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Blessed of the Lord and their offspring with them. This has been a sweet Text to many a Mother when their Children have been called away betimes. And the Prophet Jeremy Chap. 31, 15—17, has very comfortable words to allay the same sorrow. Did you please yourself in what comforts you might have derived from them in maturer years? But Madam, do you consider sufficiently that God hath taken them away from the evil to come, and hid them in the Grave from the prevailing and mischievous Temptations of a degenerate age. My Brother's Wife in London has buried seven or eight Children, and among them, all her Sons. This tho't has reconciled her to the Providence of God, that the Temptations of young men in this Age are so exceeding great, and she has seen so many young Gentlemen of her acquaintance so shamefully degenerate, that she wipes her Tears for the Sons she has buried, and composes herself to Patience and Thankfulness with one only Daughter remaining. Perhaps God has by this stroak prevented a thousand unknown Sorrows. Are your Sons dead? but are your Mercies dead too? A worthy Husband is a living Comfort and may God preserve and restore him to you in safety, Food, Raiment, Safety, Peace, Liberty of Religious access to the mercy seat, Hope of Heaven;All these are daily matters of thankfullness. Good Madam, let not one sorrow bury them all. Shew that you are a Christian by making it appear that Religion has supports in it which the World doth not enjoy and which the World doth not know. What can a poor Wordling do but mourn over earthly Blessings departed, and go down comfortless with them to the Grave. But methinks that a Christian should lift up the Head as partaking of higher hopes. May the Blessed Spirit be your Comforter. Endeavour Madam to employ yourself in some Business or Amusement of life continually. Let not a solitary frame of Mind tempt you to set Brooding over your Sorrows and nurse them up to a dangerous Size; but turn your Thoughts often to the brighter Scenes of Heaven and the Resurrection. Forgive the freedom of a stranger, Madam, who desires to be the Humble and faithful Servant of Christ and Souls.

ISAAC WATTS. Postcript.

Madam, You have so many excellent Comforters round aboạt you that I even Blush to send what I have wrote; yet since the narrowness of my Paper has excluded two or three thoughts which may not be impertinent or useless on this mournful Occasion I will insert them here. You know Madam that the great and blessed God had but one Son, and he gave him up a Sacri. fice and devoted him to a bloody Death out of Love to such Sinners as you and I. Can you shew your gratitude to God in a more evident & acceptable manner than by resigning willingly your two Sons to him at the call of his Providence ? This Act of willing Resignation will turn a painful Amiction into a holy Sacrifice. Are the two dearest things torn from the heart of a Mother, then you may ever set looser by this World, and you have the fewer dangerous Attachments to this life. 'Tis a happiness for a Christian not to have the heart strings tyed too fast to any thing beneath God and Heaven. Happy the Soul that is ready to move at the Divine summons. The fewer Engagements we have on earth, the more we may live above, and have our thoughts more fixed on things Divine and heavenly. May this painful stroak thus Sanctified lead you nearer to God. Amen.

I. W.

"A boate going out of Hampton River was cast away and the psons all drowned who were in number eight: Em. Hilliar, Jon. Philbrick and An Philbrick his wife; Sarah Philbrick there daughter; Alice the wyfe of Moses Cox, and John Cox his sonne, Robert Read; who all perished in ye sea yo 201h of the 8 mo. 1657."— Norfolk County Records.

From the same Records, we learn that “Capt. Benjamin Swett of Hampton was slain at Black Point by the barbarous Indians the 29th June, 1677."


An Alphabetical List of the Ancient Names in the towns of Boston, Charlestown, Roxbury, Watertown, Dorchester, Cambridge, Dedham, Weymouth, Braintree, Concord, Sudbury, Hingham, and Woburn.

BY THE LATE JOHN FARMER, ESQ. [This List embraces the names in the above towns from 1630 10 1611, and contains most of the names in each town.

ABBREVIATIONS. - Bo. Boston, Ch. Charlestown, Co. Concord, Ca. Cambridge, Br. Braintree, De. Dedham, Do. Dorchester, H. Hingham, M. Medfield, R. Roxbury, S. Sudbury, Wa. Watertown, We. Weymouth, and Wo. Woburn.]

Brewer, R. Ca.
Cooke, Bo. Ca.

Abell, We.
Blacksley, R. Coggan, Bo.

Davies, Bo. S. WO. Adams, Bo. De. We. Burrill, R.

Copp, Bo.
Br. M.
Bugbee, R.

Dennis, Bo.

Cotton, Bo.
Amadoun, Bo. We. Bartlett, Wa. Clarke, Bo. R. Wa.

Dineley, Bo.
Allison, Bo.
Beech, Wa.

Dowse, Bo.
De. H. M.

Dane, Ch. Co.
Aspinwall, Bo. Bernard, Wa.

Cource, Bo. Alexander, Bo. Boyden, Wa.

David, Ch.

Crabbtree, Bo.
Armitage, Bo. Beeres, Wa.

Danforth, R. Ca.
Cranwell, Bo.
Bright, Wa.

Dexter, Ch.
Awkley, Bo.

Cretchley, Bo.
Allen, Bo. Ch. De. Bullard, Wa. De.

Dudley, R.
Call, Chi

Dennison, R.
H. Br. M.
Barron, Wa.

Carrington, Ch.
Addington, Bo. Boyls[ijon, Wa.

Davis, R.

Cary, Ch. Astwood, R. Bradbrook, Wa.

Dikes, Wa.

Carter, Ch. Bo. Alcock, R. De. Benjamin, Wa.

Dow, Wa.

Coytmore, Ch.
Ambler, Wa.
Barsham, Wa.

Davenport, Do.

Curtis, R. Do. S. Dickerman, Do. Arnold, Wa. Broughton, Wa.

Coddington, R. Ames, Ca. Br. Barnard, We.

Dwight, De.

Craft, R.
Aldridge, De. Billings, Do.

Daniel, Ca.
Chandler, R. Co.
Bird, Do.

Dixon, Ca.
Alleyn, De.

Corey, R. Atkinson, Co. Buck, Ca.

Dana, Ca.

Crane, R.
Axdell, s.
Bridgham, Ca.

Dyer, We.
Aldreth, Br.
Barker, De.

Cheney, R. M. Darvill, s.

Crosse, Wa.
Abie, Br.
Barstowe, De.

Dorchester, H.

Cutter, Wa.
Atherton, Br. Bullen, De. M.

Doggett, Co.
Barber, De. M.
Church, Wo.

Draper, Co.
Bayes, De.

Coolidge, Wo. Dasset, Br.
Baldwin, Bo. De.
Blandford, S.
Claise, Wa.

Dawes, Br.
Baker, Bo. Ch. R. Belcher, Ca. S. Br.

Cooper, Wa.

Devel, Br.

Crisp, Wa.
Barrell, Bo.
Burr, Do. H.


Capen, Do. Baxter, Bo. R. Bliss, H.

Clap, Do. We. M. Beareley, Bo. Bridgeman, H.

East, Bo.

Clement, Do.
Beck, Bo.
Bagnley, Co.

Eaton, Bo. Wa. De.

Collicott, Do.
Bourne, Bo.
Blood, Co.

Elliot, Bo. R. Br.

Cunlithe, Do.
Bridge, Bo, Ch. R.
Bowstree, Co.

Eyre, Wa.
Bendall, Bo.
Brooks, Co.

Champney, Ca. Eddie, Wa.

Collins, Ca.
Bell, Bo. R.
Bulkley, Co.

Else, Wa.

Corlet, Ca.
Bishop, Bo.
Busse, Co.

Evans, Do.

Chickering, De.
Blanchard, Bo.
Bennet, Co.

Eccley, C.

Colbourne, De. Bosworth, Bo. Butterfield, Wo.

Eames, Do. H.

Calver, De. Briggs, Bo. We. Barron, Wo.

Elderkin, De.

Carpenter, We. Briscoe, Bo. Wa. Bass, Br.

Everard, De.

Cakebread, s.
Burden, Bo.
Blage, Br.

Edwards, H. Co.

Coulton, H. Buttolph, Bo. Bracket, Br.

Ellis, Br. M.

Collier, H.
Button, Bo.
Barnes, Br.

Edmunds, Co.

Chamberlain, Br.Co. Evarts, Co. Brimsmeade, Ch. Britan, Wo.

Wo. Brown, Ch. S. H. Br. Barber, M.

Cheesborough, Bo.

Burrage, Ch.
Batchelor, Ch. De.

Coney, Br.

Fairfield, Bo.
Coskin, Co.

Fairweather, Bo.
Barret, Ch. Co. Carter. Bo. Ch. Wo. Convers, Co.
Burnet, R.

Farmside, Bo.
Cole, Bo. Ch.
Cram, M.

Flack, Bo.


List of Ancient Names in Boston and Vicinity. (April,

Franklin, Bo. Halsall, Bo. Jones, Ch. Do. Co. Mellers, Ca.
Fish, Bo.

Harwood, Bo. James, Ch. De. Mather, Do.
Flowd, Bo.

Hawkins, Bo. Wa. Jennison, Wa. Maudsley, Do. Fowle, Bo. Ch. Co. Hill, Bo.

Jeffrey, We.

Millet, Do. Furnell, Bo. Hide, Bo. Ca. Jenkins, Br. Mumings, Do. Frothingham, Ch. Hilliard, Bo.

Jewell, Br.

Meane, Ca.
Fiske, Wa.
Hough, Bo.

Mitchelson, Ca.
Ffleg, Wa.
Holland, Bo.

Farnum, Do.

Meigs, We.
Hutchinson, Bo. Kenrick, Bo. Melim, We.
French, Do.
Hogg, Bo.
Kade, Bo.

Matthew, H. R.
Fower, Do.
Houchin, Bo. Kerby, Bo.

Mireck, H. Fareworth, Do. Howen, Bo.

Knight, Bo. Br. Wo. Morril, R. Fuller, Do. Co. Wo. Hudson, Bo.

Kettle, Ch.

Miller, R.
Foorde, Ca.
Hunn, Bo.

Kingslow, Do. Meadows, R.
Francis, Ca. Henrickson, Bo. Kalem, De.

Mosse, Wa.
Fisher, De. M. Hadlock, Ch. Kingsbury. De. Merchant, Wa. Br.
Fairbank, De. M. Hale, Ch.

Kimball, Wa. Marian, Wa.
Frarey, De. M. Harrington, Ch. Knowles, Wa.
Foster, We.

Mayhew, Wa.
Heiden, Ch.

King, Wa. S. We. Mandsley, Br.
Fry, We.
Hills, Ch.
Keyes, Wa.

Mekins, Br.
Freeman, s.

Hubbard, Ch. Kingsley, Br. Motson, Br. Flatman, Br. Haule, Ch.

Kendal, Wo.

Moore, Br. S.
Flint, Br.
Hemingway, R.

Male, Br.
Farwell, Co.
Heath, R.


Mousall, Wo.
Foye, Co.

Harris, R. Ca. Leverett, Bo. Morse, De. M.
Farley, Wa.
Hewes, R.
Lyall, Bo.

Metcalf, M.
Holmes, R.

Luin, Bo.
Howe, R. S.
Lugg, Bo.

Garrett, Bo. Ch. Hawkins, Wa. Bo. Lawson, Bo. Newgate, Bo.
Gibbons, Bo. Holden, Wa. Long, Ch.

Negus, Bo. Gill, Bo.

Hubbard, Wa. Lawdon, Ch. Nash, Ch. Goordley, Bo. Homes, Ca.

Lewis, Ch. Wa. Nowell, Ch. Greames, Bo. Homwood, Ca. Luddington, Ch. Nichols, Ch. Green, Bo. Ch. Hildreth, Ca. Lynde, Ch.

Nowman, We. Guttridge, Bo. Wa. Hutchin, Ca. Larkin, Ch.

Norton, We. Gridley, Bo. House, Ca.

Lawrence, Ch. Newton, s.
Griggs, Bo.

Hancock, Ca. Lusher, De.
Gross, Bo.
Hinsdell, De. Langton, H.

Grubbs, Bo.
Hunting, De. Lincoln, H.

Oliver, Bo.
Gunnison, Bo. Hunt, De. We. Co. Leavitt, H.

Odlin, Bo.
Gould, Ch.
Hart, We.
Lyon, R.

Osborn, We. Do.
Grover, Ch.
Haine, S.

Lamb, R. Wa. Onion, R.
Graves, Ch.
Holyoke, H. Linens, R.

Ong, Wa.
Greenland, Ch. Hobart, H.

Lettin, Co.

Oakes, Ca.
Greems, Ch. Hansett, Br. Lefingwell, Wa.
Gookin, R. Ca.
Hastings, Br. Larnit, Wo.

Gamblin, R. Herknell, Br. Lockwood, Wa. Palgrave, Ch.
Gorton, R.

Herman, Br. Lovering, Wa. Palmer, Ch. Garner, R.

Hoyden, Br. Ludden, Wa. Phillips, Do. Wa. We.
Goard, R.
Halsted, Co. Lowell, M.

Phipps, Ch.
Garfield, Wa.
Harsey, Co.

Pasmer, Bo. Ch.
Goffe, Wa.
Heyward, Co.


Powell, Ch. De. Gass, Wa.

Hosmer, Co. Marshall, Bo. Power, Ch. Grant, Wa.

Hayward, Wo. Mason, Bo. R. Wa. Parker, Wo. Bo. R. Godfrey, Wa.

Harvard, Ch. Manning, Bo. Painter, Bo. Gibson, Ca.

Mears, Bo.

Pratt, Ch. We.
Grissell, Ca.

Merry, Bo.

Paitor, Bo.
Gay, De.
Ives, Wa.
Milam, Bo.

Perry, Bo.
Griffin, s.

Messinger, Bo. Pell, Bo.
Goodnow, S.

Mingo, Bo.

Pierce, Bo. Do. Wa. George, Br.

Johnson, Bo. Ch. R. Munt, Bo.
Gamlin, Co.

Phippin, Bo.
Wo. S.

Marble, Ch. Plain, Bo.
Joy, Bo.
Manley, Ch.

Porter, Bo.
Jacklin, Bo.

Maverick, Ch.
Hayborne, Bo. R.

Portmont,* Bo. Jackson, Bo. Ch. Ca. Mellowes, Ch. Br. Poole, Bo. Harvey, Bo. Judkins, Bo. Merrich, Ch. Pilsbury, Do.

* This name is spelt differently, as Purmont, Pormont, Pormon, and Pomont.

Procter, Do.


Sumner, Do. Vines, s. Pope, Do.

Savell, We. Br. Swift, Do.
Prentiss, Ca.

Vane, Bo.
Shaw, We. Ca.

Saunders, Ca.
Parish, Ca. Shepard, We. Ca. Br. Sparhawk, Ca.

W. Pickering, Ca. Silvester, We. Stedman, Ca. Waite, Bo. Wa. Pelham, Ca. Stoppell, We.

Streeter, Ca.

Walker, Bo. Ch. R. Picke, Ca. Stone, s. Shaw, Ca.

Wendell, Bo.
Paine, Do. Br. Stowe, S. Wa. Ch. Stacey. De. Winbourne, Bo.
Penniman, Br.

Savel, Br.

Walton, Bo. We.
Perrin, Br.
Sewill, H.
Sellein, Bo.

Wheeler, Bo. Ch.
Pocher, Br. Stebbin, H. R. Wa. Spalding, Br. Co. De.
Potter, Co.
Sharp, R. Br.
Seer, Wo.

Webber, Bo.
Posmore, Co.
Sener, R.

Squiers, Co. Williams, Bo. R.
Prentice, Co. Smith, H. R. Wa.

Wilson, Bo. Br.
Parsus, H.
Ch. Do. De.


Wing. Bo.
Pierpont, R. Scarboro(ugh], R. Thomas, Bo. H. Winthrop, Bo.
Peake, R.
Sheffield, R.
Terne, Bo.

Woodhouse, Bo.
Payson, R.
Starkweather, R. Tyng, Bo.

Woodward, Bo. Wa. Pigg, R.

Sanderson, Wa. Townsend, Bo. Willis, Bo. Ch.
Perkins, R.
Stearns, Wa.

Tapping, Bo.
Prichard, R.

Wilde, Ch.
Stowers, Wa.

Turner, Bo. Do. M.
Porter, R. Wa. We. Sawtell, Wa.

Waffe, Ch.
Tuttle, Bo.

Willoughby, Cb.
Peirson, Wa. Wo. Sherman, Wa. Bo. Trerrice, Ch. Wo.
Prescott, Wa.

Wood, Ch. De. Co.
Story, Wa.
Tidd, Ch.

Page, Wa.
Stow, Wa. Ch. Topliff

, Do.

Woorie, Ch.
Picknam, Wa. Sanford, Bo. Tolman, Do. R. Wise, Ch.
Prest, We.
Savage, Bo.

Trumble, Ca. Worward, Ch.
Petty, We.
Scott, Bo. Br. Towne, Ca.

Wright, Do.
Parmeler, s. Scottow, Bo. Thurston, De. M. Wyllys, Ca.
Salter, Bo.

Tomson, Br. Wa. Winship, Ca.
Seabury, Bo. Twing, Co.

Whiting, De.
Seavern, Bo.

Turney, Co.
Ruggles, R. Br.

Wheelock, De. M. Sellick, Bo. Rogers, Wa. We. Bo. Seamond, Bo.

Tompkins, Co. Wight, De.

Thompson, Wo. Weld, Br. R.
Sherburne, Bo. Trerice, Wo.
Randall, We.

Winchester, Br.
Sinet, Bo.

Totenham, Wo.
Ralins, We.

Wiseman, Br.
Spurr, Bo.

Train, Wa.
Reed, We. Br.

Wheat, Co.
Stanbury, Bo.
Rutter, s.

Torrey, We. Willard, Co.
Stanion, Bo.

Tucker, We.
Redyate, S.

Wyman, Wo.
Snow, Bo.

Toll, s.
Reaver, H.

Winn, Wo.
Sunderland, Bo.
Rainsford, Bo.

Treadway, s. Whittemore, R.
Symonds, Bo. Co.
Rice, Bo. Co.

Tailor, H.

White, R.
Shrimpton, Bo.
Russell, Ch. Ca. Wo. Stevens, Bo. Br.

Woods, R. S.

Waterman, R.
Robbins, Ca.

Stevenson, Bo. Ca. Upham, We.
Ross, Ca.

Watson, R.
Stoddard, Bo. Underwood, Co.
Richards, De.

Wellengton, Wa.
Stodder, M.
Upsall, Do.

Waters, Wa.
Roper, De.

Sergeant, Ch. Br. Usher, Ca. and after Withington, Do. Ray, Br.

Shorthouse, Ch. of Bo.
Rocket, Br. M.

Webb, We.
Swain, Ch.

Ulting, De.
Richardson, Bo. Ch. Sweetzer, Ch.

Whitman, We.

Warren, We.
Symmes, Ch. Br.

Roman, Ca.

Ward, s.
South, Do.
Viall, Bo.

Whitton, H.



In memory of Margaret Nickels, who died April 26, 1817, Æ. 87, dau. of Samuel Breck of Boston, and relict of William Nickels of Naraguagus, who was lost, as was his grandson, Geo. W. Shaw, Æ. 12 years, on Grand Manan Island, where they were buried, Dec. 18, 1789.

This monument erected in 1845, by Robert G. Shaw of Boston, grandson to the deceased, through the agency of George Hobbs, Esq.

FAMILY INCREASE. The following facts published in a note in Vol. II. of Haliburton's “ Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia" are believed to be unparalleled in the increase of any family on record. It can at once be seen that at this rate of multiplying popula. tion it would take only a short period to people the earth. Any one, curious enough to make a calculation, will be astonished at the multitude of persons after the lapse of a few generations which could trace their descent from a common ancestor. The note is as follows:

" In the Spring of the year 1760, A. Smith, Esq., a native of Cape Cod, landed at Bar. rington,* for the purpose of making arrangements for the reception of his family, but finding the Indians numerous, he abandoned the idea of emigrating and returned home. Shortly after his departure, his wife arrived in a vessel bound on a fishing voyage, and was landed with her family. Here she remained five weeks, until the arrival of her husband, during which time she was kindly and hospitably treated by the Savages. She died at Barrington, in March, 1828, leaving at the time of her death 5 children, 56 grandchildren, 297 great-grandchildren, 64 of the fifth, and 1 of the sixth generation living, exclusive of a daughter, in the United States, who had a large family, and of several grandchildren who have removed from Barrington."


The following persons have died in the same house since 1781. The house is situ. ated in_Hingham, and was formerly owned by Peter Tower. Peter Tower, aged 84; Anna Tower, 95; Deborah Tower, 95; Joshua Tower, 77; Grace Cushing, 95; Laban Tower, 73; Esther Tower, 71 ; Deborah Dunbar, 80. Total, 670.- Hingham Gazette, April 6, 1837. We are informed that the Tower estate has been held in the name of Tower since 1637, and is now occupied by Mr William Tower.


Dea. David Marsh of Haverhill, Ms., was born Jan., 1698, and his

wife Mary Moody was born Aug., 1703. They were the parents of twelve children. The father, mother, and children died as follows:

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Below is an exact copy of an inscription on the tomb-stone of Mary Buel in the burying-ground, north-west of the village in Litchfield, Ct.

Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary Buel, wife of Dr. John Buel, Esqt. - She died Nov. 4th 1768 Ætat. 90. having had 13 Children - 101 Grand Children - 274 Great G. Children, 22 Great G. G. Children — 410 Total - 336 survived.

In the Historical Magazine for 1799, by Bissett, a marriage of some interest to Americans is thus given.

“William Cockburn, Esq. American merchant, to the fair Miss Lorimer, dau. of Mr. Lorimer of the Strand, and sister to the beautiful Mrs. Graham, lady of Col. Graham, Sloane St.

, well known in the literary world as the author of a History of the American State of Vermont.”

* Barrington, Nova Scotia, was settled by about eighty families from Cape Cod and Nantucket, in 1761, '62, and '03.

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