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Protest of a Bill of Exchange. UNITED States Of AMERICA, STATE OF NEW-YORK, SS. On the

in the year of our Lord one th Jungad eight hundred and at the request of Mr. A. B., of - I, J. T., & Notary Public, duly admitted and sworn, dwelling in the city of New York, did present the original bill of exchange, a copy of which is hereunto annexed, at the shop of W. D., the acceptor thereof, in the city of New York, to a man there attending, and demanded payment of the same, which was refused, the said man replying, that Mr. D. was not in, and he could not pay it Whereupun, 1, the said Notary, at the request aforesaid, did protest, and by these presents do publicly and solemnly protest. az well against the acceptor of the said bill of exchange, as against all others whom it doth or may concern, for exchange, re-exchange, and all costs, damages, and interest, already incurred, and to de hereafter incurred, for want of non-payment of the said bill of exchange.

TH loue and protested in the city of New York aforesaid, in the preseace of John Doe and Richard Roe, witnesses. In testimonium veritatis.

J. T., Notary Publis

Notice of Non-payment.

NEW-YORK, Feb. 15, 1860, PLEASE to take notice, that a certain bill of exchange, dated for $1000, drawn by on and accepted by - of and by you endorsed, was this day protested for non-payment, and the holders look to you for the payment thereof. Yours, &c., To Mr. A. B.

J. T., Notary Publio.


A RECEIPT in full, though admitted to be strong evidence, is by no means legally conclusive. If the party signing it can show up error or mistako, it will be admitted in his favor.

Receipts for money will be held pen to examination, and the party holding the receipt must abide by the results of such exam. inatior ; the great aim of law being to administer strict justice.

A release must be given over a seal. A release from all da mands extinguishos all possible causes and rights of action, and leavos no room for subsequent quibbling.

A release of one of many equally wrong-doers, generally ro. leases all. This, of course, does not apply to such of the partios es covenant to remain liabie. A release of one of several join obligors, releases all.

An agreement not to sue two joint debtors is a release to both, bui an agreement not to sue one, will not serve as a release to either

Inasmuch as a receipt in full, in the ordinary form, still leaves room to a tricky or unprincipled creditor to harrass and annoy a debtor, it would be well, in all such cases, for the latter to obtain & sealed release, like that under the head of Release of all Dc mands or that under the caption of Special Release..

Receipt in Full of all Demands. $500

New-York, March 15, 1890. RECEIVED of John Smith five hundred dollars, in full of all do. mands against him.


Receipt on Account. $100

New-YORK, March 15, 1860. RECEIVED of John Smith one hundred dollars, to apply on account.


Receipt for Money paid for another. $100

New-York, March 15, 1860. RHEIVED of J. G. Wells one hundred dollars, in full of all lemands against John Smith.


Release of all Demands. Know all men by these presents, that I, Wm. Jones, of New York, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollara to me in hand paid by John Smith, of said city, have remised, released, and forever discharged the said John Smith from ali olains of every kind, nature, and character soever against him, from the beginning of the world to this day. As witness my hand and seal, this 15th day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty.


Special Release. Know all mer by these presents, that I, Wm. Joner, of New York, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to me in hand paid, by John Smith, of said city, have remised, roleased, and forever discharged, and by these presents do, for my self, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, remisc, release, and forever discharge, the said John Smith, his heirs, ex. ocutors, and administrators, of and from all manner of action and actions, cause and causes of actions, suits, debts, dues, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, which I ever had, or now have, or which I'or my beirs, executors, adininistrators, o rassigns, hereafter can, shall, or my hare, by reason of any matter, cause, or thing, whatever, from the beginning of the world to this day, arising out of any dealings or transaccons between myself and the said John Smith, at my store in the city of New-York. As witness, &c., (as in Releuse of all Demands.]

Release made in Pursuance of an Award. Know all meu by these presents, that I, A. B., of, &c., in the zounty of, &c., have remiseil, released, and forever quit-claimed, and by these presents do remise, release, and forever quit-claim unto C. D., of, &c., in the said county, his heirs, executors, and ad. ministrators, all actions, cause and causes of action, judgments, suits, controversies, trespasses, debts, duties, damages, accounts, reckonings, and demands whatsoever, for or by reason of any matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, from the boginning of the world to tho

last, save and except my right to redeem a certain farm now in mortgage to the said C. D., at the time, under the terms, and in the manner prescribed in and by a certain award, maile the day of by E. F., of, &c., on a reference to him of all disputes between me and the said C. D.

As witness, &c., [as in Release of ail Demands.]

day of

jp the year

Mutual Genera] Release by Indenture. This Indenture, made this

day of

- between A, B, of, &c., of the one part, and C. D., of, &c., of the other, witness th. That on the day hereof, the said A. B. and C. D. have each paid to the other the sum of five dollars; and each of them has can. colled and delivered up to the other certain covenants, bonds notes of hand, and written contracts, upon which each of the par fios clained, and pretended to have divers claims and demanas on the other; the said claims and contracts, w cancelled and deliv ered up, being supposed and intended to be all the claims and evidence of claim by each of the parties hereto on the other. And in consideration thereof, each of them, the said A. B. and C. D., does hereby, for himself and his legal representatives, release, and absolutely and forever discharge the other, of and from all claims and demands, actions, and causes of action, of every name and naturo, 80 that neither of them shall have any claim on the other, directly or indirectly, on any contract, or supposed liability, or thing un dertaken, done, or omitted to be done, from the beginning of the world to this day.

As witness, &c., (as in Release of all Dema: ds.)

Release to a Guardian. Know all men, &c., that A. B., &c., son and heir of B. B., do ceased, hath remised, released, and forever quit.claimed, and by these presents doth renise, &c., unto C. D., of --, his guardian, all, and all manner of action, actions, suits, reckonings, accounts, debts, dues, and demands whatsoever, which he, the said A. B., over had, now hath, or which he, his executors or administrators, at any

time hereafter can or may have, claim, or demand, against tho said C. D., his executors or administrators, for, touching, and concerning the management and disposition of any of the lands, tenements, and hereditaments of the said A. B., situate, &c., or any part thereof, or for or by reason of any moneys, rents, or profits by him received out of the same, or any payments made thereout, during the minority of the said A. B., or by reason of any matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, relating thereto, from the beginning of the world to the day of the date hereof.

As witness, &c., (as in Release of all Demands.]

Release of a Proviso or Condition. Know all men, &c., that I, A. B., of for divers good con. siderations me hereunto moving, have remised, released, and quit claimed, and by these presents, for me, my executors, administrators, and assigns, do, &c., unto L. M., of -, bis heirs, executorg, administrators and assigns, as well one proviso or condition, and all and every the sum and sums of money specified in the same proviso or condition, contained or comprised in one pair of inden. tures, of, &c., bearing date, &c., made between me, the said A. B of the one part, and the said L. M., of the other part, and also all und all manner of actions and suits, cause and causes of action and suits, for or concerning the said proviso cr conditiou.

As witness, &c. Jas in Release of all Demands.)

Release of a Trust. To all, &c., A. B., &c., sendeth grecting:

M'HEREAS, by indenture bearing date made betwoen, &c, There recite the deed,] in which said indenture the said A. B. doth hereby declare that his name was only used in trust, for the benefit und behoof of C. D., of -: Now know ye, that I, the said A. B., in discharge of the trust reposed in me, at the request of the said C. D., have remised, released, and surrendered, assigned, and set ver, and by these presents, for me, my executors and administra ors, do freely and absolutely remise, &c., unto the said C. D., his executors, &c., all the estate, right, title, interest, use, benefit, privilege, and demand whatsoever, which I, the said A. B., have, or may have, or claim, of or to the said premises, or of and in any sum of money, or other matter or thing whatsoever, in the said indenture contained, mentioned, and expressed; so that neither I, the said A. B., my executors or administrators, or any of us, at any time hereafter, shall or will ask, claim, challenge, or demand, any interest, &c., or other thing, in any manner whatsoever, by reason or means of the said indenture, or any covenant therein contained, but thereof and therefrom, and from all actions, suits, and demanda, which I, my executors, administrators, or assigns, may have concerning the same, shall be utterly excluded and forever debarrad by these presents. As witness &c. (as in Release of all Demands.

Release of Dower to the Heir. Know all men, &c., that I, A. B., &c., relict of B. B., late, &o., as well for and in consideration of, &c., to me paid, at or before, &c., by my son, J. B., &c., (the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge,) and for the love and affection which I have to my said son, have granted, remised, released, and forever quit-claimed, and by these presents do, &c., unto the said J. B., his heirs and assigns forever, all the dower and thirds, right and title of dower and thirds, and all other right, title, interest, property, claim, and domand whatsoever, in law and in equity, of me, the said. A. B., of, in, and to; la description of certain parcel of lanı, gc., and how it descer.ded to A. B. and B.,] so that neither I, the said A. B., my heirs, executors, or administrators, nor any other person or persons, for me, them, or any of them, shall have, claim, challenge, ör demand, or pretend to have, &c., any dower or thirds, or any other right, title, claim, or demand, of, in, or to the said promises, but thereof and therefrom shall be utterly debarred and oxclu dod furover by these presents.

As witness, &c., (as in Release of ad Demandx.)

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