The Works of Hannah More, Volumen3

T. Cadell, 1830

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Página 412 - tribulation ? But, sir, I beg your pardon for being so talkative. Indeed, you great folks can hardly imagine how it raises and cheers a poor man's heart, when such as you condescend to talk familiarly to him on religious subjects. It seems to be a practical comment on that text which says, The rich and poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all. And
Página 379 - What is equality ? Jack. For every man to pull down every one that is above him; while, instead of raising those below him to his own level, he only makes use of them as steps to raise himself to the place of those he has tumbled down. Tom, What is the new
Página 245 - flowed fast, while I cried out in the bitterness of my soul, How many hired servants of my father have bread enough, and to spare,
Página 376 - place. To be sure, I wish they'd set us a better example about going to church, and those things : but still hoarding's not the sin of the age : they don't lock up their money — away it goes, and every body's the better for it. They do spend too much, to be sure, in feastings
Página 434 - profane lips; and if it depended on me, there should be no such thing in the land as an idle, drunken, or irreligious parishclerk. Sorry I am to say, that this matter is not always sufficiently attended to, and that I know some of a very indifferent character.
Página 95 - but when he came to those two verses, " the Lord upholdeth all such as fall, and lifteth up all those that are down,
Página 375 - the man on foot, or hurt a hair of his head, any more than you. And as to our great folks, that you levellers have such a spite against, I don't pretend to say they are a bit better than they should be; but that's no affair of mine; let them look to that; they'll answer for that in
Página 405 - Well, I will certainly call on you before it be long ; but how can you contrive to lodge so many children ? " — " We do the best we can, sir. My poor wife is a very sickly woman, or we should' always have done tolerably well. There are no gentry in the parish, so that she
Página 406 - that though the whole Land of Promise was his, yet the first bit of ground which Abraham, the father of the faithful, got possession of, in the land of Canaan, was a grave." " Are you in any distress at present ?" said Mr. Johnson. " No, sir, thank God,

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