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donianded within twelve months of the time of sale, he loses all claim to the money, in which event the same must be paid to the Sur ervisor of the town within thirty days after the expiration of

the year.

Assessors and Commissioners of IIighways are, by virtue of their offices, Fence Viewers of the town in which they have beos electod,

Fence-Viewers' Certificate


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County, Town of Upon the application of A. B., the owner of sheep alleged to have been killed by dogs, we, the undersigned, fence-viewers of the town of

in the county of baving proceeded to in. quire into the matter, and having viewed the sheep killed, and having also examined witnesses in relation thereto, do certify that we are satisfied that said sheep, three in number, were killed only by dogs, and in no other way. And we further certify, that the amount of damages sustained by the said A. B. thereby is dollars, and that the value of the sheep so killed was dollars Given under our hands this

A. D.

day of

in the year

D. E. } Fence-Viewers.

Affidavit, upon Application to Supervisors,



County, Town or A. B., of in said county, being duly sworn, saith, that he hath not been able to discover the owner or possessor of the dog by which the damages, certified in the annexed certificate of the fonce-siewers of said town, has been done, (or, that he hath failed to recover the damages certified in the annexed certificate of the fence-viewers of said town, from the owner or possessor of the dog by which the same was done.) Sworo before me, this

day of

R. S. Justice of the Peace

in the year

Notice to the owner of a Dog


To C. 1).

You are hershy notified, that your black dog Towser has bitten (or, chased, or worried) my sheep, this day of —, 18— and you are hereby required to kill said dog within forty-eight hours Dated at

day of

Yours, &c.,

A. B.



Order of a Justice that a dangerous Dog be killed. -COUNTY, Town of WHEREAS, complaint has been this day made before me, by C E., of the town of in the county of - - under oath, that a dog owned (or possessed] by G. H., of the said town of the —- day of instant, attacked the said C. E., or, attacked a horse in a carriage in which the said C. E. was riding; or, attacked a horse on which the said C. E. was mounted,] while the said C. E. was peaceably travelling on the highway in said town:

And I, the undersigned, Justice of the Peace, having given due aotice of the said complaint to the said G. H., (and having heard sim in relation thereto, if the fact be so,) and having inquired into the said complaint, and being satisfied of its truth, and that the said dog is dangerous, do hereby order the said G. II. to kill the said dog immediately. Given under my hand, this

day of — 18%.

J. T., Justice of the Peace.


Fence-Viewers' Certificate of Damage done by Hogs. -County, Town OF We, the subscribers, Fence Viewers of the town of - in the county of

-, having been applied to by A. B., of afore Baid, to appraize the damages done by one white sow and six pigs, for, other cattle, giving the number, kind, and description of beasts, as near as may be distrained by him doing damage on his lands, and having been to the place, and viewed and ascertained the dam. age, do certify the amount thereof to be dollars and vents, and that the fees for our services are dollars.

And a dispute having arisen between the said A. B, on the ono part, and C. D. of the other part, touching the sufficiency of the fence along the easterly side of a field of Indian corn, which fenoo was shown to as by the said parties, and having heard the parties, and examined witnesses in relation thereto, we decide that the said fence is good and sufficient, (or, bad and insufficient.)

Givon, &c., las in Fence-Viewers' Certificate upon ine killing of Sheep ly Dogs

Notice of Sale by Pound-Master Notice is hereby given, that on the — day f—, in the year

at o'clock in noon, I shall sell at public ano tion at the public pound, near the house of —, in the town of

one white sow and six pigs, which have been distrained doing damage, and impounded therefor, by A. B. Dated at the day of - 18

0. II., Pound Master.

Notice to Town Clerk by Person keeping Strays. To C. D., Town Clerk of the Town of

You will take notice, that on or about the day of —, 184 one black horse, of the age of six years, or thereabouts, and marked with a star in his forehead, strayed upon my enclosed land in the town of and now remains thereupon; and that I reside in the said town of Dated the - day of 18%

A. B.

Notice of Sale where Stray is not redeemed.


noon, at

By virtue of the statute in such case made and provided, I shall xpose to sale at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the day of

instant, (or, next,) at o'clock in the the house of J. K., in -, one black horse of the age of six years, or thereabouts, marked with a star in his forehead, the same being a stray found upon my enclosed land in the town of remaining unredeemed according to law. Dated the

day of

A. B.


Receipt of Supervisor. Receiver of A. B., dollars and cents, being the pro veeds of the sale of a stray black horse, after deducting therefrom the expenses of keeping, and the sale thereof,--said horse having beon advertised and sold at public auction, by the said A. B., as a stray, according to the statute, on the

day of -
-, the

- 18-
II. F. Supervisor of the town of -

day of

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Fence-Viewer's Certificate.




County, Town of 1, the undersigned, one of the Fence-Viewers of said town, do bereby certify, that upon the application of A. B., of eaid town, upon whose enclosed lands the following stray animals, to wit: There name them, came, on or about the

day of

and which strays have since that time been kept by the said A. B., and now remain unclaimed and unredeemed, I have ascertained, according to the best of my knowledge and judgment, and upon due inquiry and examination, the reisovable charges of beeping Buch strays, and that the same amount to the sum of dollars ant

cents; and that the fees for my service amount to dollars. Given under my hand, this

day of

E. F., Fence-Viewer

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Certificate where Parties cannot agree


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day of

-County, Town Of WHEREAS, a dispute haring arisen between A. B. and C. D., of Baid town, concerning the reilsonable charges of keeping the fol. lowing strays, to wit: (here name them, which canie upon tho euclosed lands of the said A. B., on or about the 18, and have been kept by him since that time until the dute hereof, and which are now claimed by the said C. D.: Now, therefore, we, the undersigned, two of the Fence-Viewers of said town of do hereby certify that we have ascertained the reaBonable charges of keeping said strays, after due inquiry and examination, and that the same amount to dollars and cents; and that th, fces for our service amount to dollars.

Given, &c., (as in Fence-ViewersCertificate upon the killing of Sheep by Dogs.]

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When two partios have lands adjoining, each must make and keep up his half of the division fence. If he neglect or refuse to do this, and the other receive injury thereby, the party so neg. lecting or refusing is liable to the other in damages to the amount of the injury, and for the fees and other charges incidental to

bringing the case before the Fence Viewers of the town, who are the proper persons to examine and adjudicate upon the matter.

When one of two or more parties, having lands adjoining, desires to remove his fence, and to let the land lie open, he is at liberty to do so, at any time between the first of November and the first of April, by giving the other party or parties ten days' notice of his inteution to apply to the Fence-Viewers of the town for permission to do the same; but if the Fence-Viewers refuse to give bim such permission, he must be governed by their order: should ho, notwithstanding their refusal, remove the fence, he is liable to the other party or parties for all damages that may result to them thereby.

When by flood, accident, or any cause, any party's half of a fence is broken down, removed, or destroyed, the party interested may give him ten days' notice in writing to replace it; should he fail to do so, the party interested may erect it without further no tice, and recover the full bill of the same, together with the costa of suit, in an action.

All disputes by owners of adjoining lands relative to broker fences must be submitted to the fence-Viewers of the town, wbose decision must be given in writing, and must be received by the disputants as conclusive.

Certificate of Value of Fence




County, Town of WHEREAS, A. B. and C. D) were, and are, the owners of cortaid lands adjoining: in said town of and on the

day of 18-, or thereabouts, the said A. B. erected a division fonce between the land belonging to him and that of the said C. D., who had chosen to let the same lie open; and whereas the said C. D. has, since that time, enclosed the said land belonging to him, und a dispute has arisen between the said parties, concerning the proper proportion of the value of the said division fence, to be paid for by the said C. D.: Now. therefore, we, the un dersigried, two of the Fen'e-Viewers of the said town of do hereby certify, that we have ninde due inquiry into the facta and oxamined the premises ; that the following is a correct de scription of the fonce so built by the said A. B. as aforesaid to wit: (give description ! that the value thereof, at the time of

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