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nary in arranging his neckcloth, lutions, equally useful and elegant. which is a curious piece of me. Some shake their bats with conchanism. · However, he contrived siderable violence, others wield to talk more, and cut more jokes, and flourish them with perfect than any other in the room, though ease and command. In fact, there only in half the time. The con- seems to be as much art necessary versation turned a good deal on for the management of this instruthe 66 Etonian,” a book which is ment, as a lady requires for the written by some of the boys, and graceful use of her fan; so, of comes out monthly. I verily be- course, an inexperienced boy like lieve that some of the company I me cannot expect to attain it in a have just numbered have a pretty day. However, I flatter myself deep interest in it. I remember that I shall astonish you when I now, very well, having seen the come home, for I positively magazine in the bookseller's shop, bowled out one of the first-rates with a dismal print of the King of in our club the other day, and Clubs on the outside, and this is once hit hard enough to entitle no doubt what Swinburne wished me to walk with a great air once me to pay allegiance to. I shall or twice round my wicket after I certainly buy the last Number, had done running, by way of rethus far testifying my good dispo- covering my breath. To do this sition; and shall send it to you in proper style, is, I assure you, pretty soon, for I am sure you reckoned a most difficult thing would like to see anything that among the most expert performers, comes from Eton. Henry is to utterly unattainable, I am sure, have the Liberties as well as my, by any of the rustics (Etonice self; I am to give him instruction Clods) whom one sees playing at about them. Now all this I with home. I have written to you in very good reason attribute to you; plain English, fearing that the and I have taken an early oppor. dialect which we use in general tunity to testify my gratitude, al. has been imported since you left though an unlucky Saint's Day the School. By the way, your has given us what the Head Master name still continues in existence calls a 66 wholesome four Exer. on several of the Upper School cise-week, and we are just in the pannels, though the art of cutting middle of it. The cricketers out seems to have been considercomplain bitterly of the cold ably improved since your time, weather. I begin to understand or rather I suppose it was not the game, and to handle the bat formerly considered too much with proper attitude, which all trouble for a boy to undertake agree to be indispensible. In the task himself; whereas now, deed, all the best players have very few boys condescend to be each kis peculiar, and, as it ap- seen engaged in such a degradpears to me, inimitable, sort of ing employment. Indeed, there action, which they display while is a man who is specially occuthe bowler is preparing to deliver pied, and, I fancy, gains no inthe ball. This consists in squaring considerable emolument from the of elbows, in various contortions simple office of conferring immorof the wrists, and many other evo- tality at the moderate charge of half-a-crown, (be the length of Swinburne and Henry desire the name what it will-monosyl- me to remember them kindly to labic, or tetrasyllabic) on any you; and, with many thanks to body who chooses to pay for it. you for this friendly introduction As it is the fashion, therefore, for to Swioburne, believe me boys on leaving school to be so . Your affectionate nephew, immortalized, I have given special

S. RASHLEIGU. injunctions that a space may be P. S.-Remember me kindly to reserved for Henry and myself, Guidott. I hope he was in time immediately under « M. BRAD- for 6 the Little Salisbury.” SHAW, 1787.

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Lady Caroline Rashleigh to the Masters Rashleigh.

Stapylton Hall. MY DEAR BOYS, Your letters came quite as soon your late letter bore no marks of as I could have wished ; that is Black Monday. You are a happy to say, much sooner than anybody person to live in such a busy place, expected. The news, too, is as where you have always plenty good as we possibly could have of subjects for writing upon. desired; and, in fact, the whole Here we go on in our regular Epistle is quite free from that course; and nothing appears to heaviness and sorrow which used occur that you would wish at all to distinguish the first potice of to hear. The dogs, horses, and your return to Mr. Plodwell's; the other living creatures, will and which was never enlivened by not furnish a single line; and our the various touches and alterations neighbours' affairs are not a bit which it used to receive from the more interesting than our own. I hands of that worthy gentleman, must not forget to tell you that You seem to be rather vexed at the gamekeepers have discovered arriving so much earlier than you two fellows in the act of stealing need have done. It was entirely some pheasants' eggs. How they owing to our over-anxiety for you are to be punished I do not at to be in good time, and we will present know; but your Papa take care, in future, to manage declares that they shall not escape these matters better, and not to with impunity, if he can prevent commit so serious a mistake. We it. I hope that he will not put think of you very often, and miss himself too much forward on the you very much, I assure you. It occasion, for these poachers are is not a little consolation, how- always in confederacy, and perever, to think that you like Eton haps they will attack us in gangs, so well, as hardly to consider it in as they have done other people, the light of a school. I do not when they find that they will be think that you looked very gloomy caught if they come singly. We at starting; and I am sure that positively think of going to town

very shortly, and Mr. Rashleigh understood that it is a good one for is at this time looking out for a boys and men too: so I am glad house. Perhaps you will be able to hear that you take an interest to get leave to pass a day or two in it, particularly as I think it with us there ; perhaps even we much better to amuse yourself in shall come down to Eton, which I that manner, than in going on the have a great wish to see : but no- water. Pray do not get into one thing is settled, and I would not of those odious boats before you have you flatter yourself too much can swim. I shall trust to you for with any expectation of the sort. preventing Henry. When he likes The principal object of our jour- to write, and has plenty of time, ney would be to get masters for we should be very glad to hear your sister, which, as you know, from him, as well as from you ;are not to be met with at home. the oftener the better. The WestIt does really seem quite a pity to burys intend to send their little leave the country just as it is be- boy to Eton as soon as he is old ginning to look pretty; and I can- enough. Your account has quite not conceive what infatuation it is turned their heads; and your bethat induces everybody to crowd ing there is not a little induceto London in the very loveliest ment; for no doubt you would be time of the year. You talk a able to help him on a good deal. good deal about your cricket. Your father and sister desire their club, and seem as if you liked the best loves to you and Henry. thoughts of it. You must not Yours, very affectionately, suppose me to know anything

C. RASHLEIGH. about the game; but I have always.

Master Henry Rashleigh to Miss Rashleigh. ·

Eton, June 7. MY DEAR SISTER, I am determined to show you One would hardly suppose that that I have not forgotten the pro- anybody could have been so good. mise that I made you in the Holi- natured, who knows as little of us days; and partly from my own as he does. But I will not talk to inclination, and partly too, it must you about these stupid things any be confessed, from my brother's longer ; for I am certain that they orders, I have sat down with a will suit my brother ten times betsheet of letter-paper before me, ter than me, as you will discover manfully resolving to cover it at when he chooses to give his acall hazards. Samuel has written count. I am much too cunning to to my Uncle to thank him for ask- take so much trouble; besides, I ing Swinburne, one of the Sixth think I shall eclipse all his prosing Form, to take notice of us, which by the splendid description I mean he has done very effectually; and to give you of the annual Regatta is a capital friend, I assure you. which took place on the 4th, and

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a very pretty sight it 'was. You my acquaintances, metamorphosed must positively come here when it as they were by their new equiphappens again, and we will take ments of spurs, top-boots, hunting care to send you timely notice. whips, and straight-cut coats. All the long boats (to the number What capital fun it must be hiring of nine or ten) were ranged along a horse for a couple of hours, just the bank of a large meadow, just to show off! (to be sure we were out of Eton, and, at a settled time, not locked up in our house till they all set off, in order, to the half an hour later than usual that sound of music, and rowed a long night.) The Master said, that he way up the river, to a place called could not tell the reason why that Surly-hall, where there was a large indulgence should be given then supper laid out in the open field, more than at any other time; but not only for the crews, but also for I dare say in reality he knows well all the Fifth and Sixth form. If it enough. I do believe that Smirk had been a week later, Sam would would have cut a very respectable have been there; as it is now, he figure there, and I am sure he is not better than I am-merely a would have beaten most of them. lower boy. But to return to my You never saw such animals colstory. The river-side was lined lected together in your life before, with an immense number of people many of them with hardly a leg to -all collected to see the boats stand on, and bones peeping start, or rather to see the dresses through their skins; others just of the rowers. They had mostly taken up from a common, with all straw hats, and very gay embroi. their winter hair about them, as if dered blue or white jackets, be they had never felt a curry-comb; sides great gilt buckles in their and the best were but poor creashoes, such as one observes old tures. Then there was such floga codgers wearing, only that they ging, and hollowing, and riding were newer and wreathed. But against one another, that the Epthe steerers were the principal ping Hunt could never have been attraction-all dressed out in silks more ridiculous; and great part of and velvets, and gold, after the the company preferred going to Turkish, or some other outlandish look at them to eating their supfashion. I must say, some of them per. However, all managed to looked more like girls than boys, arrive at Windsor Bridge, or some and I cannot help thinking that where about it, before the fire. those were the wisest, who had works began; and most of the naval uniforms; for it seems more carriages, 'as you may imagine, in character. I must not forget brought with them pretty good to mention that every boat had a loads of the boys, who managed particular flag, painted with some to cram themselves in every parts device or other, and a motto. Di. Samuel and I got into a house, rectly after the procession had which commanded an excellent begun there was such a scamper- view of the place where the fireing and racing about, that you works are exhibited, viz. à sort of would positively have imagined island in the middle of the river, that half Eton was on horseback covered with willows, which they I could hardly recognise some of call here an eyot, and perhaps

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elsewhere too, but I never heard his part of the businessI am of the same. It was quite dan- very well content that he should gerous to stand on the bridge, from have as much as he can possibly the pressure of the horses and ve- wish for, because I think him a hicles, not to mention that the very good fellow, which is quite fabric itself is very shaky, and not as much as one Eton boy can say at all, unlikely to tumble down for another. Of course it is quite with any extraordinary weight. unnecessary for me to inform you When the boats came down, they that we all got home at the proper pursued each other round this eyot, time. And so much for the 4th of and under the bridge with the ut. June ! If you are half as well most, rapidity and I understand pleased with the relation as I was it is reckoned a great triumph if with the sight, I shall be perfectly they can strike the one before satisfied ; and you must allow that them with their bow, and this they have sent you a very full one, call bumping. By this time it was Samuel is at this moment deeply getting quite dark, and the fire employed in his verses, or he would works, which they tell me were have sent a few lines. However, unusually good, showed themselves he begs to join in love to you, to the greatest advantage, as well Mamma, Papa, with, my dear as some variegated lamps, which Harriet, were ranged about upon trees and . Your very affectionate Brother, poles. The water-rockets pleased

· H. RASHLEIGH. me better than any thing. The P. S. I have already ascertained Captain of the Oppidans has the that our Election Holidays (so arrangement of all; and they say they call them), commence on the that the present one (Sir Thomas 30th of next month. Nesbit) deserves great praise for :

Ms.,$. Rashleigh to R. Rashleigh, Esq..

. : Eton, June 11. : MY DEAR FATHER, - I am so well pleased with my very transcendent geniuses ; but elevation to the dignity of a Fifth still I had not the most distant Form, that I have taken up my idea of being put, above them. pen to give you the very earliest The change of which I have just intelligence of my delivery from informed you is termed a Remode, fagging, which, by-the-by, I always and affects more or less the whole cared for but little, and of my School. Henry,' among the rest, power to fag, which at present I has felt: its influence, and is now care for still less. I have passed in that part which I have just left. through my trials much more easily, He has acquitted himself extremely and much more successfully, than well in trials, and is very happy

expected; for I really have taken at the thought of changing his Tea the places of three boys who were rence for some other Authors, before me. Neither of them were which I do not wonder at; for it

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