Christianity in a revolutionary age: a history of Christianity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries volume 2 : the nineteenth century in Europe : the Protestant and Eastern churches

Paternoster Press, 1970 - 532 páginas
1. The Protestant phase in Europe: by way of introduction; similarities and contrasts with the reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to the Revolution; the main outlines of approach -- 2. Germany: the setting and the scope of Protestantism -- 3. Germany: Protestant theology in the nineteenth century -- 4. Germany: the course of biblical and historical studies in Protestantism in the nineteenth century -- 5. Germany: awakenings and revivals in Protestantism -- 6. Germany: Protestant ecclesiastical structure: union and dissent -- 7. Germany: Protestantism: ecclesiastical structural developments, public worship, and the training of clergy -- 8. Germany: Protestantism: the flourishing of voluntary agencies for service to German society and the strengthening of the Protestant faith -- 9. Germany: Protestantism: enterprises for spreading Christianity throughout the world -- 10. Germany: contributions of German Protestantism to social and political thought and action -- 11. Protestantism in nineteenth-century Germany: an attempt at an appraisal -- 12. Scandinavian Protestantism: by way of introduction -- 13. The nineteenth-century course of Protestantism in Denmark -- 14. Protestantism in Iceland in the nineteenth century -- 15. Protestantism in Norway in the nineteenth century -- 16. Protestantism: the nineteenth-century story in Sweden -- 17. Protestantism in Finland in the nineteenth century -- 18. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Estonia and Latvia -- 19. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Poland -- 20. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in the Hapsburg domains, especially in Hungary -- 21. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Switzerland -- 22. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Italy, Spain, and Portugal -- 23. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in France -- 24. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Belgium -- 25. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Holland (the kingdom of the Netherlands) -- 26. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in the British Isles: general perspective -- 27. England: developments in the Church of England -- 28. England: the nineteenth-century course of Protestant nonconformity -- 29. England: the effects of Protestantism on the social, economic, political, and intellectual life -- 30. Protestantism in Wales in the nineteenth century -- 31. Protestantism in nineteenth-century Protestantism in Ireland -- 32. Nineteenth-century Protestantism in Scotland -- 33. Protestantism in nineteenth-century western Europe: a brief appraisal -- 34. Christianity in Russia in the nineteenth century -- 35. Greece and the Balkan countries in the nineteenth century -- 36. Preparation for geographic transition.

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