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[Those names which are starred are not contained in Farmer's Genealogical Register, and

concerning those which are not starred, additional facts are related. The article is pre. pared entirely from unpublished manuscripts, by Mr. S. G. Drake.]

ADAMS, SAMUEL, Chelmsford, authorized | CHURCH, GARRETT, Watertown, 1636,

to solemnize marriages there, 1664. aged 51 in 1662. — RICHARD, Plymouth, ALLEN, BozoUN, Boston, constable, 1680. 1631; went there from Wessaguscussett. ALLIN, ONESIPHORUS,* Ipswich, 1679. CLARKE, JONAS, constable of Cambridge, ALLYNE, Thomas,* Barnstable, 1644, a 1680. - THEODORE, * York, 1663.

witness to a sale of land by the Indian Clar, NATHANIEL,* Dorchester, 1664. Seacunk.

Cobe, Henry, Barnstable, 1644. ANDREWS, THOMAS,* and Thomas Jr., * Cook, GEORGE, Colonel, &c., Cambridge, Dorchester, 1664.

Ms., in which place and vicinity he had ANGIER, ANDREW, first inhabitant at large possessions ; returned to England

Dunston, Me.- ARTHUR, born about in or about the beginning of the Civil 1625.

War, in which he took a part, went into ANNABLE, ANTHONY, Barnstable, 1644. Ireland, where he was killed in 1652. He ARCHARD, Samuel,* church member, was twice married, and left by one of Salem, 1640.

his wives, two daughters: 1. Mary, m. ARDELL, RICHARD* Boston, merchant, to her mother's younger brother,” Mr. 1686.

Samuel Annesley, 1681. In 1669 she ATWOOD, Joun,* ensign, Boston, juror, resided at Martins in the Fields, Lon1686.

don; in 1691 she resided with her husAvery, WILLIAM* and JONATHAN,* mem band in the city of Westminster. 2.

bers of the church, Dedham, 1677. Elizabeth, m. 1st, Rev. John Quick, BAXTER, DANIEL, Salem, 1638. Carried of St. Giles. Cripple Gate, London, and

the charter of R. Island from Boston to perhaps, 2ndly, Joseph Cawthorne.

Newport, 1663. (Farmer's MS.) CRISPE, BENJAMIN, "Misticke als MeadBENTLEY, WILLIAM,* came to New Eng. forde,” 1636.

land in the ship Arabella, Richard Curwin, George, Salem, 1652, aged 70; Sprague master; sailed from Gravesend, went there near 44 years before. May 27, 1671.

Cushin, JEREMIAH,* Boston, juror, 1680. Bezbeane, John,* Woburn, 1677, Davis, LAWRENCE,* York, 1663. BERRY, RICHARD,* Medford, 1636. DINSDALE, William, aged 47 in 1663. BLAKE, Francis,* Dorchester, 1664. — Hired an island of John Leverett, in

William,* -James, a. 21 in 1677. Boston harbor, for seven years. BLOWERS, Joun, a 36 in 1663, a lessee of an Doggett, John, Hingham. 1662, where he

island in Boston harbor for seven years. witnessed an Indian deed. Bott, ISAAC,* Boston, 1675.

Durgie, William,* came to Ipswich, Bradley, William,* Dorchester, 1664. Nov. 9, 1663, and was then 33 years old. BROUGHTON, THOMAS, Boston, 1655, peti Had been in the W. Indies, and came

tions general court against imposing here from thence. Wite, Martha. Per. duties on importations.

haps this name is that since written Bull, William, Charlestown, 1639, Durgin.

heard Squaw Sachem say then, that she EDGECOMBE, Miles,* a. 25, 1676. Was had given all her lands to Mr. Gibbons ; at " Black Point the day and tyme when was 43 years of age in 1662.

nine of Winterharbo: men were fighting CapeN, BARNARD, witnesses the Indian with the Indians upon the sands oppo.

deed of Dorchester, 1671; SAMUEL,* site to the said place.” also a witness to the same.

Eedy, John,* Plymouth, left there to CARPENTER, WILLIAM, Hingham, 1641, reside in Massachusetts, before Feb.,

witnessed, and seems to have drawn the 1632. deed of a tract of land there from the EUERS, MATHIAS,* Dorchester, 1664. Indians “to John Tower the elder.” EVERETT, John, Chelmsford, 1664, where His autograph, and the instrument to he is authorized to unite people in marwhich it is attacherl, are a most elegant riage.

specimen of the chirography of that age. Foote, Pasco, Salem church. 1640. CHEEVER, Ezekiel, married the widow Foster, JAMES,* Dorchester, constable,

of Capt. Lothrop, who was killed in 1680.

Sudbury fight, before May 19, 1680. Fox, Thomas, Ms., about 52 in 1659, wise, Cuild, RICHARD,* Watertown, juror, Elinor. 1680.

FoxWELL, RICHARD, Dunston, Me., 1654.


FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, Boston, before which time he was at Boston. The 1678, wife, Katherine.

same person was at Nantasket in 1622. FRIEND, John, Salem, church memb., 1640. John, Charlestown, juror in the witch GODDARD, Giles,* Boston, 1679, had wise trials, 1680. and servants.

LATHAM, Cary, was born in 1612; Boston, Gray, John,* buys Nantasket of the 1663. Indians, 1622.

LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Hingham, 1661. GREENLEAFE, Enoch,* Boston, saddler, LoePHELIN, PETER,* Frenchman, Boston, 1693.

1679. GREENOUGH, ROBERT,* Rowley, 1701. LEACH, RICHARD, Salem, a. 60 in 1678, GREEN, Joun, Cambridge, juror, 1680. leased a farm of Gov. Endecott, 1657. NATHANIEL, 1675.

Long, ROBERT, Marblehead, a. 70 in HABROD, THOMAS,* Boston, juror, 1680. 1660. Hews, JEREMIAH* Dorchester, 1664.- LOTHROP, Capt. Thomas; his widow ELEAZER,* Dorchester.

married Joseph Grafton, before May 19, HAUXWORTH, THOMAS,* Salisbury. Had 1680. After her decease, the property

a daughter married to Onesiphorus Page. left her by Lothrop was ordered by court His widow was living there, 1667.

to the wife of Ezekiel Chever, and her Hayden, Samuel,* Dorchester or vicin issue, heirs of Capt. Lothrop. It is also ity, 1666.

ordered Mrs. Grafton to pay to the chilHills, Joseph, Medford, a. 60 in 1662. dren of Joshua Key, £20.

Capt. JAMES* (Hill) grand juror, Bos. Lyon, Peter, Dorchester, 1664. ton, 1686.

Marriner,ANDREW,* Boston, 1693, leath. HOAR, WILLIAM,* Boston, baker, 1679. er dresser. HODMAN, Joun, Dorchester, 1679, born MATHER, TIMOTHY, Dorchester, 1687. 1659.

Mayhew, Thomas, hired a farm in MedHood, JEREMIAH,* Massachusetts, 1676. ford, 1636. Hopin, STEVEN,* born 1626, Dorchester, Mellen, Joun,* Charlestown, where he

in Capt. Roger Clapp's employ, 1642. died before 1695. Witness to Indian deed of Dorchester, Middlecott, Mr. (Richard?] Boston, (8:4: 1649.)

juror at trials for witchcraft, 1680. Houghton, Ralph, Lancaster, 1676, MOKALL, JAMES,* b. 1660, Massachu

where he was constable, collector of setts, 1680. taxes, treasurer, &c. There were at the Morse, William, Newbury; wife, Elizasame place in 1703, Henry, Jonas, beth, accused of practising witchcraft, ROBERT, Joun, Sen., Jorn, JR., JOSEPH finally acquitted at Boston, 1680. and JACOB.

Mose, Jonn, Watertown, 1680, constable. HOWARD, JACOB,* Dorchester, 1664. Mott, NATHANIEL, a. 19, or there. Hudson, William, lived at Wading abouts, in 1681.

River" in 1670," where King Philip NARAMORE, THOMAS,* Dorchester, 1664. and Squamaug (brother of Josias de. Persons of this name are in N. Hampceased) met to settle the bounds between shire at this time. them, which had for some time been in NEIGHBOR, JAMES,* Massachusetts, 1662. dispute.

ODIORNE, John and PhilL., Portsmouth, Johnson, EDWARD, a. 60 in 1660, at N. H., 1657, subscribed toward the sup

which time he gives evidence about port of public worship. land in Charlestown. Francis, Mar- PAGE, ONESIPHORUS,* Salisbury, 1667, blehead, 1660, nephew of Mr. Christo. married daughter of Thomas Hauxworth pher Coulson, a merchant adventurer of [Hawksworth. London.

Parsons, MARK,* Sagadahock, 1665. Joyliffe, Jonn, Boston, will dated 1699. PATESHALL, ROBERT,* Boston, 1655, pe

1700. Had a brother, Dr. GEORGE JOY. titions General Court against duties on
LIFFE, in England; sisters, Dorothy importations.
Cane, in England, Martha Cook, in PEASLEE, JOSEPH, went to Haverhill be-
England, REBECCA Wolcott, Marga: fore 1653.
RET DRAKE, and Mary Biss, “some. Philips, John," Massachusetts, 1630,
time wife of James Biss of Shepton styled servant, went to Plymouth, 1631.
Mallet, in the county of Somerset,” | Pole, William,* Dorchester, 1649. The

name is since written Pool. Key, Joshua,* probably married a daugh. Pray, EPHRAIM,* born 1661, Dorchester,

ter of Capt. Thomas Lothrop, who was 1680. killed by the Indians in 1675, as his RAINSPORD, SAMUEL,* Boston, killed with children received a legacy out of Loth Capt. Turner, at Pawtucket, in Philip's rop's estate.

war, leaving no relative in the country. King, Tuomas, was an inhabitant of Rice, Henry, Charlestown, juror, 1662. Exeter, 1675.

RICHARD, GYLES,* Sen., Massachusetts, KNIGHT, WALTER, aged 66 in 1653, at 1666.


ROBBINS, RICHARD, juror at trials for tract of land of several Indians in that witchcraft, 1680.

place; deed dated June 17, 1641. In Root, Thomas, Lynn, 1674, where he an endorsement on said deed, (made by attempted to gather a church.

Ri: Bellingham, 19: 1: 1662.3,) JOHN RYALL, Joseph,* Charlestown, constable, Tower is called senior. But in the 1680.

Tower GENEALOGICAL TREE there SAUNDERS, Martin,* born 1630, Boston, are assigned as the children of John 1679.

Tower of Hingham, (1637) only AmSEALE, EPHRAIM,* Lieutenant, Boston, BROSE, BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, Hanjuror, 1686.

NAH, and JEREMIAH. SEARES, John,* Boston, Lieutenant, 1652. Travis, Daniel,* “chiefe gunner in ye SEWALL, Henry, was residing at Man. town of Boston, to salute shipps and

chester, Lancaster co., Eng, in 1623, look after ye artillery," at £5 per an. only son of HENRY SEWALL, who came

1680. to N. England with his family, and set. Wait, John, Charlestown, juror, 1662, tled in Newbury.

[spelt Wayte, Boston, juror at the trials SHERBURNE, George, b. 1602, Ports for witchcraft, 1680. RICHARD, Boston,

mouth, 1650, m. Rebecca, dau. Ambrose a. 82 in 1678. He was marshal. Rich.
Gibbins, and had children, SAMUEL, ARD, Springfield, 1680, wounded by In-
ELIZABETH, m. Tobias Lear, MARY, dians, Oct. 5, 1675.
Henry, John, AMBROSE, SARAH, and Wales, John,* and John, JR., * Dorches-
Rebecca. (Farmer's MS.)

ter, 1677. Silly, Joux, church member, Salem, WALKER, ROBERT, Boston, aged 72 in 1640.

1679. He came from Manchester, Eng., SMITH, John,* Barnstable, 1644.

where he was living in 1623. SPRAGUE, SAMUEL* Charlestown, 1695. Way, RICHARD, Lieutenant, Boston, juSTILEMAN, Elias, Boston, constable, 1673. ror, 1680. Henry, Dorchester, 1664. STONE, John,* Watertown, juror, 1680. WEBB, Thomas, came to N. England in STUDSON, Robert,* one of the commis 1671, in the ship Arabella, Capt. Richard

sioners for settling the bounds between Sprague, wbich sailed from Gravesend Plymouth and Massachusetts, 1664.

May 27. SUMNER, WILLIAM,* Dorchester, 1670. WHITTINGHAM, RICHARD,* Charlestown, Swain, John,* Salisbury, b. 1633, Nan 1693; had been in England in 1691.

tucket, 1703. A Lieutenant Swain had Willey, EDWARD,* Boston, juror, 1686. been under Major Appleton against the Williams, William, * Boston, 1675, wife;. Indians at Narraganset, in 1675. He Johanna; was pressed to go against the was afterwards a captain.

Indians in Philip's war, and was killed: TAYLER, John,* Shipcot, (Sheepscot,] at Medfield, leaving "four small chil.. 1665.

dren." Thayer, RICHARD, Massachusetts, went Willis, LAWRENCE* Barnstable, 1644.

to England, and returned in 1679. Winsor, Joshua,* Boston, constable, TINKHAM, EPHRAIM, Massachusetts, 1666, 1686.

at which time he was a wilness to the WiswaLL, John, Dorchester, witnesses a sale of lands to Richard Thayer of new deed of the town, (8: 4:1649,) made. Braintree, by the Indian chief Josias. " because ye old deed was something. He attests to it in 1678.

decayed with ill keeping." Tower, Joun, Hingham, buys a large


Thirteen offences were made capital by the original laws of Mas.. sachusetts Bay; namely, Idolatry ; Witchcraft; Blasphemy; Murder; Bestiality; Sodomy; Adultery; Rape; Man-stealing; False-witness; Conspiracy, or rebellion against the government; Cursing or smiting the father or mother, after passing sixteen years of age, unless with justifying provocation, or with unchristianly neglect in education ; Filial rebellion, after sixteen years of age.

To these were added, 1692, High Treason; Concealing the death of a bastard child ; Arson; Piracy.

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When and where
With whom read Law.


General Remarks.

Dart. 1811 (J. Harris

(1814 Practised also at Goffstown and Wilmot a

short time, and resided a short time in va-
rious other places, lived at Georgetown,

D. C., now in Virginia, on a farm.
Thomas Jameson
Josiah Forsaith

Practised in Epping till 1821, removed to An-
John Harris


dover, Rep. from Andover and P. Master.
Levi Woodbury
Peter Green 1787 Practised also a short time in Hopkinton, re-

moved from the State, d., 1811.
T. W. Thompson
Dart. 1801

Practised in Boscawen till 1807, Portsmouth,
Christopher Gore

} 1805

till 1817. Rep. in Cong. from 1813 to '17,
removed to Boston, Rep. in Cong. from
1823 to '27, Sen. from 1827 to '39 and again
1845, Sec. of State of U. S., 1841 to 42.

LL. D. Dart., Harv., Coll. N. J., Columb.
Dart. 1804
James Sullivan

Rep. from Boscawen from 1821 to '25 and
Parker Noyes

1827-28, Sen. 1815, Trustee of D. C. He fell
dead while arguing a case in the Court
House in Concord, April 10, 1829, a. 49.

Brother of Hon. Daniel Webster.
Harv. 1807 B. Whitman

1811 Practised also in Boston till 1831, then in

Hopkinton, d. in 1839.
Oliver Crosby 1817 Son of Hon. Amos Cogswell, born April 16,

1790. In Dartmouth Coll. three years, No

tary Public. S. Moody Dart. 1926

Removed to Boston and went into the mer.

1829 S. C. Lyford

cantile business.

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R. M. Field

Asst. Clerk of House of Reps. 1843 to '45, and H. Clossen

E. Burke

also Clerk in 1845. Resides in Fishersville.
Caleb Ellis
H. Newton

1814 He was born in March, 1790.
B. Chase
Artemas Rogers


Practised also at Loudon and several other
S. Fletcher

places, went South.
Weare Tappan 1841 In partnership with Weare Tappan, Esq.
A. Livermore

See Clerks of Court of Sessions.
S. Moody

} 1828

Removed to Wolfborough, Solicitor for Car-
S. C. Lyford

roll Co.
Samuel Livermore 1783 See Solicitors of Rockingham Co.
Samuel Livermore Counsellor 1788–89, removed to Boston, re-

turned and died at Concord.
James Sullivan 1791 See Solicitors of Hillsborough Co.

1792 See Judges of Superior Court.
John Pickering 1793 See Solicitors of Rockingham Co.
Peter Green
Jonathan Rawson

} 1793 See Judges of Superior Court.
E. St. L. Livermore 1793 Practised also at Gilmanton, Barrington, and

A. Livermore

See Clerks of Court of Sessions.
W. K. Atkinson 1800 See County Treasurers.

Practised also in Deerfield, and now resides in
Charles 1. Adherton 1804


He was at Concord in 1814.
Samuel Green 1810 Practised also at Dover, Clerk of Senate, Dep.

Sec., Rep. from Concord.
Phineas Walker 1811 Practised also at Gilford, Sol. of Strafford Co.

from 1819 to 1834, Rep. from Gilford, app'd

Atty Gen'l Jan 10, 1843.
Samuel Green 1815 Practised in Concord but a short time, re-

moved to Sanbornton and to Bristol, Rep.

and Sen. Died in Concord in 1834, a. 52. Samuel Green 1815 Rep. from Concord, Trustee of D. C., Trustee

and Treasurer of Phillips Academy, Andover, where he now resides.


Dart. 1794
Harv. 1797
Harv. 1801
Harv. 1802
Dart. 1806

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