many lambs are there in the picture? 6. Make seven marks on your slates. 7. The figure y represents seven things. 8. Make the figure seven on your slates. %. 9. How many sheep are feeding in the field? 10. How many sheep are with the lambs? 11. Seven sheep and one sheep are how many sheep? 12. How many posts do you see in the picture? 13. Make as many marks as there are posts. 14. The figure 8 represents eight things. 15. Make the figure eight on your slates. 8.

16. Make the figures one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. 1



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1. How many trees are there in a row in the picture ?

2. On how many trees are there ladders?
3. How many trees are eight trees and one tree?
4. How many rounds has the ladder?
5. Make nine marks on your slates.

6. The figure 9 represents nine objects of any kind.

7. Make the figure nine on your slates. 9. 8. How many loads of grain are there? 9. How many horses do you see? 10. How many rakes are there in the picture?

11. How many rails are there in each section of fence in the picture ?

12. How many men do you see in the picture?
13. How many shocks of grain are there?
14. How many sections of fence are there?
15. How many posts has the fence?
16. Make the nine figures on your slates.
2 3

5 6 Y 8 Р



1. How many cherries are there on the larger twig in the picture ?

2. How many cherries are on the other twig?

3. How many cherries are nine cherries and one cherry? Ten cherries.

4. Make nine marks and one mark. How many marks are nine marks and one mark?

5. How many pens are nine pens and one pen? 6. How many boys are nine boys and one boy?

7. How many pears are there represented in the following picture ?

8. How many groups of ten pears are there ?

9. Make ten straight marks on your slates.

10. The number ten is expressed thus: 10.

11. The figure 1 at the left shows that there is one ten. The figure 0 at the right shows that there are


no ones.

12. Express ten. What does the figure 1 denote? What does the figure o denote ?

13. How many fingers have you on both hands? 14. Make as many marks as you have fingers. 15. Express the number ten by figures. 16. Name ten things that you see.


1. How many ducks are swimming in the pond? 2. How many ducks are there on the bank?

3. Ten ducks and one duck are how many ? Eleven ducks.


4. How many

groups of ten ducks are there?

5. How many ducks are there besides the group of ten ducks?

6. Make ten marks and one mark. (TTTTTTTTTTI
7. Eleven is expressed thus: 11.
8. Express eleven on your slates.

When two figures are written side by side, the one on the right denotes ones, the one next to it denotes tens.

9. Express ten. Express eleven. What does 10 represent? What does 11 represent?

10. Make ten marks in a group and two besides on your slates.

11. How many marks are ten marks and two marks? Twelve marks.

12. Express one ten and two ones, or twelve. 12. 13. Express with figures, ten, eleven and twelve. 14. Make ten marks and three marks. (11/11|IIII III 15. Ten and three, or thirteen, is expressed thus: 13. 16. Write all the numbers from one to thirteen.


1. Make ten marks and four marks, or fourteen marks, on your slates.

(1/1/TTIT1) IITT 2. Fourteen is expressed thus: 14. 3. How many books are ten books and four books?

4. Represent ten books and five books, or fifteen books, by marks.

(TTTTTTTTTT 11/17 5. Express one ten and five ones, or fifteen. 15. 6. How many are one ten and six ones? 7. Express one ten and six ones, or sixteen. 8. Express one ten and seven ones, or seventeen. 17. 9. Express eighteen. 18. Express nineteen. 19. 10. Make ten marks and ten marks in separate groups on your slates. UITTTTTTTT) (1117/TTINI

11. How many tens are one ten and one ten? 12. Express two tens, or twenty. 20. . 13. What does 0 denote? What does 2 denote? ?

14. Express by figures all the numbers from one to twenty.

15. How many tens are there in fifteen ? 16. How many ones are there in fifteen ? 17. How many tens are there in twenty-four ? 18. How many ones are there in twenty-four ? 19. What shows that there are no ones in a number?


Copy and read the following:

12 11 10
16 13 14


18 15

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