Water Companies' Accounts

Gee & Company, 1903 - 73 páginas

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Página 63 - Expenses Acts, 1869 and 1871, shall apply accordingly as if they were herein re-enacted and in terms made applicable to the above-mentioned costs and sums.
Página 66 - The notice of the meeting at which any resolution for the payment of a sum out of the water fund (otherwise than for ordinary periodical payments), or any resolution for incurring any costs, debt, or liability exceeding fifty pounds, will be proposed, shall state the amount of the said sum, costs, debt, or liability and the purposes for which they are to be paid or incurred.
Página 54 - Auditor then retiring from office, according to the provision hereinafter contained ; and every Auditor elected as hereinbefore provided, being neither removed nor disqualified nor having resigned, shall continue to be an Auditor until another be elected in his stead.
Página 53 - The company shall keep a book, to be called the " Register of Shareholders ;" and in such book shall be fairly and distinctly entered, from time to time, the names of the several corporations, and the names and additions of the several persons entitled to shares in the company, together with the number of shares to which such shareholders shall be respectively entitled, distinguishing each share by its number, and the amount of the subscriptions paid on such shares, and the...
Página 61 - London, to the common council; (b) in the case of a metropolitan borough, to the council of that borough; (c) in the case of a municipal borough or urban district, to the council thereof ; and the council shall pay to the Water Board the amount specified in the precept.
Página 56 - THE company shall not make any dividend whereby their capital stock will be in any degree reduced : Provided always, that the word " dividend " shall not be construed to apply to a return of any portion of the capital stock, with the consent of all the mortgagees and bond creditors of the company, due notice being given for that purpose at an extraordinary meeting to be convened for that object.
Página 55 - The books of the company shall be balanced at the prescribed periods, and, if no periods be prescribed, fourteen days at least before each ordinary meeting; and, forthwith, on the books being so balanced, an exact Balance Sheet shall be made up, which shall exhibit a true statement...
Página 58 - Expenditure, with a Statement of the Balance of such Account, duly audited and certified...
Página 55 - If any vacancy take place among the Auditors in the course of the current year, then, at any general meeting of the company, the vacancy may, if the company think fit, be supplied by election of the shareholders. 105. — The provision of this Act respecting the failure of an ordinary meeting at which directors ought to be chosen shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to any ordinary meeting at which an Auditor ought to be appointed.

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