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COLUMBUS, O. Regulations of the board of health relative to meat. 1912. 24 p. 8o.

- Regulations of the board of health relative to milk, cream and ice cream. 1912. 13 p. 8o.

See also below "Statistics" (Aachen, Boston, Chemnitz, Düsseldorf, Königsberg).

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BERLIN, GERMANY. Verwaltungsbericht des Magistrats zu Berlin für das Etatsjahr 1911. No. 12. Bericht über die Verwaltung der Stadtbibliothek under der städtischen Volksbibliotheken und Lesehallen. 2 p. fo.

DANZIG, Germany. Bericht über die Verwaltung der Stadtbibliothek zu Danzig für das Verwaltungsjahr 1 April, 1911-12. n. t. p. 4p. 4°.

Los ANGELES, Cal. Los Angeles Public Library. Twenty-fourth annual report. 1911-1912. 46 p. 8°.

NEWARK, N. J. The Newarker. Published monthly by the Free Public Library of Newark. v. 1, no. 6–9. 1912, April-July. p. 87-155.

Industrial and Commercial Courts See below "Statistics" (Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Halle a. S., Königsberg, Munich). This material relates to the industrial and labor courts only.

Insurance See also below "Statistics" (Berlin--invalidity, old age and sick Insurance; Boston, Chemnitz-sick Insurance; Duisburg-sick Insurance; Düsseldorf, Halle a. S. sick, invalidity and old age inguranco; Königsberg-sick Insurance; Munich).

No. 6 has an article on women and wages in New Jersey and one on excess condemnation-history by M. C. Nserny). No. 9 has an article on Incidental versus excess condemnation, containing extracts from an opinion written by John De Witt Warner for the guidance of the New York City Department of Docks.

BERLIN, Germany. Verwaltungsbericht des Magistrats zu Berlin für das Etatsjahr 1911. No. 28. Bericht der abteilung für Invalidenversicherung. 3

St. Louis, Mo. The St. Louis Public Library. An account of its work especially that done in the year ending April 30, 1912. p. 59–132. illus. 8°.

- Annual report 1911-1912. 132 p. illus. 8o.

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16 p.

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YORK, England. Nineteenth general

Meat Inspection report of the public library committee,

See also below “Public Health" (Cincinnati, 1911-1912.

Milwaukee), and "Statistics" (Boston, Buenos Aires,

Light and Power Plants

MELVIN (A. D.) State and municiSee also above “Administration in General" (Boston), and below "Statistics" (Aachen, Berlin,

pal meat inspection and municipal Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Halle a. S., Johannesburg, slaughter houses. 1912.

p. 24-254, 1 Munich).

plan. (United States. Bureau of AniDEVENTER, Netherlands. Begrooting mal Industry. Circular 185.) van de Gemeente-Gasfabrik voor 1912.

Milk Supply 23 p. 8o.

See also above “Administration in General" (Bos. PROVIDENCE, R. I. Lighting contract

ton), and below "Public Health" (Aberdeen, Cincinand franchise agreement between the

nati, Colorado Springs, Detroit, Milwaukee), and City of Providence and the Narragansett "Statistics" (Halle a. S., Munich). Electric Lighting Co. 1912. 56 p. 8°.

NEW YORK Milk COMMITTEE. Infant Rovigo, Italy. Officina comunale del gas di Rovigo. Previsioni per l'anno

mortality and milk stations. Special 1912. Anno 3. 7 p. fo.

report of the committee for the reducUNITED STATES Standards Bureau.

tion of infant mortality of the New York Circular 32. State and municipal regu

milk committee. 1912. xi, 176 p. illus. lations for the quality, distribution and

diagrams. 4°. testing of illuminating gas. 1st edition. The purpose of this report is to make available to Issued April 1, 1912. 133 p. 4°.

every one having an interest in the campaigo against

Infant mortality, the information acquired by the Liquor Traffic

committee during the summer of 1911, when it under

took a demonstration to determine the value of See above “Administration in General" (Spring- Infants' milk stations as a means of reducing that field), and below "Statistics" (Königsberg).

mortality. The report is very thorough, and would

be extremely useful wherever a pure milk campaign Lodging House Inspection

Is to be waged. Copies may be requested of the com

mittee 105 East 22d Street, New York City. See below “Public Health" (Aberdeen). Markets

Moving Pictures

See above “Administration in General" (MilwauSee also above "Administration in General (Den

kee), and below “Police" (Chicago). ver, Houston, Munich). Charters and Ordinances (Duisburg), and below “Public Health" (Colorado

Municipal Accounting Springs), "Statistics” (Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Flor9nce, Halle a. S., Johannesburg, Königsberg, Milan, UNITED STATES. Census Bureau. UniMunich).

form accounts as a basis for standard Berlin, Germany. Preis-Zusammen- forms for reporting financial and other stellungen des statistischen Amts der statistics of (municipal] health departStadt Berlin. A. Städtischer Vieh- ments. By L. G. Powers. 1912. 16 p. und Schlachthof. B. Städtische Markt- 8o. hallen. 1912. 1-6. January-June. fo. •

Municipal Exhibits BUDAPEST. Vásárcsarnokainak évkö

See above " Administration in General" (Bostonnyue az 1910 évröl. Tizennegyedik év.

refers to the New York City budget exhibit). 1911. vi, 183 p. 4°. The 14th annual report of the public markets of

Municipal Lodging Houses Budapest for 1910.

BUDAPEST. Das Volkshotel im vi Munich, Germany. Viktualienmarkt- Bezirk der Haupt- u. Residenzstadt Ordnung. April 15, 1912. 7 p. 4°. Budapest. 1912. 23 p. 16 plates. 8°.

An or finance regulating the public market for the By Dr. E. Ferenczi, social welfare adviser to the retail sale of food stuffs


St. Louis, Missouri. Public Library. Monthly bulletin n. 8. v. 10 no. 7. July, 1912. Municipal reference number. Municipal lodging houses. p. 325-348. 8°.

Chicago, Ill. Final report of the Civil Service Commission. Police investigation 1911-1912. 54 pp., 3 leaves. 8°.

Inquiry conducted by authority of the mayor September 5, 1911 to March 7, 1912. Details of vice investigation, departmental analysis, reorganization plan.

Municipal Pageants, etc.

See above “Administration in General" (Denver).

Municipal Pawnshops See above "Charters and Ordinances" (Aachen), and below "Statistics" (Chemnitz, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Halle a. S., Königsberg, Munich).

Municipal Savings Banks See below "Statistics" (Aachen, Berlin, Chemnitz, Duisburg, Düsseldorf. Halle, a. s., Königsberg, Munich).

Municipal Theaters See above "Charters and Ordinances" (Caen).

Report of the general superintendent of police for the year ending December 31, 1911. 132 p., i leaf, 3 folding tables. 8°. Contains report of moving picture bureau.

New York City. Annual parade and review of the New York Police Department, May 18, 1912. Official programme. 20 leaves, 2 plates. obl. 8°.

The last 2 leaves comprise a summary history of the New York City police department, 1653–1912.

Report on an examination of the surgical division of the police department, May 17, 1912. Office of Commissioner of Accounts, New York City. 16

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p. 12o.

See also above "Administration in General" (Boston, Chattanooga, Denver, Springfield).


See also above “Administration in General" (Munich), "Statistics" (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich).

Kansas City, Mo. Special report for the Blue Valley Parkway. Board of park commissioners. March, 1912. 46 p., 7 plates, illus. 4 maps.

Los Angeles, Cal. Park Commission. Silver Lake Parkway. A brief discussion of the proposed Silver Lake Parkway and its relation to a park and boulevard system for Los Angeles. February, 1912.

MANNHEIM, Germany. Jahrbuch für die Verwaltung der städtischen Armenund waisenpflege in Mannheim. Jahrg. 13. 1912. 119 p. 8°.

11 p.


See above “Administration in General" (Munich).

Port Development Boston, Mass. (Statement of the directors of the port of Boston recommending legislation for the public control of the water front, piers and railroad connections used for commercial purposes.) April 12, 1912. 7 p. 8°.

Senate Doc. 465, 1912. The total assessed valuation of the property proposed to be taken over is $17,697,000.


See above "Charters and Ordinances" (Aachen).


See above "Administration in General" (Denver, Milwaukee).

Plumbing Inspection See below “Public Health" (Colorado Springs Hartford).


(Reply of the directors of the port of Boston to the order of the General. Court calling for more specific information supporting the director's claim for the need of a dry dock in Boston.] May 14, 1912. 6 p. 8°.

Senate Doc. 514, 1912. Docking rates for some foreign and large American cities are tabulated.

See also above “Administration in General" (Springfield), and below "Statistics" (Boston, Coruña, Florence).

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Public Baths

See also above "Charters and Ordinances"(Aachen -baths in school houses) and below "Statistics" (Berlin, Boston, Florence, Munich).

BUDAPEST. Internationale HygieneAusstellung. Dresden 1911. Die städtischen thermalbäder von Budapest. Artesisches Bad, Blocksbad, Bruckbad. 4 leaves. 8°.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. Communications statistiques. No. 33. Statistique démographique des grandes villes du monde pendant les années 1880-1909; 1 re partie.

Europe. Publiée à l'occasion de la xiiie session de l'Institut International de Statistique à la Haye, September, 1911. xiii, 269 p. 8°.

Population, marriages, births and deaths for each year 1880–1909 in the larger cities of Europe (Le., 97 in number); births by legitimacy and sex; infant mortality; deaths by causes. The table on infant mortality shows deaths under one year and stili births in numbers and percentages. An appendis to this table contains a summary of regulations relatIng to birth certificates in the different countries. A second volume is in preparation which will contala, in addition to statistics as above for extra-European cities, returns illustrating demologic phenomena of urban communities.

With illustrations of the handsome new baths of Budapest.

NEW YORK City. Public baths under the supervision of the President of the Borough of Manhattan. 1912. 18 p. 1 plate, illus. 8o.

Twelve free public interior baths and eleven free floating baths were maintained during 1911. The total patronage of the interior baths for 1911 was 3,581,846. The total cost was $336,503.51 (operation $106,674.80; maintenance $122,940.14.) The total patronage of the floating baths was 1,818,721 and the total cost was $42,334.17 (operation $28,134.56; maintenance $14,199.61.)

AUBURN, N. Y. Report of the health department (monthly). 1912, AprilJuly.

Chiefly vital statistics and sanitation.


Public Charities HARTFORD, Conn. Sixteenth annual report of the board of charity commissioners for the year ended April 1, 1912. 39(1) p. 3 plates. 8°.

The city maintains an almshouse, a city hospital and a home and infirmary for children erected in 1911.

On the last page is a summary of appropriations by fiscal years commencing with the establishment of the board in 1896 and ending with 1912; also, a summary of disbursements for almshouse, hospitals, asylums and other accounts, amounts recovered from the state and the net cost for the care of the poor and infirm.

BESANÇON, France. Statistique démographique et médicale. Année 22. 7–14. 1912, April-July.

Boston, Mass. Monthly bulletin of the health department. v. 1, no. 3-4. 1912. March-April. p. 57-99.

No. 3 contains an article by Prof. James 0. Jordan, Inspector of milk and vinegar of the Boston Health Board on Vinegar and Vinegar Laws. It contains the text of a proposed law to prevent vinegar adul


CINCINNATI, O. Weekly report of the board of health. v. 3, no. 18–38. 1912, March 30-August 27. 8°.

Vital statistics, sanitary, meat and milk fasper tions.

Public Health and Vital Statistics See also above "Administration in General" (Milwaukee, Springfield), and below "Statistics" (Aachen, Berlin, Coruña, Duisburg. Düsseldorf, Florence, Johannesburg, Königsberg, Milan, Munich).

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Report of the health department. (Monthly). 1912, January-June. 8°.

Contents are always the same, viz.: Contagious diseases. Sanitation, Plumbing inspection. City dump. City scavenger. Report of market master.

ABERDEEN, Scotland. Reports (monthly) by the medical officer of health and

Report of chemist and bacter lologist. Milk analy- for the year 1911. 165 p. 1 map. 3 sts. Cream analysis. Deaths. Births. Fumiga

charts. 8°. tions.

C. Killick Millard, medical officer of health. ConCOPENHAGEN, Denmark. Ugentlig tains reports on municipal Infant's milk depot, oversigt over födsler, sygdomme og döds- opened July, 1906, on the isolation hospital, on the fold i Kobenhavn (weekly). Aargang

opening during the year of a municipal tuberculosis

dispensary, on food inspection and reports of the 37. no. 1-32. 1912, January 6-August 10.

refuse and street cleaning departments. 4°

MILWAUKEE, Wis. The Healthologist. Contents are always the same, viz.: 1. Meteorological observations. 2. Births and deaths. 3.

Published monthly by the health departBirths and deaths for the preceding 13 months. 4. ment. v. 2, no. 4-7. 1912, April-July. Principal zymotic diseases for preceding 53 weeks.

Vital statistics, sanitation and child hygiene. 5. Epidemic and contagious diseases. 6. Deaths of

The Healthologist is made up for campaign purposes. the week by cause, age and sex. 7. Epizootic dis

Each number closes with the Bulletin of the Bureau eases. 8. Deaths from epidemic causes in principal cities of the world for the week of latest advise.

of Vital Statistics (births, marriages, deaths, inter

ments, contagious diseases, meat Inspection, bacterioDETROIT, Mich. Bulletin of the De

logical examinations, accidents, sanitary Inspections,

milk inspections). troit board of health. v. 2, 7-12. 1912, January-June. v. 3, no. 1. 1912, July. Munich, Germany. Amtsärztlicher Vital statistics, sanitary inspections, laboratory,

Bericht auf Grund der schulärztlichen school nurses, tuberculosis clinic, mothers' clinic, Berichte für das Schuljahr 1910–11. 10 p. etc. V. 2, no. 2, contains a comparison of the cost of 4o. the health departments and the milk Inspection of

New Haven, Conn. Monthly statePittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit. V. 2, No. 10 has an account of operations

ment of mortality. 1912, January-July. under the ordinance granting an appropriation for

NEW ORLEANS, La. Statement of the elimination of the fly nuisance.

mortality. (Monthly).

(Monthly). 1912, AprilEDINBURGH, Scotland. Annual report


Public Works of the public health department for 1911. X, 86 p. fo.

Boston, Mass. Address of street comDr. A. Maxwell Williamson, medical officer of

missioner James A. Gallivan at the sechealth. Comment on declining birthrate of Edin- ond session of the National Conference burgh; Inference is that factor of emigration has on City Planning, Tuesday May 28, 1912. influenced young adult population and disturbed course of natural increase. Improved housing con

10 p. 8o. ditions of Edinburgh are referred to. There are 6877 Financing local improvements by assessment, exhouses of one apartment inhabited by 18,608 persons.

cess condemnation, zone system of assessments. Two-roomed houses number 22,031. The report is divided into 2 parts, the first part

CHICAGO, ILL. Proceedings of the containing vital statistics and the second reports board of trustees of the sanitary district relating to meat inspection, inspection of cow byres, of Chicago. 1912, January-July. 768 p. dairles, Ice-cream shops, workshops, bakehouses and

New York City. A report on a spehairdressing saloons, and the administration of the shop hours, seats for sbop assistants, and food and

cial investigation of the initiation of drug act.

public improvements in the office of

the President of the Borough of RichHARTFORD, Conn. Vital statistics.

mond, city of New York, June 3, 1912. Issued monthly by the health depart- Office of the Commissioner of Accounts, ment. 1912, April-May.

city of New York. 11 p. 12o. Contents are always the same, viz.: Mortality and PITTSBURGH, Pa. Report of the flood causes. Bacteriologist's report. Milk Inspection.

commission. April 16, 1912. 9 p.l., 252 Contagious diseases. School Inspections and exclusions. Sanitary report. Plumbing inspection. Food

(1), 452 p., 4 maps, plates. illus. Inspection. Meteorological observations.

The Pittsburgh Flood Commission was organized

on February 20, 1908, pursuant to a resolution adopt. LEICESTER, England. Sixty-third an

ed by the Chamber of (ommerce of Pittsburgh. nual report upon the health of Leicester The report contains the results of the surveys and i .

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