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HISTORY OF THE U. S. FROM 1783 to 1812 .... ...606

Prostration of the country after the war-Congress has no effective control

of finances-Negligence of the States-Shay's rebellion in Mass.-Vig.
orous action of Gen. Lincoln-Virginia urges call of a Constitutional
Convention-Meeting and result of the Convention--Last acts and dis-
solution of Continental Congress—Washington's first Administration-
The rise of parties, Federal and Anti-federal – Washington's second
Administration – Difficulties with England — With France - Country
prospers-Adams' Administration-Naval war with France-Jefferson's
Administrations-Louisiana purchased-Increasing trouble with Eng.
land-Madison's Administrations-War declared.

of British and Indians—Incompetence of U. S. officers—Second Cam-

paign-Brilliant naval successes-Mortification of the British-Political

opposition to the war embarrasses the Government and encourages the

enemy-Third Campaign an American success—Gen. Scott in Canada,

Defeat of the British at Plattsburg, on Lake Erie; before Baltimore, at

New Orleans.


HISTORY FROM 1815 To 1846......


Results of the war highly favorable to the U. S. — Gains respect abroad

Party bitterness subsides – Compromise of 1820 – Great prosperity
Florida Purchase-Monroe's two Administrations–J. Q. Adams' Admin-
istration-Sections divide on the Tariff-Jackson's two Administrations
– Nullification of South Carolina – Jackson's promptness-Seminole
war-Van Buren's Administration--Financial disasters--Harrison and
Tyler-Admission of Texas-Election of Polk.


THE MEXICAN WAR-FROM 1848 TO 1860..... ....638

Causes of the war-Battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma–Taking

of Monterey-Battle of Buena Vista-Gen. Scott in Mexico-His long

succession of victories – Enters the City of Mexico - Treaty of Guada-
lupe Hidalgo-Increase of territory-Discovery of gold in California
California applies for admission as a State—Raises the violent opposition
of Slave States—Compromises of 1850—Taylor and Fillmore-Pierce's
Administration — Repeal of the Missouri Compromise - Troubles in
Kansas – Buchanan's Administration – Preparation for Secession
Growth of the Republican party.




Real causes of the Civil War—The elections of Nov., 1860— Made the pre-

text for Secession-South Carolina Secedes-Forts and property of the
government seized in the South-Southern States successively Secede-
Southern Confederacy formed-Want of energy in the Administration-
Inauguration of Lincoln-The Union to be defended.


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