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payable to the order of the Commissioner of Patents in Washington, D. C. The fees should be forwarded at the saine time the model and papers are sent.

Petition for a Re-issue. To the Commissioner of Patents :

The petition of A. B., of - - in the county of and State of —respectfully represents; That he did obtain Letters Patent of the United States, for an improvement in the steam engine, which Letters Patent are dated on the

day of 18--; that he now believes that the same is inoperative and invalid, by reason of a defective specification, which defect bus arisen from inadvertence and mistake. He therefore prays that he may be allowed to surrender the same, and requests that new Letters Patent may issue to him for the same invention, for the residue of the period for which the original patent was granted, under the amended specification herewith presented; he having paid thirty dollars into the Treasury of the United States, agreeably to the requirements of the Act of Congress, in that case made and provided.

A. B.

day of

Assignment of a Patent Right. WHEREAS, Letters Patent, bearing date the A. D. 18—, were granted and issued by the government of the United States, under the seal thereof, to A. B., of, etc., for an improvement in machinery, for (here insert the design or object of the invention, together with a general description of tho same), a more full and particular description whereof is annexed to the said Letters Patent, in a schedule, by which Letters Patent, the full and exclusive right and liberty of making and using the said invention, and of vending the same to others to be used, was granted to the said A. B., his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, for the term of fourteen years from the date thereof: Now, therefore, this indenture witnesseth : That I, the said A. B., for and in consideration of the sum of dollars, to me in hand paid, by C. D., of, etc., the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, assigned, and set over, and by these presents do grant, assign, and set over, unto the said C. D., his executors, administrators, and assigns, the said Letters Patent, and all my right, title, interest, in and to the said invention, so granted unto me; to have and to hold the said Letters Patent and invention, unto the said C. D., his executors, arlminis. trators, and assigns, in as full and ample a manner, to all intents and purposes, as I might have or hold tl e same were these pro sents not executed, for and during the rest and residue of the said term of fourteen years. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this

day of
In presence of

A. B. (L. B.]
G. H.
E. F.


Assignment of the Right in a Patent for One or More

States. WHEREAS, I, A. B., of —, in the county of and State of — did obtain Letters Patent of the United States, for certain improvements in which Letters Patent bear date the day of

18—; and whereas, C. D., of aforesaid, is desirous of acquiring an interest therein: Now this indenture witnesseth : That for and in consideration of the sum of dollars, to me in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I have assigned, sold, and set over, and do hereby assign, sell, and set over, all the right, title, and interest, which I have in the said invention, as secured to me by said Letters Patent, for, to, and in, the several States of

and and in no other place or places: the same to be held and enjoyed by the said C. D., for his own use and behoof, and for the use and behoof of his legal representatives, to the full end and term for which the said Letters Patent are or may be granted, as fully and entirely as the same would have been held and enjoyed by me, had this assignment and sale not have been made.

In witness, etc., [as in Assignment of a Patent.]

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Assignment before Obtaining Letters Patent. WHEREAS, I, A. B., of in the county of

—, and State of

have invented certain new and useful improvements in

for which I am about to make application for Letters Patent of the United States; and whereas, C. D., of - aforesaid, has agreed to purchase from me all the right, title, and interest, which I have, or may have, in and to the said invention, in consequence of the grant of Letters Patent therefor, and has paid to me, the said A. B., the sum of - dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged: Now this indenture witnesseth: That for and in consideration of the said sum to me paid, I have assigued and transferred, and do hereby assign and transfer, to the said C. D., the full and exclusive right to all the improvements made by me, as fully set forth and described in the specification which I have prepared and executed, preparatory to the obtain. ing vf Letters Patent therefor. And I do hereby authorize and request the Commissioner of Patents to issue the said Letters Patent to the said C. D., as the assignee of my whole right and title thereto, for the sole use and behoof of the said c. D, and his legal representatives.

In witness, etc., [as in Assignment of a Patent.]

Schedule of Patent Fees.

On filing each Caveat..

$10 On filing each application for a Patent, except for a design.. 15 On issuing each original Patent.

20 On appeal to the Examiners-in-Chief..

10 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents..

20 On application for Re-issue...

30 On application for Extension of Patent.

50 On granting the Extension.

50 On filing Disclaimer.

10 On filing application for Design, three and a half years. 10 On filing application for Design, seven years

15 On filing application for Design, fourteen years.

The duration of all patents now granted is SEVENTEEN years, except Design Patents, which vary in their terms, as specified,


Foreign Patents. AMERICAN inventors should bear in mind that, as a general rule, any invention which is valuable to the patentee in this country, is worth equally as much in England and some other foreign countries. Four patents-American, English, French, and Belgian--will secure an inventor exclusive monopoly to his discovery among one hundred millions of the most intelligent people in the world. The facilities of business and steam communication are such that patents can be obtained abroad by our citizens almost as easily as at home.

It is generally much better to apply for foreign patents simultaneously wich the application here; or, if this cannot be conveniently done, as little time as possible should be lost after the patent is issued, as the laws in some foreign countries allow patents to any one who first makes the application, and in this way many inventors are deprived of valid patents for their own invintions. Many valuable inventions are yearly introduced into Europe from the United States, by parties ever on the alert to pick up whatever they can lay their hands upon that may seem useful.

Models are not required in any European Country. but the utmost c-re and experience are necessary in the preparation of the specifications and drawings.

When parties intend to take out foreign patents, engravings should not be published until the foreign applications have been made.

Canadian Patents. SPECIAL attention should be given to spe*•. Canadian patent, which is now granted by a recent patent law of the Dominion to foreigners as well as its citizens, on very liberal conditions, similar to those of the United States.

Models, duplicate petitions, oaths, drawings, and pecifications are required ; durati n 0; tional with extension, five, ten, or fifteen years. A valid patent in Canada can only be obtained when it is applied for within one year after the late of the first patent granted in another country.

The government fees are: For five y ars, $20; ten years, $40; fifteen years, $60.

[PERSONS desiring other inf rmation, concerning the procuring of Letters Patent, than is contained in the laws and practice given above, can obtain all such advice, frec of charge, by addressing Messrs. NUNN & Co., Editors of the Scientific American, No. 37 Park Row, New York City.

Messrs. MUNN & Co. have been engaged as soli i:ors of patents for more than a quarter of a century, and their facilities are most complete for doing all kinds of patent business. More than one-third of all the patent business of the United States is transacted by this tirm, and almost all of the patents an. nually obtained hy American citizens in foreign countries are procured throngh Messrs. MUNN & Co., who have reliable agencies in London, Paris, and all the principal European capitals. Any letters of inquiry in regard to the law or practice of the Patent Office they will cheerfully answer, without charge; they also examine models and drawings of new inventions, and render advice as to the prospects of obtaining patents, etc., free of expense.]


It is the duty of Commissioners of Ilighways to give directions for the repairing of all roads and bridges in their respective towns to regulate the roads already laid out, and to alter -uch of them as they may d 'em inconvenient; to divide each of their towns into road districts, and to assig: each road district to such of the inhabitants liable to work on highways as they may think proper; having due regard to proximity of residence as near as may be; to require the oversvers of highways to warn all persons ase ossed to work on highways to come and work thereon; to discontinue all old roads that may appear to them on the oaths of twelve freeholdors to have become unnecessary; to lay out on actual survey, such new roads as they may deem essential to the public weal; and to cause mile-boards or stones to be erected on such post and other public roads as they may think expedient.

It is the duty of overseers of highways to repair and keep in order all highways in their respective districts; to warn all perBons assessed to work on the same; to cause all noxious weeds on each side of the highway to be cut down and destroyed, once every six months ; to cause all loose stones on the beaten track of the highway to be removed; to keep up and renew the mile-stones and guide-posts; and, when occasion demands, to make a second Assessment, in addition to that made by the commissioners, on the residents in the town for the maintenance in order of the roads.

Every person owning or occupying land in the town in which he or she resides; every male inhabitant over twenty-one years, and all moneyed or stock corporations, are subject to assessment for highway labor.

Commissioners are authorized to credit all persons living on private roads, and working the same, so much on their assessments as they may deem necessary, or to annex the same to some highway district.

Any person liable to highway labor may commute for the same in whole or in part, at the rate of one dollar per day, to be paid within twenty-four hours after receiving the notice to appear and work.

Persons assessed to highway labor are entitled to twenty.four bours' notice. No resident can be compelled to work on any highFay excopt in the district where he resides, unless upon his application the commissioners consent that he may apply his work in some district where he has land.

Every person refusing or neglecting to appear and work when aotifi by the highway overseer is subject to a fine of one dollar for each day, and twelve and a half cents for every hour any per. son or his substitute may be delinquent. Every individual or substitute remaining idle, or not working faithfully or hindering othors from work, is subject to a fine of one dollar for each offence.

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