A Thing of Beauty, Volumen1

Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, 1877 - 255 páginas

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Página 6 - THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT This is the farmer sowing his corn, That kept the cock that crowed in the morn, That waked the priest all shaven and shorn, That married the man all tattered and torn, That kissed the maiden all forlorn, That milked the cow with the crumpled horn, That tossed the dog That worried the cat That killed the rat That ate the malt That lay in the house that Jack built.
Página 200 - Heaven, when it strives to polish all it can Its last best work, but forms a softer man...
Página 118 - O my lost love, and my own, own love, And my love that loved me so ! Is there never a chink in the world above Where they listen for words from below...
Página 97 - twas from a heart like stone. The blushing cheek speaks modest mind, The lips befitting words most kind ; The eye does tempt to love's desire, And seems to say — 'tis Cupid's fire : Yet all so fair but speak my moan, Sith nought doth say the heart of stone.
Página 243 - I waive the quantum of the sin, The hazard of concealing; But oh! it hardens all within And petrifies the feeling.
Página 136 - Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot That it do singe yourself: We may outrun, By violent swiftness, that which we run at, And lose by over-running.
Página 213 - His body in perpetual shade. It is a weary interlude, Which doth short joys, long woes include : The world the stage, the prologue tears, The acts vain hopes and varied fears ; The scene shuts up with loss of breath, And leaves no epilogue but death.
Página 50 - ... of her upon whom he had too rashly gazed. Alas ! he was unhappy, for the proud Hermione disdained the love of a poor student, whose only wealth was a magic lamp. In marble halls, and amid the gay crowd that worshipped her, she had almost forgotten that such a being lived as the Student Hieronymus. The adoration of his heart had been to her only as the perfume of a wild flower, which she had carelessly crushed with her foot in passing.
Página 108 - SOME say that kissing's a sin ; But I think it's nane ava, For kissing has wonn'd in this warld Since ever that there was twa. Oh, if it wasna lawfu', Lawyers wadna allow it ; If it was na holy, Ministers wadna do it. If it wasna modest, Maidens wadna tak' it ; If it wasna plenty, Puir folk wadna get it.
Página 213 - ... as his fancies are; Till in a mist of dark decay, The dreamer vanish quite away. It is a dial — which points out The sunset, as it moves about; And shadows out in lines of night The subtle stages of Time's flight ; Till all-obscuring earth hath laid His body in perpetual shade.

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