The Life of Thomas Muir, Esq. Advocate, Younger of Huntershill, Near Glasgow, Member of the Convention of Delegates for Reform in Scotland, Etc., Etc: Who was Tried for Sedition Before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, and Sentenced to Transportation for Fourteen Years : with a Full Report on His Trial

W.R. M'Phun, 1831 - 160 páginas

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Página 159 - Scotland — a nation cast in the happy medium between the spiritless acquiescence of submissive poverty and the sturdy credulity of pampered wealth ; cool and ardent, adventurous and persevering ; winging her eagle flight against the blaze of every science, with an eye that never winks, and a wing that never tires...
Página 159 - ... against the blaze of every science with an eye that never winks and a wing that never tires — crowned, as she is, with the spoils of every art, and decked with the wreath of every muse, from the deep and scrutinizing researches of her Hume to the sweet and simple, but not less sublime and pathetic, morality of- her Burns — how, from the bosom of a country like that, genius, and character, and talents, should be banished to a distant barbarous soil, condemned to pine under the horrid communion...
Página 49 - In England a king hath little more to do than to make war and give away places; which in plain terms, is to impoverish the nation and set it together by the ears. A pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed eight hundred thousand sterling a year for, and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than...
Página 107 - Now this is the question for consideration — Is the panel guilty of sedition, or is he not ? Now, before this can be answered, two things must be attended to that require no proof : First, that the British constitution is the best that ever was since the creation of the world, and it is not possible to make it better.
Página 4 - Queen of Scots : her persecutions, sufferings, and trials from her birth till her death. With a full exposure of the intrigues of Queen Elizabeth ; the conspiracies and...
Página 134 - Parliament in England, in the first year of the reign of their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary, intituled An Act declaring the rights and liberties of the Subject and settling the Succession of the Crown...
Página 158 - Britain analogous circumstances have taken place. At the commencement of that unfortunate war which has deluged Europe with blood, the spirit of the English people was tremblingly alive to the terror of French principles ; at that moment of general paroxysm, to accuse was to convict The danger...
Página 109 - Court do adjudge, that you be transported beyond the sea to such place as His Majesty, with the advice of his privy council, shall direct and appoint, for the term of your natural life.
Página 108 - Mr. Muir might have known, that no attention could be paid to such a rabble. What right had they to representation ? He could have told them that the Parliament would never listen to their petition. How could they think of it ? A Government in every country should be just like a Corporation,* and in this country it is made up of the landed interest which alone has a right to be represented.
Página 21 - Did any person, did a lady say to you, that the people would not allow you to whip him? and, my Lord, did you not say that the mob would be the better for losing a little blood ? These are the questions, my Lord, that I wish to put to you, at present, in the presence of the Court : deny them or acknowledge them.

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