Global Health

Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2011 M08 25 - 940 páginas
Recognized as the most prestigious, comprehensive text on Global Health for GRADUATE programs in public and global health. Global Health, Third Edition (formerly titled International Public Health) brings together contributions from the world's leading authorities into a single comprehensive text. It thoroughly examines the wide range of global health challenges facing low and middle income countries today and the various approaches nations adopt to deal with them. These challenges include measurement of health status, infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, nutrition, reproductive health, global environmental health and complex emergencies. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

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About the Authors
The Design of Health SystemsAnne J Mills and M
Foreword William H Foege
Measures of Health and Disease in PopulationsAdnan
Summary Measures of Population Health
Comparisons and Trends in Disease Burden
Burden of Disease Attributed to Risk Factors
Discussion Questions
Environmental HealthTord Kjellstrom Anthony
Environmental Health Research Risk Assessment
Complex EmergenciesMichael J Toole and Ronald
Direct Public Health Impact of
Indirect Public Health Impact of Civil Conflict
The Effects of Armed Conflict and Political
Specific Health Outcomes
Prevention and Mitigation of Complex Emergencies

Culture Behavior and HealthSusan C Scrimshaw
Discussion Questions
The Social Determinants of HealthMichael P Kelly
The Health Gradient
Measuring the Health Gradient
Implications of the Health Gradient for Policy
Infectious DiseasesArthur L Reingold and Aubree
Reproductive HealthM Omar Rahman and Jane
Family Planning Programs
Impact of Reproductive Patterns on the Health
Enteric Infections and Acute Respiratory Infections
Bacterial Meningitis
Mycobacterial Infections
Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS
Viral Hepatitis
Malaria and Other ArthropodBorne Diseases
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Infectious Causes of Blindness
NutritionKeith P West Jr Christine P Stewart
Population Spectrum of Nutritional Status
Micronutrient Deficiencies
Chronic Diseases and RisksDerek Yach George
Common Chronic Conditions
Economic Impacts and Health Inequalities
Determinants of Major Chronic Diseases
The Limitations of Studies on CostEffectiveness
Comprehensive Care Applied to Clinical Prevention
Reorientation of Health Services to Address Chronic
Global Mental HealthVikram Patel Alan J Flisher
Culture and Classification
The Burden of Mental Disorders
Human Rights and Mental Illness
Discussion Questions
Response to Complex Emergencies
Womens and Childrens Healthcare Services
Communicable Disease Control
Role of International National
Conceptual Framework for Health System
Conceptual Maps of the Health System
Evaluation of Health Systems
The Role of the State
Resource Allocation
Provision of Services
Health System Reform
Management and Planning for Global HealthAndrew
Management of Resources
Management Themes
Conclusion and Challenges for Managers
PharmaceuticalsKara Hanson Benjamin Palafox Stuart
Discussion Questions
Health and the EconomyJennifer Prah Ruger Dean
Health Systems and Economic Outcomes
Evaluations of LargeScale Health ProgramsCesar
Developing an Impact Model
Types of Inference and Choice of Design
Defining the Indicators and Obtaining the Data
Incorporating Equity in the Evaluation
Cooperation in Global HealthGill Walt Kent Buse
Why Do States Cooperate?
How Do States Cooperate?
Globalization and HealthKelley Lee Derek Yach
The Global Dimensions of Infectious Disease
The Globalization of Chronic Diseases
Impacts on Healthcare Financing and Service
The Growing Importance of Global Health
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Professor and Deputy Director and Provost, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, England

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