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to the people, “Let not your affections be withdrawn from him, who has spent his strength in your service; and now, bowing under his infirmities, is no longer able to perform his public work; but is preparing to leave you, that he may join the church triumphant. Remember he is still your pastor; and, tho? he cannot minister to you as formerly, he is still concerned for your spiritual welfare, pouring out his soul the more earnestly in prayer for you, as he sees the time of his departure is at hand.” During Mr. Allen's ministry 293 were added to the church. In 1728, forty-four were added; in 1735, thirty; in 1742, thirty; in 1756, the last year of his active ministry, thirteen. Mrs. Eleanor Allen, his consort, died Jan. 16, 1734–5, aged 52 ;“an early convert, eminent for holiness, prayerfulness, watchfulness, zeal, prudence, weanedness from the world, selfdenial, faithfulness, and charity." . Mr. Allen is said to have married, for his second wife, Elisabeth Weare of Hampton Falls.

Rev. Samuel Macclintock, D. D., second pastor, was a son of Mr. William Macclintock, who came from the north of Ireland, and settled in Medford, Ms.; was a respectable farmer, the husband of four wives, the father of nineteen chil. dren, and died aged 90. His third wife accompanied him to this country. She was the mother of Samuel, who was born at Medford, May 1, 1732. religiously educated, from early childhood. His classical education, which commenced in the grammar-school, at Medford, was continued under the instruction of the celebrated Master Minot, at Concord, Ms.; and, afterward, under the preceptorship of the Rev. Mr. Abercrombie, a clergyman, eminent for piety and learning, in an Academy, near Northampton, Ms. Mr. Macclintock gradu- . ated at the College of New Jersey, 1751. Before the expiration of his senior year, he was invited, by Pres. Burr, to accept an appointment to a tutorship, which, on account of other plans, he declined. "He was ordained at Greenland, colleague with Mr. Allen, Nov. 3, 1756. The strain of Dr. Macclintock's preaching was evangelical, serious, instructive, plain, and practical; his style manly and nervous; his delivery solemn and unaffected. " His sermons were always the fruit of close application, and finished with a degree of accuracy, that few attempt, and fewer attain.

He ardently espoused the cause of his country; and was repeatedly with the army in the Revolution, in the capacity of Chaplain. Three of his sons fell in the contest. He had fifteen children by his first marriage, and one by his second. His last preaching was on the annual Fast, April 19, 1804. He died of a pulmonic fever on the 27th of the same month. His funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Buckminster of Portsmouth, from 1 Cor. iii : 22. The executor of Dr. Macclintock's will was directed by him, to place only a plain stone at his grave, for which he had prepared the last sentence of the following inscription.

“ To the Memory of Samuel Macclintock, D. D. who died April 27, 1804, in the 720 year of his age, and the 48th of his ministry. His body rests here in the certain hope of a resurrection to life and immortality, when Christ shall appear, the second time, to consummate the great design of his mediatorial kingdom.” (Alden's Epitaphs; Dr. Buckminster's Serm.]

Dr. Macclintock’s publications were, a Sermon on the Justice of God in the Mortality of Man, 1759; the Artifices of Deceivers, 1770; Herodias, or cruelty and revenge the effects of unlawful pleasure, 1772 ; Sermon at the commencement of the new Constitution in New Hampshire, 1784; Correspondence with Rev. John Cosens Ogden, 1791 ; Sermon, The Choice, occasioned by the drought, the fever, and the prospect of war, 1798 ; Oration, commemorative of Washington, 1800. (Allen's Biog. Dic.: Piscataqua Evan. Mag. Vol. I.)

Rev. James Armstrong Neal, third pastor in Greenland, was a son of John Neal of Portsmouth, afterward of Londonderry, who married Mary Leavitt of North Hampton. Their other children were Moses Leavitt, Esq., of Dover, N. H.; John, superintendent of the Orphan house, Charleston, s.c.; Mary, wife of Maj. Gershom Cheney, of Rutland, Vt.; Sarah B.; Sophia W., who married Capt. Samuel F. Leavitt of North Hampton; Joseph, of Hampton; and Nathaniel P., of New Sharon, Me. Rev. Mr. Neal was born in 1774. He had a good academical education, and was some years preceptor of a young

ladies' school, in Philadelphia. He was patronized by Rev. Dr. Green, to whose church he belonged, and under whose direction he commenced his theological studies. Although he had not been a member of any college, such were his literary attainments, that Dr. Nesbit, President of Dickinson College, conferred upon him the degree of M. A. in 1802. Mr. Neal received license from the Piscataqua Association. He was ordained at Greenland, May 22, 1807. The exercises were, Prayer by Rev. Peter Holt of Epping; Sermon by Rev. Jesse Appleton of Hampton, from Hag. ii : 6,7; Ordaining Prayer by Rev. William Morrison of Londonderry; Charge by Rev. Timothy Upham of Deerfield; Fellowship by Rev. J. French of North Hampton ; Prayer by Rev. H. Porter of Rye. Mr. Neal possessed popular talents, and died much regretted, after suffering greatly, from an organic disease of the heart, July 18, 1808, aged 34. He married Christiana Palmer, a lady from Kelso, Scotland They had two sons. The oldest, John P., died Nov. 14, 1806, aged 2 years. Their other son, Joseph Clay Neal, has resided in Philadelphia, and is known to the public, as the editor of the Philadelphian ; author of the Charcoal Sketches. (Piscat. Ev. Mag. ; Alden's Epitaphs ; Graham's Mag.]

Rev. Ephraim Abbot, fourth pastor in Greenland, was of the Concord branch of the Abbot family. He was born in New Castle, Me., in 1779. His father was Benjamin, who was son of Benjamin of Concord, who was son of Thomas, who was son of George, who settled in Andover, Ms., in 1647, and who is said to have emigrated from Yorkshire, England. "Rev. Mr. Abbot of Greenland graduated H. C. 1806, and at And. Theo. Sem. 1810, and was ordained at Greenland, Oct. 27, 1813. The sermon was by Rev. Eliphalet Pearson, LL. D., from Matt

. x: 16. Mr. Abbot married Mary Holyoke, daughter of Dr. Pearson, who, after he resigned his professorship in the And. Theo. Sem., resided in Mr. Abbot's family, in Greenland, where he deceased, in 1826. For some account of Mr. Abbot's missionary labors, before he was settled at Greenland, see New Hampshire Repository," Vol. II., No. 2.

Mr. Abbot's health becoming infirm, in consequence of a wound in his side, and not being able to confine himself entirely to the labors of a pastor, he became the first preceptor of the Academy in the place, established by George Bracket, Esq. He resigned his ministry, Oct. 28, 1828. The church, at his ordination, consisted of nineteen members. During his ministry thirty-seven were added. He removed to Westford, Ms., and took charge of the Academy in that place. His second marriage was with Miss Bancroft, daughter of Amos Bancroft, M. D., of Groton, Ms.

Rev. Samuel Wallace Clark was born in Hancock, N. H., Dec. 15, 1795, graduated D. C. 1823 ; ordained at Greenland, Aug. 5, 1829. His father, John Clark, was grandson of Robert Clark, who emigrated from the north of Ireland to Londonderry, N. H., in company with the early settlers of that place; though not among the first. Rev. S. W. Clark was the second of ten children, and the eldest of four sons. His brother, Rev. William Clark, was several years pastor of the 1st church in Wells, Me., and has since been extensively known, in his agency for the A. B. C. F. M. Rev. Mr. Clark of Greenland married Frances M., daughter of Dea. Robert Clark, for many years an elder of the Presbyterian church, in New. Boston. She deceased July 12, 1832, leaving one child, Frances Wallace. Mr. Clark's second marriage was with Rebecca Elisabeth Howe, a descendant of the Pilgrim, John Alden. She is a daughter of Josiah Howe, M. D., of Templeton, and afterwards of Westminster, Ms. The children of Mr. Clark, by the second marriage, were John Howe, Lucy Barrow, and William Wallace; the last of whom deceased Aug. 19, 1846.

When "Mr. Clark was ordained, his church consisted of twenty-eight members. In 1846, there were forty communicants.

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Henry Wolcott was the first of the Wolcott Family who settled in New England. He owned a considerable landed property in his native country, which he held in capite, part of which he sold about the time he left England; the rest of the estate was sold at sundry times by himself and his descendants; the last remains were sold since the Declaration of Independence, by Henry Allen, Esq., of Windsor, who claimed it by female descent. From circumstances it seems probable that the family are of Saxon origin. Mr. Wolcott, to avoid the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the English Church, was induced to come into this country. He first settled at Dorchester, where he continued till 1636, when he came with the first settlers to the town of Windsor, and with four other gentlemen, namely, Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Newberry, Mr. Stoughton, and Major Ma. son, undertook the settlement of that town, to which they gave the name Dorchester. The towns of Hartford and Wethersfield were settled the same year, though the town which is now called Windsor was, upon the first emigration, by far the most considerable. Previous to this settlement on Connecticut River, one had been made at Springfield, under the patronage of Mr. Pynchon ; and an earlier settlement, with commercial views, had been made at Saybrook, by Mr. Fenwick, agent to Lords Say and Seal and Brook. Those who settled on Connecticut River, in the year 1636, were united with the people of Massachusetts in religious and civil polity, and seem to have been much under their influence till 1638, when they adopted a civil constitution for themselves, and Mr. Ludlow was chosen their first Governor, and Mr. Wolcott a magistrate, then called an Assistant, to which office he was annually chosen till his death, in 1655. His eldest son Henry was one of the Patentees, whose name is inserted in the Charter granted by Charles II. Mr. Ludlow went to the West Indies, and left no posterity in this country. Major Mason, it is said, had no male posterity. The descendants of the others are well known in Windsor.

GENEALOGY. Henry Wolcott, Esq., was born A. D. 1578; and on or about the year 1607, married Elisabeth Sanders, who was born in 1589. He lived in Tolland, near Taunton in Somersetshire, England, till the year 1630, and then to avoid persecution, came with his family into New Eng. land, and settled at Dorchester. In the year 1636, he went with his family to Windsor in Connecticut. Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Ludlow, Mr. New. berry, Mr. Stoughton, and Major Mason, were the five gentlemen that undertook the settling of the town. Mr. Wolcott was one of the rst magistrates in the Colony of Connecticut; he lived in that post in Windsor, till he died, May 30, 1655. His wife died July 7, 1655, and she and her husband lie buried in one tomb in Windsor. Their chil. dren were

1. Anna, who m. Matthew Griswold and d. at Lyme. 2. Henry Wolcott, Esq., b. 1610, d. at Windsor, July 12, 1680. 3. George, who d. at Wethersfield, Feb. 12, 1663. 4. Christopher, who d. in Windsor, Sept. 7, 1662. 5. Mary, m. Job Drake, and d. in Windsor, Sept. 6, 1689. 6. Simon, b. 1625, d. in Windsor, Sept. 11, 1687; his wife d. Oct. 13, 1719.

The children of Henry, son of Henry, by his wife, Sarah Newberry, were

1. Henry, b. Jan. 6, 1643, d. in Windsor. 2. John, b. Feb. 28, 1646, d. in Windsor, Jan. 11, 1712. 3. Samuel, b. Oct. 8, 1647, d. June 14, 1695. 4. Sarah, b. July 5, 1649, m. Walter Price and d. at Salem. 5. Mary, b. Dec. 8. 1651, m. James Russell, Esq.

, and d. at Charlestown. 6. Hannah, b. March 8, 1654, d. Sept. 4, 1683. 7. Josiah, b. July 22, 1658, d. at Salem, Feb. 9, 1729.

The children of Henry, son of Henry, son of Henry, by his wife Abigail Goss, were

1. Elisabeth, m. Matthew Allyn, Esq., Windsor. 2. Abiah. 3. Henry. 4. Sarah, m. Charles Chancey, d. at Stratfield. 5. Samuel, d. 1707.

The children of John, son of Henry, son of Henry, by his wife, Mary Chester, were 1. John, d. 1750, 2. Charles. 3. George. 4. Benjamin. 5. Mary, m. John Elliot, Esq.

The children of John, son of John, son of Henry, son of Henry, by his wife, Hannah Newberry, were

1. Mary, b. Sept., 1704. 2. Hannah, m. Uriah Loomis of Windsor. 3. John, m. Mary Hawley. 4. Anne, b. Dec. 10, 1711. 5. Abigail, b. Sept., 1717. 6. Jerusha, 6. Jan. 18, 1719, m. Erastus Wolcott, Esq.

The children of John, son of John, son of John, son of Henry, son of Henry, by Mary Hawley, were

1. Mary, b. Dec. 9, 1736, m. Abiel Grant. 2. Lorana, b. June 5, 1739, m. Jonathan Bement. 3. Hope, b. Dec. 29, 1742, m. Nathaniel Drake. 4. Benjamin, b. Oct. 26, 1744. 5. Anne, b. March 6, 1747, m. Vansant.

The children of Benjamin, the son of John, son of John, son of John, the son of Henry, the son of Henry, by Abigail Pinney, were

1. Miriam, b. Aug. 26, 1766, d. May 29, 1773. 2. Caroline, b. Aug. 29, 1769. 3. Eleanor, b. Dec. 18, 1770, d. Oct. 18, 1776. 4. Talcot, b. Oct. 1, 1772. 5. Chester, b. Jan. 23, 1775. 6. Eleanor, b. Nov. 2, 1776. 7. Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1778. 8. Clarissa, b. June 16, 1781. 9. James, b. June 23, 1784. 10. John, b. July 23, 1786, d. May 21, 1787.

The children of Charles, the son of John, son of Henry, son of Henry, were

1. Sarah. 2. Elisabeth. 3. George. 4. Mary, m. Jonathan North. 5. Eunice, m. Benoni Olcott.

The children of Samuel, son of Henry, son of Henry, were 1. Samuel, b. 1679, d. at Wethersfield, Sept., 1734. 2. Josiah, b. Feb., 1682, d. Oct. 8, 1712. 3. Hannah, b. March 19, 1684, m. William Burnham. 4. Sarah, b. Aug. 14, 1686. 5. Lucy, b. Oct. 16, 1688. 6. Abigail, b. Sept. 23, 1690, d. Sept. 9, 1714. 7. Elisabeth, . May 31, 1692. 8. Mary, b. May 14, 1694.

The children of Samuel, son of Samuel, son of Henry, son of Henry, were

1. Abigail, b. June 3, 1707. 2. Oliver, b. Oct. 2, 1709, d. 1734. 3. Samuel, b. April 13, 1713. 4. Mehetabel, Aug. 12, 1715. 5. Elisba, b. Sept. 26, 1717. 6. Josiah, b. March 26, 1720.

The children of Josiah, son of Henry, son of Henry, were, by Penel. ope Curwin, his wife,

1. Elisabeth, b. March 30, 1688, d. July 12, 1702; by Mrs. Mary Treat, 2. Josiah, b. Dec. 21, 1690, d. Jan. 4, 1691. 3. Treat, b. March 26, 1696, d. July 7, 1696. 4. Thomas, b. June 23, 1697, d. Sept. 13, 1697. 5. Mehetabel, b. Aug. 3, 1698, d. July 6,

1721. 6. Josiah, b. July 11, 1700, d. July 31, 1700. 7. John, b. Sept. 12, 1702. 8. Elisabeth, b. April 1, 1705, d. June 24, 1716. '9. Mary, b. July 13, 1706, d. July 29, 1706. 10. Treat, b. Oct. 9, 1712.

The children of John, son of Josiah, son of Henry, son of Henry, were 1. John, b. Nov. 2, 1721, d. Nov, 27, 1731. The children of George, son of Henry, were 1. George. 2. Elisabeth. 3. John. 4. Mercy.

The children of Simon, son of Henry, by Martha Pitkin, his wife, were

1. Elisabeth, b. Aug. 19, 1662, m. Daniel Cooley, d. Jan. 30, 1707. 2. Martha, b. May 17, 1664, m. Thomas Allyn, d. Sept. 7, 1687. 3. Simon, b. June 24, 1666, d. Oct. 30, 1732. 4. Joanna, b. June 30, 1668, m. John Cotton. 5. Henry, b. May 20, 1670, d. Nov., 1746. 6. Christopher, b. July 4, 1672, d. April 3, 1693. 7. Mary, b. 1674, d. 1676. 8. William, b. Nov. 6, 1676, d. Jan. 6, 1749. 9. Roger, b. Jan. 4, 1679, Governor of Connecticut, d. May 17, 1767.

The children of Simon, son of Simon, son of Henry, by Sarah Chester, were

1. Sarah, m. Samuel Treat. 2. Martha, m. William Stoughton. 3. Simon. 4. Christopher. 5. Eunice. 6. James, b. 1700, d. in 1748.

The children of Henry, son of Simon, son of Henry, were 1. Henry. 2. Thomas. 3. Peter, d. Dec. 1735. 4. Rachel, m. Joseph Hunt. 5. Gideon. Henry, son of Henry, son of Simon, son of Henry, had 1. Henry.- Peter, son of Henry, son of Simon, son of Henry, had Giles.

The children of Gideon, the son of Henry, son of Simon, son of Henry, were, by Abigail Mather,

1. Abigail, b. April 15, 1741, m. Charles Rockwell; by Naomi Olmsted, 2. Samuel, b. April 4, 1751. 3. Naomi, b. Sept. 28, 1754, m. Rev. William Robison. 4. Gideon, b. Nov. 28, 1756. 5. Elizur, b. April 12, 1760.

The children of Samuel, son of Gideon, son of Henry, son of Simon, son of Henry, by Jerusha Wolcott his wife, were

1. Jerusha, b. Oct. 8, 1775. 2. Naomi, b. Oct. 10, 1777. 3. Samuel, b. Dec. 12, 1781. 4. Elihu, b. Feb. 12, 1784. 5. Sophia, b. March 29, 1786. 6. Ursula, b. Nov. 17, 1788.

The children of William, son of Simon, son of Henry, by Abiah Hawley, his wife, were

1. Abiah, m. Samuel Stoughton, Windsor. 2. Lucia, m. Stephen Olmsted, Hartford. 3. William, b. July 21, 1711. 4. Martha, m. — Chapin, Springfield. 5. Ephraim.

The children of William, son of William, son of Simon, son of Henry, by Abigail Abbot, his wife, were

1. Eunice, b. Dec. 11, 1747. 2. Eunice, b. March 1, 1750. 3. Abigail, b. Dec. 25, 1751. 4. William, b. Feb. 10, 1753, m. Esther Stevens at Castleton. 5. Abigail, b. Feb. 8, 1755, m. Oliver Ellsworth, Esq. of Windsor. Martha, b. April 23, 1757. 7. Abiel, b. Aug. 10, 1761.

The children of Ephraim, son of William, son of Simon, son of Henry, 'by Mary Kellogg, his wife, were

1. Sarah, b. Feb. 25, 1760, m. Josiah Bissell, Windsor. 2. Ephraim, b. Feb. 25, 1762.

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